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Database Fundamentals For Analysts: Science, Data Science and Database Science
Fabian Pascal  
11/27/2015   21 comments
Fabian Pascal explores the question of whether the relational model represents science.
Your Analytics Team Could Join the Elite
James M. Connolly  
11/25/2015   24 comments
Your analytics initiative might be just enough to elevate your organization into the InformationWeek Elite 100 list of the most innovative users of information technology.
Why Analytics Pros Need a Slogan
James M. Connolly  
11/24/2015   27 comments
Maybe it's time for the analytics profession to unite under a single slogan that inspires quality and innovation, something that will help you avoid being one of those case studies where big data analytics went awry.
 Understand the Difference Between Data Science and Analytics
Digital Audio  
11/23/2015   30 comments
The "Three V's of Volume, Velocity, and Variety are what elevate standard analytics to the level of data science.
Building the Right Data Science & Analytics Team
Steven Mills and Ezmeralda Khalil  
11/23/2015   17 comments
In providing a summary of their two All Analytics Academy presentations, Ezmeralda Khalil and Steven Mills of Booz Allen Hamilton highlight the value of identifying the right talent needs, recruiting data scientists from business units, and not wasting time looking for unicorns.
Analytics Skills Gap: It's Nice to Tie 'Billion' to an Accomplishment
James M. Connolly  
11/20/2015   5 comments
The Analytics Skills Gap Series continues with an interview with SunTrust Bank's Dudley Gwaltney discussing the need for advanced degrees, the value of understanding data management, and the data science job market in Atlanta.
Analytics Teams: Manage, Motivate, Retain Talent
James M. Connolly  
11/18/2015   2 comments
Our All Analytics Academy series wraps up on Thursday with an advice-packed session focused on motivating, rewarding, leading, and retaining an analytics team.
A2 Academy on Air and on Twitter Today
James M. Connolly  
11/17/2015   Post a comment
Join All Analytics Academy today at 2 pm EST for an informative presentation by Capella University's Sue Talley on how colleges and enterprises can work together to address the analytics talent gap. Then move with us to a new audience on Twitter for a Twitterchat #a2dataskills after Sue Talley's presentation wraps up.
Analytics: Don't Be the Contented Cow
James M. Connolly  
11/16/2015   8 comments
As illustrated in the All Analytics interactive infographic, a growing number of companies are proving they have competitive business advantages from their use of data, while others are the contented cows of their industry.
Deep Learning: Make Sense of Humongous Datasets
Kishore Jethanandani  
11/13/2015   12 comments
Deep learning technology is finding new ways to make new discoveries, but it isn't for everyone.
Building the Analytics Team Starts With Recruiting
James M. Connolly  
11/11/2015   14 comments
Join All Analytics Academy for the third session in our series on building a great analytics team. Recruiting expert Linda Burtch will discuss how to identify and hire data science professionals in this competitive environment.
How Steep is Your Learning Curve? On Analytics and Mentors
Leo Sadovy  
11/11/2015   7 comments
Mentors, whether for young people, the experienced, or the organization itself can help you optimize a learning curve.
A2 Academy Extends the Discussion to Twitter
James M. Connolly  
11/10/2015   Post a comment
Join the All Analytics community and your peers on Twitter when we extend the reach of the A2 Academy through a Twitter chat #a2dataskills on Tuesday, November 17, at 2:45 pm just after the Academy session, "Colleges and Companies Address the Talent Gap."
The Digital Analytics Divergence (The Great Divide)
Emmett Cox  
11/9/2015   3 comments
The small to mid-sized retailer needs to keep pace with the change driven by big box chains, but a lack of resources adds a lot of challenge.
Your Opportunities and Hurdles in Team Building
James M. Connolly  
11/5/2015   Post a comment
Join All Analytics Academy today to learn about best practices in hiring a big data analytics team.
