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Get Your Data Analytics Career Ready for What's Next
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2/7/2018   Post a comment
Linda Burtch, founder and managing director of quantitative executive recruitment firm, Burtchworks, joins us to talk about career strategies for data analytics professionals for 2018 and beyond.
 How to Win with Omnichannel, IoT, and the Connected Consumer in 2018
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1/15/2018   25 comments
Daniel Newman, principal analyst and founding partner of Futurum Research, joins A2 radio live from the NRF show in New York.
 Analytics for Omnichannel Success
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12/12/2017   79 comments
RSR Research analysts and retail industry experts Brian Kilcourse and Paula Rosenblum share new insights into why some retailers outperform the rest.
 Lean Analytics for 2018
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11/27/2017   30 comments

Lean Analytics author Alistair Croll joins AllAnalytics radio on Monday, Nov. 27 at 1 pm ET/10 am PT. Learn about the One Metric That Matters and how you can equip your business to leverage analytics to minimize risk and achieve your goals.

 Intel's Chief Data Scientist Talks AI, Machine Learning
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11/1/2017   53 comments
Intel's Chief Data Scientist Bob Rogers is our guest as we talk about real-world use cases for machine learning.
 Citizen Data Scientists: What Are They, How Can They Help?
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10/26/2017   49 comments
Citizen data scientists have arrived to lend a hand with today's growing enterprise analytics programs. But just who are they, and how do you get ready for them?
 Big Data at QVC: Where Entertainment Meets Retail
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9/26/2017   57 comments
The retail and entertainment industries have both been disrupted by internet upstarts. Find out how hybrid entertainment/retail giant QVC is leveraging analytics to succeed in a new environment.
 Former US CTO Megan Smith Talks Tech Transformation & Innovation
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9/18/2017   29 comments
Former US CTO Megan Smith joins AllAnalytics Radio for a live interview direct from the SAS Analytics Experience event in Washington DC.
 What You Need to Know about GDPR
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8/29/2017   37 comments
Are you ready for GDPR? If you aren't sure whether this privacy regulation applies to your organization, or you need to know what steps to take, this show is for you.
 What a Chief Analytics Officer Does
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7/26/2017   50 comments
Find out what it takes to be a chief analytics officer, and what these C-level executives do every day.
 AI, Machine Learning, and News: The View from Bloomberg
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7/18/2017   37 comments

Bloomberg CTO and Head of Data Science Gideon Mann joins A2 Radio on July 18 to talk about AI, news, fact checking, fake news, and more.

 Data Tells: Dissecting Every Day Data
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7/11/2017   50 comments
Can we trust data anymore? Author, economist, statistician, and CEO John Johnson tells us about data "tells" that give away when data may not be telling the whole truth.
 Analytics in 2017: What We've Seen So Far
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7/6/2017   40 comments
The first 6 months of 2017 have been busy ones for the analytics space. AllAnalytics editors will take a look back at the trends and events in this special edition of A2 Radio.
 Big Data Applied: Real World Use Cases
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6/22/2017   45 comments
Join us as we explore several real world case studies to spark your engine as you prepare for or refine your own analytics program.
 The Art of Psycho-demographic Analytics
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5/23/2017   15 comments
Did use of psycho-demographic profiles swing the presidential election? We'll talk to Dr. Michal Kosinski, a pioneer in the field, about these new demographics and how they are created and applied.
 How Does Your Analytics Initiative Measure Up?
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5/1/2017   43 comments
Exclusive UBM research highlights the state of analytics in the enterprise.
 Get Control Over Your Data Quality/Data Governance
Digital Audio  
4/27/2017   1 comment
Are you confident in your data quality? Is your CEO confident in it?
 Monetize Your Data: Turning Insights Into Action
Digital Audio  
3/29/2017   11 comments
Are you leveraging your data to create business value, or are you drowning in it? Find out how to change your processes so you gain true competitive advantage from your greatest asset, your data.
 Evolution of the Data Scientist Role
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3/23/2017   31 comments
Learn how data science skills requirements and the data scientist role is shifting as the years go by.
 Data Analysts in Training: Meeting Tomorrow's Demand
Digital Audio  
3/8/2017   63 comments

Data analytics professionals are in high demand, and colleges and universities are rising the challenge to train more students for these careers.

 Our Bodies, Our Data: Medical Records For Sale
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2/21/2017   63 comments
Is your medical data really private anymore? New techniques are now being used to join previously anonymized medical data to the consumer profiles that marketers use.
 Energy Analytics: Using Data to Find Savings
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2/14/2017   44 comments
Energy data insights have the potential to help businesses and individuals make more energy efficient decisions and control costs, and also help set prices, predict usage trends, and learn the best way to modernize the grid to defend it against attacks.
 Sharpen Your Analytics & Data Management Strategy
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2/8/2017   74 comments

Whether you are just starting a new data management or analytics practice inside your company or trouble shooting a system that is already in place, you need to know about the emerging trends that will affect your plan.

What factors are impacting data management strategies right now? How can you improve your analytics practice to compete with digital native rivals?

We've got the answer in this All Analytics radio show. We'll look at the trends today and how you can make the most of what you have. We'll look at some real remedies to systems that aren't working. We'll also answer questions from the audience.

How can you sharpen your analytics and data management strategy in 2017? Find out as we welcome Karen Lopez into the All Analytics Radio studio. She is a senior project manager and principal consultant with InfoAdvisors, a project, database, and data management consultancy. Lopez has deep experience in the field, and will talk about what she's seen and answer your real-world questions.

