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Data Analytics Trends to Anticipate in 2016
Venkat Viswanathan  
1/29/2016   50 comments
Watch for integration of mobile devices, better insight into customer behavior, and the emergence of virtual reality in business as we move through 2016.
The Analytics of Customer Intelligence and Why It Matters
Suneel Grover  
1/26/2016   19 comments
With the growing importance of customer analytics in organizations, the ability to extract insight and embed it back into organizational processes is at the forefront of business transformation. However, this requires considerations for where relevant data resides, the ability to reshape it for downstream analytic tasks (predictive modeling vs. reporting), and how to take action on the derived insights.
Retail Analytics: Living on the Edge
Lenny Liebmann  
1/20/2016   11 comments
Activity at the National Retail Federation's Big Show 2016 in New York highlighted the importance of building out analytics capabilities at the network's edge.
Five Moves to Advance Marketing Analytics in 2016
Lauren Tucker  
1/19/2016   1 comment
If management is asking what is marketing doing for your business, then your 2016 resolution should be to stop guessing and start knowing how your marketing strategy and investment will connect the brand to the sale.
Retail Steps into the Analytics Spotlight
Matthew Brodsky  
1/13/2016   16 comments
The National Retail Federation's Big Show 2016 takes the stage at the Javits Center in New York on Sunday. Here's a peek into what attendees will see and learn.
Watching YouTube Means Watching Retail Opportunities
Pierre DeBois  
1/11/2016   42 comments
As more content providers discover the programming value of YouTube, YouTube Analytics becomes more valuable. Retailers should not overlook the engagement value of the viewing platform.
Tomorrow's Retail: Mobile, Smart & Real-time
James M. Connolly  
1/8/2016   2 comments
Among the many tech changes happening in the retail space, two critical moves are the implementation of Internet of Things concepts and use of real-time analytics, as we will see when the NRF Big Show 2016 opens.
 See How Analytics Drive Change in the Retail World
Digital Audio  
1/7/2016   103 comments
With the National Retail Federation's Big Show coming up in January, we look at how retail technology is responding to consumer needs.
Nine Ways for Hoteliers to thrive in 2016
Kelly A. McGuire  
1/6/2016   4 comments
For the hotel industry in 2016, the mandate includes more strategic thinking, fewer gut decisions, and better collaboration among business units.
The Elephants to Watch Out for in 2016
John Balla  
1/4/2016   12 comments
The Indian story about blind men and the elephant highlighted why you need a complete view of any issue, and that applies to how today's organizations view and respond to their customers.
A2 Radio: Analytics and Your Retailers
James M. Connolly  
1/2/2016   1 comment
Get a sneak peek at what attendees at the National Retail Federation's Big Show will see in terms of new technology, products and concepts that could change the way you shop or even how your own industry does business.
 All Analytics Conversations: Forecasts for Analytics in 2016
Digital Audio  
12/18/2015   3 comments
AllAnalytics.com bloggers share their observations, and maybe go out on a limb, as they look at the world of analytics in 2016.
Moving Mobile Faster With Customer Analytics
Pierre DeBois  
12/8/2015   6 comments
Mobile is already here, but companies must align mobile capability with customer analytics to create customer experiences that enhance sales.
Your Analytics Team Could Join the Elite
James M. Connolly  
11/25/2015   31 comments
Your analytics initiative might be just enough to elevate your organization into the InformationWeek Elite 100 list of the most innovative users of information technology.
The Profitable Path to Personalization for Hotels
Kelly A. McGuire  
11/25/2015   33 comments
For hotels personalization requires teamwork across the diverse marketing, operations, and revenue management groups.
18 Fun and Handy Facts About Email Marketing
John Balla  
11/24/2015   56 comments
Email and survey communications company Emma shared 18 interesting facts and bits of advice for optimizing email marketing efforts.
Analytics Skills Gap: It's Nice to Tie 'Billion' to an Accomplishment
James M. Connolly  
11/20/2015   11 comments
The Analytics Skills Gap Series continues with an interview with SunTrust Bank's Dudley Gwaltney discussing the need for advanced degrees, the value of understanding data management, and the data science job market in Atlanta.
The Digital Analytics Divergence (The Great Divide)
Emmett Cox  
11/9/2015   3 comments
The small to mid-sized retailer needs to keep pace with the change driven by big box chains, but a lack of resources adds a lot of challenge.
