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Which Lives Longer, a Honey Bee or Black Ant?
Robert Allison  
2/1/2016   7 comments
See what you can do with raw data about animal lifespans, presenting it in interactive graphical formats.
How Did You Measure up in Snowpocalypse 2016?
Robert Allison  
1/27/2016   57 comments
Take a look at how SAS tools provide a glimpse into how much snow the eastern states received in last week's blizzard.
Which Stores Will Walmart Close in 2016?
Robert Allison  
1/19/2016   30 comments
SAS tools helped Robert to provide interactive maps allowing customers to see whether Walmart stores projected for closing this year are nearby.
Release the fourth one first they did!
Robert Allison  
12/21/2015   42 comments
SAS tools help to illustrate the seemingly illogical release order of the Star Wars movies.
 All Analytics Conversations: Forecasts for Analytics in 2016
Digital Audio  
12/18/2015   3 comments
AllAnalytics.com bloggers share their observations, and maybe go out on a limb, as they look at the world of analytics in 2016.
A2 Conversations: Join in Our 2016 Forecasts
James M. Connolly  
12/16/2015   6 comments
All Analytics bloggers step into the future and look back on the past when they share their predictions for the world of analytics in 2016 and reflect on the evolution of the sector in 2015. Join All Analytics on Friday at 1 pm and share your own thoughts.
How Do Your Favorite SNL Cast Members Stack Up?
Robert Allison  
12/9/2015   11 comments
Rolling Stone made news when it ranked the many Saturday Night Live cast members, but using SAS tools you can see on a graph just how your favorites stacked up over the years.
Using More of the 1,000,000+ English Words
Robert Allison  
11/12/2015   21 comments
See how a word wheel -- enhanced through use of SAS tools -- can broaden your vocabulary.
Analytics Claim This is the 20th Most Used Word in English Writing
Robert Allison  
11/10/2015   14 comments
Which words out of a list of more than 97,000 appear most frequently in English writings? Robert's graphic provides some answers.
A2 Academy: Degrees, Certificates, Jobs
Sue Talley  
11/2/2015   8 comments
The debate goes on about whether certifications or degrees are right for analytics professionals. Answer could be "both". Dr. Sue Talley of Capella University sets the stage for her presentation in All Analytics Academy: Build a Successful Analytics Team.
Get the Inside Scoop for Your Halloween Candy
Robert Allison  
10/21/2015   58 comments
With Halloween coming up in just over a week, consider which candies make the best giveaways.
How trendy is your hipster beard?
Robert Allison  
10/15/2015   17 comments
A look at facial hair data from the past provides a peek into what may be coming in the future.
VR, AR and Unique Analytics Perspectives
Jon Martindale  
10/12/2015   11 comments
Virtual reality and augmented reality technology could bridge the consumer-business gap in opening opportunities to display data in new ways.
Forget Peeple, I Want a Cranky Meter App
Tricia Aanderud  
10/9/2015   37 comments
Imagine the possibilities if something like the Peeple app actually let us know how cranky we appear to others and they could rate us.
Building a Better Income Inequality Graph
Robert Allison  
10/8/2015   23 comments
With income inequality a hot topic during election years, Robert goes to work on making graphs of income breakdowns easier to read.
Are You a Geography Expert? Try This Quick Quiz!
Robert Allison  
9/28/2015   10 comments
A quick geography quiz reminds analytics pros not to draw too many assumptions about visual data representations.
Back to the Basics Part Two: What Can Hoteliers Do With Analytics?
Kelly A. McGuire  
9/16/2015   3 comments
Data and analytics can benefit not only the individual hotel departments but also can support cross-department coordination.
 Hire and Manage a Great Analytics Team
Digital Audio  
9/1/2015   152 comments
Learn how the right analytics team can drive success in the enterprise.
How Is Electricity Generated in Your State?
Robert Allison  
8/24/2015   26 comments
SAS graphics bring to life data about how the 50 states generate electricity.
