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Get Started with Augmented Analytics
AllAnalytics Academy  
11/15/2017   27 comments
Augmented analytics is per Gartner the next wave of market disruption in the data and analytics market. It is an approach that automates insights using machine learning and natural language generation. Join this webinar to learn more about the concepts behind the term and the different uses cases.
Get Started with Real-Time Analytics
AllAnalytics Academy  
11/14/2017   28 comments
In the competitive, connected, big data world, speed to insight and action are more critical than ever before. Decision makers can no longer rely on static analytics. In this session, we will walk through real-world, real-time analytics use cases for cyber-security, operations management, finance, marketing, and sports. We will cover top real-time technologies and design tips for delivering real-time analytics solutions with streaming data, caching and storage considerations.
Get Started with Machine Learning
AllAnalytics Academy  
11/9/2017   27 comments
Machine learning is another piece of the AI puzzle. In this session we'll dive into some of the basic terminology and concepts and then take a closer look at real-world use cases. Then we'll cover how take the next step with machine learning in an enterprise setting. What talent do you need? How do you measure success? And what's the next step after you start that first project?
Get Started with Edge Analytics
AllAnalytics Academy  
11/8/2017   48 comments
As IoT gains traction, organizations are collecting more data than ever. In some cases it's better to analyze data where it is generated rather than stream everything back to a data center. Consider, for instance, satellite locations, self-driving cars, or remote oil rig drilling data. This webinar will cover basic terms and concepts, common use cases, and examine how organizations can decide when and how to deploy these technologies.
Get Started with Natural Language Processing
AllAnalytics Academy  
11/7/2017   52 comments
NLP is a core technology in many artificial intelligence applications that deals with interactions between humans and computers, and programing computers to understand human language. This session will explain technical terms and concepts around NLP, dive into some use cases, look at what it takes to deploy it inside an organization, and examine how organizations can evaluate NLP projects.
Today's Tech Challenges: AI Machines, Humans, and Moral Dilemmas
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/15/2017   5 comments
Will machine learning and AI make the world better or contribute to its problems? We'll examine how some algorithms, intended to rise above bias in decision-making, actually end up encoding cultural biases, how we decide whether robots/machines should replace people in the workforce, and the state of ethical and legal standards for AI development.
How IT Can Help Organizations Harness the AI Revolution
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/14/2017   6 comments
IT organizations have much to gain from the AI revolution, too. Cybersecurity offers a compelling use case for IT organizations struggling to stay ahead of the security arms race. Log data generated by IT infrastructure provides a natural data set for predictive maintenance. We'll cover how IT organizations can save money and time with advanced analytics, and also serve as a test bed for the rest of the organization.
AI Through the Consumer's Eyes
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/13/2017   1 comment
Looking for a quick-win AI project to start with? You may want to consider a consumer-facing deployment. AI projects such as Alexa, autonomous vehicles, and companion robots can offer your business benefits including customer intelligence, data collection, and customer service. We'll look at product support, recommendation engines, and other technologies to get you started.
Identify AI Opportunities and Technologies for Your Organization
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/7/2017   Post a comment
This session will help you identify opportunities to use AI in your application portfolio within your enterprise. We will provide you with the practical advice you need to craft a successful program. We'll cover how to gain executive-level buy-in and manage business manager/executive expectations, and how to choose a first project for early success.
AI and Machine Learning: Real World Use Cases
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/6/2017   20 comments
Cognitive computing, machine learning, digital assistants, robots, advanced predictive analytics, and recommendation engines are all forms of artificial intelligence, and are all used today in business and consumer realms. This session will provide real-world use cases for business and industry, designed to spark your thinking as you examine your first, or second, or 27th, implementation of this advanced technology.
The Global Privacy Challenge
AllAnalytics Academy  
11/17/2016   26 comments
Are you doing business internationally? Think about it: Do you even know if your corporate data might be stored internationally? Privacy regulations vary dramatically in regions around the globe. The differences between doing business in the EU versus the US are significant. We will explore those differences but also the privacy challenges associated with doing business or having your data unintentionally exposed in the more lawless developing nations
The Privacy/Marketing Seesaw
AllAnalytics Academy  
11/10/2016   35 comments
In just a few years we've moved from an era when data was the gold in marketing to a time when it's the air that marketing breathes. Marketing doesn't happen without data, whether it is aggregated, anonymous data, or deeply personalized. At every step in the process of marketing a brand, the organization has to understand what data is being used and whether personal data is at risk. One careless move will place the brand in an unwanted public spotlight.
