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 Make It Big As a Data Scientist in 2015
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2/11/2015   106 comments
Learn how to advance your career as a data scientist in 2015 as the Burtch Works' Linda Burtch shares her observations and advice for analytics and data science professionals.
 Big Data, Decisions & the Simulated Experience
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2/3/2015   87 comments
Researcher Robin Hogarth explores decision making and how simulated experience can help us understand and make use of big data.
 A Chat About Big Data, Machine Learning & Value
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1/15/2015   125 comments
Join author Jared Dean for a discussion about his book, Big Data, Data Mining, and Machine Learning: Value Creation for Business Leaders and Practitioners.
 An Infrastructure for Analytics
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12/18/2014   63 comments
The analytics infrastructure you choose has a major impact on analytics performance. Join us as we talk to Jim O'Reilly about choosing the best infrastructure for your needs.
 Prepare for the Internet of Things Data Blitz
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12/16/2014   51 comments
As enterprises steadily connect production equipment, transportation networks, environmentals, and other technologies, they will face the challenges of analyzing, digesting, and acting on volumes of new data. No, we won't throw a switch and suddenly have an Internet of Things, but it will evolve in the coming years, and it could pick up its early momentum in the enterprise space.
 How Mature Is Your Analytics Program?
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11/18/2014   148 comments
Everyone is investing in big data analytics. Do you know how well your organization is doing it compared to your competitors?
 Drive Big Decisions Using Data & Analytics
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11/10/2014   73 comments

Discover how to make your biggest decisions better with the use of data and analytics.

 Data Science & the Data-Driven Culture
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10/30/2014   134 comments
Booz Allen Hamilton data science experts Josh Sullivan and Ezmeralda Khalilwill share their lessons learned and best-practices advice for building a data science team and data-driven culture during this A2 Radio episode.
 The Power (& Peril) of Predictive Analytics
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10/15/2014   107 comments
If anybody knows how to finesse predictive insight out of data, it's this A2 Radio guest, John Elder, founder and president of Elder Research. Tune in Wednesday, Oct. 15, at 3:00 p.m. ET.
 The Advanced Analytics Degree: Picking a Program
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9/15/2014   70 comments
Diego Klabjan, chair of the INFORMS University Analytics Program Committee and program director for Northwestern University's Master of Science in Analytics program, gives his advice for figuring out where to get an advanced analytics degree.
 Big Data, Big Innovation: Enabling Competitive Differentiation Through Business Analytics
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9/9/2014   70 comments
Tune in Tuesday, Sept. 9, at 3:00 p.m. ET, as we talk with Evan Stubbs, chief analytics officer for SAS Australia/New Zealand, about big data, big innovation, and enabling competitive differentiation through business analytics.
 Customer Profitability: How to Measure, Manage & Boost the Margins
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8/26/2014   93 comments
Gary Cokins, enterprise performance management expert, talks about how to measure and manage customer profitability.
 The Art of Predictive Modeling
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8/20/2014   98 comments
Dean Abbott, internationally recognized data-mining and predictive analytics expert, will lay out principles and techniques for applying predictive analytics.
 How Sports & Business Analytics Can Play Off Each Other
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7/22/2014   196 comments
In this A2 Radio episode, analytics thought leader Tom Davenport will take you into the worlds of business and sports, and talk about what one can learn from the other.
 Advanced Analytics & the Business of Healthy Consumers
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7/10/2014   78 comments
In this A2 radio episode, learn about the role advanced analytics plays in helping Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina determine how best to engage and communicate with consumers, as well as to measure the effectiveness of its efforts and determine member satisfaction.
 Creating an Analytics Nerve Center
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6/30/2014   63 comments
In this A2 Radio episode, Patrick McIntyre, senior vice president of healthcare analytics at WellPoint, will share his experiences and give us his best-practices for setting up and maintaining an analytics team and engendering an analytics culture within the enterprise.
 The Analytical CIO: Making Peace With the Business
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6/25/2014   274 comments
Tune in to this A2 Radio episode for one former CIO's thoughts on analytics, big data, and IT.
 Inside the Law: What You Need to Know About Big Data & Online Service Offerings
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5/22/2014   154 comments
Gary Greenstein, special counsel and managing attorney with Technology Practice Group, regularly helps companies sort through the small print in their vendor agreements to make sure they're compliant with data usage rights and privacy concerns. Tune in for his insider's lessons.
 How to Become a Top SAS Programmer
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4/29/2014   79 comments
Whether you're just starting out with SAS or are an old pro, advancing your programming career and increasing your value to the organization will take a solid plan and a smart strategy.
 Big Data at Work: Beyond the Fad
Digital Audio  
4/4/2014   120 comments
Thought-leader Tom Davenport explains why you and your company need to recognize big data's importance.
 Customer Satisfaction: Gleaning Insight From Email Interactions
Digital Audio  
3/20/2014   108 comments
Business process experts share a method of monitoring and predicting customer satisfaction by analyzing the social network structure of email interactions between service providers and their clients.
 Killer Analytics: A Look at Missing Metrics & Dire Consequences
Digital Audio  
3/7/2014   155 comments
In this A2 Radio episode, management consultant Mark Graham Brown will discuss how organizations can get a handle on some highly influential but typically unmeasured business components.
 Getting Smart on Digital Attribution
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2/27/2014   165 comments
David Schmitt, a marketing analytics executive, understands the importance of data-driven insight into the marketing spend. As such, he's currently overseeing implementation of a digital attribution program at a global hospitality company. Tune in for his lessons learned.
