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Ariella Brown
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Realtime Data Targets Drowsy & Distracted Driving
Ariella Brown  
1/21/2015   21 comments
Cameras work with analytics software to provide heavy equipment drivers -- and eventually the average person -- with protection against becoming dangerous distracted drivers.
More Info in the Name of Better Healthcare
Ariella Brown  
11/19/2014   14 comments
Analytics uncovers healthcare issues that go beyond the patient. Think: poor bus service.
Technology Gives Emergency Crews a Green Light
Ariella Brown  
9/10/2014   20 comments
Quickly analyzing GPS data transmitted by emergency vehicles to Web servers and traffic lights can help police, fire, and medical personnel safely deliver their services to the public.
Analytics Startup Prescribes Fix for RX Errors
Ariella Brown  
8/13/2014   57 comments
MedAware, an Israeli startup, applies big-data analytics to the often deadly problem of prescription error.
Happiness Is a Blue Blanket
Ariella Brown  
7/23/2014   28 comments
British Airways turned to high-tech blankets to assess the customer experience associated with new in-flight amenities.
Detecting Fraud With Voice Analytics
Ariella Brown  
7/8/2014   32 comments
A new service alerts contact center reps to possible fraud activity by listening in on customer calls.
Father's Day Gift Idea: Golf & Tennis Analytics
Ariella Brown  
6/13/2014   38 comments
Give the gift of data this Father's Day with tiny, powerful sensors that map and analyze dad's golf, tennis, or even baseball swing in 3D.
A Soft Sell for Sensors
Ariella Brown  
5/27/2014   33 comments
Thin, inconspicuous sensors represent the next generation of wearable monitors.
Analytics Speed Up Response Times for EMS
Ariella Brown  
4/11/2014   42 comments
Jersey City Medical Center EMS uses a predictive analytics and visualization tool to shave precious minutes from its response times, and the system helps route ambulances around traffic problems.
Reading & Being Read by E-Books
Ariella Brown  
3/17/2014   40 comments
E-readers track how long you spend on each book and on each page, sending that information back to subscription services, so they can tailor recommendations. Will authors benefit from seeing it, too?
Twitter Analytics Puts Cards on the Table
Ariella Brown  
2/24/2014   58 comments
Sometimes it's not enough to make something available for free, you also have to show how it works. Analytics deliver the why on top of the what, as we see in the case of Twitter.
In-Car Tracking: We Know Where You've Been
Ariella Brown  
2/3/2014   60 comments
Carmakers and navigation services are collecting location data on drivers whether they know it or not.
Cellphone Tracking: Protection vs. Privacy
Ariella Brown  
1/6/2014   42 comments
Police and Federal agencies may use tracking technologies to locate mobile devices, but not without cause.
Cameras in Class: Insight vs. Privacy
Ariella Brown  
12/2/2013   35 comments
SensorStar Labs has developed technology for analyzing the facial expressions and eye movements of individual students to see if they're engaged in lessons or have their minds elsewhere.
Predictive Analytics Head to Jail
Ariella Brown  
11/7/2013   27 comments
State parole boards are increasingly turning to analytics software to help them determine which prisoners to release and which to keep locked up.
Monsanto Harvests Big-Data Startup
Ariella Brown  
10/16/2013   13 comments
For nearly a billion dollars, the agricultural giant picks up The Climate Corp., a startup that has brought innovative big-data analytics to the field.
Putting a Face on Retail Analytics
Ariella Brown  
9/12/2013   28 comments
A Russian company is personalizing marketing messages based on a customerís gender, age, and mood, measured by facial recognition.
Learning About You From Your Email Metadata
Ariella Brown  
8/1/2013   48 comments
Email metadata helps paint the picture of your life.
'Clipping' Coupons as You Need 'Em
Ariella Brown  
6/7/2013   40 comments
VisibleBrands uses a location-aware wireless network, RFID technology, and real-time analytics to deliver promotions for products right to customers at the point of decision.
Healthcare Analysis: Doctor vs. Device
Ariella Brown  
4/19/2013   50 comments
New devices literally put healthcare analysis in patients' hands, leading to questions about the future of doctor practices.
Get Personal With Data Visualization
Ariella Brown  
3/1/2013   32 comments
Personal data visualization tool maker Wolfram|Alpha is giving you more ways to analyze your Facebook interactions.
In-Store Customer Analytics Get Digital Twist
Ariella Brown  
2/1/2013   22 comments
Euclid Analytics aims at providing physical retail outlets the same sort of customer behavior information gleaned from online visits.
Analyzing Cellphone Data for the Greater Good
Ariella Brown  
11/19/2012   16 comments
Researchers mapped cellphone data from nearly 15 million Kenyans to help understand how malaria spreads across Africa.
Till Death Do Us Part (Unless the Math Tells Us Otherwise)
Ariella Brown  
10/5/2012   31 comments
Dr. John Gottman relies on real math in predicting whether a couple's relationship will be everlasting, or short lived.
Your Personal Social Data, Visualized
Ariella Brown  
9/13/2012   15 comments
Who are you? These social data visualization apps will let you know.
Take 2 Pills & They'll Call You
Ariella Brown  
8/27/2012   24 comments
Ingestible sensor technology could grab data from inside the body for transmission directly to doctors.
Quantifiable Design Data Drives Ford Quality Efforts
Ariella Brown  
8/8/2012   13 comments
Oddly enough, Ford measures human comfort with the help of a machine and the quantifiable data it delivers.
Does This Look Good on Me?
Ariella Brown  
7/17/2012   25 comments
A variety of shopping tools aim to help customers predict the perfect fit.
How Analytics Can Help You Find That Dream Job
Ariella Brown  
6/13/2012   40 comments
Like dating sites before it, Path.To uses algorithms to match up potential employers and employees.
Got Milk? Then You've Got the Product of Analytics
Ariella Brown  
5/23/2012   39 comments
Analytics may be new to many verticals, but not the dairy industry.
Big City Parking Made Easy
Ariella Brown  
5/1/2012   52 comments
With street sensors collecting data and analytics programs delivering quick results, cities are crafting programs aimed at easing the pain and expense of metered parking.
Analytics Reveal What Women Want
Ariella Brown  
4/6/2012   29 comments
Guess what? Men want essentially the same things.
Laying Out the ABCs of Analytics for Schools
Ariella Brown  
3/28/2012   38 comments
Some believe a systematic, analytics-based approach to student monitoring and evaluations can help boost high school graduation rates.
Forecasting Business Data From Weather Analytics
Ariella Brown  
3/12/2012   14 comments
The Weather Channel seeks to turn advertisers on to weather analytics.
Dating Data Analyzed
Ariella Brown  
2/14/2012   21 comments
On this Valentine's Day, we explore the relationship between online dating sites' predictive algorithms and matchmaking.
A Dose of Google Data for Doctors & Hospitals
Ariella Brown  
1/31/2012   35 comments
Flu Trends site delivers data on the spread of influenza far more quickly than hospitals and doctors can get it from the CDC.
New Use for Old Data
Ariella Brown  
1/19/2012   25 comments
The National Weather Service's junk data is a gold mine for bat researchers and others.
Voice Analytics Needs Some Analysis
Ariella Brown  
12/7/2011   13 comments
With newscasters turning to layered voice analysis to assess the truthfulness of controversial public figures, advocates and detractors are weighing in on the technology's use.

