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 The Art of Psycho-demographic Analytics
Digital Audio  
5/23/2017   15 comments
Did use of psycho-demographic profiles swing the presidential election? We'll talk to Dr. Michal Kosinski, a pioneer in the field, about these new demographics and how they are created and applied.
How Your Analytics Measures Up
Jessica Davis  
5/22/2017   1 comment
Does your enterprise operate a leading data analytics practice, or is your practice more ad hoc? AllAnalytics presented survey results and got input from AllAnalytics bloggers Meta Brown and Pierre DeBois during a panel session at Interop ITX.
Why Machine Learning Can Improve Customer Service
Ariella Brown  
5/19/2017   36 comments
Machine learning-powered chatbots offer companies the possibility of saving money while improving customer service.
Analytics at the Edge Poised to Grow
Jon Martindale  
5/18/2017   8 comments
Analytics at the edge offers a number of benefits that are driving new applications of this combination of technologies.
Why Automation and AI are Cool, Until They're Not
Lisa Morgan  
5/16/2017   29 comments
Automation displaced manufacturing jobs, but it also enabled the creation of new businesses and career opportunities. Will knowledge workers and their employers adapt fast enough?
MIT's Andrew McAfee Chronicles the Incredible Rate of Change
James M. Connolly  
5/11/2017   5 comments
Author, MIT researcher, and Interop ITX keynoter Andrew McAfee is set to explore the ways technology is changing the way companies do business, and how more changes will happen at supersonic speed.
A2 Academy: Get Ready for AI, Machine Learning
Jessica Davis  
5/10/2017   1 comment
All Analytics is excited to announce the next edition of the A2 Academy will focus on AI, machine learning, and other advanced analytics. Wherever you are in your journey, this series of five webinars will help you get to the next step.
AI, Machine Learning Power Transformation
Ariella Brown  
5/10/2017   13 comments
AI and machine learning are transforming how companies work with big data. Here's how one organization is implementing the technology.
 How Does Your Analytics Initiative Measure Up?
Digital Audio  
5/1/2017   43 comments
Exclusive UBM research highlights the state of analytics in the enterprise.
16 Machine Learning Terms You Should Know
Lisa Morgan  
4/28/2017   16 comments
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are gaining enterprise attention. Here's an overview of some essential terms you can share with your team and executives.
A2 Radio: So Far, So Fast in Embracing Data
James M. Connolly  
4/25/2017   4 comments
Enterprises are adopting analytics technologies and concepts at a remarkable rate, as highlighted by a UBM Tech research report. Our team of experts discusses the findings on AllAnalytics Radio.
Machine Learning Provides Competitive Edge in Retail
Pierre DeBois  
4/25/2017   20 comments
Amazon is establishing machine learning as a crucial competitive element to personalize customer experience and build sales.
Welcome to the Fresh Look AllAnalytics, 2017
Jessica Davis  
4/24/2017   15 comments
You may have noticed some changes around here. We've undergone the biggest redesign at AllAnalytics.com since the site launched in 2011. We hope you enjoy the improvements.
AI to Become Key Competitive Factor by 2020, Says Tata
Charles Babcock  
4/21/2017   14 comments
Regions around the world are adopting AI at different rates. Are you keeping up with your competitors?
3 Cool AI Projects
Lisa Morgan  
4/18/2017   12 comments
Are you ready for AI and machine learning? Here's an overview of three use cases to give you a flavor of just what is possible.
Psycho-demographics: Drilling Down on Trump's Campaign Analytics
Jessica Davis  
4/13/2017   13 comments
Did Donald Trump's campaign leverage a new method of analyzing consumer preferences to win the election? We look at just what psycho-demographics mean and how political campaigns and marketers can use them.
Electronics Advances Drive Analytics Breakthroughs
Jessica Davis  
4/11/2017   3 comments
SAS CEO and co-founder Dr. Jim Goodnight reminisced about the first computer that ran SAS software, and also demonstrated a voice interface using Amazon Alexa to access SAS Visual Analytics during the recent SAS Global Forum.
