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Sports Teams Embrace Analytics and the IoT
Lisa Morgan  
3/29/2017   2 comments
Professional sports leagues the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB are all leveraging analytics and IoT in their efforts to improve the games. Here's an overview.
Let's Analyze 32 Years of Basketball Tournament Data!
Robert Allison  
3/28/2017   6 comments
What makes March Madness basketball data analytics even better? A great visualization.
A2 Radio: Turning Data Into Business Value
Jessica Davis  
3/27/2017   3 comments
Monetizing Your Data authors Andrew Wells and Kathy Chiang join A2 radio to discuss the trouble with today's analytics programs and how to fix them.
3 Data Governance Challenges Today's Companies Face
Lisa Morgan  
3/25/2017   18 comments
Data governance is the secret infrastructure behind organizations that successfully leverage analytics to add value. Here's a closer look.
NHL and Fans Score with Predictive Analytics
Lisa Morgan  
3/23/2017   9 comments
How the National Hockey League is using sensors and predictive analytics to learn more about fans and game play.
March Madness: The Analytics Behind the Dance Card
Jessica Davis  
3/22/2017   14 comments
It may be impossible to predict the perfect bracket, but these academics have managed to predict perfectly the "at large" bids that were included in the March Madness NCAA college basketball tournament this year and with 96% accuracy over the last 6 years.
A2 Radio: The Evolving Role of Data Scientist
James M. Connolly  
3/21/2017   17 comments
The role of the data scientist is changing before our eyes, both in the necessary skillsets and positioning within the company. A2 Radio looks at how the data science role is evolving.
Where Do You Stand: Analytics Leaders and Laggards
Lisa Morgan  
3/20/2017   9 comments
Everybody knows how important analytics is to remaining competitive. Where does your company and industry stand in terms of advanced analytics maturity?
Data's Big Bang: Applying Analytics to Astronomy
Lyndon Henry  
3/18/2017   11 comments
The volume of astronomical data continues to expand at an explosive rate. The application of analytics to so much data offers new opportunities and even career options to space and data enthusiasts.
March Madness: Creating the Perfect Bracket
Jessica Davis  
3/16/2017   10 comments
It's time for the annual college basketball tournament known as March Madness. Did you use analytics to inform your bracket choices?
Experts Tackle AI, Machine Learning at Strata + Hadoop
Jessica Davis  
3/14/2017   5 comments
Strata + Hadoop World 2017 welcomes big data analytics enthusiasts from around the world this week and features keynotes about AI, machine learning, and emerging technologies for business.
12 Machine Learning Articles to Catch You Up on the Latest Trend
Alison Bolen  
3/14/2017   10 comments
Need to get up to speed with machine learning and what it can do? Check out this list of articles for a primer on what you need to know.
How EU's Data Privacy Law Will Impact You
Jon Martindale  
3/13/2017   18 comments
The EU's new General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR offers data protection for consumers and harsh penalties for violators. Here's what you need to know.
Don't Let Outliers Sabotage Your Cybersecurity Analytics
Lisa Morgan  
3/10/2017   12 comments
Cybersecurity analytics must balance the lessons of user behavior with the need to maintain service levels for workers while always assuming that the intruder is already inside the network.
What's Your Next Move? (Analytics for a Chess Tournament)
Robert Allison  
3/9/2017   17 comments
Histogram, scatter plot, map, and GIF animation. Here's what you can do with data analytics and visualizations for an upcoming chess tournament.
When Good Algorithms, Tech Stop Being Good
Bryan Beverly  
3/8/2017   20 comments
What happens when an algorithm designed for good gets used for illegal purposes? Technology designed to fix a problem can ultimately lead to negative consequences.
A2 Radio: Training the Next Gen of Analytics Pros
Jessica Davis  
3/7/2017   2 comments
Will analytics become a basic part of every college and university curriculum? What will the next generation of workers know about analytics, and what new skills are tomorrow's analysts studying today?
Edge Analytics Driving IoT Adoption
Jessica Davis  
3/6/2017   6 comments
Consumer connected devices may get the big headlines, but business and industrial Internet of Things or IoT has gained momentum. A driving force behind its adoption is edge analytics.
