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Curbing Human Trafficking with Analytics
Joe Stanganelli  
7/12/2016   28 comments
Dun&Bradstreet is tapping its huge database of company information to identify suppliers that have potential human trafficking violations that would be of concern to customers concerned about sustainability.
Clean Your Data with Visualization and Algorithmic Tests
Joe Stanganelli  
4/20/2016   1 comment
Speakers at Bio-IT World explore techniques for biotech researchers and others working with big data to identify the accurate data in their data files.
Data Sharing: A Matter of Life and Death
Joe Stanganelli  
4/13/2016   4 comments
Cooperation among medical researchers -- done right -- very simply can mean lives saved, but the research community needs education on how to execute on that collaboration.
Campaign Digital Marketing, Is Less Is More or Is More More?
Joe Stanganelli  
3/12/2016   19 comments
Research into the digital marketing campaigns of some of the presidential candidates raises the question of how much voter messaging is appropriate and who should get which types of messages.
Predicting the Unplanned Outage
Joe Stanganelli  
7/28/2014   21 comments
Predictive asset maintenance analytics is finding its niche across industries, from automotive to oil and gas.
Post Snowden, Google Users Change Habits
Joe Stanganelli  
7/2/2014   11 comments
Researchers have pinpointed changes in the way Internet searchers use Google now that word of NSA surveillance has spread.
Healthcare Data Debate: Privacy vs. Public Good
Joe Stanganelli  
6/18/2014   11 comments
Genome researchers discuss the risks and rewards of DNA data sharing at the recent Bio-IT World Conference.
Thinking on NSA Excess & Enterprise Implications
Joe Stanganelli  
11/13/2013   17 comments
Enterprises engaged in big data analytics ought to think about negative consequences, à la what the NSA is experiencing given its data extravaganza.
Congressional Tweets Tell a Disturbing Story
Joe Stanganelli  
10/23/2013   20 comments
An NYU professor uses linguistic analysis of Congressional tweets to help discern the degree to which legislators deviate from or adhere to their constituents' preferences.
Brits Turn to Twitter to Gauge National Mood
Joe Stanganelli  
9/16/2013   31 comments
EMOTIVE is a linguistic sentiment analysis tool that scans UK-based Twitter posts to determine how the British are feeling today.
Question Order Can Make a Difference in the Data You Collect
Joe Stanganelli  
4/30/2012   10 comments
Smart survey creators order questions appropriately to get the best data out of respondents.
Considering Your Analytics in Retrospect
Joe Stanganelli  
2/13/2012   5 comments
Why a "two-steps backward" process works great when thinking about your data and the resulting analytics.
E-Chat Today: Tedious Questions & Other Potential Survey Killers
Joe Stanganelli  
2/2/2012   21 comments
The survey data you get for your analytics is only as good as the questions you ask -- and they better be on point and of value.
If You Want Better Data, Change Your Culture
Joe Stanganelli  
11/11/2011   34 comments
When respondents are pressured to respond with highest ratings, you get little value in the data collected.
Three Little Tricks for Boosting Survey Effectiveness
Joe Stanganelli  
10/17/2011   20 comments
An organizational expert shares subtle ways to ensure you get the best survey responses for your business intelligence initiatives.
Survey Again & Again for 'Just Right' Results
Joe Stanganelli  
10/4/2011   13 comments
Like Goldilocks, don't settle for mediocre survey data.
CRM Analytics Takes More Than Analytics
Joe Stanganelli  
9/23/2011   13 comments
Gathering all the customer data in the world doesn't matter a bit if you don't use it to satisfy customers.
Why One-Question Surveys Make for Bad Analytics
Joe Stanganelli  
8/22/2011   35 comments
Netflix and other companies that have one-question customer satisfaction surveys are shortchanging analytics potential.