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Content posted in February 2017
 Our Bodies, Our Data: Medical Records For Sale
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2/21/2017   63 comments
Is your medical data really private anymore? New techniques are now being used to join previously anonymized medical data to the consumer profiles that marketers use.
 Energy Analytics: Using Data to Find Savings
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2/14/2017   44 comments
Energy data insights have the potential to help businesses and individuals make more energy efficient decisions and control costs, and also help set prices, predict usage trends, and learn the best way to modernize the grid to defend it against attacks.
 Sharpen Your Analytics & Data Management Strategy
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2/8/2017   74 comments

Whether you are just starting a new data management or analytics practice inside your company or trouble shooting a system that is already in place, you need to know about the emerging trends that will affect your plan.

What factors are impacting data management strategies right now? How can you improve your analytics practice to compete with digital native rivals?

We've got the answer in this All Analytics radio show. We'll look at the trends today and how you can make the most of what you have. We'll look at some real remedies to systems that aren't working. We'll also answer questions from the audience.

How can you sharpen your analytics and data management strategy in 2017? Find out as we welcome Karen Lopez into the All Analytics Radio studio. She is a senior project manager and principal consultant with InfoAdvisors, a project, database, and data management consultancy. Lopez has deep experience in the field, and will talk about what she's seen and answer your real-world questions.

Join us at 2 pm ET/11 am PT on Wednesday, February 8, 2017.