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Point: Data Visualization Calls for Specialization
Point / Counterpoint  
3/19/2013   28 comments
Companies seeking to extract maximum value from data and statistics need a specialized data visualization expert.
Counterpoint: Train for Data Visualization Skills
Point / Counterpoint  
3/19/2013   9 comments
Chances are you've already got good data visualization experts on staff, even if you don't know it yet.
Customer-Centric Banking Analytics Scares Me
Point / Counterpoint  
1/30/2013   14 comments
Banks have tons of customer data at their disposal; unfortunately not all will use it scrupulously.
What Banks Know About You Could Be Good
Point / Counterpoint  
1/30/2013   24 comments
If banks want to know more about consumers, and act on it with customized offers, then let them have at it.
To Buy or Not to Buy, Right Now
Point / Counterpoint  
12/17/2012   30 comments
Using big-data to drive retail prices up and down several times a day just seems likely to make already skittish consumers more anxious.
Have I Got a Deal for You
Point / Counterpoint  
12/17/2012   48 comments
Dynamic pricing is a win-win for retailers and their customers.
Those Who Can Do, Those Who Can't, Get Certified
Point / Counterpoint  
11/28/2012   18 comments
Your time is too valuable to spend studying for a certification exam.
No Harm in Getting a Data-Mining Certification
Point / Counterpoint  
11/28/2012   21 comments
From personal experience, I know the value of pursuing certification.
NBA Could Win Big With Advanced Analytics
Point / Counterpoint  
11/7/2012   4 comments
Some love the idea and others hate it, but advanced analytics will guide court decisions for evermore.
Analytics No Easy Layup for the NBA
Point / Counterpoint  
11/7/2012   13 comments
Basketball analytics naysayers point to the questionable, and presumably data-driven, decision making going on at the Houston Rockets.
All Hail Twitter as Presidential Predictor
Point / Counterpoint  
10/17/2012   15 comments
As Twitter and associated social media analytics platforms advance, mining tweets for presidential sentiments is a worthwhile pursuit.
Don't Count on Twitter for Presidential Predictions
Point / Counterpoint  
10/17/2012   18 comments
Twitter on its own won't do much good in forecasting results of the 2012 presidential election.
Automation Will Change Data Science Beyond Recognition
Point / Counterpoint  
9/27/2012   16 comments
Over time and with automation, data science will devolve to the preparation, management, and integration of data collections, and managing data provenance.
Data Scientists Will Not Be Replaced by Automation
Point / Counterpoint  
9/27/2012   33 comments
Humans must do the work of data science.
The Advanced Analytics Degree: Worth Its Weight in Debt
Point / Counterpoint  
8/30/2012   21 comments
If you do your due diligence, getting an advanced analytics degree can prove well worth your time and money.
The Advanced Analytics Degree: Don't Risk the Headlong Rush
Point / Counterpoint  
8/30/2012   13 comments
Investing in internal career development may prove the smarter move than immediately plunking down dollars for an advanced analytics degree.
Closed-Source Software for When You Are Serious
Point / Counterpoint  
8/15/2012   23 comments
Why the downsides of open-source software outweigh the positives for enterprise deployment.
The Case for Using Open-Source Software
Point / Counterpoint  
8/15/2012   8 comments
Open-source enterprise software doesn't deserve an automatic dismissal. Here's why.
The Analytics CoE: Don't Get Smashed on the Rocks
Point / Counterpoint  
8/2/2012   13 comments
The analytics CoE has great appeal on its face, but its wrought with danger points.
The Analytics CoE: Don't Lose Sight of Its Importance
Point / Counterpoint  
8/2/2012   9 comments
Why establishing an analytics Center of Excellence is a necessary goal for any organization serious about analytics-fueled decision-making.
Don't Let Fear Get in Way of De-Identified Data's Use
Point / Counterpoint  
7/20/2012   13 comments
Though concerns about using de-identified data are legitimate, the benefits outweigh the risks.
The Myth of De-Identification
Point / Counterpoint  
7/20/2012   15 comments
De-identified only means that it would be difficult to re-identify the people in the original record. It doesn't mean it would be impossible.
Point: Let's Hit the Reset Button on Traditional Data Analytics
Point / Counterpoint  
7/2/2012   9 comments
No time like the present to start the drive to the Hadoop framework.
Counterpoint: Plan Carefully for Next-Generation Data Analytics
Point / Counterpoint  
7/2/2012   11 comments
As tempting as the idea may be, you won't be able to toss out the old in favor of a brand-new data analytics architecture.
Point: If You're Contending with 'Big-Data,' Outsource Please
Point / Counterpoint  
6/8/2012   18 comments
Don't let big-data analytics turn into a big waste of time for your internal resources and drain your budget.
Counterpoint: Insourcing Is the Answer for Big-Data Analytics
Point / Counterpoint  
6/8/2012   19 comments
If we systematically and methodically evaluate our situations, we will see that insourcing is the overall better option for our big-data analytic requirements.
Point: Why All Analytics Shouldn't Report to IT
Point / Counterpoint  
5/21/2012   4 comments
Don't cut analytic endeavors short by placing the function in IT.
Counterpoint: IT Must Fight for Analytics Thought Leadership
Point / Counterpoint  
5/21/2012   12 comments
Why IT would be foolish to let critical analytics capabilities slip away.