Events: Technology Makes You Feel You Were There
James M. Connolly  
11/4/2015   4 comments
The miracle of technology allows people who missed key tech events catch up on at least part of the experience. Check out the videos from the SAS fall events, Analytics 2015 and The Premier Business Leadership Series.
A2 Academy: Degrees, Certificates, Jobs
Sue Talley  
11/2/2015   8 comments
The debate goes on about whether certifications or degrees are right for analytics professionals. Answer could be "both". Dr. Sue Talley of Capella University sets the stage for her presentation in All Analytics Academy: Build a Successful Analytics Team.
Your Information Supply Chain
Leo Sadovy  
10/30/2015   18 comments
An end-to-end information supply chain approach, from sourcing/acquisition through transformation and storage, to end users, analytics and insights, allows you to keep your focus on the business problems to be solved, and avoid having that ‘big honking data cube’ become a bottleneck instead of an enabler.
Analytics Team & Business Leaders Coming Together
James M. Connolly  
10/29/2015   7 comments
SAS plans to merge its two fall conferences under the common banner Analytics Experience next year, and it makes sense.
Plenti Stretches for the Data Unification Crown
Maryam Donnelly  
10/28/2015   33 comments
The Plenti rewards card promises benefits to retailers and consumers, but the process doesn't seem smooth for either group.
Experience is About Knowing What You Wish You Learned Earlier
James M. Connolly  
10/27/2015   31 comments
A couple of experienced analytics professionals told a packed audience at SAS Analytics 2015 what they wish they had learned earlier in their lives, detailing their advice in 15 key points.
The Real Growth for Analytics Pros: The Bonus
James M. Connolly  
10/27/2015   10 comments
While, salaries are up for analytics professionals in 2015 the increase in salaries isn't as dramatic as the amount of bonuses and the number of analytics pros who are eligible for them.
When Data Doesn't Fix Everything
James M. Connolly  
10/23/2015   21 comments
Our All Analytics cartoonist, Jon Carter, captures a scene where even lots of data didn't save the day. The question that remains is why. Share your suggestions in a comment.
Big Data's Evolution : New Capabilities for the Long Run
Information Graphic  
10/23/2015   Post a comment
Data For the Long Run
Business Leaders Need to Step Up on Analytics
James M. Connolly  
10/22/2015   Post a comment
A successful analytics initiative calls for the data team to understand the human factor, but it certainly doesn't hurt to have the humans in the business unit understand what analytics can and can't do.
Database Fundamentals for Analysts: Mathematics and Meaning
Fabian Pascal  
10/21/2015   12 comments
Fabian explores why a logically correct result is not necessarily a meaningful result.
 Shape the Next Generation of Data Scientists
Digital Audio  
10/20/2015   69 comments
What employers and future data scientists can learn about a new generation of data scientists, now working their way through college.
Painting With Big Data Analytics
Leo Sadovy  
10/16/2015   Post a comment
Big data analytics isn't just about gathering data; it's about utilizing the right tools on data that displays variety and volume.
 Analytics Best Practices: Plan for the Human Factor
Digital Audio  
10/14/2015   117 comments
Planning for how business people will use the data an analytics program generates.
Analytics Talent: See How Success Breeds Success
James M. Connolly  
10/13/2015   1 comment
Data in our recent interactive infographic sets the stage for the new All Analytics Academy: Build a Successful Analytics Team. There's a lot you can learn about becoming an analytical innovator.
Beyond the Basics: What’s Next in Predictive Analytics for Hotels?
Kelly A. McGuire  
10/12/2015   4 comments
There are new and exciting use cases for predictive analytics on the horizon for hotel organizations. As the industry as a whole grapples with big data, you can better come to terms with the data from the explosion of interaction points with our guests.
Gartner Says We're in the Algorithmic Economy
David Wagner  
10/12/2015   14 comments
At last week's Gartner Symposium keynote, Gartner analysts put your job front and center for your whole company.
SAS Analytics 2015: A Learning Opportunity
James M. Connolly  
10/8/2015   3 comments
The SAS-hosted conferences coming up in Las Vegas later this month -- Analytics 2015, PBLS, and CAO Summit -- offer an opportunity for self-directed educational experiences.