5 Cool Demos for Data Analytics Pros
Jessica Davis  
4/3/2017   6 comments
SAS Global Forum's opening sessions featured a new mobile app, a prediction of the NCAA final championship game, a machine learning demo, a new interface that lets the visually impaired hear bar charts, and edge analytics.
Data's Big Bang: Applying Analytics to Astronomy
Lyndon Henry  
3/18/2017   13 comments
The volume of astronomical data continues to expand at an explosive rate. The application of analytics to so much data offers new opportunities and even career options to space and data enthusiasts.
March Madness: Creating the Perfect Bracket
Jessica Davis  
3/16/2017   12 comments
It's time for the annual college basketball tournament known as March Madness. Did you use analytics to inform your bracket choices?
Experts Tackle AI, Machine Learning at Strata + Hadoop
Jessica Davis  
3/14/2017   7 comments
Strata + Hadoop World 2017 welcomes big data analytics enthusiasts from around the world this week and features keynotes about AI, machine learning, and emerging technologies for business.
12 Machine Learning Articles to Catch You Up on the Latest Trend
Alison Bolen  
3/14/2017   11 comments
Need to get up to speed with machine learning and what it can do? Check out this list of articles for a primer on what you need to know.
Algorithms' Dark Side: Embedding Bias into Code
Ariella Brown  
2/22/2017   46 comments
Do algorithms and AI eliminate bias or do they encode the biases of models? New work on AI policies is designed to shine the light on the black box of model design and use.
Analytics Used to Detect Online Harassment
Jessica Davis  
2/7/2017   12 comments
In conjunction with Internet Safety Day, the Wikimedia Foundation has released two new public data sets of online harassment in Wikipedia edits. The Foundation leveraged machine learning to detect harassment.
Marketing Analytics Meets Artificial Intelligence: Six Strategies for Success
Resource Center  
This TDWI Checklist Report explores how AI (artificial intelligence) can be used to enhance marketing analytics and help companies both better understand their customers and deliver a great customer experience.
O’Reilly: The Evolution of Analytics: Opportunities and Challenges for Machine Learning in Business
Resource Center  
Read this report to learn more about modern applications for machine learning, including recommendation systems, streaming analytics, deep learning and cognitive computing.
Improve Customer Experience with Actionable Artificial Intelligence
Resource Center  
While more marketers turn to artificial intelligence technologies, this new territory also raises more questions. This paper offers a detailed look into how AI works, and explores the opportunities and challenges it presents.
Discovering the Business Value of Streaming Analytics
Resource Center  
This resource explains streaming analytics and describes how it can enable real-time decision-making based on current evidence. Learn how you can resolve business problems more quickly and make data-driven decisions.
Machine Learning Tackles Cyberbullying
Ariella Brown  
1/25/2017   55 comments
Social media and mobile devices may seem like a vast and scary unknown to parents of young children with phones and other devices. Now machine learning is being applied to the problem of protecting the kids.
Retailers to Explore Analytics Topics at NRF
Jessica Davis  
1/13/2017   12 comments
Chatbots, AI, virtual reality, machine learning, and more will be featured as leading edge technologies for retailers attending the NRF Annual Convention and Expo in New York City. But many retailers are still getting their arms around advanced analytics.
How IoT and AI Devices are Changing Search
Pierre DeBois  
1/10/2017   16 comments
The rise of Amazon Alexa and Google Home introduce a new competitor for search engines -- IoT home devices with supporting AI. Here's how analytics planning must change to accommodate the new world.
Mind The Gap: Minting New Data Science and Analytics Professionals
Ariella Brown  
12/27/2016   29 comments
Supply is not meeting the demand for analytics and data science professionals. Here's how one boot camp is looking to fill that gap.
6 Applications of Artificial Intelligence and a Look at the Future of AI
Emily Johnson  
11/15/2016   29 comments
While Elon Musk and shows like “Westworld” and “Black Mirror” warn against the untapped potential of artificial intelligence, it is already being used in a number of innovative ways from developing new drugs to providing companionship. Here are six applications of AI.
