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Mobile Best Practices: Alignment Around Mobile-First Strategy
John Balla  
2/23/2015   1 comment
Check out how successful companies are making mobile analytics the core element of their marketing strategies.
Standard Cyborg: 3D Printing on the Brink
Leo Sadovy  
2/12/2015   3 comments
Some marketing advice for startups offering leading edge technologies, and for those who are well beyond the startup phase.
Mobile Best practices: Challenges & Success Metrics
John Balla  
2/11/2015   Post a comment
The same mobile technology that makes it easy for customers to have anytime/anywhere access to data also makes it difficult for marketers to stay in sync with those customer, but there are ways to do it.
When Fun Data Brings Big Questions
James M. Connolly  
2/4/2015   7 comments
We all see fun facts in daily life, but sometimes those fun facts can combine to get us wondering about big picture issues.
Discover Customers With Cohort Analysis
Pierre DeBois  
2/3/2015   10 comments
Analytics solutions are making cohort analysis easier to implement, and customers easier to discover.
The Cornell School of Hospitality Administration: What will 2015 bring?
Kelly A. McGuire  
2/3/2015   3 comments
Experts from the Cornell School of Hospitality Management take a look at hospitality trends in 2015 and where analytics come into play.
Top 10 Global Trends That Will Impact Hospitality in 2015
Kelly A. McGuire  
1/29/2015   3 comments
The power of the millennials, the value of sustainability, and economic disruption are some of the factors that hotel executives have to consider as we move through 2015.
You Might Be Overwhelming Customers With Data
James M. Connolly  
1/27/2015   19 comments
When it comes to selling, the balance between data and emotion sways toward emotion.
Understand the Role of Mobile Analytics
James M. Connolly  
1/26/2015   15 comments
We need to better define mobile analytics and then focus on getting the true mobile apps to work the way they are supposed to.
How Customer Loyalty Programs Failed Me 3 Ways
Rachel Alt-Simmons  
1/23/2015   10 comments
A series of dealings with wait staff and cashiers highlighted best and worst practices in customer loyalty programs.
When Hoarded Data Turns Creepy
James M. Connolly  
1/22/2015   31 comments
There's something strange about seeing 25-year-old data show up in a completely unexpected place, and you wonder who thought it was a good idea to save it.
Consumer Reviews: The Story Behind the Data
Tricia Aanderud  
1/19/2015   44 comments
Tricia Aanderud explores one data-packed consumer rating service that still falls short of telling the whole story.
Bad Personalization Is Worse Than No Personalization
Meta S. Brown  
1/16/2015   18 comments
Data presents an opportunity for enterprises to utilize personalization. Do it right and you can win. Do it wrong and you turn off those customers.
How Retail Gets It Right With Analytics
John Balla  
1/15/2015   Post a comment
With analytics, retailers can know exactly what customers want - and make sure they get it.
 A Chat About Big Data, Machine Learning & Value
Digital Audio  
1/15/2015   125 comments
Join author Jared Dean for a discussion about his book, Big Data, Data Mining, and Machine Learning: Value Creation for Business Leaders and Practitioners.
Lesson for Data Professionals: Accept 'It Depends'
James M. Connolly  
1/14/2015   4 comments
The variables in retail highlight why there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to IT and analytics in particular.
Email Marketing Is Dead, Long Live Email Marketing
Rachel Alt-Simmons  
1/13/2015   7 comments
Email is still an important marketing and communication tool if the message is meaningful to your customer.
NRF: A Peek Into What's in Store for You
James M. Connolly  
1/9/2015   6 comments
Don't think about the NRF's Retail's Big Show next week as just being about retail. It will provide some signs of where where technology and big data analytics are leading all our industries.
The Other Side of Real Estate Big Data
James M. Connolly  
1/5/2015   11 comments
Big data isn't new in the real estate game, but emerging applications are making it easier for realtors to identify prime candidates to sell homes.
How Cabela's Masters Multiple Channels With Analytics
John Balla  
1/5/2015   Post a comment
A centralized data warehouse helps outdoors retailer Cabela's provide analytics capabilities across multiple online and in-store channels.
