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Changing Jobs, by the Numbers
Michael Steinhart  
7/9/2014   28 comments
After 10 months here at All Analytics, Michael Steinhart bids farewell but not goodbye.
Biosensors, Robots Replacing Human Guards
Michael Steinhart  
7/8/2014   26 comments
In prisons and other security settings, electronic devices are predicting and detecting anomalous behavior with high accuracy and reducing the need for human personnel.
Questioning the Ethics of Learning Analytics
Michael Steinhart  
7/7/2014   16 comments
Schools around the country are weighing the benefits and ethical questions of learning analytics.
Analytics, Weather Spell Retail Success This July 4
Michael Steinhart  
7/3/2014   8 comments
The 4th of July weekend is highly anticipated by retailers and travel services, and this year's anticipated hurricane may drive spending even higher.
Algorithm Curates 9/11 Museum Display
Michael Steinhart  
7/2/2014   4 comments
Big-data analytics software searches for keyword correlations in millions of news articles about 9/11, projecting them in timelines on one wall of the museum.
'Extra Copies' Clogging Federal Datacenters
Michael Steinhart  
7/1/2014   6 comments
How many copies of corporate data are floating around your company's data systems? In Uncle Sam's case, the answer is too many.
NYC Subways 'Extraordinarily Safe,' Data Reveals
Michael Steinhart  
6/30/2014   51 comments
The New York Daily News combined police reports and ridership data to roll out a comprehensive set of interactive visualizations depicting subway crime in excruciating detail.
A2 Poll: Saving Resources & Sensor Discourses
Michael Steinhart  
6/27/2014   34 comments
Our audience is split evenly among those who are already saving money with smart appliances, those who want to, and those who aren't interested.
3 Nagging Doubts About Big Data
Michael Steinhart  
6/26/2014   22 comments
A new series of blogs on the Kaspersky Business site highlights some of the problems with current applications of big-data analytics.
4 Ways Football Champs Score With Big Data
Michael Steinhart  
6/25/2014   24 comments
World Cup football is typified by athletic feats and high tension, but teams are using big-data analytics during and between matches to gain an edge.
Join the A2 Book Club
Michael Steinhart  
6/24/2014   8 comments
We're going to send 10 lucky members a free copy of SAS thought-leader Evan Stubbs's upcoming book, Big Data, Big Innovation, the first selection in our new book club.
GPUs Deliver Supercharged Analytics
Michael Steinhart  
6/23/2014   18 comments
A startup uses graphics processing units and proprietary compression and parallel processing instructions to crunch datasets of 100 TB or more in a compact server.
Analytics Unlocks Millions in Energy, Water Savings
Michael Steinhart  
6/20/2014   17 comments
Our conversation with WegoWise founder Barun Singh yielded some fascinating insights around building efficiency and utility usage around the country.
Big Data Drives 'Pop-Up' Bus Routes
Michael Steinhart  
6/19/2014   9 comments
A Boston startup uses social network data to plot routes for commuters and shuttle them back and forth in faster, more comfortable coaches.
HPC Analytics Hardware Market to Hit $4.4B
Michael Steinhart  
6/18/2014   1 comment
A report IDC released today forecasts significant growth for the newly dubbed high-performance data analytics market.
Kiddie Clothier Sews Up Social, Analytics Strategy
Michael Steinhart  
6/17/2014   10 comments
A children's clothing startup leverages Facebook to build a multimillion-dollar powerhouse.
Facebook Users Stuck in Behavioral Ad Quicksand
Michael Steinhart  
6/16/2014   19 comments
Facebook's new ad-customizing features seem to be a boon for users, but they're enabling the social media firm to collect more information with every click.
World Cup Fever Sparks Innovative Analytics
Michael Steinhart  
6/13/2014   9 comments
Social- and fan-driven analytics projects are slicing FIFA tournament data to yield fascinating insights.
Big Data Drives Individual Attention for Marketers
Michael Steinhart  
6/12/2014   19 comments
Smart marketers can use big data to create a detailed picture of each customer they target, according to one expert.
Gartner: You Can't Handle Big Data
Michael Steinhart  
6/10/2014   37 comments
The analyst firm predicts most enterprises will not have consistent security policies in place across their data stores, even two years from now.
A2 Readers Enjoy Raises in 2014
Michael Steinhart  
6/9/2014   11 comments
The majority of our audience received raises in salary this year, either from their current employer or by switching jobs.
IoT Slated to Top $7 Trillion by 2020
Michael Steinhart  
6/6/2014   21 comments
Hype around the Internet of Things is fast becoming reality, according to a new report from IDC.
Big Data: Forget What You Know
Michael Steinhart  
6/4/2014   12 comments
The confusion around big data is holding marketers back from realizing its full potential, one Forrester analyst suggests.
NYC Hosts Integrated Marketing Week
Michael Steinhart  
6/3/2014   17 comments
The Direct Marketing Association's Integrated Marketing Week conference kicks off tomorrow in Manhattan.
Next-Gen Pay at the Pump Revs Up
Michael Steinhart  
6/2/2014   16 comments
An innovative startup aims to leverage RFID at gas stations to collect traffic fines and drive usage-based insurance programs.