How AI is Teaching Analytics A New Language
Pierre DeBois  
10/31/2016   4 comments
The rise of services based on artificial intelligence is adding more variety and reporting challenges in analytics. Here are tips for marketers to look for in managing AI influenced metrics and reports.
Analytics Pros, Speak Up Now & Get Paid
James M. Connolly  
10/21/2016   12 comments
Check out the Gartner list of technology trends for 2017 and see just how important you and your data analytics pros have become. Then go ask the boss for a raise.
AI: Doomed to Buzzword Status
James M. Connolly  
10/5/2016   24 comments
For all the good that artificial intelligence and machine learning promise the concepts are sure to get swamped by our love affair with buzzwords.
SAS Analytics Experience: Viya and Cognitive Computing
James M. Connolly  
9/13/2016   3 comments
SAS added new tools based on it's Viya analytics platform and turned the focus to cognitive computing, where applications today are advancing their ability to draw conclusions, with many more uses for the concept coming in the future.
Can Tech Make the Call Center a Help Desk?
James M. Connolly  
9/7/2016   32 comments
There are promising new technologies coming for the call center. But the question remains about whether companies value a call center as a tool to improve customer relationships.
 How Machine Learning Takes Handwriting Recognition to New Levels
Digital Audio  
8/25/2016   40 comments
New approaches to machine learning are helping MyScript and other companies add intelligence to applications such as handwriting recognition
Handwriting Recognition Meets Machine Learning
James M. Connolly  
8/23/2016   35 comments
All Analytics Radio explores the realms of handwriting recognition and machine learning. The two are progressing on sort of a parallel course.
The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence
Polly Mitchell-Guthrie  
8/19/2016   21 comments
Learn how artificial intelligence is contributing to the good of society and making our lives better. Presentations at Analytics Experience.
Respect Your Brain, It's a Heck of a Computer
James M. Connolly  
7/22/2016   47 comments
As we continue to view the limitations of the human brain that we think can only be addressed through artificial intelligence, we should take a minute to consider just how amazing that brain is.
I’d Like to Thank the Algorithm that Made this Film Possible
Ariella Brown  
7/11/2016   63 comments
A short film based on an AI-based screenplay may not have been fine cinema but it showed the potential for algorithm driven screenwriting.
Validating AI Adoption in the Enterprise
Kishore Jethanandani  
6/27/2016   3 comments
Artificial intelligence technology is at a point where enterprises have to start trusting it more often for decision making, according to an AI expert from PwC.
How to Judge Technology and Ourselves
James M. Connolly  
5/2/2016   11 comments
It's time to start asking ourselves questions about the role of technology -- particularly intelligent machines like robots -- in our lives and our jobs, including how we can evaluate the performance of our machines.
 When It's Time for a Robot's Job Review
Digital Audio  
4/27/2016   21 comments
The growing use of robots in our lives can call for change in the relationships between humans and machines.
Deep Learning Methods and Applications
Alison Bolen  
4/25/2016   6 comments
A Q&A with SAS VP Oliver Schabenberger provides some insight into how deep learning works, and what machines can and cannot do.
Neural Networks Demystified
Leo Sadovy  
3/29/2016   2 comments
To understand neural networks, picture three layers, input, a target/result, and lots of math in the middle.
Microsoft Tay: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
James M. Connolly  
3/28/2016   32 comments
The misadventures of Microsoft's Tay chatbot provide a learning lesson for everyone who focuses on what technology can do: Consider what can go wrong.
Who Will Be the Masters of Our Universe?
James M. Connolly  
3/11/2016   33 comments
What becomes of the relationship between technology and humans? Will AI serve us, or will we serve AI? Cartertoons offers one view into the future.
Will We Meet Our Masters?