Yes, You Can Measure the ROI of Social Media
Tom Sattler  
12/29/2014   37 comments
Consider what social media have in common with a piano.
5 Tips for Preventing Invasive Analytics
Pierre DeBois  
12/22/2014   30 comments
For all the benefits a company can achieve by doing marketing analytics well, there are pitfalls if that effort proves invasive in the customer's view.
6 Bold Predictions for 2015 & Big Data
Jeff Bertolucci  
12/19/2014   23 comments
The predictions for 2015 from experts polled by InforamtionWeek: Big data gets real next year, as does the Internet of Things.
The Analytic Hospitality Executive in 2014: A Review
Kelly A. McGuire  
12/17/2014   Post a comment
The hospitality industry seems to be accepting and embracing that the volume, variety, and velocity of data today is creating a big-data challenge (and opportunity) for the sector.
Can You Deliver on Customer Expectations?
Jon Martindale  
12/16/2014   6 comments
A software industry survey shows that executives have pretty high expectations for what analytics initiatives can bring to their businesses. Let's hope they aren't disappointed.
3 Ways Retailers Are Modernizing With Analytics
Anne-Lindsay Beall  
12/15/2014   Post a comment
While "modernizing" can mean a retailer adopts new analytics technologies, it can also mean taking small steps toward looking at your data in new ways.
When Science Gets Ahead of Art
Rachel Alt-Simmons  
12/10/2014   2 comments
A key to segmentation in marketing is to align relevant messaging, media, and context.
Big Data, Privacy & a Good Night's Sleep
James M. Connolly  
12/9/2014   7 comments
A simple list of common threats puts data privacy into perspective.
Mobile Payments: An Interesting Intersection
Tom Sattler  
12/8/2014   4 comments
The key reason for retailers to adopt mobile payment technologies isn't to make life easier for the consumer, but to collect data about that consumer.
We're Being Swindled by Robots
Rachel Alt-Simmons  
12/4/2014   3 comments
Companies that do online marketing have to be aware of bad bots that generate false impressions and clicks.
Lawyers & Their Uneasy View of Big Data
James M. Connolly  
11/26/2014   36 comments
There are signs that corporate lawyers are wondering just what they are supposed to do about big data initiatives.
Consumers Confirm Retail Loyalty Is All About the Experience
John Balla  
11/24/2014   5 comments
The same analytically driven solutions used to gain a full view of customers can be used to orchestrate your customer interactions across your organization and to inform them in real-time.
Turkeys, Ghosts of Management Past & Analytics
James M. Connolly  
11/20/2014   19 comments
That roasted turkey on your Thanksgiving table might represent a corporate myth that analytics can dispell.
Analytics & Twitter, Past & Present
James M. Connolly  
11/19/2014   15 comments
Twitter's new advanced search, allowing looks back eight years, is worth a test drive.
Customer Relations by Walking Around
Leo Sadovy  
11/18/2014   Post a comment
Advances in off-site manufacturing (OSM) techniques in the construction sector highlight the value of walking around to get to know what your customers really need.
A2 Academy: Presenting Data to Decision Makers
James M. Connolly  
11/17/2014   2 comments
The new All Analytics Academy -- Presenting Data to Decision Makers -- kicks off the week of December 1. Learn about the technologies and techniques that can help the analytics team tell the story that the data presents.
The IoT's Impact Looms Large & Near
James M. Connolly  
11/14/2014   37 comments
Despite the scale of the consumer-focused Internet of Things, the business side of the IoT might present the greatest challenge in terms of implementation and analytics.
Big-Data Analytics Is a Big Opportunity for Hotels
Kelly A. McGuire  
11/10/2014   2 comments
Big-data analytics can help hotel managers shore up the complicated balance between the guest experience and revenue and profit responsibilities.
Analogies, Mind-Mapping & New Product Forecasting
Leo Sadovy  
11/5/2014   Post a comment
Analogies help us to learn, right from the time we are toddlers, and they can help us sell new products.
Who Sold My Data?
Tom Sattler  
11/3/2014   7 comments
Consider just how many of your daily actions provide a company with data about you that can be sold on the open market.