NFL Combine: Big Bucks, Big Gambles
James M. Connolly  
3/3/2017   13 comments
Even with the use of data analytics, sports teams still make terrible personnel decisions. Maybe there's a way for them and all hiring managers to do better.
The Trouble with Data Warehouse Analytics
Fabian Pascal  
3/2/2017   8 comments
Data warehouses are essentially databases biased for particular data applications and against others. They are rooted in poor database foundation knowledge and logical-physical confusion.
How to Avoid Big Data Mistakes
Jessica Davis  
3/1/2017   8 comments
If data is important to your company, then creating a data governance program is as essential to the business as an accounting program.
Build the Right Team for Big Data Success
Jessica Davis  
2/28/2017   7 comments
Building your big data team is entirely different from creating a business intelligence or analytics Center of Excellence. Here's what you need to know.
Why Marketing Is So Smart, Yet So Dumb
Lisa Morgan  
2/27/2017   43 comments
Marketing analytics has evolved with the increase in volumes of customer data. But can this increase in data really help us get a full view of the consumers?
Data and Analytics Still Pay a Premium Salary
James M. Connolly  
2/24/2017   29 comments
If you are looking for tech skills that offer a big premium on pay day, data science and big data are still top bets. Joining them is DevOps. Here's a look at just how much in a range of areas across the US.
How Cybersecurity Analytics Are Evolving
Lisa Morgan  
2/23/2017   30 comments
Cyber security continues to be an arms race as organizations race to protect against new kinds of attacks. Here's how analytics is making a difference.
Algorithms' Dark Side: Embedding Bias into Code
Ariella Brown  
2/22/2017   46 comments
Do algorithms and AI eliminate bias or do they encode the biases of models? New work on AI policies is designed to shine the light on the black box of model design and use.
A2 Radio: Analytics and Medical Record Privacy
Jessica Davis  
2/21/2017   14 comments
HIPAA is supposed to protect the privacy of your medical information, but the sale of anonymized medical data and advances in analytics have made it possible for organizations to re-link your name to your private records.
CompTIA Adds Cyber Security Analytics Certification
Jessica Davis  
2/20/2017   18 comments
Career prospects are hot for both data analytics pros and cyber security specialists. Now CompTIA is introducing a certification that combines these specialities to apply analytics to cyber security.
What A Chief Analytics Officer Really Does
Lisa Morgan  
2/20/2017   5 comments
There has been plenty of talk about the need for a chief analytics officer or chief data officer. But do you ever wonder what they do for a living?
Boost Your Analytics: The Rise of the Citizen Data Scientist
Natan Meekers  
2/17/2017   11 comments
Visual analytics tools, can enable non-statistician citizen data scientist to create models that use predictive or prescriptive analytics. These professionals can embed their business knowledge into the models they're testing, prototyping, or building.
How Third Parties Can Hurt Your Marketing Analytics
Pierre DeBois  
2/16/2017   12 comments
Are your digital marketers creating gaps in customer privacy? They could be unless they vet tags and third-party app access.  Here's how to do the vetting.
HIMSS: Harnessing Analytics For Healthcare
Jessica Davis  
2/15/2017   8 comments
Healthcare organizations have already provided some of the most interesting and promising applications of advanced analytics use cases. The HIMSS 2017 event next week in Orlando will provide a window into what's next.
Postmodern Analytics: The Emergence of ‘Alternative Facts’
Bryan Beverly  
2/14/2017   57 comments
If we observe competing truth claims in analytic methods, tools or work products, then are the truths absolute or relative?
A2 Radio: How to Use Analytics to Reduce Your Power Bill
Jessica Davis  
2/13/2017   17 comments
Are you burning revenues and sending them up the chimney rather than applying them to your bottom line? In this episode, All Analytics Radio looks at how to apply analytics to identify potential energy savings.
Third-grade Reading Proficiency is Key to Reversing the "Skills Gap"
Georgia Mariani  
2/13/2017   16 comments
Students who develop strong reading skills by third grade are much more likely to graduate from high school and seek post-secondary education. Economists are forecasting a nationwide shortfall of five million workers to fill jobs requiring post-secondary education and training by 2020.
