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Plotting a Presidential Victory
John Barnes  
8/13/2012   22 comments
Not who won, or who will win, but how he can win -- the third use for metric graphics.
Call for Speakers: Share Your Knowledge at Text Analytics World
Tom Reamy  
5/30/2012   7 comments
Presentation proposals for the fall Text Analytics World, in Boston Oct. 3 and 4, are due Friday, June 8.
Comment: Re: Luck and learning - rbaz - 5/28/2012
Comment: Re: Books - WaqasAltaf - 5/27/2012
'Shard' Your Database & Speed Analytics Processing
Paul Burns  
5/24/2012   17 comments
This technique can help boost performance of your analytics environment.
Assessing an Analytics Role for the C-Suite
Beth Schultz  
5/17/2012   14 comments
Take our quick poll and let us know whether or not your organization would benefit from having a chief analytics officer.
Comment: Re: GUI World - bulk - 3/26/2012
Wanted: 'Warlock' Analyst for Dungeons & Dragons
Shawn Hessinger  
3/19/2012   19 comments
Business analytics can create magic in the world of online gaming.
To Code or Point & Click: The BI Dilemma
Beth Schultz  
2/27/2012   28 comments
In Friday's e-chat, participants discussed the merits of coding vs. using graphical user interfaces provided by BI tool makers.
Comment: Re: Counter Strategy - John Barnes - 2/23/2012
Understanding Comes With Normalized Medians
John Barnes  
2/23/2012   19 comments
How a normalized median graph can help get your point across.
Surveys & Social Media Analytics Make Dynamic Duo
Shawn Hessinger  
2/3/2012   12 comments
Recent e-chat participants discussed the benefits of combining good surveys with smart social media analytics.
Comment: Re: Survey monkeys - sgittlen - 1/30/2012
How to Battle Survey Fatigue
Sandra Gittlen  
1/30/2012   37 comments
Channeling Eminem and other advice on how to create more effective customer surveys.
Comment: Re: Very Cool! - Joe Stanganelli - 1/29/2012
Survey Fatigue Could Boost Social Media Mining
Shawn Hessinger  
1/11/2012   5 comments
Customers are getting tired of answering survey questions and giving feedback, so marketers may resort to data mining, especially on social media.
Take Our Quick Poll: Reading Sentiment With Text Analytics
Shawn Hessinger  
1/4/2012   5 comments
Our newest poll explores uses for text analytics and sentiment analysis. Please participate.
Quick Poll: No Single Modeling Technique Dominates the Enterprise
Beth Schultz  
12/5/2011   9 comments
While predictive analytics and statistical modeling garnered the most votes, neither dominated our polling.
Viral Vampires: How to Measure a Marketing Hashtag's Potency
John Barnes  
11/18/2011   13 comments
The epidemiological equation can help marketers figure out which hashtags offer their best chance for spreading the word.
Comment: Culture and Cost - Maryam@Impact - 11/14/2011
Comment: Re: E-chat ... - magneticnorth - 10/31/2011
In Marketing, Why You Should Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Shawn Hessinger  
10/20/2011   10 comments
Predictive Analytics World program chairman Eric Siegel proposes a way to create analytics modeling for maximum impact.
Jury Still Out on UK Analytics Decision
Shawn Hessinger  
10/12/2011   11 comments
Could Bayes ruling really spell the end of statistical evidence?
Best Surveys Might Be Email-Prompted (or Not?)
Shawn Hessinger  
10/11/2011   28 comments
What does our quick poll on surveys suggest about the best way to get data from your customers?
For Best Analytics Work, See What's Not There
John Barnes  
9/26/2011   27 comments
Don't fall into the trap of analyzing the wrong population.
Analytics No Fad at Chico's
Shawn Hessinger  
9/22/2011   5 comments
This women's specialty retailer relies on advanced analytics to keep it a step ahead of its customers' fashion wants and desires.
Comment: Like - Joe Stanganelli - 9/20/2011
Comment: Re: 100 percent - Shawn Hessinger - 9/16/2011
Comment: Apple - Joe Stanganelli - 8/29/2011
Comment: Re: Survey frustration - GilPress - 8/22/2011
Comment: Re: Survey frustration - Jaime - 8/22/2011
Survey Smarts: JCPenney Asks a Great Question
John Barnes  
8/15/2011   26 comments
How adding this one simple question to your survey will give you a way to distinguish real customers providing honest feedback for high-quality analysis from the freebie seekers.
Comment: Re: Thanks! - John Barnes - 8/6/2011
Let's Make Friends With the Friendly Elephant, Zipf
John Barnes  
7/18/2011   10 comments
Just like trying to ignore an elephant in the room, you might get squished while pretending Zipf isn't there.

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