Does Your Loyalty Program Do What It's Supposed to?
John Balla  
10/29/2014   1 comment
The success of a customer loyalty program is tied to the overall customer experience, not just discounts.
3 Tips for Data-Driven Marketing From the Las Vegas Sands
Anne-Lindsay Beall  
10/17/2014   2 comments
The nuts and bolts of great marketing are driven by analytics and a tight alignment between the chief marketing officer and the chief information officer, according to the chief administrative officer at the Las Vegas Sands.
How the Customer of 2015 Changes Our Analytics Priorities
David Wagner  
10/16/2014   22 comments
The customer of 2015's behavior gives us a hint about where we should be spending our analytics dollars.
There's Gold in Those Bytes
James M. Connolly  
10/13/2014   10 comments
It's time -- way past time -- for the accounting profession to value data as a corporate asset.
3D Printers Let Big Data Be Touchy Feely
James M. Connolly  
10/10/2014   14 comments
With the cost of 3D printing plummeting and functionality improving, data scientists can add a tactile element to their big-data presentations.
AmEx: Crafting Customer Conversations
James M. Connolly  
10/9/2014   4 comments
At the upcoming Analytics 2014 conference, data science professionals from American Express will detail how they used analytics to learn more about the likes and dislikes of customers when it comes to company communications.
Measuring Consumer Engagement: Success?
Tom Sattler  
10/8/2014   13 comments
Take this test, and figure out which marketing campaign worked the best.
The Analytics Skills Gap: Inside a State Agency
The Dashboard  
10/6/2014   Post a comment
John Taylor, a data analyst with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, provides his insight on how to find and nurture analytics talent within government.
Digital Marketing Is Really About People
John Balla  
9/29/2014   8 comments
As digital content expert Brian Solis reminds us, remember that digital marketing is all about the people.
Data Drives Digital Hotel Check-Ins
Maryam Donnelly  
9/24/2014   37 comments
Hilton is moving toward allowing customers to select their own rooms and to use their phones as keys.
Common Sense Has to Rule on Big-Data Bias
James M. Connolly  
9/18/2014   12 comments
The Federal Trade Commission's discussion of exclusionary and biased big-data initiatives can serve as a call for data scientists and their clients to ask hard questions of their data.
7 Benefits From Using Marketing Analytics
John Balla  
9/18/2014   3 comments
In a new report, TDWI highlights the seven benefits of using marketing analytics.
Fitting Big Data Into an RFP-Driven World
James M. Connolly  
9/10/2014   13 comments
The old-line RFP model requires shoehorning an unstructured concept into a structured process.
The Tragedy of Overcapacity
Leo Sadovy  
9/9/2014   Post a comment
These are the principal ways in which most businesses attempt to address one iron law of economics -- overcapacity.
Lenovo CAO Sees Cloud Analytics as No-Brainer
Beth Schultz  
9/9/2014   13 comments
Anthony Volpe, Lenovo's chief corporate analytics officer, tells us why cloud was a no-brainer decision for him.
Employees Need Some Data Love Too
Beth Schultz  
9/5/2014   11 comments
Companies ought to spend as much time working to understand, engage, and improve the employee experience as they do the customer experience.
5 Lessons From Effective Customer Loyalty Programs
John Balla  
9/4/2014   1 comment
Many loyalty card programs have the unintended consequence of driving demand for discounts and not necessarily cultivating loyalty, research suggests.
NFL's Pats Get a Kick From 'Great Data'
Sandra Gittlen  
8/28/2014   20 comments
You don't need big data if you have "great data," says Fred Kirsch, vice president of content and publisher for the New England Patriots and Kraft Sports Productions.
Model & Remodel to Find Profitable Customers
Beth Schultz  
8/28/2014   15 comments
Enterprise performance management expert Gary Cokins provides tips on how to determine whether your customers are profitable to your company.
Message to CFOs: Measure Customer Profitability
Beth Schultz  
8/27/2014   18 comments
Gary Cokins, a well-respected enterprise and corporate performance management system authority, shared his views on why suppliers need to look customers from a profitability perspective.
 Customer Profitability: How to Measure, Manage & Boost the Margins