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The Current Discussion

Visual Analytics: Who Carries the Onus?
The Issue: Data visualization is an up-and-coming technology for businesses that want to deliver analytical results in a visual way, enabling analysts the ability to spot patterns more easily and business users to absorb the insight at a glance and better understand what questions to ask of the data. But does it make more sense to train everybody to handle the visualization mandate or bring on visualization expertise? Our experts are divided on the question.
The Speakers: Hyoun Park, Principal Analyst, Nucleus Research; Jonathan Schwabish, US Economist & Data Visualizer
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Beth Schultz
Canada Post on Data Delivery

5|12|14   |   02:53   |   (2) comments

James Smith, lead of enterprise data governance for the Canadian postal service, explains how and why the organization has embraced an enterprise data governance program.
Michael Steinhart
Big Data Checks In

4|30|14   |   03:45   |   (5) comments

The hospitality industry gathers massive amounts of customer data, and mining that data effectively can yield tremendous results in terms of improved CRM, better-targeted marketing spend, and more efficient back-end processes. Roger Ares, vice president of analytics at Hyatt Corp., discusses the ways he and his staff use big data.
Beth Schultz
Good Data, Smarter Travel

4|24|14   |   2:50   |   (4) comments

Charged with keeping track of travel assets, including employees, iJET International relies on data management best-practices and advanced analytics to keep its clients in the know on current and potential world events affecting travel, Rich Murnane, Director of Enterprise Data Operations & Data Architect, told All Analytics in an interview from the 2014 SAS Global Forum Executive Conference.
Beth Schultz
Healthcare Data Needs a Booster

4|23|14   |   2:39   |   (0) comments

W. Ed Hammond, Director of the Duke Center for Health Informatics, spoke from the recent 2014 SAS Global Forum Executive Conference about the data management challenges involved in healthcare today.
Beth Schultz
In the Talent Sweet Spot

4|23|14   |   3:25   |   (0) comments

Jason Dorsey, chief strategy officer for the Center for Generational Kinetics and keynote speaker at last month's SAS Global Forum 2014, describes how Gen Y professionals are enhancing the makeup of multigenerational analytics organizations.
Beth Schultz
A2 on the Road

4|22|14   |   2:28   |   (0) comments

From analytics talent development to the power of visual analytics, All Analytics found a variety of common themes circulating throughout the exhibition floor and session discussions at the 2014 SAS Global Forum and SAS Global Forum Executive Conference events held last month in Washington, DC.
Beth Schultz
T-Mobile Hears Data's Call

