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Avoid Failure in Self-Service Analytics
Pierre DeBois  
8/31/2017   4 comments
Self-service analytics is becoming a popular option, but there are some steps professionals should use to make sure that they are interpreting results correctly, working well with others, and avoiding mishaps in reporting.
How Voice Assistants Impact SEO, Machine Learning
Pierre DeBois  
8/8/2017   24 comments
Amazon is making an impact in voice search with its Amazon Echo and Alexa ecosystem of products. The rise of Alexa shows how machine learning strategy ultimately becomes an effective sales and business strategy.
Understanding Social Media with Sentiment Analysis
Pierre DeBois  
7/20/2017   30 comments
The rise of social media has led to a drive to understand all the new data it generates. Here's a look at how sentiment analysis can be applied.
Predictive Analytics Troubleshooting: Identify Categorical Data Bias
Pierre DeBois  
6/13/2017   7 comments
Undetected data bias can render a launched predictive prototype model useless. Don't let it happen to you. Here's a look at the biases possible and where marketers and agencies should start in their efforts to detect bias.
Machine Learning Provides Competitive Edge in Retail
Pierre DeBois  
4/25/2017   20 comments
Amazon is establishing machine learning as a crucial competitive element to personalize customer experience and build sales.
Analytics Career Journey: Making Business, Lives Better
Pierre DeBois  
3/30/2017   27 comments
Technology skills can take you through multiple careers that make lives, businesses, and communities better. Here's the story of one such career journey.
How Third Parties Can Hurt Your Marketing Analytics
Pierre DeBois  
2/16/2017   12 comments
Are your digital marketers creating gaps in customer privacy? They could be unless they vet tags and third-party app access.  Here's how to do the vetting.
How IoT and AI Devices are Changing Search
Pierre DeBois  
1/10/2017   16 comments
The rise of Amazon Alexa and Google Home introduce a new competitor for search engines -- IoT home devices with supporting AI. Here's how analytics planning must change to accommodate the new world.
Connecting the Analytic Dots in IoT
Pierre DeBois  
11/28/2016   15 comments
The struggle to learn how customers engage with IoT devices as part of customer experience is real. Here is how marketers can approach strategies with analytics reporting that monitors related traffic in real time.
How AI is Teaching Analytics A New Language
Pierre DeBois  
10/31/2016   4 comments
The rise of services based on artificial intelligence is adding more variety and reporting challenges in analytics. Here are tips for marketers to look for in managing AI influenced metrics and reports.
Looming Challenge: More Than Agile Management
Pierre DeBois  
10/3/2016   6 comments
Is an emphasis on encouraging managers to understanding technology masking a need to understand a management framework that mesh digital and real-world concerns?
Keeping Online Retail Legal
Pierre DeBois  
9/9/2016   54 comments
With more ways to engage customers there are more ways to cross legal boundaries. A look at how marketers can avoid pitfalls.
Open Source Opens the Advancement of Analytics
Pierre DeBois  
8/9/2016   2 comments
O’Reilly Media’s OSCON featured how open source is influencing business operations at every level. Analytics practitioners looking to manage advance tactics should pay attention to the lessons learned.
When A City Gets Behind IoT Development
Pierre DeBois  
7/25/2016   9 comments
Chicago’s push for improving civic services through data is leading to IoT innovations, a robust developer community, and an intriguing new seminar demonstrating best practices for analytics practitioners and tech managers
Can Twitter and Open Source Analytics Predict the Next American President?
Pierre DeBois  
7/1/2016   26 comments
A few years ago we discussed Twitter’s influence on elections and voter sentiment. Now we examine how Twitter’s social influence has changed and impacted analytics as a result.
Ecommerce + IoT + Amazon = Not Just Web Analytics
Pierre DeBois  
5/26/2016   16 comments
Amazon’s emphasis on the Internet of Things in its strategic moves demonstrates how web analytics is no longer just about the web.
How Analytics Makes The Drive Better
Pierre DeBois  
4/27/2016   51 comments
The rising interest in autonomous vehicles and development environments that support such vehicles highlight new opportunities for analytics.
The Slow Death of Vanity Metrics
Pierre DeBois  
3/9/2016   13 comments
The increasing demand for understanding customer preferences in advanced analytics means managers have become more report savvy and less stuck on vanity metrics.
Kicking The Analytic Tires
Pierre DeBois  
2/1/2016   15 comments
As we can learn from automakers like Ford, effective study of customer needs and activity generate data that can create a renaissance within any company.
Watching YouTube Means Watching Retail Opportunities
Pierre DeBois  
1/11/2016   42 comments
As more content providers discover the programming value of YouTube, YouTube Analytics becomes more valuable. Retailers should not overlook the engagement value of the viewing platform.
Moving Mobile Faster With Customer Analytics
Pierre DeBois  
12/8/2015   6 comments
Mobile is already here, but companies must align mobile capability with customer analytics to create customer experiences that enhance sales.
The Customer Experience of Things
Pierre DeBois  
11/18/2015   29 comments
Trends in customer experience have been long time coming, but IoT perspectives will unleash advanced strategies that can lead to better operations.
The Right Time for Real-Time Analytics
Pierre DeBois  
9/25/2015   8 comments
Real time data has its purposes but think before you react and change your strategy based on real time snippets.