The Body Parts That Venture Capitalists Love
Robert Allison  
8/19/2015   12 comments
Robert offers improved versions of Wall Street Journal graphics highlighting which body parts attract the most venture capital funding.
Visualize This: The Bosses Like Your Report
James M. Connolly  
8/5/2015   4 comments
Experience with visualization tools and techniques is one of the most desired skills among analytics professionals, whether they want to improve their own lot or hire great talent.
Map of US Domestic Cannabis Eradication
Robert Allison  
8/3/2015   17 comments
Using SAS tools it's easy to see where DEA marijuana activity has been taking place.
Was the Dress Blue, Teal, Sky, Turquoise, or Spindrift?
Robert Allison  
7/30/2015   30 comments
Robert delves into the psychology behind "the dress" and how men and women label colors.
The Sands of Time Go Digital
James M. Connolly  
7/22/2015   23 comments
Basic fractions come to life to explain why time seems to fly as we age.
Analysis of Serial Killings in the US
Robert Allison  
7/21/2015   18 comments
Robert takes a graphical approach to viewing data surrounding US killings across the US.
Bald Eagles Return to the United States
Robert Allison  
7/11/2015   16 comments
Maps show how the US national bird, the bald eagle, is making a comeback.
Where Are Different Languages Spoken?
Robert Allison  
7/8/2015   9 comments
Robert's latest map project highlights where four common languages are designated as official languages.
Voice of the Customer With Analytics in the Cloud
John Balla  
7/6/2015   7 comments
Your enterprise doesn't have to be as big or complex as Lenovo to benefit from SAS-based analytics initiatives.
Born to Be Wild: Analyzing Motorcycle Data
Robert Allison  
7/1/2015   17 comments
Robert combines multiple data sources to get a picture of the trends in motorcycle deaths.
Homo Habilis to Homo Sapiens: From Tool User to Data User
Leo Sadovy  
6/30/2015   2 comments
Tech developments such as robotics don't mean we all lose our jobs. Rather, with analytics we can use our brains to make better use of such tools.
Pyramids, Body Parts, and Gender Differences
Robert Allison  
6/26/2015   20 comments
Robert examines one of those subjects where men and women are different.
Use SAS to Get the Jump on Shark Week
Robert Allison  
6/25/2015   22 comments
Before you go into the water, check out Roberts map of shark attacks along his North Carolina coastline.
 Visualization: How to Bring Data to Life
Digital Audio  
6/22/2015   55 comments
Learn about best practices and recent developments in data visualization and delivering results to business clients.
A2 Radio: A Fresh Look at Data Visualization
James M. Connolly  
6/19/2015   1 comment
Join All Analytics Radio on Monday, June 22, as blogger and Zencos Director of Data Visualization Tricia Aanderud discusses trends and best practices in visualization and presenting data to business clients.
Data as an Asset? The Importance of the Metaphors We Use for Data
Leo Sadovy  
6/16/2015   3 comments
How you describe your data depends greatly on how you use that data in the real world.
What's the Most Popular Surname in Your Country?
Robert Allison  
6/8/2015   11 comments
SAS adds a layer of interactivity to a map plotting the popular surnames of Europe.
Cars Versus Drivers: Who's Safer?
Robert Allison  
5/29/2015   38 comments
Cars are designed to be safer today, so why would traffic fatalities spike this year?
Locating Mount St. Helens With a SAS Map
Robert Allison  
5/26/2015   25 comments
A SAS map helps you to identify and learn more about Mount St. Helens, which erupted 35 years ago.
A Little Fun With UFO Sightings Data
Robert Allison  
5/18/2015   23 comments
UFO sightings dot the North Carolina skies.
Analytics Unite Farmers and Underwriters
Mary E. Shacklett  
5/11/2015   5 comments
Analytics play a key role in precision farming and, increasingly, help farmers get insurance on their crops.
