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Which Are the Oldest .Com Domains?
Robert Allison  
1/10/2018   10 comments
How old are the oldest .com web domains? Here are some data visualizations that show you.
Counting Fast-food Calories over the Holiday
Robert Allison  
12/27/2017   32 comments
Gain a few pounds over the holidays? You aren't alone. And if you are on the road, fast food can contribute to the overall gain. Here's a data visualization that can help.
Who Was the Oldest US President?
Robert Allison  
12/19/2017   32 comments
Who was the oldest US president, and just how old was he? Here's a data visualization that will tell you everything you need to know.
What Fuel is 1000 Times Dirtier than Diesel?
Robert Allison  
12/12/2017   6 comments
It's dirtier than diesel, and it's a big energy export. Here's a data visualization about US exports of this fuel to various countries.
Let's Analyze Trump's Tweets
Robert Allison  
12/6/2017   41 comments
How often does US President Donald Trump tweet? Here's a data visualization.
What's the Most Likely Location for Amazon's HQ2?
Robert Allison  
11/27/2017   40 comments
Where should Amazon locate its second headquarters? CNBC put together a report card rating several locations. Here's an improved data visualization of that scoring.
Does Your Dashboard Measure Up?
Robert Allison  
11/21/2017   12 comments
What does the ideal dashboard look like? Here's a deep dive into what works and what doesn't in dashboards.
When Are the Fall Leaves at Their Peak?
Robert Allison  
11/15/2017   19 comments
Want to travel the country and see the peak fall leaves wherever you go? We've got a data visualization for you.
Graphing Mistakes to Avoid Like the Plague!
Robert Allison  
11/9/2017   11 comments
Plague outbreaks may hearken back to another era, but there are still instances of this disease today. Here's a data visualization that tells you more.
Do You Say Coke, Pop, or Soda?
Robert Allison  
10/27/2017   35 comments
Depending on where you live, you may use a different word to refer to a sweet-tasting fizzy beverage. Here's a map to help you visualize it.
Most Popular International Destination, from Each US State
Robert Allison  
10/18/2017   26 comments
What's the most popular international travel destination for residents of each of the 50 United States? Here's a data visualization for that.
Where Do Hurricanes Strike Florida? (110 Years of Data)
Robert Allison  
9/18/2017   34 comments
Hurricanes seem to make landfall on the eastern coast of Florida most often, but is that really true? Here's a look at the data in a map visualization.
What Cities are in Hurricane Irma's Path?
Robert Allison  
9/8/2017   30 comments
Here's an example of using data and visualization to look at weather -- specifically, the possible path of Hurricane Irma. Does your city need to get ready?
Mapping Out the Next Robot Invasion
Robert Allison  
8/25/2017   35 comments
Where are all the robots today? Here's a look at a better data visualization to represent where in the US all the robots are.
How Far Are You From North Korea?
Robert Allison  
8/14/2017   21 comments
What's the best way to create a data visualization that represents how far specific geographies are from North Korea? Look at this method.
Is Your City in the Path of the Total Eclipse?
Robert Allison  
8/9/2017   16 comments
Where will you be on August 21, 2017 when a total eclipse of the sun passes over much of the continental US? Here's a map to show you where you should go if you want to see it.
Risks to US Employment: Automation and Offshoring
Robert Allison  
7/31/2017   18 comments
Automation and offshoring are frequently discussed as threats to US employment rates. Here's a data visualization that shows the impact.
Are More Women Getting STEM Degrees?
Robert Allison  
7/14/2017   11 comments
Are more women pursuing careers in STEM fields? Here's a data visualization looking the percentage of women receiving particular undergraduate degrees.
Colors Represent Different Things in Different Cultures
Robert Allison  
7/3/2017   9 comments
Great data visualizations often rely on color. But different colors have different meanings in different cultures. Here's a visualization about that.
Tabs Versus Spaces: Which Coders Make More Money?
Robert Allison  
6/28/2017   14 comments
Do you use tabs or spaces? The wrong answer could translate into a smaller paycheck for you. Check out these visualizations to see.
Star Trek (The Original Series): The Infographic
Robert Allison  
6/16/2017   15 comments
Ever want to see the original Star Trek series broken down into a handy infographic. Here it is.
Graphing Ironman Race Data
Robert Allison  
6/9/2017   7 comments
Ironman marathon races yield a great deal of data. Here are some visualizations from a recent event in Raleigh.
A Medical Dashboard for the Star Trek Fans
Robert Allison  
6/7/2017   46 comments
Here's the data visualization you need so you can help Bones figure out what's ailing Captain Kirk.
What Happened to the Dinosaurs? (Not the Coding Dinosaurs -- the Real Ones!)
Robert Allison  
5/31/2017   1 comment
Where did the dinosaurs go? Take a look at these data visualizations, including one of meteorite impacts.
Several Ways to Look at US Unemployment Data
Robert Allison  
5/23/2017   73 comments
There are many ways to look at fluctuating US unemployment data over the years. Here are several data visualizations.
