All Analytics Academy

Data Privacy for You, For All

Data privacy is a cloud that casts a shadow on everything we do as consumers, citizens, and employees. We wonder who might do what with the information that we provide in everyday activities, from our commercial activities to what we post on social media outlets, even as we walk down the street under the eyes of security cameras.

However, for analytics professionals and the business people they support that cloud is bigger and darker, leaving them in the dark as they walk through a dangerous balancing act: Collect and use someone's data to conduct business in new ways but preserve the individual's trust at all times.

It's an act made ever more tricky by new threats from hackers and careless employees, emerging and inconsistent privacy regulations, and demands that business know its customers better. Perhaps the greatest challenge is that a million individuals have a million opinions on what should happen with their data, every mindset from "Do what you want with it, just give me the free service," to "I'm ready to unplug and move to a cabin in the mountains."

There are no easy answers when it comes to data privacy, but there are some best practices, some hard rules that can't be violated, some technical considerations that help, and some ways to understand the right and wrong of managing data.

Our new All Analytics Academy will guide you and your organization around some of the pitfalls you could face on the path to success.

Launching on November 1, the Academy series features expert presenters offering five 30-to-45 minute lectures. Each streaming audio presentation will be accompanied by slides that highlight the challenges that businesses face in using/protecting data, and some techniques to address those challenges. Our speakers' bios will be appearing in the coming weeks.

We have broken down our curriculum to approach the key privacy questions from several aspects
  • Best Practices for Protecting Customer Data
  • Privacy and Your Employees
  • The Infrastructure: Baked-In Privacy
  • The Global Privacy Challenge
  • The Privacy/Marketing Seesaw

Please check out the more in depth session descriptions to the right and sign up today for either individual sessions or the whole series at once by checking the boxes on the calendar page. We hope you will join us for all five sessions during the first two weeks of November. If you miss any of those sessions, they will be available on-demand right after each session ends.

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