Plenti Stretches for the Data Unification Crown
Maryam Donnelly  
10/28/2015   33 comments
The Plenti rewards card promises benefits to retailers and consumers, but the process doesn't seem smooth for either group.
Beyond the Basics: What’s Next in Predictive Analytics for Hotels?
Kelly A. McGuire  
10/12/2015   4 comments
There are new and exciting use cases for predictive analytics on the horizon for hotel organizations. As the industry as a whole grapples with big data, you can better come to terms with the data from the explosion of interaction points with our guests.
Big Data: It’s Not Just Where You Are
Mary E. Shacklett  
10/6/2015   8 comments
For many companies a move to big data has been limited to use of location data, but there are so many other data types that they can use to make money and keep customers happy.
Marketing Analytics Lessons From the KGB
Leo Sadovy  
10/1/2015   9 comments
If a Cold War era intelligence agency knew how to identify western spies using key indicators, you probably have indicators that show what your customers are likely to do.
Smartphones Open Doors, Literally
Ariella Brown  
9/29/2015   68 comments
Hotel chains are moving toward enabling guests to open their room doors and gain other benefits through smart phone apps.
At Netflix, Data Takes on a Starring Role
James M. Connolly  
9/23/2015   63 comments
Data and analytics are critical as Netflix evolves, but the video distribution company has to keep its focus on the core business and how data can drive success.
What Is it Like to Be a Customer?
Leo Sadovy  
9/17/2015   18 comments
In establishing customer relationships, try to put yourself in the customer's shoes, understanding what is important to them, what they need, and how they view your company.
Back to the Basics Part One: An Analytics Primer for Hoteliers
Kelly A. McGuire  
9/8/2015   Post a comment
Kelly and Natalie explore some of the types of analytics that could prove useful to hotel operators.
Enhancing Analytic Capabilities With Beacons
Pierre DeBois  
8/28/2015   18 comments
IBeacon and a new beacon protocol from Google are ushering new ways to enhance customer analytic strategies.
You Have the Right Data; Now Use It!
Lauren Tucker  
8/21/2015   25 comments
If you are waiting to get some big data, look around, you might have more good data than you think.
You Can Define the Modern Data Analyst
James M. Connolly  
7/30/2015   20 comments
Members of the All Analytics community are invited to take part in a survey by Blue Hill Research as the consultancy compiles a profile of the modern data analyst.
Voice of the Customer With Analytics in the Cloud
John Balla  
7/6/2015   7 comments
Your enterprise doesn't have to be as big or complex as Lenovo to benefit from SAS-based analytics initiatives.
Finding The Light on Dark Social Sentiment
Pierre DeBois  
6/29/2015   67 comments
Some organizations are making early progress in capturing information in the Dark Social world of apps.
When Value From Analytics Means M-O-N-E-Y
James M. Connolly  
6/25/2015   2 comments
If your organization is ready to embark on its first analytics project, avoid the squishy and find opportunities that translate into revenue or savings.
The Internet of Things as Your Link to Customers
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/23/2015   69 comments
Your organization can use IoT data to strengthen its relationships with customers and business partners.
Put Internet of Things Data into Action
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/18/2015   76 comments
When you have your IoT data in hand, it's time to use it for better decision making, improved customer relationships, and operational efficiencies.
Analytics: Start With the Digital Foundation
James M. Connolly  
6/17/2015   1 comment
The key to an analytics strategy isn't force-feeding data to business managers. Maybe it's a matter of building a digital environment in the organization, and getting all employees to embrace mobile access and concepts such as the cloud and analytics.
Data as an Asset? The Importance of the Metaphors We Use for Data
Leo Sadovy  
6/16/2015   3 comments
How you describe your data depends greatly on how you use that data in the real world.
Analytics Skills Gap: Bankers' Views on Talent
James M. Connolly  
6/16/2015   4 comments
Executives of BBVA Compass discuss the challenges of hiring analytics talent, the appeal of the Sunbelt, a global support system, the value of keeping pace with new analytics apps, and the joy of working with social media.
Radio, Academy & More: No Summer Doldrums Here
James M. Connolly  
6/15/2015   2 comments
All Analytics Radio will be on the air today, launching a flurry of early summer on-air, live, and blog activity.
