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University Clubs Provide Training Ground for Fledgling Data Analysts
Jon Martindale  
12/4/2017   1 comment
University students are finding fellowship with like-minded aspiring data analysts through student organizations.
Brexit Negotiations Drive Analytics Growth
Jon Martindale  
11/3/2017   5 comments
Could Britain's exit from the EU drive a new wave of analytics investment and growth? Here's a closer look.
Vocal Commands Arrive for Analytics
Jon Martindale  
9/27/2017   45 comments
Voice interfaces may give many more users access to self-service analytics. Here's a closer look.
Security Analytics Get 'Edge' on Attackers
Jon Martindale  
7/5/2017   11 comments
Analytics-at-the-edge are the right choice for some applications. Here's why it's helpful when it comes to security.
Analytics at the Edge Poised to Grow
Jon Martindale  
5/18/2017   10 comments
Analytics at the edge offers a number of benefits that are driving new applications of this combination of technologies.
How EU's Data Privacy Law Will Impact You
Jon Martindale  
3/13/2017   19 comments
The EU's new General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR offers data protection for consumers and harsh penalties for violators. Here's what you need to know.
Analytics Drive Virtual Reality Game Development
Jon Martindale  
2/6/2017   7 comments
Developing virtual reality games presents more and different challenges than developing conventional video games. Here's how data analytics is helping the process.
Spying Without Safeguards, the British Way
Jon Martindale  
11/2/2016   5 comments
A British tribunal has ruled that the UK government's snooping on citizens violates EU privacy rules, but the UK may be backing out of that privacy agreement anyway.
What Will Microsoft Do With All That LinkedIn Data?
Jon Martindale  
9/1/2016   29 comments
Microsoft's planned acquisition of LinkedIn raises plenty of questions about how it will use all that LinkedIn data, and what privacy protections LinkedIn users can expect.
Analytics Could Bolster Anti-corruption Crackdown
Jon Martindale  
6/13/2016   30 comments
A UK initiative aims to fight corruption by making those at the top of the food chain responsible for the criminal activity of those below them.
Panama Papers Highlight Security Gaps
Jon Martindale  
5/16/2016   10 comments
The Panama Papers, Snowden, the White House, and Ashley Madison, along with other data breaches serve as reminders that when you are entrusted with conducting analytics on the data of others you better have your security act in order.
Concerns Abound With UK Investigatory Powers Bill
Jon Martindale  
3/2/2016   Post a comment
The UK's Investigatory Powers Bill may be ready for the next step forward, which raises some privacy and business concerns throughout the nation.
Emotional Analytics and the Human Touch
Jon Martindale  
2/4/2016   7 comments
Recent breakthroughs by Realeyes allows for tracking of a person's emotional state based on a number of metrics related to their facial expression, all at a lower cost than existing kinesiology systems.
Predictive Policing Gets Results, But Needs Care
Jon Martindale  
12/15/2015   39 comments
Predictive policing has been showing some signs of success in the UK and US -- along with some not-so-great results -- but even where it works police need to protect civilians' rights.
Can Analytics Move Us Beyond Basic Security?
Jon Martindale  
11/6/2015   21 comments
Imagine some of the possibilities for computer and web users as analytics begin to play a bigger role in security.
VR, AR and Unique Analytics Perspectives
Jon Martindale  
10/12/2015   11 comments
Virtual reality and augmented reality technology could bridge the consumer-business gap in opening opportunities to display data in new ways.
Are Today's Game Developers Future Analytics Experts?
Jon Martindale  
7/24/2015   11 comments
If there's a crash in the video game sector, could game developers find work in the analytics field?
Making Art Analytical: Musicians Get Analytics Tools
Jon Martindale  
6/22/2015   41 comments
YouTube's analytics for artists raises questions about balancing art and business.
Tapjoy Pushes to Make Each Mobile User a Customer
Jon Martindale  
3/23/2015   3 comments
Marketing software company turns to analytics to help app developers better monetize freemium apps.
Focus on the Big Data That's Most Important
Jon Martindale  
1/29/2015   12 comments
Corporate resources can be limited and time is critical, so enterprise managers have to identify and focus on the data that returns the most value to the organization, and pass on much of the rest.
Can You Deliver on Customer Expectations?
Jon Martindale  
12/16/2014   6 comments
A software industry survey shows that executives have pretty high expectations for what analytics initiatives can bring to their businesses. Let's hope they aren't disappointed.
Telematics Highlight Benefits of Analytics
Jon Martindale  
10/22/2014   31 comments
Technologies such as vehicle telematics open the door to new applications that can help everyone from consumers to executives understand what analytics can do for them.
Animals Inspire Analytics Innovation
Jon Martindale  
8/21/2014   6 comments
Zoos, like other types of businesses, are working to pull insight out of their data for various sorts of operational purposes.
No Playing Around on Analytics for Game Developers
Jon Martindale  
7/17/2014   9 comments
Some video game industry watchers predict a bust could be coming -- unless analytics can save the day.
Reusing Security Video for Customer Analytics
Jon Martindale  
6/5/2014   8 comments
Millions of hours of security footage are recorded every day by companies around the world, and they're just waiting for analytics to unleash their true value.
TV Analytics Controls the Horizontal & the Vertical
Jon Martindale  
4/9/2014   9 comments
Netflix and a host of other firms are cashing in on analytics to match viewers with content.
Wearable Tech: Implications for Healthcare & Insurance
Jon Martindale  
3/24/2014   32 comments
The vast amounts of real-time health data coming from wearable monitors may revolutionize medicine, if concerns about privacy and interoperability can be addressed.
Big Data Knows Which Way the Wind Blows
Jon Martindale  
2/28/2014   17 comments
Weather analytics services claim to predict long-term weather patterns, but only a few leverage decades of historical data and real-time feeds.