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Ariella Brown
Latest Content
Our Robots, Our Selves
Ariella Brown  
11/4/2015   42 comments
If companion robots that are already popular in Japan are to make it big in the US and other countries, analytics will play a role in adapting their personalities for the likes and dislikes of other cultures.
Smartphones Open Doors, Literally
Ariella Brown  
9/29/2015   60 comments
Hotel chains are moving toward enabling guests to open their room doors and gain other benefits through smart phone apps.
A Data-Driven Game-Changer for Football
Ariella Brown  
9/11/2015   66 comments
With the opening weekend of pro football upon us, NFL fans can now utilize the same data and analytics that has been available to teams, so they can understand factors such as player speed and precise positioning.
Driverless Cars Present Ethical Challenges
Ariella Brown  
8/18/2015   154 comments
How will a driverless car make life or death decisions, and whose live takes priority? It's an ethical question that will have to be addressed as self-driving cars take to the road.
Predictive Analytics: Data and Retail Expertise
Ariella Brown  
7/27/2015   58 comments
Predictive analytics have been proving their worth in the retail sector, with examples showing showing the sector how predictive analytics can blend with industry experience in decision making.
An Algorithm Gets Rhythm
Ariella Brown  
7/8/2015   37 comments
A machine-learning algorithm does rap in Finland, drawing on the thousands of songs by leading rap performers to develop lyrics for new works.
The Legal Limits for On-Call Shifts
Ariella Brown  
5/19/2015   51 comments
One downside with the use of analytics in the retail sector can be the impact on workers who are subject to the vagaries of on-call staffing.
Realtime Data Targets Drowsy & Distracted Driving
Ariella Brown  
1/21/2015   21 comments
Cameras work with analytics software to provide heavy equipment drivers -- and eventually the average person -- with protection against becoming dangerous distracted drivers.
More Info in the Name of Better Healthcare
Ariella Brown  
11/19/2014   14 comments
Analytics uncovers healthcare issues that go beyond the patient. Think: poor bus service.
Technology Gives Emergency Crews a Green Light
Ariella Brown  
9/10/2014   20 comments
Quickly analyzing GPS data transmitted by emergency vehicles to Web servers and traffic lights can help police, fire, and medical personnel safely deliver their services to the public.
Analytics Startup Prescribes Fix for RX Errors
Ariella Brown  
8/13/2014   57 comments
MedAware, an Israeli startup, applies big-data analytics to the often deadly problem of prescription error.
Happiness Is a Blue Blanket
Ariella Brown  
7/23/2014   28 comments
British Airways turned to high-tech blankets to assess the customer experience associated with new in-flight amenities.
Detecting Fraud With Voice Analytics
Ariella Brown  
7/8/2014   32 comments
A new service alerts contact center reps to possible fraud activity by listening in on customer calls.
Father's Day Gift Idea: Golf & Tennis Analytics
Ariella Brown  
6/13/2014   38 comments
Give the gift of data this Father's Day with tiny, powerful sensors that map and analyze dad's golf, tennis, or even baseball swing in 3D.
A Soft Sell for Sensors
Ariella Brown  
5/27/2014   33 comments
Thin, inconspicuous sensors represent the next generation of wearable monitors.
Analytics Speed Up Response Times for EMS
Ariella Brown  
4/11/2014   42 comments
Jersey City Medical Center EMS uses a predictive analytics and visualization tool to shave precious minutes from its response times, and the system helps route ambulances around traffic problems.
Reading & Being Read by E-Books
Ariella Brown  
3/17/2014   40 comments
E-readers track how long you spend on each book and on each page, sending that information back to subscription services, so they can tailor recommendations. Will authors benefit from seeing it, too?
Twitter Analytics Puts Cards on the Table
Ariella Brown  
2/24/2014   58 comments
Sometimes it's not enough to make something available for free, you also have to show how it works. Analytics deliver the why on top of the what, as we see in the case of Twitter.
In-Car Tracking: We Know Where You've Been
Ariella Brown  
2/3/2014   60 comments
Carmakers and navigation services are collecting location data on drivers whether they know it or not.
Cellphone Tracking: Protection vs. Privacy
Ariella Brown  
1/6/2014   42 comments
Police and Federal agencies may use tracking technologies to locate mobile devices, but not without cause.
Cameras in Class: Insight vs. Privacy
Ariella Brown  
12/2/2013   35 comments
SensorStar Labs has developed technology for analyzing the facial expressions and eye movements of individual students to see if they're engaged in lessons or have their minds elsewhere.
