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 How Does Your Analytics Initiative Measure Up?
Digital Audio  
5/1/2017   43 comments
Exclusive UBM research highlights the state of analytics in the enterprise.
Electronics Advances Drive Analytics Breakthroughs
Jessica Davis  
4/11/2017   3 comments
SAS CEO and co-founder Dr. Jim Goodnight reminisced about the first computer that ran SAS software, and also demonstrated a voice interface using Amazon Alexa to access SAS Visual Analytics during the recent SAS Global Forum.
SAS Global Forum: Data Analytics Event Heads to Orlando
Jessica Davis  
3/31/2017   5 comments
Looking to network with your peers, listen to presentations about their use cases, find out about the newest SAS platforms enhancements, and meet an astronaut? Then you must be headed to SAS Global Forum 2017.
Nurturing Interest in STEM with Sports Analytics
Jessica Davis  
3/31/2017   8 comments
The end of March and beginning of April offer the best of times for sports fans. Adding sports performance analytics to the March Madness, NHL, MLB mix only makes it better.
Sports Teams Embrace Analytics and the IoT
Lisa Morgan  
3/29/2017   22 comments
Professional sports leagues the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB are all leveraging analytics and IoT in their efforts to improve the games. Here's an overview.
NHL and Fans Score with Predictive Analytics
Lisa Morgan  
3/23/2017   15 comments
How the National Hockey League is using sensors and predictive analytics to learn more about fans and game play.
Don't Let Outliers Sabotage Your Cybersecurity Analytics
Lisa Morgan  
3/10/2017   12 comments
Cybersecurity analytics must balance the lessons of user behavior with the need to maintain service levels for workers while always assuming that the intruder is already inside the network.
Edge Analytics Driving IoT Adoption
Jessica Davis  
3/6/2017   6 comments
Consumer connected devices may get the big headlines, but business and industrial Internet of Things or IoT has gained momentum. A driving force behind its adoption is edge analytics.
CompTIA Adds Cyber Security Analytics Certification
Jessica Davis  
2/20/2017   18 comments
Career prospects are hot for both data analytics pros and cyber security specialists. Now CompTIA is introducing a certification that combines these specialities to apply analytics to cyber security.
HIMSS: Harnessing Analytics For Healthcare
Jessica Davis  
2/15/2017   8 comments
Healthcare organizations have already provided some of the most interesting and promising applications of advanced analytics use cases. The HIMSS 2017 event next week in Orlando will provide a window into what's next.
Are Your Home Appliances Analyzing You?
Maryam Donnelly  
2/8/2017   18 comments
Home appliance manufacturers have latched onto the promise of IoT, adding smart sensors to help consumers track their appliances. Will the data generated and the analytics enabled end up changing how appliances are made in the future?
Understanding Data Streams in IoT
Resource Center  
The Internet of Things creates and maintains data from sensors and devices around the world. The challenge for many organizations? Making sense of this data. With SAS Event Stream Processing, you get the ability to make sense automated decisions on streaming data – and react to new information automatically.
The Internet of Things: Marketing’s Opportunities and Challenges
Resource Center  
IoT brings significant opportunities for marketers by providing unprecedented insights into consumers’ behavior. The insights could be used to create new revenue opportunities for a business and increase customers’ satisfaction by providing relevant interactions.
SAS® Analytics for IoT: Connected Vehicles
Resource Center  
This product brief explains at a high level what SAS Analytics for IoT is (capabilities and components), how it works, how it differs from other solutions, and how it can fit into an organization’s infrastructure.
Discovering the Business Value of Streaming Analytics
Resource Center  
This resource explains streaming analytics and describes how it can enable real-time decision-making based on current evidence. Learn how you can resolve business problems more quickly and make data-driven decisions.
Data Privacy Day: Balancing Protection, Convenience
Jessica Davis  
1/27/2017   36 comments
Data breaches can cost millions and end careers. Consumer identity theft can create huge personal life disruptions. Here's why both consumers and businesses must remember the importance of balancing convenience with protection on Data Privacy Day.
How IoT and AI Devices are Changing Search
Pierre DeBois  
1/10/2017   16 comments
The rise of Amazon Alexa and Google Home introduce a new competitor for search engines -- IoT home devices with supporting AI. Here's how analytics planning must change to accommodate the new world.
 Why the IoT Matters to Your Business
Digital Audio  
11/29/2016   45 comments
In a business world that increasingly is data driven the Internet of Things is making its mark as a key data source and a data challenge
Connecting the Analytic Dots in IoT
Pierre DeBois  
11/28/2016   15 comments
The struggle to learn how customers engage with IoT devices as part of customer experience is real. Here is how marketers can approach strategies with analytics reporting that monitors related traffic in real time.
