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HIPAA is supposed to protect the privacy of your medical information, but the sale of anonymized medical data and advances in analytics have made it possible for organizations to re-link your name to your private records.
Career prospects are hot for both data analytics pros and cyber security specialists. Now CompTIA is introducing a certification that combines these specialities to apply analytics to cyber security.
There has been plenty of talk about the need for a chief analytics officer or chief data officer. But do you ever wonder what they do for a living?
Visual analytics tools, can enable non-statistician citizen data scientist to create models that use predictive or prescriptive analytics. These professionals can embed their business knowledge into the models they're testing, prototyping, or building.
Are your digital marketers creating gaps in customer privacy? They could be unless they vet tags and third-party app access.  Here's how to do the vetting.
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Jessica Davis
Data Analysts in Training: Meeting Tomorrow's Demand

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Jessica Davis
Our Bodies, Our Data: Medical Records For Sale

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Jessica Davis
Energy Analytics: Using Data to Find Savings

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Jessica Davis
Sharpen Your Analytics & Data Management Strategy

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Jessica Davis
Analytics: Make the Most of Data's Potential in 2017

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A2 Radio: Can You Trust Your Data?

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James M. Connolly
Retail Analytics: See Where Style Meets Statistics

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Why the IoT Matters to Your Business

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James M. Connolly
Will Data and Humans Become Friends in 2017?

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James M. Connolly
We Can Build Smarter Cities

10/20/2016  LISTEN   31
James M. Connolly
Visualization: Let Your Data Speak

10/13/2016  LISTEN   70
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