A2 Radio: Humans, Tigers, and Common Sense
James M. Connolly  
10/7/2015   12 comments
Don't forget the human element -- people who will consume data and put it into action -- in an analytics initiative. Chris Mazzei, global chief analytics officer at Ernst & Young, joins All Analytics Radio to share best practices in understanding from the start of a project how the resulting data might address business problems, change people's jobs, and change how customers interact with an organization.
Big Data: It’s Not Just Where You Are
Mary E. Shacklett  
10/6/2015   8 comments
For many companies a move to big data has been limited to use of location data, but there are so many other data types that they can use to make money and keep customers happy.
Why You Want to Care About Hadoop
James M. Connolly  
10/5/2015   3 comments
SAS Vice President, Big Data, Paul Kent shared his thoughts on Hadoop adoption, Hadoop's benefits, and the SAS approach to utilizing Hadoop in interviews at Strata+Hadoop last week.
When Sports Analytics Is a Fantasy
Matthew Brodsky  
10/5/2015   29 comments
For all the noise about fantasy sports, when it comes to winning by delving into piles of data, that's not for the casual fantasy player.
At Strata + Hadoop: Think Data and Decisions
James M. Connolly  
10/2/2015   2 comments
Keynoters at Strata+Hadoop made the most of 10-minute timeslots to get the audience thinking about new ideas and new approaches to decisions.
Marketing Analytics Lessons From the KGB
Leo Sadovy  
10/1/2015   9 comments
If a Cold War era intelligence agency knew how to identify western spies using key indicators, you probably have indicators that show what your customers are likely to do.
Smartphones Open Doors, Literally
Ariella Brown  
9/29/2015   63 comments
Hotel chains are moving toward enabling guests to open their room doors and gain other benefits through smart phone apps.
The Right Time for Real-Time Analytics
Pierre DeBois  
9/25/2015   8 comments
Real time data has its purposes but think before you react and change your strategy based on real time snippets.
 See How Your Analytics Initiative Measures Up
Digital Audio  
9/24/2015   50 comments
All Analytics hosts a discussion with Blue Hill Research's James Haight on his firm's state of enterprise analytics survey.
A2 Radio: A Life of Comparison for the Analytics Pro
James M. Connolly  
9/24/2015   1 comment
As your life of comparing yourself to others rolls along, let's talk about how your analytics initiative compares with those of others. Let's have some fun on A2 Radio today at 2 pm (EDT).
At Netflix, Data Takes on a Starring Role
James M. Connolly  
9/23/2015   63 comments
Data and analytics are critical as Netflix evolves, but the video distribution company has to keep its focus on the core business and how data can drive success.
Analytics Step up for Cybersecurity
James M. Connolly  
9/21/2015   30 comments
Among the sessions at an upcoming SAS government leadership forum is one focusing on the role of advanced analytics in cybersecurity.
A Data Management Primer
Jim Schakenbach  
9/18/2015   15 comments
Whether you grew your career in marketing or manufacturing or in the C-suite, and you now have responsibilities for analytics, here are some basic best practices in data management for those analytics pros who are new to databases.
Laws Still Lag the Moving Target of Technology
James M. Connolly  
9/17/2015   22 comments
Too often, the due consideration that a new technology-focused law or policy requires means that the game changes long before the legislation is enacted.
Understanding the Modern Data Analyst
James Haight  
9/16/2015   3 comments
A Blue Hill Research survey shows traditional BI is still a dominant use case for analytics, and that new approaches and new data sources are on the way. Learn more in the September 24 All Analytics Radio Show.
Back to the Basics Part Two: What Can Hoteliers Do With Analytics?
Kelly A. McGuire  
9/16/2015   3 comments
Data and analytics can benefit not only the individual hotel departments but also can support cross-department coordination.