Yes, the IoT Does Matter to You
James M. Connolly  
11/27/2016   54 comments
Our upcoming All Analytics Radio programs look at the progress of the Internet of Things -- and why it matters to your business -- and how to find the right mix of experience and analytics in the retail sector. Tune in this Tuesday and again on December 6.
IoT: Pioneering New Technologies
James M. Connolly  
11/10/2016   28 comments
Despite all the criticisms of the Internet of Things concept, it's very real, but probably is going through a shakeout stage. What will emerge will be a model focused on efficiency and based on new compute models.
The IoT: Time to Get it Right
James M. Connolly  
11/1/2016   5 comments
The Internet of Things security issues seem close to creating panic in the streets. So, maybe it's time to do IoT security the right way, baked in.
Why Mobile E-Commerce Requires Analytics & IoT
Scott Ferguson  
10/31/2016   4 comments
The amount of data generated by mobile e-commerce is posing new challenges for developers and IT departments. But analytics, IoT, and other tools can help make sense of all that data, according a report from Frost & Sullivan.
Analytics Pros, Speak Up Now & Get Paid
James M. Connolly  
10/21/2016   12 comments
Check out the Gartner list of technology trends for 2017 and see just how important you and your data analytics pros have become. Then go ask the boss for a raise.
Learn What Smart Cities Mean to You
James M. Connolly  
10/18/2016   15 comments
Smart cities and their potential benefits are on the agenda when CompTIA's Tim Herbert joins All Analytics Radio on Thursday, Oct. 20, at 2 pm ET.
AI: Doomed to Buzzword Status
James M. Connolly  
10/5/2016   24 comments
For all the good that artificial intelligence and machine learning promise the concepts are sure to get swamped by our love affair with buzzwords.
Looming Challenge: More Than Agile Management
Pierre DeBois  
10/3/2016   6 comments
Is an emphasis on encouraging managers to understanding technology masking a need to understand a management framework that mesh digital and real-world concerns?
Manufacturing Gets a Well-Deserved Day
James M. Connolly  
9/30/2016   4 comments
Manufacturing Day next week celebrates the role that manufacturing plays in the US and global economies but also highlights the way the manufacturing sector values and utilizes data.
Envision the Too Smart Home
James M. Connolly  
9/27/2016   61 comments
Jon Carter of Cartertoons strikes again, this time making one wonder what happens if the smart home becomes a bit to smart for its owners' britches.
Smart Homes Restore Independence for Veterans
Ariella Brown  
9/19/2016   41 comments
Led by actor Gary Sinise, a pair of organizations are leveraging technology to provide smart homes to disabled veterans.
How Far We've Come With Analytics
Information Graphic  
9/8/2016   5 comments
You might be surprised by the progress that analytics have made in just the five years that All Analytics has been monitoring the field.
Meet the Somewhat Connected Home
James M. Connolly  
8/16/2016   48 comments
Predictions of a boom in connected homes aren't just optimistic, they are based on some pretty low standards.
Open Source Opens the Advancement of Analytics
Pierre DeBois  
8/9/2016   2 comments
O’Reilly Media’s OSCON featured how open source is influencing business operations at every level. Analytics practitioners looking to manage advance tactics should pay attention to the lessons learned.
Privacy Vs Security In A Big Data World
Tamara Dull  
8/5/2016   1 comment
The issues surrounding data privacy and security, as illustrated by the Snowden incident, highlight why there is still work to be done in defining the boundaries of privacy.
Global Bang for the Byte
Quick Poll  
8/1/2016   12 comments
When A City Gets Behind IoT Development
Pierre DeBois  
7/25/2016   9 comments
Chicago’s push for improving civic services through data is leading to IoT innovations, a robust developer community, and an intriguing new seminar demonstrating best practices for analytics practitioners and tech managers
How Real is Real Time?
Lisa Morgan  
7/18/2016   15 comments
The key to implementing real-time analytics is understanding what "real-time" means for your organization and your application.
 Analytics: Where We've Been, Where We're Going
Digital Audio  
7/12/2016   48 comments
Analytics experts discuss the evolution of analytics over the past five years, and look at changes that shape business and our lives moving forward.
A2 Radio: Analytics Progress and the Road Ahead
James M. Connolly  
7/11/2016   9 comments
All Analytics Radio is hosting a discussion with our expert bloggers as we look back at the remarkable progress in the analytics field in recent years, and look ahead to what work still remains.