Digital Audio  
8/26/2014   93 comments
Gary Cokins, enterprise performance management expert, talks about how to measure and manage customer profitability.
Beware the Perils of Extrapolation
James M. Connolly  
8/25/2014   19 comments
Mobile app market numbers highlight how the active few can dramatically sway results.
A2 Twofer: Talking About Big-Data Innovation & Customer Profitability
Beth Schultz  
8/25/2014   3 comments
Join us in an e-chat discussion today at 3:00 p.m. ET on big-data innovation and Tuesday, Aug. 26, at 2:00 p.m. ET for an A2 Radio episode on customer profitability.
5 Tips to Personalize Digital Customer Experiences
John Balla  
8/22/2014   1 comment
Tamara Gruzbarg, Gilt's senior director of analytics and research, offers tips on how to use analytics to personalize digital customer experiences.
Analytics Have-Nots Get Some Love
James M. Connolly  
8/19/2014   3 comments
Analytics services hold promise for resource-strapped companies to gain the big-data benefits being achieved by industry giants.
You Can't Hide From Pryin' Eyes
James M. Connolly  
8/12/2014   8 comments
The little things in a data-gathering and analytics initiative can make the all difference between a partnership and sleaziness.
Do These 5 Things to Improve Your Marketing Data
John Balla  
8/11/2014   Post a comment
Marketing expert Ruth P. Stevens shares five steps to take to maintain data accuracy.
Confused About Teen Behavior? You're Not Alone
James M. Connolly  
8/8/2014   14 comments
A Wharton School seminar provided plenty of insight into teen online behavior and trashed the theory that teens don't care about privacy.
Got the Employee Email Blues
Beth Schultz  
8/7/2014   12 comments
Companies ought to pay as much attention to employee email as they do customer campaigns.
Healthcare, Analytics & Misplaced Priorities
James M. Connolly  
8/7/2014   3 comments
Research showing that most European healthcare providers aren't investing in analytics makes one wonder where their priorities rest.
We Really Must Opt Out of Annoying Our Customers
John Balla  
7/23/2014   2 comments
Make unsubscribing to your customer emails simple and straightforward -- or risk losing them!
Analytics Don't Have to Launch a Revolution
James M. Connolly  
7/23/2014   5 comments
Analytics don't have to provide earth-shattering innovation. Operational efficiency and optimized customer relationships can provide value in their own right.
Happiness Is a Blue Blanket
Ariella Brown  
7/23/2014   28 comments
British Airways turned to high-tech blankets to assess the customer experience associated with new in-flight amenities.
Data Science Drives Retail Testing
James M. Connolly  
7/21/2014   6 comments
Retailers are stepping up their testing initiatives, whether they're for a new product price or redesigned stores. That means putting more analytics science behind the process.
No Playing Around on Analytics for Game Developers
Jon Martindale  
7/17/2014   9 comments
Some video game industry watchers predict a bust could be coming -- unless analytics can save the day.
Banking With Zombies: How Caters to Customers
Beth Schultz  
7/16/2014   15 comments
Ajay Gopal, director of data science and analytics at, tells us how the company uses analytics for customer acquisition and retention.
CLV: Look Deeper Into Customer Value
James M. Connolly  
7/16/2014   7 comments
Calculating customer lifetime value can help a company identify which customers merit the greater focus.
Trust & Sharing Data Don't Go Hand in Hand
James M. Connolly  
7/15/2014   14 comments
Research showing a strong consumer distrust for all types of businesses doesn't mean those consumers will stop filling the analytics pipeline with their data.
Presenting a Tale of a Health Marketing Misstep
Beth Schultz  
7/14/2014   13 comments
As health insurers work on becoming more consumer-centric, we're sure to see lots of missteps along the way.
 Advanced Analytics & the Business of Healthy Consumers
Digital Audio  
7/10/2014   78 comments
In this A2 radio episode, learn about the role advanced analytics plays in helping Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina determine how best to engage and communicate with consumers, as well as to measure the effectiveness of its efforts and determine member satisfaction.
Facebook Case: A Glimpse Into a Toy Department
James M. Connolly  
7/9/2014   11 comments