SAS/GRAPH Intermediate Tricks: (A Handbook for the Wizard’s Apprentice)
Robert Allison  
5/7/2015   Post a comment
Check out Robert's new e-book on working with SAS/GRAPH.
A Closer Look at the US Income Inequality Graphs
Robert Allison  
4/28/2015   14 comments
Robert explores income inequality data drawn over the decades.
SAS Global Forum: Cybersecurity, Big Data Talent, & Trade Data
James M. Connolly  
4/27/2015   3 comments
SAS opened its SAS Global Forum and Executive Conference with a half dozen announcements focused on analytics for cybersecurity, risk management, UN trade data, Visual Analytics, and the big data talent gap.
Analyzing Wait times at VA Healthcare Facilities
Robert Allison  
4/21/2015   15 comments
An analysis of reported wait times at VA healthcare facilities shows where access is quick and where delays are problematic.
A Custom Map to Help Track the Flu
Robert Allison  
4/16/2015   24 comments
Voice-over on hover is a nice addition to a CDC map tracking the incidence of flu.
Breastfeeding Prevalence: KISS principles and maps
Robert Allison  
4/14/2015   28 comments
The KISS approach can be a good principle to keep in mind in mapping, but sometimes just a bit more work can make a big difference.
Variations on a Stickman Graph: Analyzing the Twitter Minions
Robert Allison  
4/9/2015   11 comments
SAS can allow you to duplicate a "stickman" graph illustrating the breakdown of Twitter users.
Where Are the World's Best Roller Coasters?
Robert Allison  
4/6/2015   5 comments
An interactive map is all you need to find the 50 best roller coasters.
Paint It Black: A Song Choice or a Background?
Robert Allison  
4/1/2015   2 comments
Robert delves into the debate over the use of black backgrounds versus white in graphics.
Who Paid $500K for a US Visa? Over 10,000 People
Robert Allison  
3/31/2015   48 comments
Take a minute to check out the home nations for people who pay $500,000 or more to gain a US visa.
Big Variety: The Real Value in Big Data
Leo Sadovy  
3/26/2015   2 comments
When you think of big data, think less about big volume and more about big variety.
Euro vs Dollar Exchange Rate: An Historic Event?
Robert Allison  
3/25/2015   5 comments
Just how "historic" is it that the value of the euro dropped below that of the dollar?
What's Your Opinion on Daylight Saving Time?
Robert Allison  
3/20/2015   24 comments
Now that the US is back on Daylight Saving Time, the question comes up about whether it's worth it.
Tracking Billionaires With Beauty and Accuracy
Robert Allison  
3/17/2015   33 comments
Robert adds a touch of style and accuracy to a map highlighting your neighborhood billionaires.
Where Are Your Girl Scout Cookies Made?
Robert Allison  
3/11/2015   6 comments
Who knew? Different companies make Girl Scout cookies, and who makes your depends on where you are from.
Florida’s Ban on ‘Climate Change’ is an Opportunity
David Wagner  
3/10/2015   34 comments
When data deniers block the use of certain types of words or arguments, they are really giving you the road map for how to convince them another way.
Making a 'Fun' Zip Code Map More Useful
Robert Allison  
3/7/2015   4 comments
Robert had some fun adding new life to the zigzags of connected zipcodes across the US.
Is North Carolina the New Hollywood?
Robert Allison  
3/5/2015   9 comments
Using SAS to analyze movie business activity highlights North Carolina's role as a host to the film industry.
Tell Me a Story: Why Data Analysts Must Be Storytellers, Too
Meta S. Brown  
3/4/2015   19 comments
Data alone won't make an analyst's work memorable or actionable in the eyes of a business executive. A story puts it into perspective.
Charles (Dickens and Darwin) and Continuous Improvement
Leo Sadovy  
2/25/2015   10 comments
By allowing a organization to steadily evolve under pressure, it can emerge holistically more fit to compete and perform than before.
Tracking the Increase in Marijuana's THC Content
Robert Allison  
2/25/2015   6 comments
The DEA data shows that the potency of marijuana has more than doubled in recent years, and using SAS the data is even more clear.