Map of Idioms from Around the World
Robert Allison  
5/15/2017   17 comments
Analytics and map visualizations provide a look at differences in common expressions in various geographies.
Feeding the Hungry After a Flood
Robert Allison  
5/2/2017   18 comments
In the aftermath of a disaster, such as recent rains and floods in North Carolina, maps and data visualizations can help provide a quick picture of the logistics of disaster relief efforts.
Will Your Next Car Be Made in China?
Robert Allison  
4/27/2017   27 comments
What country makes the most automobiles today? Here's a data visualization that looks at how those numbers have shifted in recent years.
People Using Smartphones While Driving: The Numbers Are In
Robert Allison  
4/19/2017   14 comments
Are you texting while driving? Here's a look at distracted drivers by state.
Airlines Involuntarily Bumping Passengers: A Look at the Data
Robert Allison  
4/17/2017   20 comments
Airlines bumping paying passengers is an issue that has gotten a lot of attention recently. Here's a visual representation of how often it happens.
Let's Analyze 32 Years of Basketball Tournament Data!
Robert Allison  
3/28/2017   15 comments
What makes March Madness basketball data analytics even better? A great visualization.
What's Your Next Move? (Analytics for a Chess Tournament)
Robert Allison  
3/9/2017   18 comments
Histogram, scatter plot, map, and GIF animation. Here's what you can do with data analytics and visualizations for an upcoming chess tournament.
How to Create a 'Pretty' Map with SAS
Robert Allison  
2/10/2017   5 comments
Maps are great ways to display spatial data and information. But sometimes you just want to create a map that looks good. Here's how.
Where Does Girl Scout Cookie Money Go?
Robert Allison  
1/24/2017   24 comments
Maybe you want to donate money to the Girl Scouts instead of buying cookies. It may be better for your waistline, but is really better for the organization?
Prius Isn't The Highest-MPG Hybrid in 2017
Robert Allison  
1/18/2017   16 comments
What hybrid automobile offers the highest MPG? It's not the Prius anymore. Take a look at these visualizations to find out the new leader.
Beer: Finding Your Favorite That You Didn't Know About!
Robert Allison  
1/10/2017   25 comments
Looking to find a new favorite beer? Check out these visualizations to track it down.
Graphs: Comparing R, Excel, Tableau, SPSS, Matlab, JS, Python, and SAS
Robert Allison  
12/28/2016   24 comments
Data visualizations can help people understand the meaning behind the data, but what tools are best? Here's a new take on using different tools to create visualizations that tell a story.
Is the Moon Really One Quarter the Size of the Earth?
Robert Allison  
12/14/2016   8 comments
The super moon is here again, and we take this opportunity for a few visualizations that illustrate the moon's size relative to the earth.
A Graph for Trump -- Our Oldest President
Robert Allison  
11/21/2016   18 comments
After a few tweaks a graph showing the ages of new presidents proves that Donald Trump will be the oldest of the US presidents when inaugurated.
Your Chance to Vote ... For Your Favorite Election Graph!
Robert Allison  
11/7/2016   21 comments
A collection of election-focused blogs provides some insight into how American voters think.
Building a Better HIV/AIDS Map
Robert Allison  
11/2/2016   7 comments
A graphical look at the distribution of AIDS and HIV instances; plus some thoughts on multi-color visualizations that consider those who are color blind.
How Much Does It Cost to Live to 100?
Robert Allison  
10/25/2016   44 comments
Robert takes a look at where life expectancy intersects with health care costs.
How Much Does Each Country Spend on Healthcare?
Robert Allison  
10/19/2016   16 comments
Check out the difference in healthcare spending in the US versus other nations around the globe.
Where Did Hurricane Matthew Drop the Most Water?
Robert Allison  
10/10/2016   18 comments
SAS data tools help to map out rainfall totals from Hurricane Matthew.
A Statistical Crossword Puzzle to Exercise Your Brain
Robert Allison  
9/28/2016   10 comments
SAS tools help to create a crossword puzzle designed specifically for analytics professionals and those who understand statistics.
Where Did That Gasoline Pipeline Break?
Robert Allison  
9/22/2016   21 comments
Robert maps out the path of the gasoline pipeline that ruptured last week, and which states might face gas shortages.
A Few (Hundred) SAS Graphs to Choose From!...
Robert Allison  
9/17/2016   3 comments
Want to see more of Robert Allison's work with graphs using SAS? Here are some tips.
Are Milkweed and Monarchs Making a Comeback?
Robert Allison  
9/6/2016   11 comments
Maps highlight the prevalence of the plant milkweed, which is key to the survival of the monarch butterfly.
If We Didn't Start the Fire, Then Who Did?
Robert Allison  
8/24/2016   33 comments
Robert puts a new spin on Billy Joel's 1980s hit We Didn't Start the Fire.
What's Your Stress Score?
Robert Allison  
8/17/2016   23 comments
A graphic updated with SAS tools can help you understand the impact of stress factors in your life.
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