Facebook's emotions experiment bared an undercurrent of sentiment in a few data science professionals that rules are for other people.
A2 Radio: Advanced Analytics & the Business of Healthy Consumers
Beth Schultz  
7/7/2014   3 comments
Shawn Sullivan, director of marketing for Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, joins us Thursday, July 10, at 2:00 p.m. ET for his lessons learned on engaging with consumers about health matters.
Set Your Compass to Positivity for Best Results
John Balla  
7/7/2014   Post a comment
The idea that focusing on positive outcomes actually drives positive outcomes sounds idealistic, but I think there's some truth to that idea.
Analytics, Weather Spell Retail Success This July 4
Michael Steinhart  
7/3/2014   8 comments
The 4th of July weekend is highly anticipated by retailers and travel services, and this year's anticipated hurricane may drive spending even higher.
Statistical Profiling: A New Shade of Grey
Bryan Beverly  
6/20/2014   37 comments
Analytics can break down populations and subgroups in ways that don't always serve the greater good.
Healthcare Customers Emerge Amid Industry Upheaval
John Balla  
6/19/2014   1 comment
Smart healthcare providers are orienting their organizational directions more toward individual member needs and desires.
Kiddie Clothier Sews Up Social, Analytics Strategy
Michael Steinhart  
6/17/2014   10 comments
A children's clothing startup leverages Facebook to build a multimillion-dollar powerhouse.
Facebook Users Stuck in Behavioral Ad Quicksand
Michael Steinhart  
6/16/2014   19 comments
Facebook's new ad-customizing features seem to be a boon for users, but they're enabling the social media firm to collect more information with every click.
Big Data Drives Individual Attention for Marketers
Michael Steinhart  
6/12/2014   19 comments
Smart marketers can use big data to create a detailed picture of each customer they target, according to one expert.
Hospitality Exemplary Practice Award: Nominations Open
Kelly A. McGuire  
6/9/2014   Post a comment
The Cornell University School of Hotel Administration will hold its third annual Cornell Hospitality Research Summit in October. Nominations are now being accepted for its Hospitality Exemplary Practice awards.
Integrated Marketing: Listen to the Voice of the Customer
John Balla  
6/9/2014   Post a comment
Asking customers what they want from you is the first step toward making the shift to responsive operations.
Building Blocks for Business Breakthroughs
Aiman Zeid  
6/6/2014   Post a comment
The approach you take to uncover business insight and transform your organization will be more effective when it encompasses these four pillars: technology, skills, processes, and culture.
Adidas Runs With Customer Insight
Beth Schultz  
6/5/2014   26 comments
Raphael Cailloux, head of brand CRM marketing intelligence at Adidas, moves the company toward a data-driven, customer-centric future.
Reusing Security Video for Customer Analytics
Jon Martindale  
6/5/2014   8 comments
Millions of hours of security footage are recorded every day by companies around the world, and they're just waiting for analytics to unleash their true value.
Fraport Takes-Off With Passenger Analytics
Beth Schultz  
6/4/2014   14 comments
With a high-performance analytics infrastructure and sophisticated software, Fraport makes a visit to the Frankfurt Airport a real pleasure.
Big Data: Forget What You Know
Michael Steinhart  
6/4/2014   12 comments
The confusion around big data is holding marketers back from realizing its full potential, one Forrester analyst suggests.
Disney Bets on Big Data Magic
Maryam Donnelly  
6/3/2014   12 comments
Between RFID bracelets and smartphone apps, Disney is collecting scads of data from theme park and website visitors.
NYC Hosts Integrated Marketing Week
Michael Steinhart  
6/3/2014   17 comments
The Direct Marketing Association's Integrated Marketing Week conference kicks off tomorrow in Manhattan.
EU Court to Google: Forget It
Michael Steinhart  
5/30/2014   60 comments
The controversial Right to be Forgotten proposal is now law in the European Union. What does this mean for Google and other search engines?
Why Pre-Release Online Buzz Is Worth Mining
Beth Schultz  
5/30/2014   13 comments
The farther ahead of a product's release companies start collecting and analyzing online buzz about it, the better they'll be at forecasting -- and influencing -- its sales performance, two researchers said.