4|22|14   |   2:50   |   (0) comments

Talking with All Analytics live from the 2014 SAS Global Forum Executive Conference, Eric Helmer, senior manager of campaign design and execution for T-Mobile, discussed the importance of customer data -- starting internally -- in devising the mobile operator's marketing plans.
Beth Schultz
A Is for Analytics in Academia

4|21|14   |   4:11   |   (0) comments

Interviewed live at SAS Global Forum 2014, professors and students agree that access to enterprise analytics software in academic programs better prepares graduates for their careers.
Beth Schultz
Advocating for Analytics Culture

4|21|14   |   5:51   |   (0) comments

Speaking at the recent SAS Global Forum Executive Conference, analytics executives, business experts, and SAS insiders explore what it means to build an analytics culture.
Beth Schultz
Analytic Myths: True or False?

4|21|14   |   4:29   |   (0) comments

At the recent 2014 SAS Global Forum Executive Conference, five analytics experts give us their perspective on whether four common myths about IT and analytics are true or false.
Beth Schultz
We'll Be Your Eyes & Ears

3|20|14   |   2:15   |   (0) comments

We'll be on the scene at SAS Global Forum events in Washington, D.C., March 23 to March 25, glad to share what we learn with our community members.
Beth Schultz
7 Tips for Deploying Visualization

3|7|14   |   33:15   |   (0) comments

We chat with Analise Polsky, a data visualization thought leader on the SAS Best Practices team, about what you need to know before you deploy data visualization.
Michael Steinhart
Choosing a Big-Data Analytics Platform

2|19|14   |   31:53   |   (3) comments

The big-data analytics market can be a confusing place. Among the vendors vying for your dollars are traditional database management providers, Hadoop startup services, and IT giants. In this video, All Analytics editors Beth Schultz and Michael Steinhart sit down in a Google+ Hangout on Air with Doug Henschen, executive editor of InformationWeek. Henschen discusses use cases for big-data analytics, purchase considerations, and his recent roundup of the top 16 big-data analytics platforms.

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— Michael Steinhart, Circle me on Google+ Follow me on TwitterVisit my LinkedIn pageFriend me on Facebook, Executive Editor,

Michael Steinhart
Keeping a Close Eye on Shoppers

2|13|14   |   02:14   |   (16) comments

At the National Retail Federation BIG Show last month, All Analytics executive editor Michael Steinhart noted a host of solutions for tracking and analyzing customer activity in retail stores. From Bluetooth beacons to RFID tags to NFC connections to video analytics, retailers must find the right combination of tools to help optimize the shopper experience, streamline operations, and boost revenues.

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— Michael Steinhart, Circle me on Google+ Follow me on TwitterVisit my LinkedIn pageFriend me on Facebook, Executive Editor,

Michael Steinhart
Real-Time Demand Drives Forecasting

2|11|14   |   02:22   |   (1) comment

The days when historical shipment trends and gut feelings were enough to forecast retail demand accurately are long over. SAS chief industry consultant Charles Chase outlines the benefits of pulling real-time sales information from point-of-sale and product scanner systems, then flowing that data into dynamic forecasting tools from SAS.

— Michael Steinhart, Circle me on Google+ Follow me on TwitterVisit my LinkedIn pageFriend me on Facebook, Executive Editor,

Intro to Visual Analytics

6|5|13   |   1:58   |   (0) comments

With today's advanced visual analytics tools, you can stream data into memory for real-time processing, provide users the ability to explore and manipulate the data, and bring your data to life for the business.
Visual Analytics, Instant Insight

5|16|13   |   2:06   |   (5) comments

Dynamic data visualizations let analysts and business users interact with the data, changing variables or drilling down into data points, and see results in a flash. Advance your use of data visualization with tools that support features like auto-charting, explanatory pop-ups, and mobile sharing.
Big Data, Fast Infrastructure

2|14|12   |   3:35   |   (6) comments

No doubt your enterprise is amassing loads of data for fact-based decision-making. Hand in hand with all that data comes big computational requirements. Can traditional IT infrastructure handle the increasing number and complexity of your analytical work? Probably not, which is why you need a backend rethink. Big data calls for a high-performance analytics infrastructure, as Fern Halper, a partner at the IT consulting and research firm, Hurwitz & Associates, discusses here.
Red Hot Analytics

1|10|12   |   3:51   |   (8) comments

Redbox's bright-red DVD kiosks are all but ubiquitous these days, located in more than 28,000 spots across the country. Jayson Tipp, Redbox VP of Analytics and CRM, provides an insider's look at how the company has accomplished its phenomenal nine-year growth.
Hotelier Checks In With Analytics

12|14|11   |   06:55   |   (11) comments

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), a seven-brand global hotelier, has woven analytics into the fabric of its operations. David Schmitt, director of performance strategy and planning, shares IHG's analytics story and his lessons learned.