Where the IoT Brings Disruption
James M. Connolly  
6/23/2016   13 comments
The Internet of Things isn't just about adding a bunch of new connections to existing applications. Look toward the future and how IoT can change the way we do business and how we live.
Intelligent Cars: Questions, Questions, Questions
James M. Connolly  
6/16/2016   6 comments
Speakers from SAS and Cisco will explore some of the questions and some of the answers surrounding the move to intelligent and autonomous cars and trucks during a session at the ISC High Performance conference in Frankfurt.
Mesh Networks Promise to Tap a Wealth of IoT Data
Kishore Jethanandani  
6/3/2016   6 comments
The Internet of Thing’s last mile holds rich data seams that can be opened for data mining with mesh networks.
Yelling Analytics in a Crowded Theater
Leo Sadovy  
6/3/2016   8 comments
Leo Sadovy reflects on six years of writing his Value Alley blog for SAS and how analytics have matured over those same years.
 What the IoT Means to You and Your Insurer
Digital Audio  
5/6/2016   75 comments
The Internet of Things is becoming an agent of change in the insurance industry.
Discuss the IoT and Insurance on A2 Radio
James M. Connolly  
5/5/2016   22 comments
All Analytics Radio hosts Gwenn Bezard of the Aite Group on Friday at noon, as we discuss what the Internet of Things means to the relationship between customers and their insurance companies. We will look at the benefits and possible penalties that await individuals and companies that give insurers access to enterprise and home IoT systems.
All Those Little Internets of Things
James M. Connolly  
5/3/2016   10 comments
The Interop IoT Summit highlighted why it's time to break our image of the Internet of Things into multiple small chunks, so we don't confuse consumer IoT with what goes on at industrial sites and in the commercial world.
Crossing the Digital Divide
Charlie Chase  
4/28/2016   10 comments
The digital divide requires changes up and down the supply chain and recognition of the shifts in customer expectations.
How Analytics Makes The Drive Better
Pierre DeBois  
4/27/2016   51 comments
The rising interest in autonomous vehicles and development environments that support such vehicles highlight new opportunities for analytics.
The Masses Talk IoT, Whatever That Is
James M. Connolly  
4/25/2016   18 comments
The federal government wants the public to comment on the Internet of Things, but even the government can't tell you what the IoT really is.
SAS's New Architecture Highlights the Cloud and Openness
James M. Connolly  
4/19/2016   4 comments
SAS breaks new ground at SAS Global Forum by extending the company's tools through a new cloud architecture and a cloud-delivered customer intelligence tool.
The IoT Takes a Step into Adulthood
James M. Connolly  
4/7/2016   5 comments
Proof that the Internet of Things is maturing is the fact that naming Saturday as Internet of Things Day doesn't draw the snickers that it might have a few years back.
Share in the New 'Analytics Experience'
James M. Connolly  
3/30/2016   2 comments
The Call for Content is open now for session and presentation ideas for the new SAS Analytics Experience 2016 conference coming up in September. The event brings together the business and management themes of the former PBLS and the technical aspects of the Analytics 2015 conference.
 Life in a World of Big Data, Autonomous Cars and IoT
Digital Audio  
3/17/2016   34 comments
Get an update on progress in 2016 in defining the roles for big data, driverless cars, and IoT
A2 Radio: What a Data Analytics Cycle Means to You
James M. Connolly  
3/17/2016   1 comment
Join All Analytics Conversations today at 2 pm EDT when our panel of bloggers discuss how data-enabled new technologies might generate still further breakthroughs with the help of data about us and our companies.
The Internet of Things in the Real World
Information Graphic  
3/8/2016   Post a comment
Data drawn from the A2 Academy highlight the real-world results and opportunities for the IoT.
Ten IoT Articles to Catch You up on the Latest Trend
Alison Bolen  
3/3/2016   12 comments
From building out an IoT application to understanding the modeling techniques you can use, recent articles provide advice on making use of the Internet of Things.
The Next Step for the Grid is to Make it Really Smart
James M. Connolly  
2/4/2016   7 comments
Analytics on the evolving smart grid take center stage next week at the Distributech 2016 conference in Orlando.
Data Analytics Trends to Anticipate in 2016
Venkat Viswanathan  
1/29/2016   70 comments
Watch for integration of mobile devices, better insight into customer behavior, and the emergence of virtual reality in business as we move through 2016.