The IoT Infrastructure, From Device to Database
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/11/2015   71 comments
Implementing an IoT initiative could mean changes to your infrastructure, from sensors up the line to data management tools.
Analytics Bring Opportunities for Change at Utilities
James M. Connolly  
6/8/2015   10 comments
Research into the utility sector highlights how customer analytics can drive change and benefit both the companies and their customers.
How to Give a 'Magic' Customer Experience Every Time
John Balla  
6/4/2015   Post a comment
Learn how the NBA's Orlando Magic use analytics to provide fans with the best experience.
A2 Academy: How You Can Find Benefits in the IoT
James M. Connolly  
6/1/2015   7 comments
All Analytics kicks off its new A2 Academy next week, providing analytics professionals with valuable advice on how organizations can narrow their focus on the Internet of Things and pursue the benefits that are critical to their organizations.
Digital Data World: Living in Your Digital Wake
Emmett Cox  
5/27/2015   16 comments
Consider just how clear a data trail we might be leaving behind us every day, but also how much of that data is or isn't of value to an organization.
Transparency and the Information Arms Race
Leo Sadovy  
5/21/2015   6 comments
Our reliance on data and the threats that reliance brings to an organization or individual could mirror what happened back in the Cambrian explosion.
Television Upfronts Explain the Impact of Content Marketing
John Balla  
5/19/2015   21 comments
Content marketers can learn a lesson from the annual television preview events known as Upfronts.
Utilities: Time to Adopt Analytics
James M. Connolly  
5/13/2015   17 comments
A Capgemini Consulting report shows that utilities have been slow to embrace analytics, but that they are starting to see the opportunities that data can present.
Anticipation: the Heart of Agile, Digital Marketing
John Balla  
5/8/2015   7 comments
Analytics can support better customer service by helping organizations anticipate customer needs through agile marketing strategies.
SAS's Goodnight & Davis: The Road to Data-Driven Decisions
James M. Connolly  
5/6/2015   18 comments
The Internet of Things and data-driven decision making have made plenty of progress but general adoption, in the corporate world has a way to go. SAS CEO Jim Goodnight and Executive VP Jim Davis shared their thoughts with A2.
Data Integration Across the IoT and Connected Enterprise
Venkat Viswanathan  
5/4/2015   3 comments
As we move deeper into the Internet of Things, consider what something like a Fitbit means to both the consumer and the enterprise.
See the People Behind the Numbers
James M. Connolly  
4/30/2015   30 comments
New York Times reporter Alan Schwarz shared a bit of advice that all analytics pros and their executives might want to keep in mind.
Look Closely at the Tablet, It Knows What You Want
Maryam Donnelly  
4/30/2015   26 comments
Eye tracking software in tablets could help you decide what you want on a future visit to Pizza Hut.
Emancipating Big Data: Analytics Via the Cloud
Jeff Kaplan  
4/24/2015   14 comments
Cloud-based analytics tools promise not only to make use of big data more efficient for the enterprise, but pave the way for citizen data scientists to better utilize data.
How the Mobile Customer is Changing Marketing
John Balla  
4/20/2015   2 comments
Mobile is changing the way that customers interact with business, and as a result companies have to change the way they do business.
The Internet of Things: Customer Experience & Marketing Responsibility
John Balla  
4/10/2015   11 comments
While the IoT presents opportunities to improve customer experiences, holding that data requires that a company take responsibility for protecting it.
Internet of Things: Why You Have to Care
James M. Connolly  
4/6/2015   12 comments
This week's 2015 IoT Day makes a strong case for enterprises and data science professionals to consider how they can utilize Internet of Things concepts in improving the efficiency of their own operations and their relationships with customers.
When the Bank Plays 'You've Got a Secret' With Data
James M. Connolly  
4/2/2015   23 comments
Capital One's Ideas app is a rewards program that could be really cool or something from your nightmares.
Five Keys to Effective Customer Experience Personalization
John Balla  
4/2/2015   5 comments
Learning even a little about your customers can be used to help you learn a lot.
Do I Know You? Personalization Without a Guest Profile
Kelly A. McGuire  
3/30/2015   16 comments
In the hotel business, companies know little about the majority of their guests, but that little bit of knowledge can make a difference.