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Canada Post on Data Delivery
James Smith, lead of enterprise data governance for ...


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Roger Ares, vice president of analytics at Hyatt ...


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iJET International's Rich Murnane, Director of ...


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Tackling healthcare data management challenges ...


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Gen Y shapes the new analytics workforce.


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Visual Analytics: Who Carries the Onus?
The Issue: Data visualization is an up-and-coming technology for businesses that want to deliver analytical results in a visual way, enabling analysts the ability to spot patterns more easily and business users to absorb the insight at a glance and better understand what questions to ask of the data. But does it make more sense to train everybody to handle the visualization mandate or bring on visualization expertise? Our experts are divided on the question.
The Speakers: Hyoun Park, Principal Analyst, Nucleus Research; Jonathan Schwabish, US Economist & Data Visualizer
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Beth Schultz
Canada Post on Data Delivery

5|12|14   |   02:53   |   (2) comments

James Smith, lead of enterprise data governance for the Canadian postal service, explains how and why the organization has embraced an enterprise data governance program.
Michael Steinhart
Big Data Checks In

4|30|14   |   03:45   |   (5) comments

The hospitality industry gathers massive amounts of customer data, and mining that data effectively can yield tremendous results in terms of improved CRM, better-targeted marketing spend, and more efficient back-end processes. Roger Ares, vice president of analytics at Hyatt Corp., discusses the ways he and his staff use big data.
Beth Schultz
Good Data, Smarter Travel

4|24|14   |   2:50   |   (4) comments

Charged with keeping track of travel assets, including employees, iJET International relies on data management best-practices and advanced analytics to keep its clients in the know on current and potential world events affecting travel, Rich Murnane, Director of Enterprise Data Operations & Data Architect, told All Analytics in an interview from the 2014 SAS Global Forum Executive Conference.
Beth Schultz
Healthcare Data Needs a Booster

4|23|14   |   2:39   |   (0) comments

W. Ed Hammond, Director of the Duke Center for Health Informatics, spoke from the recent 2014 SAS Global Forum Executive Conference about the data management challenges involved in healthcare today.
Beth Schultz
In the Talent Sweet Spot

4|23|14   |   3:25   |   (0) comments

Jason Dorsey, chief strategy officer for the Center for Generational Kinetics and keynote speaker at last month's SAS Global Forum 2014, describes how Gen Y professionals are enhancing the makeup of multigenerational analytics organizations.
Beth Schultz
A2 on the Road

4|22|14   |   2:28   |   (0) comments

From analytics talent development to the power of visual analytics, All Analytics found a variety of common themes circulating throughout the exhibition floor and session discussions at the 2014 SAS Global Forum and SAS Global Forum Executive Conference events held last month in Washington, DC.
Beth Schultz
T-Mobile Hears Data's Call

4|22|14   |   2:50   |   (0) comments

Talking with All Analytics live from the 2014 SAS Global Forum Executive Conference, Eric Helmer, senior manager of campaign design and execution for T-Mobile, discussed the importance of customer data -- starting internally -- in devising the mobile operator's marketing plans.
Beth Schultz
A Is for Analytics in Academia

4|21|14   |   4:11   |   (0) comments

Interviewed live at SAS Global Forum 2014, professors and students agree that access to enterprise analytics software in academic programs better prepares graduates for their careers.
Beth Schultz
Advocating for Analytics Culture

4|21|14   |   5:51   |   (0) comments

Speaking at the recent SAS Global Forum Executive Conference, analytics executives, business experts, and SAS insiders explore what it means to build an analytics culture.
Beth Schultz
Analytic Myths: True or False?

