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Use It or Lose It: Is This the Best Way to Manage Budgets?
Bryan Beverly  
9/15/2017   25 comments
Are you getting ready to spend all the money left in your budget so that you don't end up with a smaller budget for 2018? Is that the right way to do things?
Capta: The Data of Conscious Experience
Bryan Beverly  
8/16/2017   14 comments
Phenomenological researchers say "capta" is the "data of the conscious experience." Is there room for this kind of data in analytics? How should analytics pros use it?
Regulatory Oversight vs. Crowdsourcing: The Best Approach for Quality
Bryan Beverly  
8/4/2017   15 comments
If you are looking for data quality, should you rely on professionals or passionate amateurs? Here are the pros and cons.
Work/Life Balance: Do Analytic Professionals Have It?
Bryan Beverly  
7/13/2017   43 comments
You use analytics in your career, but do you also apply the same principles and tools to your personal life?
Simple Tool to ID Data Fraud: Benford's Law
Bryan Beverly  
6/29/2017   28 comments
This simple, old school fraud detection tool for data can help weed out problems in a number of different scenarios.
The Three Social Functions of Business Jargon
Bryan Beverly  
5/17/2017   24 comments
The lingo or jargon you use in analytics or IT or business management is part of what makes you part of a culture. Here's a deeper look at the reasons why we use jargon.
Tale Of Two Cities: Visual Analysis of Baltimore Crime
Bryan Beverly  
4/10/2017   27 comments
Why has the crime rate shifted in Baltimore? A visual analytics video tells the story.
When Good Algorithms, Tech Stop Being Good
Bryan Beverly  
3/8/2017   20 comments
What happens when an algorithm designed for good gets used for illegal purposes? Technology designed to fix a problem can ultimately lead to negative consequences.
Postmodern Analytics: The Emergence of ‘Alternative Facts’
Bryan Beverly  
2/14/2017   57 comments
If we observe competing truth claims in analytic methods, tools or work products, then are the truths absolute or relative?
Managers: Do They Help or Hinder?
Bryan Beverly  
1/11/2017   53 comments
Is your manager a help or a hindrance when it comes to your analytics work and initiatives?
Can Critical Care Analytics Overcome Ethics Concerns?
Bryan Beverly  
1/3/2017   28 comments
When it comes to life-or-death decisions about critical care for a loved one, would you trust predictive analytics software to decide how much care is warranted?
In Search Of: Unicorns, Big Foot, and Data Privacy
Bryan Beverly  
12/20/2016   48 comments
Monster hunters may have spent years hunting for Big Foot, and unicorns may be popular ideas in fairy tales. But like data privacy, they don't really exist. Data protection is what we have instead.
How to Value a Statistical Life
Bryan Beverly  
10/19/2016   17 comments
When governments make decisions,sometimes the value of a human life comes down to a formula, VSL.
Church Analytics: A Blessed Assurance?
Bryan Beverly  
10/6/2016   27 comments
The analytics concepts used in business also have a place in the operation of a church, although the results of any analysis could lead to calls to either hail or nail the leaders.
Data Awareness and Your Social Status
Bryan Beverly  
9/13/2016   35 comments
Some Dilbert observations raise questions about who might be a data snob. Take the test.
The Status Report: Valuable or a Waste of Time?
Bryan Beverly  
7/5/2016   12 comments
The jury may be out on the value of status reports, but while you wait for a verdict, think about how we learn or don't learn how to write those reports.
Knowledge: Technologically Determined or Socially Constructed?
Bryan Beverly  
5/23/2016   10 comments
Consider this: Is knowledge in your organization created by technology or by the people associated with the organization? Bryan Beverly kicks off the discussion.
Big Data: Gospel or Myth?
Bryan Beverly  
4/18/2016   27 comments
Bryan Beverly asks how we should view big data, and whether it is an ultimate truth. He proposes a three-question test to see how big data fits into your organization.
How Compensation for Analytics Pros Really Works
Bryan Beverly  
2/24/2016   57 comments
Analytics pros need to understand their company dynamics when it comes to compensation and survival. Yes, there are ways to avoid being the slowest gazelle in the herd.
Quantum Physics and the Shifting Foundation of Analytics
Bryan Beverly  
2/8/2016   17 comments
Quantum physics and quantum computing could turn many of the core principles of analytics on their heads. Big becomes small. True becomes maybe. Predictability becomes unpredictability.
The Analytics of Crime Statistics
Bryan Beverly  
10/14/2015   65 comments
It's time for a fresh look at how crime statistics are reported and viewed, and analytics professionals are in a position to raise appropriate questions.
How to Foster Innovation in Analytics
Bryan Beverly  
8/6/2015   22 comments
The corporate challenges remain, figuring where to innovate and balancing time spent on innovation with the requirements of operations.
The Data Scientist as Prophet
Bryan Beverly  
6/10/2015   45 comments
Like prophets of old, today's data scientists have to carve out a role that sometimes supports and sometimes challenges the edicts of those in power. It means that those data scientists often have to weigh political considerations when presenting data that runs counter to the beliefs and goals of today's kings of business.