Retail: Standing at Technology's Crossroad
James M. Connolly  
3/26/2015   36 comments
A snapshot of the retail sector shows an industry going through turmoil and innovation, with the customer taking charge and having anytime/anywhere access to shopping. But the process is something people in every sector can watch and learn from.
Five Tips for Enabling the Modern Web Experience
John Balla  
3/23/2015   10 comments
Customer likes, dislikes, and needs on the web are changing rapidly, particularly when it it comes to use of mobile devices. Here are five tips to make your customers feel at home on your site.
Tapjoy Pushes to Make Each Mobile User a Customer
Jon Martindale  
3/23/2015   3 comments
Marketing software company turns to analytics to help app developers better monetize freemium apps.
Google’s Steady March to Mobile Search Dominance
Pierre DeBois  
3/17/2015   13 comments
Mobile moves to the forefront in analytics and Google's search algorithm plans, and that means you have to think about how your website's architecture serving the needs of the mobile world. Take a peek at what Google plans for April.
The Fresh Look on All Analytics
James M. Connolly  
3/13/2015   18 comments
The team at All Analytics hopes that our new design will make it easier to find the content and peer advice that you value.
Relationship Status: Connected, Analytics for Agency
Leo Sadovy  
3/10/2015   5 comments
We are approaching the point where connected devices act as agents between business and the consumer.
Mobile Best Practices: Alignment Around Mobile-First Strategy
John Balla  
2/23/2015   6 comments
Check out how successful companies are making mobile analytics the core element of their marketing strategies.
Standard Cyborg: 3D Printing on the Brink
Leo Sadovy  
2/12/2015   6 comments
Some marketing advice for startups offering leading edge technologies, and for those who are well beyond the startup phase.
Mobile Best practices: Challenges & Success Metrics
John Balla  
2/11/2015   Post a comment
The same mobile technology that makes it easy for customers to have anytime/anywhere access to data also makes it difficult for marketers to stay in sync with those customer, but there are ways to do it.
When Fun Data Brings Big Questions
James M. Connolly  
2/4/2015   7 comments
We all see fun facts in daily life, but sometimes those fun facts can combine to get us wondering about big picture issues.
Discover Customers With Cohort Analysis
Pierre DeBois  
2/3/2015   10 comments
Analytics solutions are making cohort analysis easier to implement, and customers easier to discover.
The Cornell School of Hospitality Administration: What will 2015 bring?
Kelly A. McGuire  
2/3/2015   3 comments
Experts from the Cornell School of Hospitality Management take a look at hospitality trends in 2015 and where analytics come into play.
Top 10 Global Trends That Will Impact Hospitality in 2015
Kelly A. McGuire  
1/29/2015   3 comments
The power of the millennials, the value of sustainability, and economic disruption are some of the factors that hotel executives have to consider as we move through 2015.
You Might Be Overwhelming Customers With Data
James M. Connolly  
1/27/2015   19 comments
When it comes to selling, the balance between data and emotion sways toward emotion.
Understand the Role of Mobile Analytics
James M. Connolly  
1/26/2015   15 comments
We need to better define mobile analytics and then focus on getting the true mobile apps to work the way they are supposed to.
How Customer Loyalty Programs Failed Me 3 Ways
Rachel Alt-Simmons  
1/23/2015   10 comments
A series of dealings with wait staff and cashiers highlighted best and worst practices in customer loyalty programs.
When Hoarded Data Turns Creepy
James M. Connolly  
1/22/2015   31 comments
There's something strange about seeing 25-year-old data show up in a completely unexpected place, and you wonder who thought it was a good idea to save it.
Consumer Reviews: The Story Behind the Data
Tricia Aanderud  
1/19/2015   44 comments
Tricia Aanderud explores one data-packed consumer rating service that still falls short of telling the whole story.
Bad Personalization Is Worse Than No Personalization
Meta S. Brown  
1/16/2015   18 comments
Data presents an opportunity for enterprises to utilize personalization. Do it right and you can win. Do it wrong and you turn off those customers.
How Retail Gets It Right With Analytics
John Balla  
1/15/2015   Post a comment
With analytics, retailers can know exactly what customers want -– and make sure they get it.
 A Chat About Big Data, Machine Learning & Value
Digital Audio  
1/15/2015   125 comments
Join author Jared Dean for a discussion about his book, Big Data, Data Mining, and Machine Learning: Value Creation for Business Leaders and Practitioners.