Point: When You Don't Need to Hire for Text Analytics Expertise
Point / Counterpoint  
5/4/2012   12 comments
In her Point argument, Hurwitz's Fern Halper asserts that not every instance of text analytics requires hiring or contracting for speciality expertise.
Counterpoint: Why You Need to Bring In Text Analytics Expertise
Point / Counterpoint  
5/4/2012   11 comments
In his Counterpoint argument, KAPS Group's Tom Reamy says text analytics projects, at least at the start, require expertise not typically found internally.
Best Analytics Approach: Holmes vs. Columbus
Point / Counterpoint  
4/16/2012   15 comments
Those who approach today's data analytics challenges with an explorer's mentality are foolish, argues Piyanka Jain, CEO and president of Aryng, in this Point/Counterpoint post.
Symbiotic Duality of Learning: Holmes & Columbus, Not Holmes vs. Columbus
Point / Counterpoint  
4/16/2012   8 comments
A critical analytics success factor is being problem-driven, like detectives, and discovery-driven, like explorers, argues Dhiraj Rajaram, CEO of Mu Sigma, in this Point/Counterpoint debate.
GUI Schmooey ‒ You Need to Know Code!
Point / Counterpoint  
3/26/2012   18 comments
Only coders can understand what's happening behind the dashboard with all those jazzy GUIs and brightly colored pictures, argues blogger Joe Stanganelli in this Point/Counterpoint debate.
Still Coding? That's Crazy ‒ Go With the GUI
Point / Counterpoint  
3/26/2012   17 comments
For greatest competitive advantage, you want to build, release, fail, and iterate fast -- and only a BI GUI can let you do that, argues IT consultant Phil Charles in this Point/Counterpoint debate.
Scale Up With HPC for Best Analytics Support
Point / Counterpoint  
3/9/2012   9 comments
Scaling out in the cloud is increasingly touted as a good option for analytics processing, but in this Point/Counterpoint piece one IT writer argues the strengths of an internal high-performance computing infrastructure.
Why Scale-Out Computing Rocks for Analytics
Point / Counterpoint  
3/9/2012   11 comments
Scaling out across the server infrastructure provides much needed agility on top of processing oomph, says one IT expert in this Point/Counterpoint debate.
Don't Rule Out an Enterprise BI Standard
Point / Counterpoint  
2/24/2012   11 comments
In this Point/Counterpoint debate, BI consultant Steve Williams argues the need for an enterprise BI standard no matter the hard work getting there requires.
Don't Bother With an Enterprise BI Standard
Point / Counterpoint  
2/24/2012   20 comments
In this Point/Counterpoint debate, BI watcher Matthew Brodsky argues that enterprise BI standards don't match the facts "on the ground" and could stop innovation in its tracks.
Get Your Analytics Master's Now
Point / Counterpoint  
2/10/2012   27 comments
In this Point/Counterpoint debate, Cordell Wise argues that more and deeper analytics master's programs are needed to fill a talent gap.
The Coming of the Analytics Business School
Point / Counterpoint  
2/10/2012   23 comments
In this Point/Counterpoint debate, Gil Press argues why analytics disciplines need to be woven into core business management degree programs.
Why Sentiment Analysis Needs Text Analytics
Point / Counterpoint  
1/23/2012   24 comments
In this Point/Counterpoint debate, text analytics expert Tom Reamy explains why he sees the need to incorporate sentiment analysis as part of text analytics.
Why Sentiment Analysis Doesn't Depend on Text Analytics
Point / Counterpoint  
1/23/2012   29 comments
In this Point/Counterpoint debate, analyst Seth Grimes explains why he thinks sentiment analysis can deliver without text analytics.
Klout Is No Real Measure of Your Influence
Point / Counterpoint  
1/6/2012   23 comments
In this Point/Counterpoint debate, social media analytics expert Marshall Sponder argues that Klout is no measure of anybody's influence.
Give Klout Some Credit
Point / Counterpoint  
1/6/2012   22 comments
In this Point/Counterpoint blog, AllAnalytics.com Editor in Chief Beth Schultz explains why Klout scores warrant attention.
Outside the Box: The Rise of Big Data Storage
Point / Counterpoint  
12/16/2011   15 comments
Gil Press, an independent consultant, argues that enterprise storage disappears as big data matures.
Big Data Doesn't Give Enterprise Storage the Boot
Point / Counterpoint  
12/16/2011   25 comments
Sandra Gittlen, an IT writer, doesn't see enterprise storage disappearing as big data grows.
The US Statistical Abstract Is Worth Saving & You Should Help
Point / Counterpoint  
11/30/2011   15 comments
In this Point/Counterpoint debate, John Barnes argues that the recent decision by Congress to ditch funding for the US Statistical Abstract is bad for market analysts.
No Need to Fret Over Statistical Abstract's Demise
Point / Counterpoint  
11/30/2011   17 comments
In this Point/Counterpoint debate, AllAnalytics.com community editor Shawn Hessinger says the US Statistical Abstract has run its course.
Every Picture Tells a Story, Don't It?
Point / Counterpoint  
11/16/2011   21 comments
In this Point/Counterpoint debate blog, marketing analytics expert Maryam Donnelly discusses the power of infographics and data visualizations.
Watch Out for Rampant Data Visualization Use
Point / Counterpoint  
11/16/2011   25 comments
In this Point/Counterpoint debate, AllAnalytics.com Editor in Chief Beth Schultz challenges the notion that it's all good when it comes to data visualizations.
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