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Privilege & Responsibility: Reflections on a Career
Gary Cokins  
8/7/2012   Post a comment
Privilege brings with it responsibility to yourself and others.
Analytics Blogger: Journalist or Personal Diary?
Gary Cokins  
7/31/2012   4 comments
I cannot determine if I write like a journalist or as if I am sharing with readers my personal diary. What is the difference?
Analytics & Big-Data: Press 'Pause' on the Stairmaster
Gary Cokins  
7/25/2012   1 comment
Technology is no longer the impediment to driving corporate improvement – culture and leadership style are.
Analytics in a 'City That Works'
Gary Cokins  
7/17/2012   7 comments
Chicago is known as a "city that works." But guess what? So is New York, thanks to analytics.
Analytics Admittance: Adults Unaccompanied by Minors
Gary Cokins  
7/10/2012   3 comments
Analysts should be allowed play time to explore. It provides them time to let their curiosity and imagination go full steam ahead.
Why Will Analytics Be the Next Competitive Edge?
Gary Cokins  
7/3/2012   3 comments
Analytics is becoming a competitive edge for organizations. It is no longer nice to have, but mission critical.
Board of Directors’ Dashboards: Navigation or Naivete?
Gary Cokins  
6/26/2012   2 comments
Many corporate boards remain confused about the differences between a balanced scorecard and a dashboard, as well as what defines key performance indicators.
Analytics Is Like Dentistry – All on the Inside
Gary Cokins  
6/19/2012   8 comments
BI and business analytics let organizations see inside and find ways to improve operations.
Intelligent People but Stupid Choices – Try Using Analytics!
Gary Cokins  
6/12/2012   6 comments
Let the analytics show, I'll Have Another wouldn't have won the Belmont Stakes anyways.
Horse Racing’s Triple Crown – Just Like Business Analysts
Gary Cokins  
6/5/2012   Post a comment
Like racehorses, business analysts can be starters, stalkers, or deep closers.
Analytics & EPM: You've Read Me, Now Hear Me
Gary Cokins  
5/29/2012   Post a comment
Put on your listening ears to hear me discuss analytics and enterprise performance management.
Being Wrong vs. Being Confused
Gary Cokins  
5/22/2012   7 comments
Don't be either; instead, strive to be smarter and safer.
Analytics for Creating More Choices
Gary Cokins  
5/15/2012   1 comment
How more options can be possible in your business.
Tried & Died. One & Done. Learning From Failures.
Gary Cokins  
5/9/2012   1 comment
Here's a look at how to learn from implementations that fail.
An Analytics Story Problem: When Will 2 Trains Collide?
Gary Cokins  
5/3/2012   Post a comment
Analytics solves the problems complicating your business.
Please Put the Shower Curtain Inside the Bathtub!
Gary Cokins  
4/24/2012   8 comments
The real barrier to adopting analytics has nothing to do with technology.
Kaplan & Norton’s Future Vision of the Balanced Scorecard
Gary Cokins  
4/17/2012   Post a comment
Defining enterprise performance management.
Analytics Takes the Thumb off the Scale
Gary Cokins  
4/10/2012   2 comments
Analytics should lead to fact-driven decision-making, but is that always the case?
Business Analytics Is a Big Sham & Overrated!
Gary Cokins  
4/2/2012   1 comment
Gary Cokins shares some thoughts you may find hard to believe.
The Waiter Eventually Arrives With the Check
Gary Cokins  
3/29/2012   5 comments
Your best analytics solution is like a fine restaurant.
Once Unimaginable Analytics That Are Now Practical
Gary Cokins  
3/22/2012   11 comments
San Francisco introduces a plan to reduce traffic congestion with analytics.
The Perils of Analysts Demanding Perfection & Precision
Gary Cokins  
3/14/2012   2 comments
There is a deference between perfect results and those that are good enough on which to base a decision.
Analytics a Basic for Presidential Campaigns
Gary Cokins  
3/7/2012   2 comments
As in any other business pursuit, presidential campaign is about optimization.
C-Suite Limericks: Benefits From Business Analytics
Gary Cokins  
2/29/2012   4 comments
A limerick shows us the benefit of business analytics.
The Academy Awards & Business Analytics
Gary Cokins  
2/23/2012   3 comments
What Oscars nominees can teach us about business intelligence.
Watch My Hips, Not My Lips
Gary Cokins  
2/15/2012   7 comments
Gary Cokins examines how management styles apply to business intelligence.