Join us at 2 pm ET/11 am PT on Wednesday, February 8, 2017.

 Analytics: Make the Most of Data's Potential in 2017
Digital Audio  
1/19/2017   19 comments
McKinsey takes a fresh look at its data analytics research, and it turns out that organizations still have plenty of opportunities to make better use of data.
 A2 Radio: Can You Trust Your Data?
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12/20/2016   70 comments
Predictions are only as good as the data and models used to create them. As polls failed to predict the US presidential election, we look at the question: Can our data be trusted?
 Retail Analytics: See Where Style Meets Statistics
Digital Audio  
12/6/2016   53 comments
The retail sector is learning that great products with consumer appeal aren't enough for success. They need great data strategies as well.
 Why the IoT Matters to Your Business
Digital Audio  
11/29/2016   45 comments
In a business world that increasingly is data driven the Internet of Things is making its mark as a key data source and a data challenge
 Will Data and Humans Become Friends in 2017?
Digital Audio  
11/22/2016   40 comments
As data plays a bigger role in our personal lives and business decisions, our experts look at how the human/data relationship shapes up in the year ahead
 We Can Build Smarter Cities
Digital Audio  
10/20/2016   31 comments
With the emergence of IoT concepts, cities see opportunities to make their delivery of citizen services and use of resources more intelligent.
 Visualization: Let Your Data Speak
Digital Audio  
10/13/2016   70 comments
A data science project isn't complete until the results are presented to decision makers.
 How Colleges and Tech Are Grooming Analytics Talent
Digital Audio  
9/7/2016   56 comments
Learn how universities are working with tech leaders such as SAS to shape tomorrow's analytics workforce, and close the data science talent gap.
 How Machine Learning Takes Handwriting Recognition to New Levels
Digital Audio  
8/25/2016   40 comments
New approaches to machine learning are helping MyScript and other companies add intelligence to applications such as handwriting recognition
 A Look at Tomorrow's Data Scientist
Digital Audio  
8/9/2016   83 comments
Learn about the data scientist of the future, their skillset, their background, and their role in your organization.
 Analytics and the Making of a President
Digital Audio  
7/21/2016   76 comments
Analytics aren't just a factor in this year's presidential election. Use of data is shaping the campaigns and your opinion.
 Analytics: Where We've Been, Where We're Going
Digital Audio  
7/12/2016   48 comments
Analytics experts discuss the evolution of analytics over the past five years, and look at changes that shape business and our lives moving forward.
 How Predictive Analytics Can Take Your Company to the Next Level
Digital Audio  
6/28/2016   22 comments
Predictive analytics can provide an organization with a rich view of customers and their behavior.
 How Analytics Can Transform State Government
Digital Audio  
5/17/2016   51 comments
Learn how state government CIOs are utilizing analytics to improve citizen service and find operational efficiencies.
 Save Labor Costs With Predictive Analytics
Digital Audio  
5/10/2016   53 comments
Predictive analytics can help employers change how labor costs are managed without having to resort to reducing headcount.
 What the IoT Means to You and Your Insurer
Digital Audio  
5/6/2016   75 comments
The Internet of Things is becoming an agent of change in the insurance industry.
 When It's Time for a Robot's Job Review
Digital Audio  
4/27/2016   21 comments
The growing use of robots in our lives can call for change in the relationships between humans and machines.
 How Advanced Analytics Serve Healthcare
Digital Audio  
4/12/2016   88 comments
Advanced analytics can drive an enterprisewide approach to data-driven decision making, as healthcare organizations are proving today.
 Life in a World of Big Data, Autonomous Cars and IoT
Digital Audio  
3/17/2016   34 comments
Get an update on progress in 2016 in defining the roles for big data, driverless cars, and IoT
 Sports Analytics: Driving the Business Forward
Digital Audio  
3/10/2016   73 comments
High above the court and the field, sports analytics are driving successful professional and major college sports franchises.
 See How Data is Revolutionizing Healthcare
Digital Audio  
2/25/2016   78 comments
Data analytics and mobile technologies are changing the doctor/patient relationship, personalizing medicine, and providing clues to future treatments.
 Why Analytics are So Valuable in Cybersecurity
Digital Audio  
2/18/2016   Post a comment
Advanced analytics have emerged as a critical tool for cybersecurity pros.
 The Analytics Job and Salary Outlook for 2016
Digital Audio  
1/28/2016   16 comments
Robert Half Technology shares data and insight on hiring and compensation for analytics professionals in the new year
 See How Analytics Drive Change in the Retail World
Digital Audio  
1/7/2016   104 comments
With the National Retail Federation's Big Show coming up in January, we look at how retail technology is responding to consumer needs.
 All Analytics Conversations: Forecasts for Analytics in 2016
Digital Audio  
12/18/2015   3 comments bloggers share their observations, and maybe go out on a limb, as they look at the world of analytics in 2016.
 Don't Make This Mistake With Big Data
Digital Audio  
12/11/2015   4 comments
Organizations need to integrate their big data efforts with existing analytics and business processes, not isolate big data.
 Understand the Difference Between Data Science and Analytics
Digital Audio  
11/23/2015   30 comments
The "Three V's of Volume, Velocity, and Variety are what elevate standard analytics to the level of data science.
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