The IoT: Secure, But Only if You Want It to Be
James M. Connolly  
9/15/2015   5 comments
The Internet of Things doesn't have to be a security nightmare. Companies have an opportunity to get security right, but first they have to take security seriously and be willing to build the IoT from the ground up.
Big Data & New Tech Drive Demand for Developers
Kishore Jethanandani  
9/15/2015   10 comments
Corporate interest in big data is driving new technology developments, and those new technologies spawn demand for new developer skillsets.
Curiosity Doesn't Kill the Corporation
James M. Connolly  
9/14/2015   10 comments
Now that there is more attention on the importance of CEOs to exhibit curiosity, maybe that will help to validate the role of curious analytics professionals.
At Boeing, Keeping the Tech/Human Balance
James M. Connolly  
9/10/2015   6 comments
A conference speaker issues a reminder to analytics professionals that the key person in their big data initiative really is a person.
Analytics Pro: Now, the Compensation Counselor
James M. Connolly  
9/9/2015   8 comments
There's an idea floating around for employees to use big data to make their case for a raise. Maybe the analytics professional can lend a hand, perhaps adding credibility to HR's compensation analysis. Or, maybe analysts can set up their own little business advising their coworkers at salary review time.
Data, Analytics Help Fight Forest Fires
Curtis Franklin Jr.  
9/9/2015   13 comments
Cameron Tongier of the US Fish and Wildlife Service Fire Management Branch spoke with InformationWeek from his temporary office near a fire line in Idaho. He's one of several front-line wildfire managers we spoke with about the long arc of data analysis that leads up to daily situation reports for wildfire managers.
Marketing Transparency as a Competitive Advantage
John Balla  
9/9/2015   1 comment
There's plenty to be gained from today's marketing campaigns as long as an organization remains transparent in how it balances customer needs with corporate goals.
How Analytics Pros Can Shape the Next Generation
James M. Connolly  
9/8/2015   7 comments
Building partnerships between businesses and colleges can help to ensure a supply of young analytics talent down the road, but it means a time commitment by the businesses.
Back to the Basics Part One: An Analytics Primer for Hoteliers
Kelly A. McGuire  
9/8/2015   Post a comment
Kelly and Natalie explore some of the types of analytics that could prove useful to hotel operators.
The Data Question: Innovation or Buffalo Wings?
James M. Connolly  
9/4/2015   14 comments
In a new twist on the chicken or egg question, can a company find success without analytics talent, or find talent without being successful?
How Energy is Tackling Big Data and the IoT
Anne-Lindsay Beall  
9/4/2015   4 comments
Big data and the Internet of Things are both driving and addressing change in the utility sector.
 Hire and Manage a Great Analytics Team
Digital Audio  
9/1/2015   152 comments
Learn how the right analytics team can drive success in the enterprise.
 Use Mobile Analytics to See the Big Picture
Digital Audio  
9/1/2015   83 comments
Use mobile analytics to track devices far beyond the phone inventory
A2 Radio: Analytics Start With the Team
James M. Connolly  
9/1/2015   18 comments
Join All Analytics Radio today when CenturyLink's Chief Science Officer Manav Misra discusses how to assemble and manage a top analytics team.
Going Digital Won't Be Cheap or Easy
James M. Connolly  
8/31/2015   19 comments
The costs of modernization and a move to data-driven decision making aren't minor, but there are a couple of ways to make an infrastructure upgrade work for your company.
Intel Says We Don't Know Big Data
David Wagner  
8/31/2015   26 comments
If you want to find success in using big data focus on how well you can get facts into the hands of managers who want to make better decisions.
Our Fall Curriculum: Build a Great Analytics Team
James M. Connolly  
8/27/2015   38 comments
Our A2 Radio Show on Tuesday, September 1, kicks off a four-month focus on building and managing the enterprise analytics team.
Big Model: The Necessary Complement to Big Data
Leo Sadovy  
8/27/2015   11 comments
Matching the right model with the right data in a big data world requires a careful balancing act.