Visualizing the Eradication of Smallpox
Robert Allison  
2/23/2015   2 comments
Animation helps to illustrate the differences in how smallpox disappeared from state to state.
The Big Data World Lands at Strata
James M. Connolly  
2/18/2015   1 comment
Let's take a look at some of the news flowing out of this week's Strata+Hadoop World event in San Jose.
How to Make Infectious Diseases Look Better
Robert Allison  
2/17/2015   5 comments
A SAS-enhanced series of graphs shows the incidence of infectious diseases across the US.
Have a Traditional SAS/Graph Valentine's Day
Robert Allison  
2/13/2015   6 comments
Robert has some fun with SAS/Graph tools for Valentines Day.
Geographical Hotspot Analysis for Election Data
Robert Allison  
2/11/2015   2 comments
One way to bring election maps to life with SAS.
Which North Carolina State Park Is Trending?
Robert Allison  
2/5/2015   8 comments
Robert takes on the task of tracking which parks have been growing in attendance.
When Fun Data Brings Big Questions
James M. Connolly  
2/4/2015   7 comments
We all see fun facts in daily life, but sometimes those fun facts can combine to get us wondering about big picture issues.
 Big Data, Decisions & the Simulated Experience
Digital Audio  
2/3/2015   87 comments
Researcher Robin Hogarth explores decision making and how simulated experience can help us understand and make use of big data.
A2 Radio: Learn About Simulated Experience & Analytics
James M. Connolly  
2/3/2015   Post a comment
Today on All Analytics Radio: How simulated experience can help people make the best decisions.
Is Google Fiber Coming to Your City?
Robert Allison  
2/2/2015   6 comments
Take a look at the new cities that are on Google's schedule for Google Fiber.
A2 Radio: Let Simulated Experience Guide Decision Makers
James M. Connolly  
1/28/2015   4 comments
A2 Radio presents a discussion on how your organization might use simulated experience to help decisions makers -- whether executives or customers -- wade through the statistics and other data that we are collecting.
Thinking about retiring in another country?
Robert Allison  
1/27/2015   12 comments
Robert shows where your retirement dollars might go the farthest.
What's the Solar Power Potential in Your Area?
Robert Allison  
1/26/2015   10 comments
Government data helps to illustrate the prime -- and not so prime -- locations for solar and wind power.
How to Visualize an Answer to Your Skeptics
John Balla  
1/26/2015   1 comment
Visualization can make all the difference when it comes to data-driven decision making.
Millennials Will Outnumber Baby Boomers in 2015
Robert Allison  
1/20/2015   2 comments
This year, for the first time (according to this article from Pew Research) a generation will become the most populous than the Baby Boomers in the US, the Millennials.
Don't Let Difficult Graph Legends Get Your Goat
Robert Allison  
1/16/2015   3 comments
Simplify and use common sense when you select colors for map legends.
Using SAS to Help Locate the 100 Best Restaurants in the US
Robert Allison  
1/14/2015   2 comments
Building on an OpenTable.com list, Robert added some ease of navigation.
It's a Great Time to Be an Analyst
Emmett Cox  
1/7/2015   7 comments
The ability to visualize data -- its sources, its types, and relationships -- is now a core talent for analysts as they set out to design and build big-data applications.
Most Common New Year's Resolutions
Robert Allison  
1/5/2015   Post a comment
Try to guess the five most common New Year's resolutions, and then compare your guesses to the survey results.
Is More Alcohol Consumed During Winter Months?
Robert Allison  
12/29/2014   8 comments
A report that more alcohol is consumed in winter months than other times gets put to the data test.
Where to Find the Cheapest Gas
Robert Allison  
12/17/2014   2 comments
Gasoline prices are down, but in some states they are really low.
Don't Be the Kellogg of Analytics
James M. Connolly  
12/15/2014   1 comment
Check out the on-demand audio of the All Analytics Academy, so the story of your data gets delivered to your readers.
