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NRF Panel: Retailers Embrace the Omnichannel Challenge
Jessica Davis  
1/17/2017   13 comments
Understanding retail customers means knowing what they will want and when they will want it. To deliver that, retailers must be able to see customer behavior across physical stores, the web, mobile apps, and more.
Managers: Do They Help or Hinder?
Bryan Beverly  
1/11/2017   40 comments
Is your manager a help or a hindrance when it comes to your analytics work and initiatives?
Data Sublanguages, Programming, and Data Integrity
Fabian Pascal  
12/23/2016   11 comments
The emphasis on coding in place of education obscures and disregards the core practical objective of database management to minimize programming.
The Amorphous CDO Role Takes Shape
James M. Connolly  
12/16/2016   28 comments
After being largely undefined for a few years the role of Chief Data Officer may finally be taking shape, as illustrated in a survey of federal agencies.
 Why the IoT Matters to Your Business
Digital Audio  
11/29/2016   45 comments
In a business world that increasingly is data driven the Internet of Things is making its mark as a key data source and a data challenge
Connecting the Analytic Dots in IoT
Pierre DeBois  
11/28/2016   12 comments
The struggle to learn how customers engage with IoT devices as part of customer experience is real. Here is how marketers can approach strategies with analytics reporting that monitors related traffic in real time.
Marketing Analytics: Driving Data to the Forefront
James M. Connolly  
11/14/2016   7 comments
Adele Sweetwood of SAS and author of the new book The Analytical Marketer: How to Transform Your Marketing Organization will appear on a Harvard Business Review webinar this week, discussing how analytics are reinventing the marketing department.
Why Mobile E-Commerce Requires Analytics & IoT
Scott Ferguson  
10/31/2016   4 comments
The amount of data generated by mobile e-commerce is posing new challenges for developers and IT departments. But analytics, IoT, and other tools can help make sense of all that data, according a report from Frost & Sullivan.
Data Privacy: It's Your Job
James M. Connolly  
10/28/2016   9 comments
It's easy to think that responsibility for data privacy is someone else's job. Really, it's everyone's job, as listeners will learn in the upcoming All Analytics Academy.
The Costly Illusion of Denormalization for Performance
Fabian Pascal  
10/24/2016   4 comments
Don't be fooled by the promises that denormalization in data management will provide performance gains at no cost. The real cost will be at the expense of analytics.
Brother, Spare Me the Paradigm
Fabian Pascal  
9/26/2016   5 comments
Today's new data management paradigm seems more like a return to how things were done decades ago.
Take the A2 Quick Poll: Citizen Data Scientists
James M. Connolly  
9/20/2016   6 comments
People are taking sides on the citizen data scientist concept. Have your say in the new All Analytics Quick Poll.
The State Of Data Engineers
Jessica Davis  
9/19/2016   13 comments
Demand for data engineers is on the rise in enterprise, particularly in those organizations that aspire to be the next Uber or Airbnb. InformationWeek's Jessica Davis takes a look at this quickly growing job category within IT.
Beware of Being Unique in the EU
James M. Connolly  
9/12/2016   9 comments
The EU's fear of what it calls unique data is puzzling, particularly when viewed in the 2016 era of big data and global business.
You and the 10 Stages of Data Readiness for Analytics
Daniel D. Gutierrez  
9/8/2016   10 comments
Put your organization through this data readiness evaluation and see how you score.
How Far We've Come With Analytics
Information Graphic  
9/8/2016   2 comments
You might be surprised by the progress that analytics have made in just the five years that All Analytics has been monitoring the field.
Big Data: A View From Germany
Charlotte Erdmann  
9/6/2016   9 comments
An executive committee member of TDWI in Germany shares his observations on the use of big data in his country and the impact of strict privacy regulations.
What Will Microsoft Do With All That LinkedIn Data?
Jon Martindale  
9/1/2016   29 comments
Microsoft's planned acquisition of LinkedIn raises plenty of questions about how it will use all that LinkedIn data, and what privacy protections LinkedIn users can expect.
Data Pros Move to the Front of the Payroll Line
James M. Connolly  
8/31/2016   13 comments
If the analytics sector needs a virtual pat on the back, they can find it in the 2017 salary projections released by Robert Half Technology.