The IoT Shows Its Worth to Businesses
Thomas Claburn  
1/25/2016   21 comments
The Internet of Things (IoT) can be used for a diverse set of tasks, including opening up new business models. A recent Forrester report explores how businesses are embracing IoT.
Retail Analytics: Living on the Edge
Lenny Liebmann  
1/20/2016   11 comments
Activity at the National Retail Federation's Big Show 2016 in New York highlighted the importance of building out analytics capabilities at the network's edge.
How Far Does IoT Progress in 2016?
James M. Connolly  
1/13/2016   23 comments
The new All Analytics Quick Poll is your opportunity to share your thoughts on where the Internet of Things goes in 2016. Boom, bust, or something in between?
The IoT in 2016
Quick Poll  
1/7/2016   14 comments
The Elephants to Watch Out for in 2016
John Balla  
1/4/2016   12 comments
The Indian story about blind men and the elephant highlighted why you need a complete view of any issue, and that applies to how today's organizations view and respond to their customers.
Intelligence Moves to the Edge of the IoT
Kishore Jethanandani  
12/29/2015   7 comments
The benefits of adding intelligence in the form of algorithms to edge devices in the IoT can provide huge benefits, and advances in technology are enabling developers to build applications that take advantage of that intelligence.
 All Analytics Conversations: Forecasts for Analytics in 2016
Digital Audio  
12/18/2015   3 comments
AllAnalytics.com bloggers share their observations, and maybe go out on a limb, as they look at the world of analytics in 2016.
Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
Leo Sadovy  
12/1/2015   8 comments
Look back almost 70 years to find a definition for information, one that could guide today's analytics initiatives by focusing attention on data that resolves uncertainty or surprises.
Heavy Industry: Where the IoT Pays Dividends
James M. Connolly  
11/11/2015   12 comments
If you want to see where the Internet of Things can provide real value today, check out the heavy industry sector where machines can break, costing companies big money in repairs and lost revenue.
Can IoT Take Us Closer to True Personalization?
James M. Connolly  
11/2/2015   13 comments
Time at last week's SAS conferences in Las Vegas highlighted the role that the Internet of Things can play in driving personalization, even if the IoT does have its limitations.
Analytics of Things: Knowledge Plus Data Fuels Decision Making
Lauren Tucker  
10/26/2015   18 comments
One of the biggest challenges of the Internet of Things concept is the perplexing conundrum of too much data and also not enough.
See How the IoT is Growing Up
James M. Connolly  
10/20/2015   41 comments
We've been talking about the Internet of Things for a few years now. So, stop and think about where IoT is on the maturity scale. Next week's SAS events may provide some insight.
Gartner Says We're in the Algorithmic Economy
David Wagner  
10/12/2015   14 comments
At last week's Gartner Symposium keynote, Gartner analysts put your job front and center for your whole company.
Big Data: It’s Not Just Where You Are
Mary E. Shacklett  
10/6/2015   8 comments
For many companies a move to big data has been limited to use of location data, but there are so many other data types that they can use to make money and keep customers happy.
The IoT: Secure, But Only if You Want It to Be
James M. Connolly  
9/15/2015   5 comments
The Internet of Things doesn't have to be a security nightmare. Companies have an opportunity to get security right, but first they have to take security seriously and be willing to build the IoT from the ground up.
How Energy is Tackling Big Data and the IoT
Anne-Lindsay Beall  
9/4/2015   4 comments
Big data and the Internet of Things are both driving and addressing change in the utility sector.
 Use Mobile Analytics to See the Big Picture
Digital Audio  
9/1/2015   83 comments
Use mobile analytics to track devices far beyond the phone inventory
 Survive the Digital Transformation
Digital Audio  
8/18/2015   85 comments
Analytics are helping to drive a digital transformation and can help you survive it.
What IoT Is & What IoT Ain't
James M. Connolly  
8/3/2015   18 comments
Our new slide show guides you through some of the key takeaways from the recent All Analytics Academy program on the Internet of Things, and offers some perspective on what you can do with IoT today.
Imagining the IoT's Influence
Pierre DeBois  
7/31/2015   23 comments
The Solid conference on new technology highlighted not only the opportunities for the Internet of Things but how analytics pros have to be deeply involved in IoT initiatives.
US Freight Railroads Roll on Analytics
Lyndon Henry  
7/14/2015   29 comments
Railroads are relying heavily on analytics -- eliminating paper-driven and manual processes -- to keep railroads safe and efficient as demand for freight services soars.
Fog Analytics: Bringing Cloud Vapors to IoT Fields
Kishore Jethanandani  
7/2/2015   12 comments
Fog computing places processing where it makes the most sense in a distributed network.