Enhancing Analytic Capabilities With Beacons
Pierre DeBois  
8/28/2015   18 comments
IBeacon and a new beacon protocol from Google are ushering new ways to enhance customer analytic strategies.
Imagining the IoT's Influence
Pierre DeBois  
7/31/2015   23 comments
The Solid conference on new technology highlighted not only the opportunities for the Internet of Things but how analytics pros have to be deeply involved in IoT initiatives.
Finding The Light on Dark Social Sentiment
Pierre DeBois  
6/29/2015   67 comments
Some organizations are making early progress in capturing information in the Dark Social world of apps.
Vet Referral Traffic Analytics for Safer Data
Pierre DeBois  
5/14/2015   20 comments
Vetting referral traffic is becoming essential to ensure accuracy and, in some instances, security.
Google’s Steady March to Mobile Search Dominance
Pierre DeBois  
3/17/2015   13 comments
Mobile moves to the forefront in analytics and Google's search algorithm plans, and that means you have to think about how your website's architecture serving the needs of the mobile world. Take a peek at what Google plans for April.
Reviewing Your Data with R
Pierre DeBois  
2/25/2015   21 comments
Data scientists are discovering R programming as an augment in data visualization and analysis.
Discover Customers With Cohort Analysis
Pierre DeBois  
2/3/2015   10 comments
Analytics solutions are making cohort analysis easier to implement, and customers easier to discover.
5 Tips for Preventing Invasive Analytics
Pierre DeBois  
12/22/2014   30 comments
For all the benefits a company can achieve by doing marketing analytics well, there are pitfalls if that effort proves invasive in the customer's view.
Choose the Right Dashboard for the Right Story
Pierre DeBois  
11/14/2014   10 comments
Customer behavior is becoming more sophisticated online. To identify and respond to the behavior, new coding and advanced spreadsheet automation can help.
What Age Has Dawned for Analytics?
Pierre DeBois  
9/16/2014   12 comments
Is there a movement towards consolidation among analytic vendors, or is this a time of second-coming growth of analytics?
Good Training Leads to Good Analytical Judgment
Pierre DeBois  
9/4/2014   4 comments
Training citizens in an intelligence study pits human intuition against statistic models, and the results demonstrate the collective value of an analytical environment.
Get Google Ads & Metrics for Every Situation
Pierre DeBois  
3/11/2013   10 comments
With enhanced campaigns, digital marketers can get more granular in how they analyze search strategy success.
Scaling Up for Speedier Analytic Diagnostics
Pierre DeBois  
12/13/2012   4 comments
The need to optimize page loads, especially on mobile devices, is spurring the use of open-source scalable databases.
Nosing Into Social Media Buzz
Pierre DeBois  
8/31/2012   24 comments
Platform vendor Bottlenose offers a slick tool for marketers and other social media listeners.
Down the Rocky Road to Do Not Track Agreement
Pierre DeBois  
8/3/2012   19 comments
Microsoft's decision to preset the Do Not Track option in its next browser is creating for a bumpier ride than expected.
Yahoo Genome Advances Analytics Services for Advertising
Pierre DeBois  
6/1/2012   15 comments
And it helps Yahoo in three ways, too.
Sears Sees Future in Data Management Service
Pierre DeBois  
5/11/2012   20 comments
Sears has created MetaScale, a data-management provider, to merge Hadoop and retail expertise.
How to Bring Real-Time Engagement Into Focus
Pierre DeBois  
3/16/2012   13 comments
Facebook business page enhancements are aimed at providing admins real-time insight for quick responsiveness to consumer posts.
How Sears Could Benefit From Good Old Analytics
Pierre DeBois  
2/22/2012   33 comments
Sears must serve customers better across different channels, including mobile interfaces, and analytics can help.
Clean Data Made Easy With Free Tools
Pierre DeBois  
1/27/2012   25 comments
Google Refine and Stanford's DataWrangler are two options for helping to ensure the data you import for analytics is clean.
Online Publishers Can Benefit From Predictive Analytics Platform
Pierre DeBois  
1/18/2012   18 comments
Visual Revenue offers a way for editors and publishers to understand what content should go where and for how long.
Don't Toss Excel Out Just Yet
Pierre DeBois  
1/11/2012   9 comments
Tempting as it may be to dismiss Excel as a bygone product for analytics, there's still life in the humble spreadsheet.
How Facebook-FTC Settlement Reflects Privacy & Analytics Challenges
Pierre DeBois  
12/29/2011   50 comments
Online companies will need to think more strategically about data privacy as they expand their technological capabilities.
Google Spruces Up YouTube Analytics
Pierre DeBois  
12/22/2011   27 comments
With video viewing on the rise on mobile devices, Google puts new touches on its YouTube analytics platform.
Tuning In to Google+ Pages & Web Analytics
Pierre DeBois  
11/29/2011   70 comments
As companies rush to deploy Google+ Pages profiles, they shouldn't underestimate how availability affects Web analytics.
Facebook Analytics Coming of Age
Pierre DeBois  
11/15/2011   19 comments
With updates from Facebook itself as well as other tool providers, measuring social media activities is easier than ever.
Keeping Our Reliance on Klout (& Other Social Media Tools) in Check
Pierre DeBois  
11/4/2011   33 comments
What does the negative reaction to Klout's changed scoring algorithm say about how we perceive the value of social analytics tools?
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