SAS Analytics Experience: No Barriers
James M. Connolly  
8/18/2016   2 comments
The upcoming SAS Analytics Experience in Las Vegas reflects some key changes in how analytics are positioned in an organization and data's role in many different job types.
Big Data: Let's Stay Focused
James M. Connolly  
8/12/2016   9 comments
It seems that the tech and business sectors are drifting back toward an emphasis on the "big" in big data when they should be thinking "analytics."
Open Source Opens the Advancement of Analytics
Pierre DeBois  
8/9/2016   2 comments
O’Reilly Media’s OSCON featured how open source is influencing business operations at every level. Analytics practitioners looking to manage advance tactics should pay attention to the lessons learned.
Data Prep and Data Quality
Daniel D. Gutierrez  
8/1/2016   12 comments
Yes, there are ways to minimize the amount of time that data scientists spend on data preparation.
Detect Advanced Cyberthreats with Security Analytics
Information Graphic  
7/26/2016   1 comment
Find out the five essential characteristics to look for in a security analytics solution.
NoSQL, Big Data Analytics, and the Loss of Knowledge and Reason
Fabian Pascal  
7/7/2016   4 comments
The data science behind big data analytics lacks a core attribute of real science, forethought.
An Analytics Roundtable Video: Finding Answers in the Data
James M. Connolly  
7/4/2016   1 comment
CIOs participating in the A2 Analytics Heroes Roundtable discuss how analytics are changing their organizations, including how data changes the corporate culture. This video excerpt is the first in a weekly series.
Big: Data, Model, Quality and Variety
Leo Sadovy  
6/24/2016   7 comments
A fresh look at big data. It's time to apply "big" not just to the data, but to the model, quality, and variety.
A2 Academy: Make Sure It's Good Data
James M. Connolly  
6/9/2016   6 comments
The second session in All Analytics Academy, Analytics for All: The Right Start, airs today at 2 pm EDT when data scientist Daniel Gutierrez discusses best practices in finding and managing data, and ensuring that it is the right data.
Analytics: Start on the Right Foot
James M. Connolly  
6/6/2016   Post a comment
The new All Analytics Academy debuts on Tuesday, with our expert presenters offering best practices for new and expanding analytics initiatives, no matter how large or small your organization might be.
SAS 360 Discover: Predictive Marketing's New Secret Weapon
Suneel Grover  
5/27/2016   2 comments
The new SAS 360 Discover provides marketers with new views into the activities of their valued customers.
Why Data Scientists Must Understand Normalization
Fabian Pascal  
5/25/2016   13 comments
Data quality and avoiding inconsistencies is directly tied to normalization of data in a database.
Critical Reflections on Insourcing and Outsourcing Big Data & Analytics
Bart Baesens  
5/24/2016   Post a comment
Organizations that are considering outsourcing options for their analytics initiatives need to take a critical look and plan carefully. Many companies find themselves opting for only limited outsourcing.
Five Steps to Advance Your Analytics Strategy
James M. Connolly  
5/13/2016   4 comments
All Analytics is announcing our spring All Analytics Academy series, "Analytics for All: The Right Start." Learn more about the five streaming audio presentations and how you can register. Whether you are new to the analytics game or a data veteran, a big company, a small company, or a mid-sized company, the Academy has lessons for you.
How Analytics Makes The Drive Better
Pierre DeBois  
4/27/2016   51 comments
The rising interest in autonomous vehicles and development environments that support such vehicles highlight new opportunities for analytics.
Data Fundamentals for Analysts: Nested Facts and the (1st) Normal Form
Fabian Pascal  
4/26/2016   4 comments
Fabian Pascal outlines key steps in database normalization.
Clean Your Data with Visualization and Algorithmic Tests
Joe Stanganelli  
4/20/2016   1 comment
Speakers at Bio-IT World explore techniques for biotech researchers and others working with big data to identify the accurate data in their data files.
Big Data: Gospel or Myth?
Bryan Beverly  
4/18/2016   27 comments
Bryan Beverly asks how we should view big data, and whether it is an ultimate truth. He proposes a three-question test to see how big data fits into your organization.
Data Science for All: When, Not If?
James M. Connolly  
4/12/2016   11 comments
Like the PC and the smart phone before it, analytics will leave business users craving for more access to tools and data. How will the data science team respond?