When Value From Analytics Means M-O-N-E-Y
James M. Connolly  
6/25/2015   2 comments
If your organization is ready to embark on its first analytics project, avoid the squishy and find opportunities that translate into revenue or savings.
The Internet of Things as Your Link to Customers
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/23/2015   69 comments
Your organization can use IoT data to strengthen its relationships with customers and business partners.
The IoT: Efficiency and Beyond
James M. Connolly  
6/23/2015   12 comments
The All Analytics Academy: The IoT Joins the Enterprise wraps up today when Zimana's Pierre DeBois examines how the Internet of Things can help to strengthen your ties with customers and trusted partners.
Put Internet of Things Data into Action
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/18/2015   76 comments
When you have your IoT data in hand, it's time to use it for better decision making, improved customer relationships, and operational efficiencies.
Strategies for Managing & Using All That Data
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/16/2015   21 comments
Finding value in IoT data calls for setting up a solid data management, analysis, and security structure.
Radio, Academy & More: No Summer Doldrums Here
James M. Connolly  
6/15/2015   2 comments
All Analytics Radio will be on the air today, launching a flurry of early summer on-air, live, and blog activity.
The IoT Infrastructure, From Device to Database
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/11/2015   71 comments
Implementing an IoT initiative could mean changes to your infrastructure, from sensors up the line to data management tools.
A2 Radio: The Cloud as a Home for Analytics
James M. Connolly  
6/11/2015   Post a comment
Join All Analytics Radio on Monday, June 15 when our guest is blogger and THINKstrategies founder Jeff Kaplan. We'll be talking about the cloud as a suitable home for many analytics applications.
Next Up: An Infrastructure for Your IoT Strategy
James M. Connolly  
6/11/2015   2 comments
Our next All Analytics Academy session -- Thursday, June 11, at 2 pm -- features a look at the infrastructure that supports an IoT strategy. We're not just talking about cables and computers, but people and processes too.
Find Your Opportunities for the Internet of Things
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/9/2015   86 comments
Learn what the IoT means to your organization and the opportunities it brings.
A2 Academy and IoT: On Air Today
James M. Connolly  
6/9/2015   2 comments
Join All Analytics Academy today and throughout June as our expert speakers take you through the key steps in defining and executing on an Internet of Things strategy that will work for your organization.
A2 Academy: How You Can Find Benefits in the IoT
James M. Connolly  
6/1/2015   7 comments
All Analytics kicks off its new A2 Academy next week, providing analytics professionals with valuable advice on how organizations can narrow their focus on the Internet of Things and pursue the benefits that are critical to their organizations.
Digital Data World: Living in Your Digital Wake
Emmett Cox  
5/27/2015   16 comments
Consider just how clear a data trail we might be leaving behind us every day, but also how much of that data is or isn't of value to an organization.
Why You Need to Care about Driverless Cars, AI & Robots
Susan Nunziata  
5/21/2015   39 comments
Everybody loves to talk about a future filled with driverless cars, robots to tend to our every need, and artificial intelligence that can solve our problems. But does it all really matter for CIOs?
Transparency and the Information Arms Race
Leo Sadovy  
5/21/2015   6 comments
Our reliance on data and the threats that reliance brings to an organization or individual could mirror what happened back in the Cambrian explosion.
Vet Referral Traffic Analytics for Safer Data
Pierre DeBois  
5/14/2015   20 comments
Vetting referral traffic is becoming essential to ensure accuracy and, in some instances, security.
SAS's Goodnight & Davis: The Road to Data-Driven Decisions
James M. Connolly  
5/6/2015   18 comments
The Internet of Things and data-driven decision making have made plenty of progress but general adoption, in the corporate world has a way to go. SAS CEO Jim Goodnight and Executive VP Jim Davis shared their thoughts with A2.
Data Integration Across the IoT and Connected Enterprise
Venkat Viswanathan  
5/4/2015   3 comments
As we move deeper into the Internet of Things, consider what something like a Fitbit means to both the consumer and the enterprise.
Join Dave Wagner at the InformationWeek Conference
David Wagner  
4/21/2015   14 comments
All Analytics editor Dave Wagner will be running a session at the InformationWeek conference, part of Interop. Join him to talk analytics with your peers at Big Data Analytics: Top Trends and Challenges, sponsored by AllAnalytics.com.
The Internet of Things: Customer Experience & Marketing Responsibility
John Balla  
4/10/2015   11 comments
While the IoT presents opportunities to improve customer experiences, holding that data requires that a company take responsibility for protecting it.