3/11/2016   39 comments
When Machines Revolt
Quick Poll  
3/3/2016   12 comments
Artificial Intelligence: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Leo Sadovy  
3/1/2016   2 comments
Before rushing off into full panic mode over tech leaders' concerns about the future of artificial intelligence, some definitions and perspective would be in order.
Should We Fear AI?
Daniel D. Gutierrez  
2/29/2016   32 comments
Forget about the threat that machines will launch an uprising against the human race. We have one thing that those machines don't, data scientists.
There's a Sucker Invented Every Minute
James M. Connolly  
2/9/2016   23 comments
If consumers in China are moving toward machine-based purchasing, maybe that explains who is paying $150 for bottles of fresh British air.
Semantic Technology in 2016: Increasing Business Value
Luca Scagliarini  
1/7/2016   1 comment
System intelligence that puts text and other unstructured data types in context will take steps in 2016 to help organize data throughout an organization.
Automating Bad Decisions and the Ladder of Inference
Leo Sadovy  
12/18/2015   13 comments
Revisiting the Ladder of Inference highlights the importance of a human role when decision making is otherwise turned over to machines.
Define the Role of the Computer, and Yourself
James M. Connolly  
12/4/2015   13 comments
While computers with the data crunching abilities are taking over some of our roles, it looks like machines are saving some work for humans.
Wikipedia Bets On AI To Rebuild Editor Ranks
Jessica Davis  
12/3/2015   7 comments
Online reference site Wikipedia plans to use a new machine learning service called ORES to automate reviews of revisions to flag problem entries, which Wikipedia says will make it easier for human editors to get their revisions published.
Gartner Says We're in the Algorithmic Economy
David Wagner  
10/12/2015   14 comments
At last week's Gartner Symposium keynote, Gartner analysts put your job front and center for your whole company.
Data-Driven Tech and the Big Plunge
James M. Connolly  
8/20/2015   20 comments
If Gartner's latest Hype Cycle graphic is right, plenty of pet analytics projects are taking the dive into the land of lost innovations.
Driverless Cars Present Ethical Challenges
Ariella Brown  
8/18/2015   162 comments
How will a driverless car make life or death decisions, and whose live takes priority? It's an ethical question that will have to be addressed as self-driving cars take to the road.
 Survive the Digital Transformation
Digital Audio  
8/18/2015   85 comments
Analytics are helping to drive a digital transformation and can help you survive it.
An Algorithm Gets Rhythm
Ariella Brown  
7/8/2015   37 comments
A machine-learning algorithm does rap in Finland, drawing on the thousands of songs by leading rap performers to develop lyrics for new works.
Homo Habilis to Homo Sapiens: From Tool User to Data User
Leo Sadovy  
6/30/2015   2 comments
Tech developments such as robotics don't mean we all lose our jobs. Rather, with analytics we can use our brains to make better use of such tools.
Why You Need to Care about Driverless Cars, AI & Robots
Susan Nunziata  
5/21/2015   39 comments
Everybody loves to talk about a future filled with driverless cars, robots to tend to our every need, and artificial intelligence that can solve our problems. But does it all really matter for CIOs?
Robots Advancing Into Our Murky Future
Lyndon Henry  
2/18/2015   28 comments
Consider what the evolution of robot technology means to you and me, and entire professions in today's workforce.
Robots, DARPA, Food Network: What They Have to Do With Data
David Wagner  
2/2/2015   21 comments
Robots that can watch video and learn from it represent a dream and a nightmare.
IWeek's Big Data Predictions For 2016
Jessica Davis  
1/5/2015   Post a comment
What's in store for big data in 2016? Expect updates in machine learning, real-time data-as-a-service, algorithm markets, Spark, and more.
AI Analytics: 4 Ways They Ape Your Brain
Beth Schultz  
7/25/2014   16 comments
This infographic explores the relationship between our brains and artificial intelligence analytics.
No God in the Machine
Thomas Claburn  
5/8/2014   11 comments
Artificial intelligence cannot replicate human consciousness, say Irish researchers in new study.