The IoT Takes a Step into Adulthood
James M. Connolly  
4/7/2016   5 comments
Proof that the Internet of Things is maturing is the fact that naming Saturday as Internet of Things Day doesn't draw the snickers that it might have a few years back.
Don’t Let the Analytics Tail Wag the Strategic Dog
Lauren Tucker  
4/4/2016   4 comments
Don't let a sense of urgency or artificial deadline destroy your analytics strategy. Plan and think thinks through.
Share in the New 'Analytics Experience'
James M. Connolly  
3/30/2016   2 comments
The Call for Content is open now for session and presentation ideas for the new SAS Analytics Experience 2016 conference coming up in September. The event brings together the business and management themes of the former PBLS and the technical aspects of the Analytics 2015 conference.
Data Fundamentals for Analysts, Not Worth Repeating: Duplicates
Fabian Pascal  
3/25/2016   2 comments
Fabian Pascal's followers have been raising questions about keys in databases. Many data professionals do not seem to understand why duplicates should be prohibited. This should worry analysts.
Big Data's Priorities: Streaming Analytics, Self-Service
Jessica Davis  
3/21/2016   Post a comment
Businesses are taking the next step with big data technology in 2016 with plans to implement streaming analytics and self-service, as they work to embed big data insights directly into business applications and software.
The Internet of Things in the Real World
Information Graphic  
3/8/2016   Post a comment
Data drawn from the A2 Academy highlight the real-world results and opportunities for the IoT.
Data Fundamentals for Analysts: The Fourth V
Fabian Pascal  
3/7/2016   3 comments
There is hardly anything more important in analytics than correct and correctly interpreted results, so think of "veracity" as the fourth V in big data.
Ten IoT Articles to Catch You up on the Latest Trend
Alison Bolen  
3/3/2016   12 comments
From building out an IoT application to understanding the modeling techniques you can use, recent articles provide advice on making use of the Internet of Things.
Analytics Pay Off for All
Information Graphic  
2/16/2016   1 comment
Houston, We have a solution: Data Virtualization
Leo Sadovy  
2/9/2016   Post a comment
To understand data virtualization, start by imagining the chatter across the multiple channels at NASA's mission control center.
It’s Not Tables, It's the Relationships
Fabian Pascal  
1/27/2016   8 comments
The relational data model (RDM) was devised for essential modeling and that’s what is essential about it, not tables.
Is a Data Lake in Your Future?
Daniel D. Gutierrez  
1/14/2016   5 comments
The year 2016 will be a time for a lot of organizations to consider moving to a data lake strategy. Keep in mind how the concept has changed a bit and what concerns remain.
Semantic Technology in 2016: Increasing Business Value
Luca Scagliarini  
1/7/2016   1 comment
System intelligence that puts text and other unstructured data types in context will take steps in 2016 to help organize data throughout an organization.
Data Fundamentals for Analysts: Documents and Databases
Fabian Pascal  
12/17/2015   3 comments
Advocates of products that purport to avoid the time and effort necessary upfront usually do not say that without investing such time and effort one cannot ask the same questions of and produce results equivalent to those from relational databases.
Companies Seek New Avenues to Analytics Talent
James M. Connolly  
12/14/2015   38 comments
Not content to wait years for young analytics pros to contribute to their big data initiatives, or to keep trying to steal talent from other companies, analytics leaders seem to be more open to new hiring and talent development strategies.
Database Fundamentals For Analysts: Science, Data Science and Database Science
Fabian Pascal  
11/27/2015   53 comments
Fabian Pascal explores the question of whether the relational model represents science.
Analytics Skills Gap: It's Nice to Tie 'Billion' to an Accomplishment
James M. Connolly  
11/20/2015   11 comments
The Analytics Skills Gap Series continues with an interview with SunTrust Bank's Dudley Gwaltney discussing the need for advanced degrees, the value of understanding data management, and the data science job market in Atlanta.
Deep Learning: Make Sense of Humongous Datasets
Kishore Jethanandani  
11/13/2015   13 comments
Deep learning technology is finding new ways to make new discoveries, but it isn't for everyone.
The Digital Analytics Divergence (The Great Divide)
Emmett Cox  
11/9/2015   3 comments
The small to mid-sized retailer needs to keep pace with the change driven by big box chains, but a lack of resources adds a lot of challenge.