The Tech Crystal Ball Needs a Little Wiggle Room
James M. Connolly  
12/11/2014   3 comments
Those in the tech prediction business are building a bit of flexibility into their forecasts, looking out two or three years rather than using the old "what's up in the new year" approach.
10 Most Annoying Airline Seatmate Behaviors
Robert Allison  
12/11/2014   2 comments
What are the most annoying airline seatmate behaviors that you have endured? Do they appear on Expedia's list?
McDonald’s Menu Cuts Show a Data Problem
David Wagner  
12/11/2014   19 comments
The data you show your customers is just as important as what you handle internally.
Real Data on Climate Change Is a Welcome Concept
James M. Connolly  
12/11/2014   17 comments
Attacking an issue based in large part on emotion, researchers are using advanced data tools and techniques to study climate change.
A2 Radio: Preparing the Enterprise for the IoT
James M. Connolly  
12/10/2014   Post a comment
All Analytics Radio will focus on how the Internet of Things fits into an analytics strategy and the challenges that have to be overcome.
Plotting the Corruption Perceptions Index Using SAS
Robert Allison  
12/9/2014   1 comment
Using SAS you can get a sense of the perception of corruption in various nations.
Making Better Data-Driven Decisions Over Time
AllAnalytics Academy  
12/5/2014   111 comments
The point of all this data is to make better, faster decisions. Not all managers are used to working with data, and there is resistance from managers who go by "gut." Even the best managers will sometimes look at data to see the story they want to see, rather than the story the data is telling them.
Zombie Fever: A Chronological & Quantitative Analysis
Robert Allison  
12/4/2014   3 comments
You can track the success of the popular Zombie TV shows using SAS.
Meet the Line-of-Business Manager
AllAnalytics Academy  
12/4/2014   121 comments
You've made a finding and have a recommendation. You've got the data to back it up. You know you're right. But other people in the organization might not like it. What do you do? Assuming you don't plan on backing down, it is time to win some hearts and minds.
The Best Data Presentation Method: It Depends
James M. Connolly  
12/4/2014   11 comments
If you are wondering about the best vehicle for presenting data to the business unit, our A2 Academy speakers say you have to get to know your data and your client, and recognize that people are different.
Visualizing Data
AllAnalytics Academy  
12/3/2014   165 comments
As data continues to grow in size and scope, it is easy to get lost in it. The spreadsheet is no longer the best way to look at most data. As data changes, the way we work with it needs to change, as well. Complex data means we need to rely more on computer assistance and on figuring out ways for humans to digest more complicated information.
Prepare for Delivery Date
AllAnalytics Academy  
12/2/2014   104 comments
Think of three possible outcomes at the end of the analytics project: The business unit gets a wealth of information, such as new customer names; the research provides good news, such as validation of a strategy; or nasty surprises are on the way.
Think Presentation From the Start
AllAnalytics Academy  
12/1/2014   129 comments
Long before data is ready for delivery to the business unit, the analytics team must consider the options for presentation, evaluating the type of data being utilized, how it will be used, and the audience that will work with the finished results.
A2 Academy: Great Presentations Build a Culture of Analytics
James M. Connolly  
11/28/2014   5 comments
When you want to advocate for business managers to use data-driven decision making, is there a better approach than using great visualizations and other easily understood data presentations?
How a Software Geek Prepares for the Holidays
Robert Allison  
11/25/2014   16 comments
Adding another layer of information to a list of restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinner helps a consumer to actually find those restaurants.
Hey! Where Have You Been?
Robert Allison  
11/19/2014   Post a comment
Don't just think about the states that you have visited but what you did when you were there.
A2 Academy: Presenting Data to Decision Makers
James M. Connolly  
11/17/2014   2 comments
The new All Analytics Academy -- Presenting Data to Decision Makers -- kicks off the week of December 1. Learn about the technologies and techniques that can help the analytics team tell the story that the data presents.

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