It's Time for Analytics Pros Against Data Abuse
James M. Connolly  
8/26/2015   16 comments
Maybe it's time for analytics professionals -- those of you who seek the truth through data -- to take to the streets to lead the world in a quest for proper use of good data.
Does Your Company Need A Chief Data Officer?
Thomas Claburn  
8/25/2015   2 comments
Companies that have CDOs tend to perform better than those without, according to a report from Forrester.
A Peek Into the Analytics-Business Relationship
James M. Connolly  
8/25/2015   1 comment
We've seen some thawing in the relationship between analytics teams and business leaders. The question is about how much progress really has been made.
You Have the Right Data; Now Use It!
Lauren Tucker  
8/21/2015   25 comments
If you are waiting to get some big data, look around, you might have more good data than you think.
 Survive the Digital Transformation
Digital Audio  
8/18/2015   85 comments
Analytics are helping to drive a digital transformation and can help you survive it.
For the Big Data Newbie: Fundamentals Matter
James M. Connolly  
8/17/2015   11 comments
Sometimes we need to be reminded that what we can do with big data isn't what we should do. Keep the focus on how data can solve business challenges.
The Data Grab Bag Game
8/13/2015   28 comments
A Flood Model for the Rest of Us
Matthew Brodsky  
8/11/2015   9 comments
A new modeling tool promises to help property buyers assess their coastal flood risks, but it also raises a few questions.
How to Foster Innovation in Analytics
Bryan Beverly  
8/6/2015   22 comments
The corporate challenges remain, figuring where to innovate and balancing time spent on innovation with the requirements of operations.
Visualize This: The Bosses Like Your Report
James M. Connolly  
8/5/2015   4 comments
Experience with visualization tools and techniques is one of the most desired skills among analytics professionals, whether they want to improve their own lot or hire great talent.
Self-Service Business Intelligence Proves Itself
Jim Schakenbach  
8/4/2015   21 comments
There's growing interest in giving more mid-range managers access to self-service analytics, with some organizations opting for a combined centralized/decentralized analytics structure.
What IoT Is & What IoT Ain't
James M. Connolly  
8/3/2015   18 comments
Our new slide show guides you through some of the key takeaways from the recent All Analytics Academy program on the Internet of Things, and offers some perspective on what you can do with IoT today.
Imagining the IoT's Influence
Pierre DeBois  
7/31/2015   23 comments
The Solid conference on new technology highlighted not only the opportunities for the Internet of Things but how analytics pros have to be deeply involved in IoT initiatives.
You Can Define the Modern Data Analyst
James M. Connolly  
7/30/2015   20 comments
Members of the All Analytics community are invited to take part in a survey by Blue Hill Research as the consultancy compiles a profile of the modern data analyst.
Analytics Skills Gap: Drive Innovation Through Data Intelligence
James M. Connolly  
7/29/2015   3 comments
Maryanne Schretzman, executive director of the New York City Center for Innovation through Data Intelligence (CIDI), discusses why analytics professionals would want to work in an organization that is devoted to helping people live better lives.
 Health Analytics: Find Data Beyond the Hospital Doors
Digital Audio  
7/28/2015   47 comments
Creative use of new data sources beyond factors like blood pressure readings can give patients a healthier future
Time for New Spending and ROI Metrics
James M. Connolly  
7/28/2015   21 comments
Judging enterprise interest in analytics calls for a new metric that looks beyond what companies spend on hardware, software, and services.
A2 Radio: Analytics-based Innovation in Healthcare
James M. Connolly  
7/23/2015   7 comments
Learn about the role that analytics can play in improving patient health while helping to manage healthcare costs when Bob Gladden of CareSource joins All Analytics Radio on Tuesday.
 Finding Answers Through Prescriptive Analytics
Digital Audio  
7/21/2015   117 comments
Learn what prescriptive analytics can do for your organization, and how to get there from predictive analytics.
