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Facebook AI Finds Your Face, Enabling New Features
Ariella Brown  
1/4/2018   19 comments
Facebook's artificial intelligence (AI) for recognizing faces has enabled three new features to help serve users, including one designed to benefit the blind and sight-impaired. But are there privacy implications?
How AI Can Help You Decide What to Trust in Online News
Ariella Brown  
12/11/2017   12 comments
Can you trust the news you read or not? Artificial intelligence is now being applied to help the reading public figure out which news articles can be trusted and which ones are fake news.
Emojis Train AI to Recognize Sarcasm
Ariella Brown  
9/13/2017   44 comments
It's sometimes difficult for humans to understand tone and sarcasm in text messages, so consider how difficult it is to train computers to understand it. But a new project is employing emojis to help AI understand when humans are employing irony.
Hiring Trend: Machine Learning Reduces Bias, Increases Applicant Pool
Ariella Brown  
8/18/2017   37 comments
Unilever is using machine learning tools to increase the pool of entry level applicants and then test and evaluates candidates in the pool to cull those who are the best fits. Adding machine learning tools reduces bias, increases diversity, and makes the whole process more efficient, according to Unilever.
Analytics and School Attendance: A Laundry Story
Ariella Brown  
7/26/2017   55 comments
Appliance maker Whirlpool suspected there was a correlation between student attendance and access to clean clothes. Here's the story of how the company placed washers and dryers in schools and tracked the difference it made in student performance.
How AI Can Moderate Comments, Eliminate Trolls
Ariella Brown  
6/19/2017   41 comments
The New York Times has only allowed comments to be posted on about 10% of its stories because moderating such comments is a slow process. Now the media company is using artificial intelligence to speed up the process.
Machine Learning Taps Power of Curiosity
Ariella Brown  
6/6/2017   11 comments
Learning can be motivated by rewards, but mostly it is motivated by curiosity. New research examines whether machine learning can embed curiosity, too.
Why Machine Learning Can Improve Customer Service
Ariella Brown  
5/19/2017   43 comments
Machine learning-powered chatbots offer companies the possibility of saving money while improving customer service.
AI, Machine Learning Power Transformation
Ariella Brown  
5/10/2017   13 comments
AI and machine learning are transforming how companies work with big data. Here's how one organization is implementing the technology.
Car Makers Drive Hard Towards AI Advances
Ariella Brown  
4/12/2017   30 comments
One of the most visible applications of AI and machine learning is in the area of connected cars. Here's how data and analytics are driving these advances.
Algorithms' Dark Side: Embedding Bias into Code
Ariella Brown  
2/22/2017   46 comments
Do algorithms and AI eliminate bias or do they encode the biases of models? New work on AI policies is designed to shine the light on the black box of model design and use.
Machine Learning Tackles Cyberbullying
Ariella Brown  
1/25/2017   55 comments
Social media and mobile devices may seem like a vast and scary unknown to parents of young children with phones and other devices. Now machine learning is being applied to the problem of protecting the kids.
Mind The Gap: Minting New Data Science and Analytics Professionals
Ariella Brown  
12/27/2016   29 comments
Supply is not meeting the demand for analytics and data science professionals. Here's how one boot camp is looking to fill that gap.
In Data Analytics We Trust?
Ariella Brown  
11/14/2016   16 comments
Organizations around the world still have plenty of work ahead of them in terms of building trust in their data and analytics strategies, according to a report by KPMG.
Smart Homes Restore Independence for Veterans
Ariella Brown  
9/19/2016   41 comments
Led by actor Gary Sinise, a pair of organizations are leveraging technology to provide smart homes to disabled veterans.
If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home Now
Ariella Brown  
8/24/2016   25 comments
A data-driven real estate application helps people find homes that are within a short commute to jobs that they might like.
Analytics Power QIAGEN’s Digital Strategy
Ariella Brown  
7/27/2016   15 comments
Pharmaceutical and laboratory company QIAGEN has deployed a set of algorithms designed to tap into big data sources and highlight new customers and sales opportunities.
I’d Like to Thank the Algorithm that Made this Film Possible
Ariella Brown  
7/11/2016   63 comments
A short film based on an AI-based screenplay may not have been fine cinema but it showed the potential for algorithm driven screenwriting.
Do Analytics Deliver Bang for Crime Fighting Bucks?
Ariella Brown  
5/31/2016   38 comments
As some cities, including New York, are expanding their use of ShotSpotter technology, there are questions in other cities about its effectiveness.
Data-Driven Hiring Takes Command
Ariella Brown  
5/9/2016   22 comments works to take the gut decision out of the hiring process, replacing it with data analytics.
Sports Data Like You’ve Never Seen Before
Ariella Brown  
4/22/2016   49 comments
A couple of projects by Intel are changing the way athletes fine-tune their performance and fans view games.
Swipe to Swap and Go
Ariella Brown  
4/7/2016   35 comments
A France-based social site takes some of the cash considerations out of home sharing for vacation travel.
Wearable Tech Finds Its Style
Ariella Brown  
2/22/2016   93 comments
A new generation of wearable fitness devices is focused on style, for those who want it, and on convenience, as in built into shoes or earbuds.
Algorithm Predicts Relationship Success
Ariella Brown  
1/4/2016   54 comments
It's not just what you say but how you say it that can indicate whether that romantic relationship is destined to last, and data provides the clues.
