Data Analysts in Training: Meeting Tomorrow's Demand

As the internet and availability of data has disrupted many industries, one career field that continues to experience high demand is data analytics. Organizations that are looking to get value out of their data and compete in a new economy need these professionals to make it all work. And yet big consulting firms such as McKinsey Global Institute have been forecasting a shortfall in the talent available to meet the demand.

To meet the need, colleges and universities have been bolstering their analytics offerings. The number of Masters degree programs in various analytics specialties have increased significantly over the past five years. Analytics education is also more likely to be embedded into the core curriculum for students studying a range of subjects at the undergraduate level, too.

Roanoke College in Virginia is one of the institutions that has been developing such a curriculum. This liberal arts college has added the study of econometrics to its Economics major, giving students training in and hands on experience using analytics software.

Join us as we welcome Dr. Alice Louise Kassens, a professor of economics at Roanoke, to All Analytics radio on Wednesday, March 8 at 1 pm ET/10 am PT. Dr. Kassens will address the larger question how about higher education is embracing analytics curriculum, and also provide details about her efforts at Roanoke.

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