We Can Build Smarter Cities

More than half of the global population now lives in cities or within their extended metropolitan boundaries, and the percentage -- the congestion -- will only continue to grow. So, governments have to rethink how they do business in cities, providing citizen services, ensuring safety, and keeping taffic, food, water, and power flowing.

At the heart of the urban planning strategies is the Internet of Things. The IoT can help to make our cities smarter.

If you live or work in a city, you need to understand what smart city technologies can do for you and other citizens. All Analytics Radio is looking at the trends, opportunities, and challenges in building or enabling smart cities.

Tim Herbert is senior vice president of research and market intelligence for the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA). Under his leadership, CompTIA produces a wide range of research and analysis covering technology and workforce trends.

Herbert joins All Analytics Radio at 2 pm Eastern time on Thursday, October 20, to discuss CompTIA's recent research into how technology can make our cities more efficient and safer. In this event you will learn more about:

  • How cities are identifying the sections of cities that are most in need of key services
  • How cities can become sustainable through effective energy use and clean technologies
  • How planners can ease traffic congestion while helping people move throughout a city
  • How cities can better deliver healthcare
  • How advanced police concepts make cities safer for citizens and visitors

Tune in to All Analytics Radio on October 20 to learn more.

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