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A Path to Omnichannel Success
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12/6/2017   Post a comment
Your company can be a retail winner with an omnichannel strategy.
Discover the Key Factors in IoT Success
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11/21/2017   Post a comment
Real-world experience highlights how organizations are making the Internet of Things work for them.
Make Analytics Your Source for Innovation
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10/26/2017   Post a comment
Organizations that leverage advanced analytics are seeing very real benefits.
Technology Steps up in Fight Against Fraud
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2/1/2017   Post a comment
More than 300 managers in government agencies say that fraud is a growing challenge and waste of money, but that technology, training, and good management have to work together to address the problem.
Fighting Fraud: A Slow, Uphill Battle
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10/21/2016   9 comments
Executives are generally confident in their organizations' ability to spot and respond to fraud, but best efforts alone aren't necessarily enough.
How Far We've Come With Analytics
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9/8/2016   5 comments
You might be surprised by the progress that analytics have made in just the five years that All Analytics has been monitoring the field.
Detect Advanced Cyberthreats with Security Analytics
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7/26/2016   1 comment
Find out the five essential characteristics to look for in a security analytics solution.
So, Do Analytics Better
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5/20/2016   3 comments
Research shows that the mere adoption of an analytics strategy doesn't translate into a competitive advantage. So, it's time for organizations that want to gain an edge to do analytics better than the competition.
Data's Competitive Advantage: Real But Elusive
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3/29/2016   1 comment
In the newest All Analytics interactive infographic, data from the Winterberry Group highlights how organizations are finding competitive advantage from use of analytics, but that edge takes time and careful planning.
The Internet of Things in the Real World
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3/8/2016   Post a comment
Data drawn from the A2 Academy highlight the real-world results and opportunities for the IoT.
Analytics Pay Off for All
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2/16/2016   1 comment
Big Data's Evolution: New Capabilities for the Long Run
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10/23/2015   2 comments
Data For the Long Run
The Right Analytics Talent Brings a Competitive Edge
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8/12/2015   4 comments
Research by MIT and SAS confirms that a culture of embracing analytics combined with the right analytics talent brings an organization dividends in the form of competitive advantage. Check out our infographic detailing the survey findings.
It Pays to Keep Insurance Fraud in Check
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1/29/2015   9 comments
While 97% of insurers say that insurance fraud has increased or remained the same in the past two years, most of those companies report benefits from anti-fraud technology in limiting the impact of fraud, including higher quality referrals, the ability to uncover organized fraud, and improve efficiency for investigators.
Companies Find ROI in Text Analytics
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12/10/2014   3 comments
Enterprises are building up their experience with text analytics, to identify trends in unstructured data, and more of those companies are finding payback in the form of operational efficiencies and new business opportunities. A series of three surveys by Alta Plana - sponsored by SAS - tracked how text analytics is maturing, how companies are using text analytics, and where they are finding business benefits.
Analytics Leads the Way to Customer Loyalty
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10/21/2014   1 comment
Looking to better understand the role analytics plays in successful customer loyalty strategies, the International Institute for Analytics (IIA) conducted a survey of businesses with revenue of $50 million or higher in the US.
Customer Experience Management: A Guide to Excellence
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9/2/2014   1 comment
Business outcomes show why CXM matters.
Take Analytics to the Next Level
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6/19/2014   12 comments
A new report from MIT Sloan Management Review shows that analytics alone arenít enough to differentiate companies anymore. The real winners are willing to change direction and revise their decision-making processes based on the data.
Big Data @ Work: Uncovering the Opportunities
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4/17/2014   Post a comment
Some companies do a better job than others of using big data to support informed decision-making and new product development.
The CIO & Analytics: A Chance of a Lifetime
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2/12/2014   3 comments
Big data calls for the holistic, enterprise-wide approach to gathering, integrating, and ensuring the integrity of data that a CIO can provide, IDC shows in a recent report.
Listening to the Voice of the Customer
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12/9/2013   5 comments
An Economist Intelligence Unit report examines the all-important, but still elusive, goals of becoming customer-centric and integrating across marketing channels.
Big-Data in Big Companies
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7/29/2013   3 comments
Big companies are making more use of unstructured and structured data, as well as new opportunities to benefit from it.
3 Levels of Analytical Sophistication
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4/15/2013   3 comments
As companies progress on their analytical journeys, the furthest along report increased innovation and improved competitive advantage.
Squeezing Value From Data
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2/27/2013   4 comments
Businesses that master big-data analytics are emerging as industry leaders armed with deep insights and making faster, better decisions.
The Analytical Advantage
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1/24/2013   2 comments
With an understanding of data's value comes wide-ranging business benefits and increased competitive advantage.