A2 Academy: Degrees, Certificates, Jobs
Sue Talley  
11/2/2015   8 comments
The debate goes on about whether certifications or degrees are right for analytics professionals. Answer could be "both". Dr. Sue Talley of Capella University sets the stage for her presentation in All Analytics Academy: Build a Successful Analytics Team.
Your Information Supply Chain
Leo Sadovy  
10/30/2015   19 comments
An end-to-end information supply chain approach, from sourcing/acquisition through transformation and storage, to end users, analytics and insights, allows you to keep your focus on the business problems to be solved, and avoid having that ‘big honking data cube’ become a bottleneck instead of an enabler.
Big Data's Evolution: New Capabilities for the Long Run
Information Graphic  
10/23/2015   2 comments
Data For the Long Run
Business Leaders Need to Step Up on Analytics
James M. Connolly  
10/22/2015   Post a comment
A successful analytics initiative calls for the data team to understand the human factor, but it certainly doesn't hurt to have the humans in the business unit understand what analytics can and can't do.
Database Fundamentals for Analysts: Mathematics and Meaning
Fabian Pascal  
10/21/2015   15 comments
Fabian explores why a logically correct result is not necessarily a meaningful result.
 Shape the Next Generation of Data Scientists
Digital Audio  
10/20/2015   69 comments
What employers and future data scientists can learn about a new generation of data scientists, now working their way through college.
Beyond the Basics: What’s Next in Predictive Analytics for Hotels?
Kelly A. McGuire  
10/12/2015   4 comments
There are new and exciting use cases for predictive analytics on the horizon for hotel organizations. As the industry as a whole grapples with big data, you can better come to terms with the data from the explosion of interaction points with our guests.
 See How Your Analytics Initiative Measures Up
Digital Audio  
9/24/2015   50 comments
All Analytics hosts a discussion with Blue Hill Research's James Haight on his firm's state of enterprise analytics survey.
Database Fundamentals for Analysts: Tables -- So what?
Fabian Pascal  
9/22/2015   7 comments
If database tables are designed to represent a set of facts about a single class of attribute-sharing entities each and to preserve the mathematical properties of relations, databases are easier to understand, and query results are guaranteed to be provably correct and easier to interpret.
A Data Management Primer
Jim Schakenbach  
9/18/2015   15 comments
Whether you grew your career in marketing or manufacturing or in the C-suite, and you now have responsibilities for analytics, here are some basic best practices in data management for those analytics pros who are new to databases.
Understanding the Modern Data Analyst
James Haight  
9/16/2015   3 comments
A Blue Hill Research survey shows traditional BI is still a dominant use case for analytics, and that new approaches and new data sources are on the way. Learn more in the September 24 All Analytics Radio Show.
Big Data & New Tech Drive Demand for Developers
Kishore Jethanandani  
9/15/2015   12 comments
Corporate interest in big data is driving new technology developments, and those new technologies spawn demand for new developer skillsets.
 Hire and Manage a Great Analytics Team
Digital Audio  
9/1/2015   152 comments
Learn how the right analytics team can drive success in the enterprise.
 Use Mobile Analytics to See the Big Picture
Digital Audio  
9/1/2015   83 comments
Use mobile analytics to track devices far beyond the phone inventory
 Survive the Digital Transformation
Digital Audio  
8/18/2015   85 comments
Analytics are helping to drive a digital transformation and can help you survive it.
Database Fundamentals: Relational Theory and Database Practice
Fabian Pascal  
8/13/2015   3 comments
In his third installation of Database Fundamentals, Fabian explains why the relational data model isn't just theory but is adapted for the practical needs of database management.
The Data Grab Bag Game
8/13/2015   28 comments
Visualize This: The Bosses Like Your Report
James M. Connolly  
8/5/2015   4 comments
Experience with visualization tools and techniques is one of the most desired skills among analytics professionals, whether they want to improve their own lot or hire great talent.
What IoT Is & What IoT Ain't
James M. Connolly  
8/3/2015   18 comments
Our new slide show guides you through some of the key takeaways from the recent All Analytics Academy program on the Internet of Things, and offers some perspective on what you can do with IoT today.
Big Data Demands Big Quality
Leo Sadovy  
7/16/2015   11 comments
When it comes to ensuring data quality, the concepts traditionally applied to structured data can provide benefits even with today's unstructured data.
Database Fundamentals: The First Half of Database Science for Analysts
Fabian Pascal  
7/9/2015   9 comments
In gaining an understanding of relational database systems, a key step is learning what relations really are.