How to Create a 'Pretty' Map with SAS
Robert Allison  
2/10/2017   5 comments
Maps are great ways to display spatial data and information. But sometimes you just want to create a map that looks good. Here's how.
Are Your Home Appliances Analyzing You?
Maryam Donnelly  
2/8/2017   18 comments
Home appliance manufacturers have latched onto the promise of IoT, adding smart sensors to help consumers track their appliances. Will the data generated and the analytics enabled end up changing how appliances are made in the future?
Analytics Used to Detect Online Harassment
Jessica Davis  
2/7/2017   12 comments
In conjunction with Internet Safety Day, the Wikimedia Foundation has released two new public data sets of online harassment in Wikipedia edits. The Foundation leveraged machine learning to detect harassment.
How to Make Your Pie Chart Worse
Leo Sadovy  
2/7/2017   8 comments
Charts, graphs, maps, and diagrams transcend text and spoken languages in communicating data. But you have to do them well.
A2 Radio: Data Analytics and Management Trends for 2017
Jessica Davis  
2/7/2017   6 comments
How will 2017's trends affect your data analytics and data management strategies? We're bringing in a data architect and consultant to talk about what's happening in the trenches and how you can be ready for it.
Analytics Drive Virtual Reality Game Development
Jon Martindale  
2/6/2017   7 comments
Developing virtual reality games presents more and different challenges than developing conventional video games. Here's how data analytics is helping the process.
Cognitive Security Tames the Big Data Monster
Nancy Mogire  
2/3/2017   5 comments
Sometimes data can get so big, it's monstrous and ceases to be useful. Cognitive security helps measure what matters, allowing analysts to focus resources where they count.
Time for an Analytics Show and Tell
James M. Connolly  
2/2/2017   19 comments
The business-analytics disconnect remains a hurdle for adoption of data-driven decision making. Maybe it's time for the analytics team to hit the road and show employees what data can do for them.
Why You Should Invest in Your Analytics Capabilities
Jessica Davis  
2/1/2017   2 comments
Analytics are strategic, can create value, and should be earmarked for increased investment. Now is not the time for cuts.
Outsmarting the DBMS: Analysts Should Beware
Fabian Pascal  
1/31/2017   1 comment
Analysts should avoid relying on techniques that undermine the soundness of database design.
Digital Intelligence for Optimizing Customer Engagement
Suneel Grover  
1/30/2017   22 comments
Organizations that excel at using data and analytics to optimize their digital businesses will together generate $1.2 trillion per annum in revenue by 2020, according to Forrester Research. Will yours be one of them?
Data Privacy Day: Balancing Protection, Convenience
Jessica Davis  
1/27/2017   36 comments
Data breaches can cost millions and end careers. Consumer identity theft can create huge personal life disruptions. Here's why both consumers and businesses must remember the importance of balancing convenience with protection on Data Privacy Day.
OmniChannel Analytics: The Customer Still Must Come First
Jessica Davis  
1/26/2017   16 comments
As traditional retailers have added new channels, such as online commerce and social media, integrating all the new customer data has been a challenge. To provide a modern experience, companies must take a customer-first approach to the data and analytics.
Retail Vertical Sees Demand for More Analytics Pros
Jessica Davis  
1/25/2017   12 comments
Looking for a vertical industry that's hungry for your analytics skills? Retail is looking for you.
Machine Learning Tackles Cyberbullying
Ariella Brown  
1/25/2017   55 comments
Social media and mobile devices may seem like a vast and scary unknown to parents of young children with phones and other devices. Now machine learning is being applied to the problem of protecting the kids.
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Professional sports leagues the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB are all leveraging analytics and IoT in their efforts to improve the games. Here's an overview.
What makes March Madness basketball data analytics even better? A great visualization.
Monetizing Your Data authors Andrew Wells and Kathy Chiang join A2 radio to discuss the trouble with today's analytics programs and how to fix them.
Data governance is the secret infrastructure behind organizations that successfully leverage analytics to add value. Here's a closer look.
How the National Hockey League is using sensors and predictive analytics to learn more about fans and game play.
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