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[A2 Academy] AI: How It Impacts Your Organization, Today and in the Future

Are you ready to take your analytics program to the next level? It's time to truly put data to work, and take a giant leap beyond the slickest visualization or dashboard.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is ready to serve as a delivery system for data analytics projects. Natural language processing, machine learning, voice recognition, and advanced search techniques are coming together after working independently in lab and pilot projects for decades. Combinations of those concepts -- as well as the big data foundations enterprises have put in place -- are emerging in the form of prescriptive analytics, cognitive computing, and digital assistants.

Early consumer iterations of AI such as Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, and Alexa may seem cool, nice to have, or frivolous. Yet, take some of these concepts into the corporate environment, and consider the potential value gained. We want systems that can review millions of medical records in search of life-saving treatments. We want safer cars and trucks that might be autonomous, or at least equipped with better collision detection and response systems. We recognize the value in a customer service system that recognizes when a consumer's voice and language indicate growing levels of stress.

Businesses in a global economy see the need for efficient language translation applications. Retailers see opportunities in store systems that recognize return customers and cater to their preferences. Manufacturers and restaurant chains with equipment spread throughout an Internet of Things (IoT) want that network to not only identify failing equipment but launch repairs -- a predictive maintenance model.

We have the opportunity to put AI to work, and, increasingly, we have the right technology.

In response to the AI revolution All Analytics is launching the 2017 A2 Academy, AI: How It Impacts Your Organization, Today and in the Future, a five-part educational series airing in June. Each session will feature expert presentations delivered as streaming audio with accompanying slides, all packed with advice for how you and your organization can use AI concepts to grow revenue, improve efficiency, manage talent, and better serve customers.

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