EU Court to Google: Forget It
Michael Steinhart  
5/30/2014   60 comments
The controversial Right to be Forgotten proposal is now law in the European Union. What does this mean for Google and other search engines?
Doctors: Time to Unleash Medical Big Data
Michael Steinhart  
5/29/2014   26 comments
The Journal of the American Medical Association reports this week that medical data has tremendous potential, but healthcare organizations are not exploiting it sufficiently.
Healthcare Data: Headed for a Fall?
Michael Steinhart  
5/28/2014   23 comments
Stricter HIPAA rules and increasing enrollment in Healthcare Insurance Exchanges are going to put medical data breaches in the spotlight this year.
Big Data for Cyber & Financial Security
Michael Steinhart  
5/27/2014   11 comments
The majority of our audience believes big-data analytics will help curb the spate of large-scale data breaches among online services and retailers.
Analytics Sparks Solar Innovation
Michael Steinhart  
5/22/2014   27 comments
Algorithms that crunch weather data can help solar energy providers streamline their operations and maintenance processes.
IDC: IT Spending Slows for 2014
Michael Steinhart  
5/21/2014   14 comments
Global unrest and a slowdown in mobile device sales cause the research firm to lower its forecasts for IT spending growth.
5 Habits of Highly Successful Analytics Teams
Michael Steinhart  
5/20/2014   11 comments
The latest MIT Sloan Management Review/SAS survey shows that analytics are fast becoming part of the standard business toolset, and smart companies are adapting their cultures to utilize it fully.
Survey: BI & Data Salaries Flat in 2014
Michael Steinhart  
5/19/2014   20 comments
Business intelligence and analytics salaries have not moved significantly in two years, according to comprehensive research from InformationWeek.
A2 Video: Crunching the Big Data Job Market
Michael Steinhart  
5/16/2014   12 comments
The proliferation of big data, analytics, and database jobs is great news for data professionals, assuming they can navigate the often overlapping requirements and poorly defined roles.
Analytics Delivering Quick ROI in Healthcare
Michael Steinhart  
5/14/2014   5 comments
Advanced analytics are still in the proof-of-concept and pilot stages at most healthcare organizations, but these initial forays are yielding significant benefits.
Visual Statistics Models Instantly in Memory
Michael Steinhart  
5/13/2014   10 comments
SAS Visual Statistics leverages the latest in-memory processing technology to deliver faster, more accurate, more productive analytics.
DATA Act Opens Federal Spending to Analytics
Michael Steinhart  
5/12/2014   9 comments
A new law passed last week instructs all government agencies to open their books in a consistent and machine-readable format.
Analytics Leads Software Market Growth
Michael Steinhart  
5/8/2014   4 comments
Two analyst reports point to steady growth in global software sales, with analytics outpacing other categories and poised for large-scale adoption.
Join the A2 Social Club
Michael Steinhart  
5/7/2014   28 comments
All Analytics members can share our content and expand our conversations across many outlets and venues.
'We Value Creativity' & Other Lies
Michael Steinhart  
5/6/2014   25 comments
Most organizations pay lip service to creativity and innovative thinking while maintaining the status quo, according to our latest reader poll.
Get Free, Expert Help for Data Visualization
Michael Steinhart  
5/5/2014   18 comments
A new Wordpress site -- launched as a community service -- enables analysts to post visualizations in progress and solicit feedback from a community of experts.
Model Deployment: Bridging the Analytics/IT Divide
Michael Steinhart  
5/1/2014   10 comments
The need for real-time customer support and responsive business practices is driving financial service firms to improve their analytics model deployment processes.
Basketball Analytics: Dunking for Data
Michael Steinhart  
4/30/2014   24 comments
ESPN's Dean Oliver talks about the state of basketball analytics in today's NBA and college teams.
Scientists Find GPS for DNA
Michael Steinhart  
4/29/2014   45 comments
A new analytics project can pinpoint your ancestral country of origin, using a sample of your DNA.
Startup Offers Big-Data Freelancers On Demand
Michael Steinhart  
4/28/2014   18 comments
A new freelance marketplace site claims to deliver top-notch analytics talent on a per-project basis.
Meeting the Challenge of Multichannel Integration
Michael Steinhart  
4/25/2014   35 comments
Multichannel customer contact is critical for today's businesses, but an integrated view for service agents and sales reps is still a ways off.
Survey Shows Millennials Demand Social Banking
Michael Steinhart  
4/24/2014   38 comments
A global survey of retail banking customers shows that positive experiences are down for the first time in three years, with the 18-34 demographic leading the dissatisfaction trend.
New Tech Redefines Workwear
Michael Steinhart  
4/22/2014   23 comments
Mobile and wearable technologies will come together in innovative ways and affect many industries over the next decade.
Feds Slowly Phasing In Big Data for Security
Michael Steinhart  
4/21/2014   13 comments
In a recent report culled from interviews with 18 federal cyber-security and big-data experts, a picture that's equal parts uncertain and hopeful emerges.
SAS Holds Strong Lead Over R
Michael Steinhart  
4/18/2014   4 comments
Our readership showed a marked preference for SAS analytics software, with 70% using it exclusively or in combination with other tools.
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