Bayes’ Theorem: Analytics and Theological Beliefs
Bryan Beverly  
4/13/2015   16 comments
Even 300 years ago analytics were being used to test long-held beliefs, which even in the business world today can make you weigh the fact versus belief issue.
Analytics: A Gap in the Market or a Market in the Gap?
Bryan Beverly  
1/23/2015   15 comments
So you want to be a data scientist. Understand why and how you want to make the move.
The 4 Analytical Orientations: Discover Who You Are
Bryan Beverly  
12/10/2014   16 comments
None is superior to the others; nor are they mutually exclusive.
Why CIOs Seldom Become CEOs: a Leisurely Explanation
Bryan Beverly  
10/31/2014   33 comments
Does the very nature of a CIO's work doom him or her to a provider class that can never achieve the CEO's office?
Analytic Innovation & IP: Who Owns Your Ideas?
Bryan Beverly  
10/9/2014   17 comments
Big data and analytics raise new questions about who owns the ideas and innovation that employees bring forward.
Anarchy as Innovation: A Key to Improving Analytics
Bryan Beverly  
9/18/2014   16 comments
Consider whether analytics professionals are so wedded to their tools and techniques that they are no longer revolutionaries but conformists.
From Prophecy to Profitability: Analytics Evolve
Bryan Beverly  
9/8/2014   18 comments
It could be that the knowledge that analytics present to an organization is of little value unless it drives revenue.
10 No-Nos When Assessing Analytics Results
Bryan Beverly  
8/19/2014   5 comments
Avoiding these 10 mistakes when assessing analytics results will keep you honest and your work of high quality.
What to Ask When Setting Up an Analytics Shop
Bryan Beverly  
8/11/2014   9 comments
These seven questions to ask about setting up an analytics department can help avert disaster.
How Analytics Overlooks Female Perspective
Bryan Beverly  
7/15/2014   38 comments
Gender influences how people collect, share, and interpret information.
Statistical Profiling: A New Shade of Grey
Bryan Beverly  
6/20/2014   37 comments
Analytics can break down populations and subgroups in ways that don't always serve the greater good.
Marketing Language 101 for Young Analysts
Bryan Beverly  
5/9/2014   22 comments
Learning how to communicate effectively with managers and customers is at least as important as learning the ins and outs of analytical modeling.
An Old Analytics Lesson for a New Generation
Bryan Beverly  
4/16/2014   22 comments
Young analysts need to learn that the corporate world isn't a meritocracy that awards clever models.
Integrity Screening or, 'I'm Usually Honest'
Bryan Beverly  
3/3/2014   20 comments
Unless you build in questions that measure a respondent's relative honesty, your survey results may be highly suspect.
A Skeptic's Guide to Analytic Results
Bryan Beverly  
2/5/2014   24 comments
Don't mistake fancy vocabulary for rigorous, scientific research -- keep an eye out for these common tricks of sloppy analysts.
3 Approaches to Justifying Analytics Results
Bryan Beverly  
1/9/2014   29 comments
It's easy to fall prey to causal loops and sloppy logic in the quest to prove and communicate your conclusions.
Why Analysts Always Need 'More Research'
Bryan Beverly  
12/13/2013   7 comments
The four words, "more research is needed," are the stimulus for budget allocation.
3 Old Tricks for the Analytics Hall of Shame
Bryan Beverly  
11/25/2013   38 comments
Don't let these old techniques foul your analytical report with unnecessary bias and influence.
Getting Philosophical About Your Analytics
Bryan Beverly  
7/30/2013   19 comments
Philosophy offers three major admonitions for analytic efforts.
If You Know Your Customers, They Will Come
Bryan Beverly  
6/28/2013   28 comments
The study of IT diffusion teaches us a lesson about analytics software.
On Analytics & Aristotle, Sans Toga
Bryan Beverly  
5/22/2013   17 comments
Aristotle’s influence on analytics is represented by categorical logic, his system of subject/predicate analysis.
Channeling Gordon Gekko, Pondering Analytics
Bryan Beverly  
4/25/2013   38 comments
While we shouldn't embrace this Wall Street character's unethical practices, he does raise an interesting issue about the future of analytics.
3 Tips for Sustaining Your Analytical Software
Bryan Beverly  
4/8/2013   19 comments
Making sure your company understands the value of your favorite analytics package goes a long way in securing its future use.
Managing Technology Transfer for Analytics
Bryan Beverly  
3/15/2013   13 comments
As data becomes more accessible and analytics are being promoted for wider use, the risk of unintended consequences grows.
No More ‘Muda’ -- The Key to Analytic Efficiency
Bryan Beverly  
2/28/2013   31 comments
How the principles of lean manufacturing can apply to analytics.
Weighing In on Analytics Career Choices
Bryan Beverly  
2/14/2013   9 comments
Everybody eventually must decide whether to follow a management path or stay in a subordinate role.
3 Considerations for Defining Your Career Scope
Bryan Beverly  
1/31/2013   10 comments
Being an analytics professional means you have to decide whether to become a specialist or a generalist by subject matter, product line, or platform.
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