Beethoven & Business Analytics
Gary Cokins  
2/8/2012   5 comments
Gary Cokins explores Beethoven's "heroic" period and its relationship to the challenge of implementing analytics solutions.
Accountants’ Darkest Time Is Just Before the Dawn
Gary Cokins  
2/2/2012   5 comments
We celebrate the return of managerial accounting.’s CPM Conference: CFOs See FOs
Gary Cokins  
1/26/2012   3 comments
How to cut through big data for the truth.
Who Are the Animals of Analytics-Based Enterprise Performance Management?
Gary Cokins  
1/17/2012   Post a comment
Users of enterprise analytics comprise a variety of animal types, all categorized here by Cokins.
Ambiguity & Uncertainty Are Your Friends
Gary Cokins  
1/10/2012   3 comments
Analysts thrive on the search for the truth and should never fear uncertainty.
Joseph Farrell (1935-2011): Cinema Analytics Pioneer
Gary Cokins  
1/4/2012   2 comments
An analytics expert changed the way Hollywood makes movies.
2012 New Year's Resolutions for CEOs & Executives
Gary Cokins  
12/27/2011   16 comments
What is your New Year's resolution for making your company better?
Why Will Analytics Be the Next Competitive Edge?
Gary Cokins  
12/21/2011   7 comments
In the future, companies that lack an understanding of analytics may be unable to survive.
Can Analytics Make Your Work More Fun?
Gary Cokins  
12/13/2011   5 comments
Gary Cokins looks at the enjoyment many workers can get from the team effort of improving their company's performance.
Planner, Pioneer, Explorer – Which Are You?
Gary Cokins  
12/6/2011   5 comments
What kind of analytics professional is working for your company: a planner, a pioneer, or an explorer?
Who Are More Effective – Specialists or Generalists?
Gary Cokins  
11/29/2011   10 comments
Gary Cokins examines the art of prediction and how it applies to the understanding of analytics tools in an unpredictable world.
In One Eye & Out the Other
Gary Cokins  
11/22/2011   6 comments
Managers and employees should use caution when making decisions about a company's future and dig deep for answers to their questions buried in the data that can be sorted out with analytics.
Analytics Yield Loss: From Research to Use
Gary Cokins  
11/15/2011   2 comments
Cokins asks the reason for the degradation between academic research and the conversion of those ideas into applications – then answers his own question.
Charles T. Horngren (1926-2011), Accounting Professor
Gary Cokins  
11/8/2011   6 comments
One of the giants of management accounting has passed away and Gary Cokins honors him.
Can Analytics Create People Who Can Lead?
Gary Cokins  
11/2/2011   6 comments
Analysts of today may have the qualities of leadership.
A Craigslist Advertisement for Analytics
Gary Cokins  
10/25/2011   9 comments
What is the difference between business intelligence and business analytics?
Start Small, Think Big
Gary Cokins  
10/18/2011   5 comments
If you're grappling with how to get going with business analytics, flexibility helps.
The Best Part of the Annual Budget Is When It Is Over!
Gary Cokins  
10/11/2011   4 comments
A tribute to Jeremy Hope and his radical thinking.
What Have I Learned on International Business Trips?
Gary Cokins  
10/4/2011   3 comments
Gary Cokins talks about lessons learned on the road while spreading the word about business analytics.
Moving From Possibility to Probability With Analytics
Gary Cokins  
9/27/2011   1 comment
Nirvana would see companies combining advanced analytics, reliable forecasting techniques, and a powerful computational software engine for real-time predictive analysis.
Analytics: Is It the Wind Or Weather Vane?
Gary Cokins  
9/20/2011   2 comments
Do analytics simply provide the direction of a decision or the insights to the foundational forces driving organizations toward optimal performance?'s CPM Conference: Show & Tell Success Stories
Gary Cokins  
9/14/2011   Post a comment
CFO conference wraps up with great anecdotal evidence of corporate performance management successes from companies such as AT&T, Gilead Sciences, and Showtime Networks.’s CPM Conference: Davenport on Analytics, Eckerson on Big Data
Gary Cokins  
9/14/2011   Post a comment
Delivering insight for business intelligence leaders, the conference is about moving the dial on business analytics.’s CPM Conference: Why Is Budgeting Broken?
Gary Cokins  
9/12/2011   2 comments
More on the’s Corporate Performance Management conference from Gary Cokins.
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