Database Fundamentals for Analysts
Fabian Pascal  
6/18/2015   14 comments
It's time for analysts to learn more about the databases that feed their analytics tools.
Put Internet of Things Data into Action
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/18/2015   76 comments
When you have your IoT data in hand, it's time to use it for better decision making, improved customer relationships, and operational efficiencies.
Strategies for Managing & Using All That Data
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/16/2015   21 comments
Finding value in IoT data calls for setting up a solid data management, analysis, and security structure.
Data as an Asset? The Importance of the Metaphors We Use for Data
Leo Sadovy  
6/16/2015   3 comments
How you describe your data depends greatly on how you use that data in the real world.
 Learn Why Analytics Are at Home in the Cloud
Digital Audio  
6/15/2015   26 comments
Efficiency and scalability help make the case for considering the cloud for an analytics initiative.
Radio, Academy & More: No Summer Doldrums Here
James M. Connolly  
6/15/2015   2 comments
All Analytics Radio will be on the air today, launching a flurry of early summer on-air, live, and blog activity.
The IoT Infrastructure, From Device to Database
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/11/2015   71 comments
Implementing an IoT initiative could mean changes to your infrastructure, from sensors up the line to data management tools.
Next Up: An Infrastructure for Your IoT Strategy
James M. Connolly  
6/11/2015   2 comments
Our next All Analytics Academy session -- Thursday, June 11, at 2 pm -- features a look at the infrastructure that supports an IoT strategy. We're not just talking about cables and computers, but people and processes too.
Find Your Opportunities for the Internet of Things
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/9/2015   86 comments
Learn what the IoT means to your organization and the opportunities it brings.
Build a Pro-Analytics IT Infrastructure
Jim Schakenbach  
6/1/2015   5 comments
Some key steps and guidelines can get your organization ready for a culture of analytics.
Table Constraints and Data Science
Fabian Pascal  
5/26/2015   3 comments
Something's too often missing from job requirements for data scientists: relational theory.
Transparency and the Information Arms Race
Leo Sadovy  
5/21/2015   6 comments
Our reliance on data and the threats that reliance brings to an organization or individual could mirror what happened back in the Cambrian explosion.
A2's CIO Townhall: The Big Data Business Challenge
James M. Connolly  
5/6/2015   2 comments
CIOs voice confidence in how they are managing big data, but they are getting negative feedback from the business managers. A couple dozen IT leaders aired their thoughts on big data at the All Analytics Townhall during the InformationWeek Conference.
Follow the Action at SAS Global Forum
James M. Connolly  
4/24/2015   1 comment
The SAS Global Forum and Executive Conference will have analytics professionals discussing and learning about the inner workings of technology but also how data analytics can help their companies and the world run better.
Ye Olde Information Overload
Leo Sadovy  
4/22/2015   8 comments
From the time of Gutenberg, information overload has presented challenges and required filters. Today, analytics plays the role of filter.
A2 Radio: Good Jobs and Good Deeds
James M. Connolly  
4/17/2015   3 comments
Join A2 Radio for advice from Robert Half Technology on how to recruit and retain data scientists and other analytics professionals at a time when there are dreary predictions of a talent shortage. Then, A2 Radio goes on the road to SAS Global Forum to explore how analytics pros can help make the world a better place.
Did You Have Too Much Bacon Today? HIMSS Activity Turns Focus to Wellness
James M. Connolly  
4/15/2015   9 comments
A key topic at the HIMSS 2015 conference is how data can be used to improve our wellness and reduce costs.
Class Business Rules and Table Constraints
Fabian Pascal  
4/15/2015   2 comments
Fabian offers his guidelines for understanding business rules and table constraints.
Help Define the State of Analytics Today
James M. Connolly  
4/10/2015   4 comments
Rexer Analytics is taking the pulse of the analytics community with a survey looking at the technologies, strategies, and applications that the community works with.
Good Habits for Big Data
Leo Sadovy  
4/7/2015   9 comments
The key to a big data strategy rests in understanding from which end you want to start.
Big Data: Why Those Startups Have It Easy
James M. Connolly  
3/25/2015   33 comments
Wouldn't it be nice to be able to launch a big data initiative with just a few years of known data sitting on a shiny new infrastructure?

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