The Infrastructure: Baked-In Privacy
AllAnalytics Academy  
11/3/2016   52 comments
Your computing infrastructure is crucial to your privacy strategy. Privacy initiatives extend beyond your core security tools. Consider the vulnerabilities in your hardware and network architecture, but don't forget the built-in vulnerabilities in your home-grown and third-party software and services, from your database to your cloud providers. This session will focus on understanding where privacy leaks can occur, application vulnerability testing and remediation
Privacy and Your Employees
AllAnalytics Academy  
11/2/2016   21 comments
There are two sides to employees when it comes to privacy: You protect their personal data, and they help to protect your organization's data. As the employer, your organization is entrusted with an incredible amount of personal and financial data about each employee. Yet those employees are also one of the easiest paths to corporate data for attackers using social engineering. We will explore ways to make privacy the job of everyone in an organization.
Best Practices for Protecting Customer Data
AllAnalytics Academy  
11/1/2016   57 comments

Start by understanding the risks to your company and to its customers while also understanding your organization's business needs and goals. Take stock of your current practices. In this session, you will learn the key elements in identifying risks, evaluating response plans, breach notification plans, regulatory compliance, informed consent, and the organization's responsibilities in protecting your customers' data.

Building a Culture of Analytics
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/21/2016   41 comments
A data analytics initiative isn't just about the analytics team. Done right, it touches on every level of the organization, from line workers to the CEO and the board of directors. Analytics isn't about crunching lots of data, but about trusting -- embracing -- data to help people make smart decisions.
Analytics Talent: Find It, Use It, Retain It
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/16/2016   26 comments
In case you missed the freight train of noise that is the talk about a shortage of analytics talent, one of the key challenges in building out an analytics strategy is finding the talent.
Following the Path to Advanced Analytics
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/14/2016   23 comments
Think of analytics as a continuum that starts with descriptive analytics, the applications that tell your organization what has happened in the past, whether in terms of sales, customer activity, or operational efficiency. The next logical step is predictive analytics that provide insight into what is likely to happen in the future. Then, prescriptive analytics suggest the best ways to address the trends and tendencies highlighted by predictive analytics.
Finding Data Sources, and Ensuring That It's Good Data
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/9/2016   48 comments
You know there is no shortage of data in the world. It's in your transactional databases, available through data brokers, sitting in government archives, and available through apps and social media outlets. In crafting your analytics strategy a key challenge is identifying the right data to solve your organization's challenges, whether you seek to solve problems or drive innovation. Then you have to manage that data, organizing it and keeping it current and available.
Creating an Analytically Driven Organization
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/7/2016   79 comments
Analytics have become the darling of vendors, consultants, and the press. In addition, data scientists are now highly sought after by many enterprises. Yet, the adoption rate for analytics and BI is still hovering between 20 and 30% in most enterprises. How can we improve the adoption of these critical decision support functions? What is needed to implement a successful analytics program?
Leadership, Motivation and Rewards for the Analytics Team
AllAnalytics Academy  
11/19/2015   43 comments
The real work in building and managing a great analytics team starts once the people are hired, and continues for years. You want great leadership talent that can motivate the team, ongoing professional training opportunities, and rewards programs, all of which drive productivity while helping you retain the best talent. While some management skills are applicable across many industries and job types, we will examine what may be special about leading a team of analytics professionals.
Colleges and Companies Address the Talent/Skills Gap
AllAnalytics Academy  
11/17/2015   48 comments
When the analytics skills gap drew global attention two years ago, eyes turned to what colleges and universities are doing to prepare the next generation of analytics and data science professionals. While many institutions implemented graduate and undergraduate programs to help replenish the talent pool a few years down the road, other schools focused on helping experienced business and technology professionals make the transition into data science roles with mid-career education programs.
Data Science Recruiting Strategies
AllAnalytics Academy  
11/12/2015   68 comments
You might be tired of hearing that data scientist is the world's sexiest job, but you can't question the fact that data scientists and other analytics professionals are in demand. That means that you probably won’t find qualified candidates lined up at your door when you post job openings for your analytics team.
Bringing Business Talent Onboard
AllAnalytics Academy  
11/10/2015   67 comments
One of the lessons learned by many organizations over the past few years is that there are few candidates for data science roles that offer the deep technical skills that an analytics team requires as well as rich business and industry experience. A growing number of companies look for a combination of those diverse skills not in a single team member but in two or more candidates.
What Makes a Great Analytics Team?
AllAnalytics Academy  
11/5/2015   79 comments
This introductory presentation will examine ways to determine which mix of skills -- the technical experiences and the business/soft skills -- may be right for your organization, your data sources, and your applications. There's no one-size-fits-all skills combination.
The Internet of Things as Your Link to Customers
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/23/2015   69 comments
Your organization can use IoT data to strengthen its relationships with customers and business partners.
Put Internet of Things Data into Action
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/18/2015   76 comments
When you have your IoT data in hand, it's time to use it for better decision making, improved customer relationships, and operational efficiencies.
Strategies for Managing & Using All That Data
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/16/2015   21 comments
Finding value in IoT data calls for setting up a solid data management, analysis, and security structure.
The IoT Infrastructure, From Device to Database
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/11/2015   71 comments
Implementing an IoT initiative could mean changes to your infrastructure, from sensors up the line to data management tools.