4|21|14   |   4:29   |   (0) comments

At the recent 2014 SAS Global Forum Executive Conference, five analytics experts give us their perspective on whether four common myths about IT and analytics are true or false.
Beth Schultz
We'll Be Your Eyes & Ears

3|20|14   |   2:15   |   (0) comments

We'll be on the scene at SAS Global Forum events in Washington, D.C., March 23 to March 25, glad to share what we learn with our community members.
Beth Schultz
7 Tips for Deploying Visualization

3|7|14   |   33:15   |   (0) comments

We chat with Analise Polsky, a data visualization thought leader on the SAS Best Practices team, about what you need to know before you deploy data visualization.
Michael Steinhart
Choosing a Big-Data Analytics Platform

2|19|14   |   31:53   |   (3) comments

The big-data analytics market can be a confusing place. Among the vendors vying for your dollars are traditional database management providers, Hadoop startup services, and IT giants. In this video, All Analytics editors Beth Schultz and Michael Steinhart sit down in a Google+ Hangout on Air with Doug Henschen, executive editor of InformationWeek. Henschen discusses use cases for big-data analytics, purchase considerations, and his recent roundup of the top 16 big-data analytics platforms.

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— Michael Steinhart, Circle me on Google+ Follow me on TwitterVisit my LinkedIn pageFriend me on Facebook, Executive Editor,

Michael Steinhart
Keeping a Close Eye on Shoppers

2|13|14   |   02:14   |   (16) comments

At the National Retail Federation BIG Show last month, All Analytics executive editor Michael Steinhart noted a host of solutions for tracking and analyzing customer activity in retail stores. From Bluetooth beacons to RFID tags to NFC connections to video analytics, retailers must find the right combination of tools to help optimize the shopper experience, streamline operations, and boost revenues.

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Michael Steinhart
Real-Time Demand Drives Forecasting

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The days when historical shipment trends and gut feelings were enough to forecast retail demand accurately are long over. SAS chief industry consultant Charles Chase outlines the benefits of pulling real-time sales information from point-of-sale and product scanner systems, then flowing that data into dynamic forecasting tools from SAS.

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Intro to Visual Analytics

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With today's advanced visual analytics tools, you can stream data into memory for real-time processing, provide users the ability to explore and manipulate the data, and bring your data to life for the business.
Visual Analytics, Instant Insight

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Dynamic data visualizations let analysts and business users interact with the data, changing variables or drilling down into data points, and see results in a flash. Advance your use of data visualization with tools that support features like auto-charting, explanatory pop-ups, and mobile sharing.
Big Data, Fast Infrastructure

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No doubt your enterprise is amassing loads of data for fact-based decision-making. Hand in hand with all that data comes big computational requirements. Can traditional IT infrastructure handle the increasing number and complexity of your analytical work? Probably not, which is why you need a backend rethink. Big data calls for a high-performance analytics infrastructure, as Fern Halper, a partner at the IT consulting and research firm, Hurwitz & Associates, discusses here.
Red Hot Analytics

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Redbox's bright-red DVD kiosks are all but ubiquitous these days, located in more than 28,000 spots across the country. Jayson Tipp, Redbox VP of Analytics and CRM, provides an insider's look at how the company has accomplished its phenomenal nine-year growth.
Hotelier Checks In With Analytics

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InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), a seven-brand global hotelier, has woven analytics into the fabric of its operations. David Schmitt, director of performance strategy and planning, shares IHG's analytics story and his lessons learned.