Lesson for Data Professionals: Accept 'It Depends'
James M. Connolly  
1/14/2015   4 comments
The variables in retail highlight why there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to IT and analytics in particular.
Email Marketing Is Dead, Long Live Email Marketing
Rachel Alt-Simmons  
1/13/2015   7 comments
Email is still an important marketing and communication tool if the message is meaningful to your customer.
NRF: A Peek Into What's in Store for You
James M. Connolly  
1/9/2015   6 comments
Don't think about the NRF's Retail's Big Show next week as just being about retail. It will provide some signs of where where technology and big data analytics are leading all our industries.
The Other Side of Real Estate Big Data
James M. Connolly  
1/5/2015   11 comments
Big data isn't new in the real estate game, but emerging applications are making it easier for realtors to identify prime candidates to sell homes.
How Cabela's Masters Multiple Channels With Analytics
John Balla  
1/5/2015   Post a comment
A centralized data warehouse helps outdoors retailer Cabela's provide analytics capabilities across multiple online and in-store channels.
Yes, You Can Measure the ROI of Social Media
Tom Sattler  
12/29/2014   37 comments
Consider what social media have in common with a piano.
5 Tips for Preventing Invasive Analytics
Pierre DeBois  
12/22/2014   30 comments
For all the benefits a company can achieve by doing marketing analytics well, there are pitfalls if that effort proves invasive in the customer's view.
6 Bold Predictions for 2015 & Big Data
Jeff Bertolucci  
12/19/2014   23 comments
The predictions for 2015 from experts polled by InforamtionWeek: Big data gets real next year, as does the Internet of Things.
The Analytic Hospitality Executive in 2014: A Review
Kelly A. McGuire  
12/17/2014   Post a comment
The hospitality industry seems to be accepting and embracing that the volume, variety, and velocity of data today is creating a big-data challenge (and opportunity) for the sector.
Can You Deliver on Customer Expectations?
Jon Martindale  
12/16/2014   6 comments
A software industry survey shows that executives have pretty high expectations for what analytics initiatives can bring to their businesses. Let's hope they aren't disappointed.
3 Ways Retailers Are Modernizing With Analytics
Anne-Lindsay Beall  
12/15/2014   Post a comment
While "modernizing" can mean a retailer adopts new analytics technologies, it can also mean taking small steps toward looking at your data in new ways.
When Science Gets Ahead of Art
Rachel Alt-Simmons  
12/10/2014   2 comments
A key to segmentation in marketing is to align relevant messaging, media, and context.
Big Data, Privacy & a Good Night's Sleep
James M. Connolly  
12/9/2014   7 comments
A simple list of common threats puts data privacy into perspective.
Mobile Payments: An Interesting Intersection
Tom Sattler  
12/8/2014   4 comments
The key reason for retailers to adopt mobile payment technologies isn't to make life easier for the consumer, but to collect data about that consumer.
We're Being Swindled by Robots
Rachel Alt-Simmons  
12/4/2014   3 comments
Companies that do online marketing have to be aware of bad bots that generate false impressions and clicks.
Lawyers & Their Uneasy View of Big Data
James M. Connolly  
11/26/2014   36 comments
There are signs that corporate lawyers are wondering just what they are supposed to do about big data initiatives.
Consumers Confirm Retail Loyalty Is All About the Experience
John Balla  
11/24/2014   5 comments
The same analytically driven solutions used to gain a full view of customers can be used to orchestrate your customer interactions across your organization and to inform them in real-time.
Turkeys, Ghosts of Management Past & Analytics
James M. Connolly  
11/20/2014   19 comments
That roasted turkey on your Thanksgiving table might represent a corporate myth that analytics can dispell.
Analytics & Twitter, Past & Present
James M. Connolly  
11/19/2014   15 comments
Twitter's new advanced search, allowing looks back eight years, is worth a test drive.
Customer Relations by Walking Around
Leo Sadovy  
11/18/2014   Post a comment
Advances in off-site manufacturing (OSM) techniques in the construction sector highlight the value of walking around to get to know what your customers really need.
A2 Academy: Presenting Data to Decision Makers
James M. Connolly  
11/17/2014   2 comments
The new All Analytics Academy -- Presenting Data to Decision Makers -- kicks off the week of December 1. Learn about the technologies and techniques that can help the analytics team tell the story that the data presents.

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