Next up for Data Science: Prescriptive Analytics
James M. Connolly  
7/21/2015   3 comments
Today at 2 pm (EDT) All Analytics Radio examines the next stage in the evolution of data science, prescriptive analytics that spot business challenges in your data but suggest solutions.
Analytics Pros: Heads and Hearts in the Right Places
James M. Connolly  
7/20/2015   2 comments
An All Analytics and InformationWeek survey shows that analytics professionals simply want to do a good job, solve business problems, and help their organizations succeed. That is, if their employers let them.
Learn About Prescriptive Analytics on A2 Radio
James M. Connolly  
7/16/2015   1 comment
Join All Analytics Radio as Blue Hill Research's Hyoun Park discusses the potential for prescriptive analytics in the enterprise and shares best practices on preparing for a move to that next stage in analytics.
Big Data Demands Big Quality
Leo Sadovy  
7/16/2015   11 comments
When it comes to ensuring data quality, the concepts traditionally applied to structured data can provide benefits even with today's unstructured data.
Not the Hadoop You Thought You Knew
James M. Connolly  
7/16/2015   2 comments
Speakers at SAS Live! Experience the Power of Analytics + Hadoop event this week outlined just how dramatic the evolution of Hadoop has been and how it changes corporate approaches to analytics.
Share Ideas for the Analytics Talent Crunch
James M. Connolly  
7/10/2015   17 comments
It's time for analytics leaders to get creative if they want to fill out their big data teams over the next couple of years. Check out what Walmart did with Kaggle, and then suggest your fresh ideas for hiring analytics talent.
Technology in Healthcare, Chipping Away
James M. Connolly  
7/8/2015   11 comments
While many tech initiatives are chipping away at the problem, use of data and analytics in healthcare is a bigger challenge than we thought.
SAS and Hadoop Shape an Analytics Culture
James M. Connolly  
7/6/2015   6 comments
There's a new analytics culture that is taking shape as people at all levels of enterprises recognize the value of data-driven decisions. That's the subject of a global series of SAS roadshows.
Voice of the Customer With Analytics in the Cloud
John Balla  
7/6/2015   7 comments
Your enterprise doesn't have to be as big or complex as Lenovo to benefit from SAS-based analytics initiatives.
'Big' Still Haunts Analytics
James M. Connolly  
7/2/2015   30 comments
A scan of news headlines leaves a sense of negativity about "big data." Let's lose the "big" part.
Fog Analytics: Bringing Cloud Vapors to IoT Fields
Kishore Jethanandani  
7/2/2015   12 comments
Fog computing places processing where it makes the most sense in a distributed network.
Tales From the Data Crypt
7/1/2015   22 comments
Born to Be Wild: Analyzing Motorcycle Data
Robert Allison  
7/1/2015   17 comments
Robert combines multiple data sources to get a picture of the trends in motorcycle deaths.
Find a Cure for Geek Speak
James M. Connolly  
6/30/2015   32 comments
It's time to cast a new role in the tech group: a translator who can explain some of those techie terms to the common man (the executive board).

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Analytics tools can be used to help citizens identify who are the real sponsors of pending legislative initiatives, saving people many, many hours of reading and research.
Fabian Pascal explores the question of whether the relational model represents science.
Your analytics initiative might be just enough to elevate your organization into the InformationWeek Elite 100 list of the most innovative users of information technology.
For hotels personalization requires teamwork across the diverse marketing, operations, and revenue management groups.
Maybe it's time for the analytics profession to unite under a single slogan that inspires quality and innovation, something that will help you avoid being one of those case studies where big data analytics went awry.
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Analytics Best Practices: Plan for the Human Factor

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See How Your Analytics Initiative Measures Up

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James M. Connolly
Use Mobile Analytics to See the Big Picture

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James M. Connolly
Hire and Manage a Great Analytics Team

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James M. Connolly
Survive the Digital Transformation

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James M. Connolly
Health Analytics: Find Data Beyond the Hospital Doors

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Finding Answers Through Prescriptive Analytics

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Visualization: How to Bring Data to Life

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