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NRF: Strategies to Thrive Amid Dynamic, Changing Retail Environment
Jessica Davis  
1/11/2018   2 comments
Technology, connected consumers, and ecommerce have changed the face of retail, but some omnichannel retailers are capitalizing on their assets -- physical stores and distribution centers. Walmart CEO Doug McMillon will describe how his company has created a strategy to thrive in this environment.
Retailers Focus on Omnichannel and IoT Data for Analytics
Jessica Davis  
1/8/2018   5 comments
After the rush of holiday shopping season, retailers are regrouping, planning, and getting new inspiration at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Big Show in New York. Here's what's in store for those who are going and those who are learning from afar.
How to Prepare for GDPR's Data Privacy Changes
Jessica Davis  
1/5/2018   3 comments
Companies are headed into the final stretch to get ready for GDPR compliance before the May 2018 deadline. Whether your compliance plan is already in the works or if you are just getting started, here's some advice about setting priorities.
Retailers and IoT: Where You Should Start
Jessica Davis  
12/21/2017   13 comments
Retailers may be looking to invest their technology budgets in customer-facing store systems. But another IoT investment could yield greater cost savings and customer satisfaction as a retailer's first foray into IoT.
Fitness Trackers: How Do You Use Your Quantified Self Data?
Jessica Davis  
12/15/2017   35 comments
Smart watches and fitness bands help us track personal data including heart rate, steps, minutes of activity, sleep, and more. Are you using that data for more complex analysis? What changes have you made? Tell us in the comments.
Meet Capella Women in Analytics Scholarship Winners
Jessica Davis  
12/5/2017   7 comments
If you have an aptitude for math and a desire to make the world a better place, you may hear the calling of a career in data analytics. These four scholarship recipients are heeding that call.
Success Secrets of Top Omnichannel Retailers
Jessica Davis  
11/29/2017   4 comments
It's a tough and changing environment for retailers. Yet some are enjoying continued success during turbulent times. We take a closer look at how they do it.
A2 Radio: Lean Analytics for 2018
Jessica Davis  
11/22/2017   5 comments
Lean Analytics author Alistair Croll joins AllAnalytics radio to talk about how to apply the process for 2018.
Happy Thanksgiving from AllAnalytics
Jessica Davis  
11/21/2017   52 comments
Before we turn off our location services for the Thanksgiving holiday, we at AllAnalytics just wanted to thank the community for a great year.
A2 Academy Recap: Get Ready for 2018's Opportunities
Jessica Davis  
11/13/2017   1 comment
A2 Academy, Fall 2017, brought you webinars about Natural Language Processing, Edge Analytics, and Machine Learning in week one. Here's a brief recap of those sessions, and a quick preview of what's ahead this week -- Real-time Analytics and Augmented Analytics.
What Intelligent Machines Can Do, And What They Can't
Jessica Davis  
11/8/2017   21 comments
Do you fear the dystopian robot future? Well, calm down. SAS CTO Oliver Schabenberger offers a voice of reason about AI, machine learning, and the future.
AI, Machine Learning: The View from Intel's Chief Data Scientist
Jessica Davis  
10/31/2017   17 comments
Intel Chief Data Scientist Bob Rogers has applied data analytics technologies to subjects from black holes to hedge funds to healthcare. Today he's working to apply AI and machine learning to society's challenges.
A2 Radio: The Rise of Citizen Data Scientists
Jessica Davis  
10/25/2017   5 comments
Market research firm Gartner has said that citizen data scientists can help bridge the gap in analytics programs. But just who are these professionals? We'll examine the question on this A2 Radio program.
Three Job Security Strategies for the AI Revolution
Jessica Davis  
10/19/2017   29 comments
The AI revolution is coming, and many people are worried about being automated out of their jobs. We spoke with two industry thought leaders about job strategies, and here are three strategies they suggested.
A2 Academy Fall 2017: 5 Hot Technologies You Need to Know
Jessica Davis  
10/17/2017   5 comments
Are your career and your enterprise organization ready for tomorrow's analytics technologies? To help get you up to speed, we are offering a series of five webinars on Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Edge Analytics, Real Time Analytics, and Augmented Analytics.
QVC's Vision for Online Retail Goes Real-Time
Jessica Davis  
9/22/2017   19 comments
Before Amazon or Google even existed, QVC had a vision of a world where you could buy a raincoat and have it delivered within hours. Here's a look at QVC's next vision and innovation.