 Hadoop: How to Pick the Right Use Case
Digital Audio  
2/21/2014   77 comments
A primary reason organizations struggle to achieve value from big data is lack of a compelling business use case.
 Outsourced Analytics: What You Need to Know
Digital Audio  
1/28/2014   91 comments
Whether outsourcing analytics makes sense depends on a number of factors, including the organization's level of analytical sophistication, the nature of the analytics work desired, the use of intellectual property, and the type of relationship expected of the outsourcer. Learn more in this episode of A2 Radio.
 The Brave New World of Personalized Big Data
Digital Audio  
1/21/2014   112 comments
The personalization of big data will change how we approach our lives -- from the way we learn to how we obtain healthcare, interact with the outside world, and even watch sports.
 Analytics Talent: Getting Ready for 2014 & Beyond
Digital Audio  
12/17/2013   346 comments
Jennifer Lewis Priestley, a statistics professor, is a vocal advocate of changing traditional data-oriented teaching methods, and often shares her thoughts about bringing academia and the public sector together to ensure universities are preparing the analytics talent necessary in a big data world.
 How to Make a Profit From Text-Mining
Digital Audio  
12/11/2013   312 comments
Text analytics can pay, if you know how to avoid the pitfalls and set your project up for success.
 2014 Big-Data Salary Outlook
Digital Audio  
12/5/2013   406 comments
You've all heard about the impending shortage of analytical talent and the increasing demand for big-data professionals in particular. Now find out about your big-data earning power.
 Doing Data Science for Social Good
Digital Audio  
11/21/2013   330 comments
Data science should be as much about high-value social impact as it is about turning a profit.
 The Visual Organization: Getting There From Here
Digital Audio  
11/4/2013   283 comments
Many organizations find themselves stymied in their attempts to deliver on the promise of data visualization -- a troublesome reality that doesn't have to be.
 Making Medicine Smarter
Digital Audio  
10/7/2013   311 comments
Health analytics will help get us to ideals such as physician accountability, optimized treatment plans and preventive care, and lower costs, but only if the approach to analytics evolves as well.
 Tips for Participating in a Data Science Competition
Digital Audio  
10/1/2013   350 comments
Whether you're looking to push yourself up a leader board or just getting started with data science competitions, you can learn a thing or two from Ben Hamner, Kaggle's director of engineering and a seasoned competitor with some impressive wins under his belt.
 Evolving Beyond the Net Promoter Score
Digital Audio  
9/23/2013   319 comments
Net Promoter Score has long served companies as the go-to customer loyalty metric. But understanding loyalty today takes more than one single metric, many industry watchers now suggest.
 How to Get Your Analytics Resumé Noticed
Digital Audio  
9/5/2013   392 comments
You're a shoo-in for that analytics job just posted... if only you could capture the hiring manager's attention.
 How to Change the Game With BI & the Cloud
Digital Audio  
8/1/2013   316 comments
You know the importance of building an information and communication technology infrastructure to support mission-critical applications and activities like business intelligence. But do you understand how to show its value? BI comes into play here, too.
 Big-Data in Big Companies
Digital Audio  
7/24/2013   506 comments
Many well-established enterprises consider big-data both same old same old and a troublesome new burden.
 The DATA Act: Delivering on Federal Transparency
Digital Audio  
7/19/2013   353 comments
The bipartisan DATA Act, introduced in May and winding its way through Congress now, promises federal data reform and greater analytics opportunities.
 How to Land a Great Analytics Job
Digital Audio  
6/26/2013   356 comments
Adam McElhinney, business analytics executive at Enova Financial, provides tips on how to land a great analytics job.
 Weather Intelligence: Beyond the Time & Temperatures
Digital Audio  
6/10/2013   303 comments
Whether your business is in Tornado Alley or the hurricane belt, weather analytics make you prepared for what is headed your way.
 How to Ensure Your Business Does Its Data Justice
Digital Audio  
5/17/2013   166 comments
Companies today must be analytically agile to compete based on their data and analytics.
 Consumer Privacy: Building a Positive Experience
Digital Audio  
5/8/2013   259 comments
Rather than being a burden, consumer privacy actually affords companies the opportunity to establish and nurture customer relationships.
 The Organizational Flow of Business Analytics
Digital Audio  
4/18/2013   456 comments
Organizations need sound business analytics processes that help them make sure the right people get the right metrics and can make decisions accordingly.
 Big-Data Analytics & Our Cyberdefense
Digital Audio  
4/10/2013   397 comments
Many enterprise security planners now understand that topping off traditional enterprise security measures with big-data analytics makes for improved cyberdefense.
 Predictive Power: Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die?
Digital Audio  
4/4/2013   480 comments
Organizations that can predict the future have a decided edge over those that can't.
 Got Big-Data? Get Visual
Digital Audio  
3/25/2013   368 comments
Big-data analytics calls for dynamic delivery of results in an interactive, visual format.
 Too Big to Ignore: The Business Case for Big-Data
Digital Audio  
3/21/2013   420 comments
Make no mistake, big-data is a big deal for your organization.
 Human Capital Analytics
Digital Audio  
3/7/2013   198 comments
You've heard the expression, "Your company is only as good as its best employees." Perhaps it's with this in mind that human resources professionals are starting to place value on understanding human capital – and embracing analytics to get them the insight they need.
 Analytics Certification: Investing in Your Future
Digital Audio  
2/26/2013   407 comments
With the looming talent shortage, becoming a certified analytics professional could be the right move for you.
 Big-Data: The New Analytics Reality
Digital Audio  
2/1/2013   326 comments
Business analytics thought-leader Tom Davenport shares his insights on the ways big-data is changing our world.
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