Data for Good: Tracking Legislative Influence
Ariella Brown  
11/30/2015   31 comments
Analytics tools can be used to help citizens identify who are the real sponsors of pending legislative initiatives, saving people many, many hours of reading and research.
Our Robots, Our Selves
Ariella Brown  
11/4/2015   48 comments
If companion robots that are already popular in Japan are to make it big in the US and other countries, analytics will play a role in adapting their personalities for the likes and dislikes of other cultures.
Smartphones Open Doors, Literally
Ariella Brown  
9/29/2015   68 comments
Hotel chains are moving toward enabling guests to open their room doors and gain other benefits through smart phone apps.
A Data-Driven Game-Changer for Football
Ariella Brown  
9/11/2015   66 comments
With the opening weekend of pro football upon us, NFL fans can now utilize the same data and analytics that has been available to teams, so they can understand factors such as player speed and precise positioning.
Driverless Cars Present Ethical Challenges
Ariella Brown  
8/18/2015   163 comments
How will a driverless car make life or death decisions, and whose live takes priority? It's an ethical question that will have to be addressed as self-driving cars take to the road.
Predictive Analytics: Data and Retail Expertise
Ariella Brown  
7/27/2015   58 comments
Predictive analytics have been proving their worth in the retail sector, with examples showing showing the sector how predictive analytics can blend with industry experience in decision making.
An Algorithm Gets Rhythm
Ariella Brown  
7/8/2015   37 comments
A machine-learning algorithm does rap in Finland, drawing on the thousands of songs by leading rap performers to develop lyrics for new works.
The Legal Limits for On-Call Shifts
Ariella Brown  
5/19/2015   51 comments
One downside with the use of analytics in the retail sector can be the impact on workers who are subject to the vagaries of on-call staffing.
Realtime Data Targets Drowsy & Distracted Driving
Ariella Brown  
1/21/2015   21 comments
Cameras work with analytics software to provide heavy equipment drivers -- and eventually the average person -- with protection against becoming dangerous distracted drivers.
More Info in the Name of Better Healthcare
Ariella Brown  
11/19/2014   14 comments
Analytics uncovers healthcare issues that go beyond the patient. Think: poor bus service.
Technology Gives Emergency Crews a Green Light
Ariella Brown  
9/10/2014   20 comments
Quickly analyzing GPS data transmitted by emergency vehicles to Web servers and traffic lights can help police, fire, and medical personnel safely deliver their services to the public.
Analytics Startup Prescribes Fix for RX Errors
Ariella Brown  
8/13/2014   57 comments
MedAware, an Israeli startup, applies big-data analytics to the often deadly problem of prescription error.
Happiness Is a Blue Blanket
Ariella Brown  
7/23/2014   28 comments
British Airways turned to high-tech blankets to assess the customer experience associated with new in-flight amenities.
Detecting Fraud With Voice Analytics
Ariella Brown  
7/8/2014   32 comments
A new service alerts contact center reps to possible fraud activity by listening in on customer calls.
Father's Day Gift Idea: Golf & Tennis Analytics
Ariella Brown  
6/13/2014   38 comments
Give the gift of data this Father's Day with tiny, powerful sensors that map and analyze dad's golf, tennis, or even baseball swing in 3D.
A Soft Sell for Sensors
Ariella Brown  
5/27/2014   33 comments
Thin, inconspicuous sensors represent the next generation of wearable monitors.
Analytics Speed Up Response Times for EMS
Ariella Brown  
4/11/2014   42 comments
Jersey City Medical Center EMS uses a predictive analytics and visualization tool to shave precious minutes from its response times, and the system helps route ambulances around traffic problems.
Reading & Being Read by E-Books
Ariella Brown  
3/17/2014   40 comments
E-readers track how long you spend on each book and on each page, sending that information back to subscription services, so they can tailor recommendations. Will authors benefit from seeing it, too?
Twitter Analytics Puts Cards on the Table
Ariella Brown  
2/24/2014   58 comments
Sometimes it's not enough to make something available for free, you also have to show how it works. Analytics deliver the why on top of the what, as we see in the case of Twitter.
In-Car Tracking: We Know Where You've Been
Ariella Brown  
2/3/2014   60 comments
Carmakers and navigation services are collecting location data on drivers whether they know it or not.
Cellphone Tracking: Protection vs. Privacy
Ariella Brown  
1/6/2014   42 comments
Police and Federal agencies may use tracking technologies to locate mobile devices, but not without cause.
Cameras in Class: Insight vs. Privacy
Ariella Brown  
12/2/2013   35 comments
SensorStar Labs has developed technology for analyzing the facial expressions and eye movements of individual students to see if they're engaged in lessons or have their minds elsewhere.
Predictive Analytics Head to Jail
Ariella Brown  
11/7/2013   27 comments
State parole boards are increasingly turning to analytics software to help them determine which prisoners to release and which to keep locked up.
Monsanto Harvests Big-Data Startup
Ariella Brown  
10/16/2013   13 comments
For nearly a billion dollars, the agricultural giant picks up The Climate Corp., a startup that has brought innovative big-data analytics to the field.
Putting a Face on Retail Analytics
Ariella Brown  
9/12/2013   28 comments
A Russian company is personalizing marketing messages based on a customer’s gender, age, and mood, measured by facial recognition.
Learning About You From Your Email Metadata
Ariella Brown  
8/1/2013   48 comments
Email metadata helps paint the picture of your life.
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