Here Comes the Analytics Economy
Jessica Davis  
9/22/2017   2 comments
SAS CMO Randy Guard provided a glimpse into the coming analytics economy during a keynote presentation at SAS Analytics Experience. GE Transportation business lead Garret Fitzgerald spelled out how that emerging economy would work via IoT and edge analytics in a specific industry, locomotive freight transportation.
The Future of Data Science: Augmentation, not Automation
Jessica Davis  
9/20/2017   10 comments
Three industry leaders took the stage at SAS Analytics Experience and provided broad perspectives on how far we've come in analytics over the last 10 years and where we are today.
CTO Megan Smith Upbeat on Tech, Talent, Innovation
Jessica Davis  
9/19/2017   8 comments
Former US CTO Megan Smith made a stop at SAS Analytics Experience in Washington DC, delivering a keynote address about STEM fields, training, diversity, and matching business with talent.
Innovation & Change: Top US Tech Leaders Headline Analytics Event
Jessica Davis  
9/14/2017   4 comments
Former US CTO Megan Smith former US Chief Data scientist DJ Patil, and Competing on Analytics author Tom Davenport are among the headliners as SAS Analytics Experience heads to Washington DC.
Competing on Analytics: 2017
Jessica Davis  
9/11/2017   4 comments
Business has changed since Tom Davenport's Competing on Analytics was first published in 2007. As a new updated edition of the book becomes available, Davenport is getting ready address the audience at SAS Analytics Experience. And he took the time out for an interview with AllAnalytics, too, to talk about what's changed and what's next.
Let's Talk about the Weather (and Analytics)
Jessica Davis  
9/8/2017   7 comments
As Florida awaits Hurricane Irma's landfall, we look at how improvements in today's weather predictions rely on real-time big data and technologies like machine learning.
To Succeed, Consumer Goods Companies Now Require Analytics
Jessica Davis  
8/29/2017   13 comments
Digital native companies like Dollar Shave Club were built on analytics. To compete, traditional consumer goods companies need to use analytics to get closer to their customers.
GDPR: What You Need To Know
Jessica Davis  
8/24/2017   12 comments
Whether you are based in the European Union or the United States, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is likely to impact your organization. Here's a list of resources to help you decide what you need to do, if anything, to get ready.
Analytics and the Eclipse: Citizen Scientists Collect, Submit Data
Jessica Davis  
8/21/2017   11 comments
Citizen scientists are collecting data from the eclipse as part of a NASA-sponsored project. Here's how you can participate.
QVC: Real-Time Data is the Future of ECommerce
Jessica Davis  
8/17/2017   12 comments
In its 31-year history, home shopping TV channel QVC has always faced the limitations of time -- just 168 hours a week to sell its products. Here's how real-time data feeds have changed the company's marketing efforts.
Are You Ready for GDPR?
Jessica Davis  
8/11/2017   1 comment
GDPR and its big fines are coming in May 2018. We want to know where your organization is in terms of getting ready for it.
10 Interesting AI and Machine Learning Influencers on Twitter
Jessica Davis  
8/2/2017   8 comments
Looking to keep up with some of the top thinkers and influencers on AI and machine learning? Here's a collection that you can follow on Twitter.
Data, Algorithms, and Air Travel: The View from Coach
Jessica Davis  
7/25/2017   27 comments
I got bumped from my flight a few months after Dr. David Dao was dragged off an overbooked aircraft. Do algorithms help or hurt the typical air traveler?
How to be a Chief Analytics Officer
Jessica Davis  
7/21/2017   3 comments
As analytics have become more strategic for more companies, the role of CAO has become more common, too. Join us on A2 radio as we talk to one CAO about the job, duties, and other aspects of this emerging role.
Killer Robots: How Much Authority Should We Give to AI?
Jessica Davis  
7/19/2017   78 comments
Organizations are experimenting with delegating many human-performed tasks to artificial intelligence. But where should we draw the line? What activities should only be performed by humans?
Can AI and Machine Learning Fix Fake News?
Jessica Davis  
7/17/2017   18 comments
Bloomberg CTO Gideon Mann joins A2 Radio to talk about AI, machine learning and how they are impacting the news reporting process. Plus, we'll talk about some other projects happening inside this financial data services and news company.
Future-Proofing Your Career for the AI Revolution
Jessica Davis  
7/12/2017   29 comments
Are automation and artificial intelligence coming for your job? How can you prepare your professional skills for the coming AI revolution?