Predictive Analytics Head to Jail
Ariella Brown  
11/7/2013   27 comments
State parole boards are increasingly turning to analytics software to help them determine which prisoners to release and which to keep locked up.
Monsanto Harvests Big-Data Startup
Ariella Brown  
10/16/2013   13 comments
For nearly a billion dollars, the agricultural giant picks up The Climate Corp., a startup that has brought innovative big-data analytics to the field.
Putting a Face on Retail Analytics
Ariella Brown  
9/12/2013   28 comments
A Russian company is personalizing marketing messages based on a customerís gender, age, and mood, measured by facial recognition.
Learning About You From Your Email Metadata
Ariella Brown  
8/1/2013   48 comments
Email metadata helps paint the picture of your life.
'Clipping' Coupons as You Need 'Em
Ariella Brown  
6/7/2013   40 comments
VisibleBrands uses a location-aware wireless network, RFID technology, and real-time analytics to deliver promotions for products right to customers at the point of decision.
Healthcare Analysis: Doctor vs. Device
Ariella Brown  
4/19/2013   50 comments
New devices literally put healthcare analysis in patients' hands, leading to questions about the future of doctor practices.
Get Personal With Data Visualization
Ariella Brown  
3/1/2013   32 comments
Personal data visualization tool maker Wolfram|Alpha is giving you more ways to analyze your Facebook interactions.
In-Store Customer Analytics Get Digital Twist
Ariella Brown  
2/1/2013   22 comments
Euclid Analytics aims at providing physical retail outlets the same sort of customer behavior information gleaned from online visits.
Analyzing Cellphone Data for the Greater Good
Ariella Brown  
11/19/2012   16 comments
Researchers mapped cellphone data from nearly 15 million Kenyans to help understand how malaria spreads across Africa.
Till Death Do Us Part (Unless the Math Tells Us Otherwise)
Ariella Brown  
10/5/2012   31 comments
Dr. John Gottman relies on real math in predicting whether a couple's relationship will be everlasting, or short lived.
Your Personal Social Data, Visualized
Ariella Brown  
9/13/2012   15 comments
Who are you? These social data visualization apps will let you know.
Take 2 Pills & They'll Call You
Ariella Brown  
8/27/2012   24 comments
Ingestible sensor technology could grab data from inside the body for transmission directly to doctors.
Quantifiable Design Data Drives Ford Quality Efforts
Ariella Brown  
8/8/2012   13 comments
Oddly enough, Ford measures human comfort with the help of a machine and the quantifiable data it delivers.
Does This Look Good on Me?
Ariella Brown  
7/17/2012   25 comments
A variety of shopping tools aim to help customers predict the perfect fit.
How Analytics Can Help You Find That Dream Job
Ariella Brown  
6/13/2012   40 comments
Like dating sites before it, Path.To uses algorithms to match up potential employers and employees.
Got Milk? Then You've Got the Product of Analytics
Ariella Brown  
5/23/2012   39 comments
Analytics may be new to many verticals, but not the dairy industry.
Big City Parking Made Easy
Ariella Brown  
5/1/2012   52 comments
With street sensors collecting data and analytics programs delivering quick results, cities are crafting programs aimed at easing the pain and expense of metered parking.
Analytics Reveal What Women Want
Ariella Brown  
4/6/2012   29 comments
Guess what? Men want essentially the same things.
Laying Out the ABCs of Analytics for Schools
Ariella Brown  
3/28/2012   38 comments
Some believe a systematic, analytics-based approach to student monitoring and evaluations can help boost high school graduation rates.
Forecasting Business Data From Weather Analytics
Ariella Brown  
3/12/2012   14 comments
The Weather Channel seeks to turn advertisers on to weather analytics.
Dating Data Analyzed
Ariella Brown  
2/14/2012   21 comments
On this Valentine's Day, we explore the relationship between online dating sites' predictive algorithms and matchmaking.
A Dose of Google Data for Doctors & Hospitals
Ariella Brown  
1/31/2012   35 comments
Flu Trends site delivers data on the spread of influenza far more quickly than hospitals and doctors can get it from the CDC.
New Use for Old Data
Ariella Brown  
1/19/2012   25 comments
The National Weather Service's junk data is a gold mine for bat researchers and others.
Voice Analytics Needs Some Analysis
Ariella Brown  
12/7/2011   13 comments
With newscasters turning to layered voice analysis to assess the truthfulness of controversial public figures, advocates and detractors are weighing in on the technology's use.

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