Find Your Opportunities for the Internet of Things
AllAnalytics Academy  
6/9/2015   86 comments
Learn what the IoT means to your organization and the opportunities it brings.
Making Better Data-Driven Decisions Over Time
AllAnalytics Academy  
12/5/2014   111 comments
The point of all this data is to make better, faster decisions. Not all managers are used to working with data, and there is resistance from managers who go by "gut." Even the best managers will sometimes look at data to see the story they want to see, rather than the story the data is telling them.
Meet the Line-of-Business Manager
AllAnalytics Academy  
12/4/2014   121 comments
You've made a finding and have a recommendation. You've got the data to back it up. You know you're right. But other people in the organization might not like it. What do you do? Assuming you don't plan on backing down, it is time to win some hearts and minds.
Visualizing Data
AllAnalytics Academy  
12/3/2014   165 comments
As data continues to grow in size and scope, it is easy to get lost in it. The spreadsheet is no longer the best way to look at most data. As data changes, the way we work with it needs to change, as well. Complex data means we need to rely more on computer assistance and on figuring out ways for humans to digest more complicated information.
Prepare for Delivery Date
AllAnalytics Academy  
12/2/2014   104 comments
Think of three possible outcomes at the end of the analytics project: The business unit gets a wealth of information, such as new customer names; the research provides good news, such as validation of a strategy; or nasty surprises are on the way.
Think Presentation From the Start
AllAnalytics Academy  
12/1/2014   129 comments
Long before data is ready for delivery to the business unit, the analytics team must consider the options for presentation, evaluating the type of data being utilized, how it will be used, and the audience that will work with the finished results.
Getting Interactive With Your Data Visualizations
AllAnalytics Academy  
4/16/2014   151 comments
In this session, get tips and tricks for creating dynamic and interactive data visualizations.
The Role of Text Analytics in Customer Intelligence
AllAnalytics Academy  
4/9/2014   188 comments
Finding meaning in all these big-data snippets is the role of text analytics. Learn how to get started in this session.
Big Data & the New Marketing Mandate
AllAnalytics Academy  
4/2/2014   249 comments
Learn how big-data analytics comes into play for the new marketing mandate, call it omnichannel or SoLoMo.
Predictive Analytics Techniques: What to Use for Your Big Data
AllAnalytics Academy  
3/26/2014   170 comments
Learn about a variety of predictive analytics techniques, from decision trees to neural networks.
Mastering Big-Data Management
AllAnalytics Academy  
3/19/2014   150 comments
Getting to the desired state where all data is trusted can be challenging, on both technical and organizational fronts. Attend this session for the know-how you need for master big-data management.
Hadoop & Big Data: Crafting the Enterprise Strategy
AllAnalytics Academy  
3/12/2014   156 comments
Hadoop best serves to complement traditional enterprise data infrastructure and processes. Attend this session for a look at how Hadoop and big data come together in an overarching enterprise strategy.
Getting to Know Hadoop
AllAnalytics Academy  
3/5/2014   280 comments
Before you can determine whether Hadoop has a role to play in your big-data environment, you must understand what it is, how it works, and how all the pieces come together. Get the lowdown in this back-to-the-basics session.
Visualizing Your Big-Data: What to Use, When & Why
AllAnalytics Academy  
11/6/2013   332 comments
Whether you've got a few variables to compare or billions of rows of data to explore, seeing the data in visual format can make all the difference in the insights you glean.
Advancing the Art of Business Decision Making
AllAnalytics Academy  
10/30/2013   248 comments
With the abundance of data and the demand for real-time insights, enterprises need decision management systems that support rapid response to changing conditions, continuous business process improvement, and predictive analysis.
Boosting the Customer Experience With Big-Data
AllAnalytics Academy  
10/23/2013   152 comments
If you're not mining and analyzing your customer data then using the insight learned to improve the customer experience, then you're missing a prime opportunity afforded by your big-data.
Reaping Value Through Visual Analytics
AllAnalytics Academy  
10/16/2013   227 comments
Visual analytics has what it takes for culling through and delivering insight from big-data.
Big Data & Your Customer Smarts
AllAnalytics Academy  
10/9/2013   285 comments
Keeping a step ahead of customers requires a deep understanding of their wants, needs, and desires, even before they know these themselves.
Big-Data Analytics: From Theory to Best-Practice
AllAnalytics Academy  
10/2/2013   358 comments
Today's businesses require real-time analytics, insight in a flash, and the ability to make sound decisions based on the big-data they amass.
How to Manage All That Data
AllAnalytics Academy  
9/25/2013   383 comments
Managing data assets is always a challenge, one that looms ever larger as complexity grows. That makes an advanced information strategy critically important in big-data analytics.
The Case for Big-Data Analytics
AllAnalytics Academy  
3/28/2013   272 comments
This big-data analytics wave requires you to think deeply about the potential and consider the inevitable surprises that lie in wait.
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