Quick Poll: What's the Status of AI, Machine Learning in Your Organization?
Jessica Davis  
6/27/2017   11 comments
Does your organization have an AI/machine learning program in place or in the planning stages? Please take our quick poll and let us know the status.
How to Get Ready for GDPR
Jessica Davis  
6/27/2017   4 comments
GDPR enforcement begins in May 2018, and now is the time to ensure your company isn't hit with fines that can be up to 4% of revenue. ADP's Chief Privacy Officer provided two tips on where to get started with your GDPR compliance plan.
Calling All Machine Learning Researchers
Jessica Davis  
6/22/2017   34 comments
The Electronic Frontier Foundation has launched a new project to document progress and projects for AI and machine learning. The organization is asking AI and ML practitioners to contribute.
Big Data for Good: Real World Use Cases
Jessica Davis  
6/21/2017   24 comments
Looking for some real world case studies that embed analytics into organizational processes for better outcomes? We've got a few for you.
Algorithms and Ethics: Moral Considerations in AI
Jessica Davis  
6/14/2017   11 comments
Can algorithms help predict and therefore prevent crime? Is it ethical to do so? Chicago is using an algorithm to score individuals on how likely they are to be involved in a crime as a victim or perpetrator.
Post-Terminator AI: Consumers, Execs Warm Up to Digital Assistants
Jessica Davis  
6/12/2017   44 comments
Consumers and business executives both are warming up to the idea of digital assistants performing more tasks, and AI replacing humans in some areas.
AI and Machine Learning Use Cases for Your Organization
Jessica Davis  
6/2/2017   3 comments
Our A2 Academy series begins with a closer look at real world use cases for machine learning and artificial intelligence in organizations like yours.
GDPR Survey: Are You Ready?
Jessica Davis  
5/31/2017   8 comments
GDPR goes into effect next year to protect consumer data privacy. Fines can be up to 4% of revenue. Are you ready for this regulation?
A2 Radio: Don't Let Your Data Lie
Jessica Davis  
5/30/2017   8 comments
Data can be twisted and manipulated to tell a number of stories. In this episode of A2 Radio, we look at some of the common mistakes made when data is misrepresented and misinterpreted and how to fix them.
How Your Analytics Measures Up
Jessica Davis  
5/22/2017   3 comments
Does your enterprise operate a leading data analytics practice, or is your practice more ad hoc? AllAnalytics presented survey results and got input from AllAnalytics bloggers Meta Brown and Pierre DeBois during a panel session at Interop ITX.
Hacking Marketing Disruption, Reinvention with Analytics
Jessica Davis  
5/12/2017   10 comments
The Gartner Digital Marketing Conference is tackling marketers' challenges this week, such as multichannel strategies. Author Josh Linkner is delivering a keynote address about how to hack your approach to business success so you can disrupt markets rather than be disrupted.
Analytics Education: Scholarships Available
Jessica Davis  
5/11/2017   4 comments
Analytics are at the core of future enterprise success plans, and Capella University is among the schools seeing more interest from students in studying this field. The school has renewed its Women in Analytics scholarship program and its commitment to educating the next generation.
A2 Academy: Get Ready for AI, Machine Learning
Jessica Davis  
5/10/2017   2 comments
All Analytics is excited to announce the next edition of the A2 Academy will focus on AI, machine learning, and other advanced analytics. Wherever you are in your journey, this series of five webinars will help you get to the next step.
Analytics Use Case: Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect
Jessica Davis  
5/8/2017   15 comments
Child welfare case managers frequently rely on paper files and phone calls to get the information they need. Sometimes time runs out. Here's how data and analytics are helping.
Healthcare Analytics Tackle Multiple Challenges
Jessica Davis  
5/1/2017   6 comments
SAS Health Analytics Forum features an opening keynote address by oncologist and Pulitzer Prize winning author Siddhartha Mukherjee followed by two days of sessions and information about the application of analytics in healthcare.
Healthcare Analytics Advances Medicine
Jessica Davis  
4/28/2017   11 comments
Healthcare analytics has improved patient care and outcomes, and advanced our understanding and treatment of some of the trickiest diseases and conditions. If only we could get a handle on our medical bills.
Data Quality Gets The Spotlight
Jessica Davis  
4/26/2017   3 comments
As enterprises have recognized the competitive value of data, the quality of that data is getting more scrutiny, all the way up to the C-suite. Join us as AllAnalytics radio focuses on data quality and governance.
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