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What Retailers Know About You
Lisa Morgan  
1/2/2018   14 comments
Your behavior online and in stores gives retailers a glimpse into what you want and how to sell it to you. Here's what's coming in retail data and analytics.
New Year's Resolutions of the Data Team
Lisa Morgan  
12/28/2017   8 comments
As you look back on 2017, we're sure there are improvements you would want to make. Now, as we head into 2018, what changes are you planning?
Deloitte: 5 Trends That Will Drive Machine Learning Adoption
Lisa Morgan  
12/14/2017   10 comments
Machine learning isn't as widely adopted as some may think, mainly because there are serious barriers to adoption. Researchers are making progress in reducing those barriers.
What Data Analysts Want to See in 2018
Lisa Morgan  
12/7/2017   8 comments
Is the enterprise itself getting in the way of achieving results from analytics insights? Here's a closer look at what organizations can do to get out of the way of analysts.
How Today's Analytics Change Recruiting
Lisa Morgan  
12/1/2017   5 comments
HR analytics aren't mainstream yet, but they're gaining traction because human capital management is a competitive issue. From recruiting to employee performance and overall HR operations, analytics will have an increasing impact on companies and individuals.
How the IoT Will Impact Enterprise Analytics
Lisa Morgan  
11/20/2017   10 comments
Organizations are collecting more data from devices, whether in industrial settings, retail operations, or other installations. Here's a closer look at what they are doing with all that data.
Why Privacy is a Corporate Responsibility Issue
Lisa Morgan  
11/10/2017   28 comments
As GDPR and its hefty fines loom, it is time for organizations to really look at their privacy policies. You can't just cut and paste the language from a template anymore.
5 Cross-functional Analytics Challenges
Lisa Morgan  
10/24/2017   10 comments
Cross-functional analytics can benefit businesses by replicating successful programs. Here are some common challenges you should know as you formulate a winning strategy.
Why Your Business May Not Be Ready for AI
Lisa Morgan  
10/10/2017   28 comments
Businesses in virtually all industries are using or experimenting with AI, but do they really understand the ultimate impact AI will have on their businesses? Not completely, according to a new survey.
How to Teach Executives About Analytics
Lisa Morgan  
10/4/2017   9 comments
If your data is failing to persuade executives, maybe it's not the data that is the problem. Here's how to change your approach to fit the audience.
How to Get Educated About Analytics
Lisa Morgan  
9/26/2017   23 comments
Looking to get started in analytics or data science? Are you better off pursuing a degree or getting a certificate? Here's a closer look at the different paths available to aspiring data professionals.
Are You Really Ready for Intelligent Automation?
Lisa Morgan  
9/5/2017   8 comments
AI and automation are being combined in different ways to complete tasks more efficiently than humans. Every business will be impacted by intelligent automation sooner than may be apparent, so the time to think about it is now.
How to Modernize Business Intelligence for Self-Service
Lisa Morgan  
8/30/2017   9 comments
Are you looking to add more self-service options for business users? Here's how one company is updating its business intelligence program with Agile methodologies to open the doors to better user insights.
How Customer Intelligence Impacts Customer Loyalty, Wallet Share
Lisa Morgan  
8/22/2017   15 comments
Most organizations that sell to consumers aspire to gaining a 360-degree view of customers. But is that really attainable?
Hotels Check In with More Analytics
Lisa Morgan  
7/28/2017   13 comments
As summer vacation season is in full swing, we take a look at the state of analytics in the hotel and hospitality industry.
How Analytics Are Changing Frequent Flyer Programs
Lisa Morgan  
7/24/2017   19 comments
Frequent flyer programs have evolved over the years. So has the amount of data available. Here's a look at where we stand today.
Why Advanced Analytics Is in Your Future
Lisa Morgan  
6/15/2017   9 comments
Companies doing analytics 20 years ago enjoyed a competitive advantage. Today, if you are not doing analytics, you are falling behind.
Machine Learning's Greatest Weakness is Humans
Lisa Morgan  
6/8/2017   9 comments
Modeling artificial intelligence on the human brain is modeling it on a flawed model.
Tips for Getting Your Company Started with Analytics
Lisa Morgan  
6/5/2017   9 comments
We collected pro tips from analytics experts with practical world experience. Here's what they said.
Analytics Ensure Safety in LA and White Plains
Lisa Morgan  
5/24/2017   30 comments
Here's a tale of how two cities are managing vast quantities of data and using data analytics to improve citizens' lives.
Why Automation and AI are Cool, Until They're Not
Lisa Morgan  
5/16/2017   33 comments
Automation displaced manufacturing jobs, but it also enabled the creation of new businesses and career opportunities. Will knowledge workers and their employers adapt fast enough?
16 Machine Learning Terms You Should Know
Lisa Morgan  
4/28/2017   16 comments
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are gaining enterprise attention. Here's an overview of some essential terms you can share with your team and executives.
3 Cool AI Projects
Lisa Morgan  
4/18/2017   12 comments
Are you ready for AI and machine learning? Here's an overview of three use cases to give you a flavor of just what is possible.
Sports Teams Embrace Analytics and the IoT
Lisa Morgan  
3/29/2017   22 comments
Professional sports leagues the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB are all leveraging analytics and IoT in their efforts to improve the games. Here's an overview.
3 Data Governance Challenges Today's Companies Face
Lisa Morgan  
3/25/2017   42 comments
Data governance is the secret infrastructure behind organizations that successfully leverage analytics to add value. Here's a closer look.
NHL and Fans Score with Predictive Analytics
Lisa Morgan  
3/23/2017   15 comments
How the National Hockey League is using sensors and predictive analytics to learn more about fans and game play.
Where Do You Stand: Analytics Leaders and Laggards
Lisa Morgan  
3/20/2017   11 comments
Everybody knows how important analytics is to remaining competitive. Where does your company and industry stand in terms of advanced analytics maturity?
Don't Let Outliers Sabotage Your Cybersecurity Analytics
Lisa Morgan  
3/10/2017   12 comments
Cybersecurity analytics must balance the lessons of user behavior with the need to maintain service levels for workers while always assuming that the intruder is already inside the network.
Why Marketing Is So Smart, Yet So Dumb
Lisa Morgan  
2/27/2017   43 comments
Marketing analytics has evolved with the increase in volumes of customer data. But can this increase in data really help us get a full view of the consumers?
How Cybersecurity Analytics Are Evolving
Lisa Morgan  
2/23/2017   34 comments
Cyber security continues to be an arms race as organizations race to protect against new kinds of attacks. Here's how analytics is making a difference.
What A Chief Analytics Officer Really Does
Lisa Morgan  
2/20/2017   5 comments
There has been plenty of talk about the need for a chief analytics officer or chief data officer. But do you ever wonder what they do for a living?
Harnessing Analytics' Disruptive Power
Lisa Morgan  
1/23/2017   13 comments
People in business and tech love to use the latest, popular buzzwords. "Disrupter" is one of them. But is your company really leveraging analytics' disruptive capabilities?
Why Recommendation Engines Still Aren't Accurate
Lisa Morgan  
12/28/2016   46 comments
Ever noticed that some recommendations from consumer websites tend to be a bit off base? Lisa Morgan takes a look at why those engines get confused.
What Healthcare Analytics Can Teach The Rest of Us
Lisa Morgan  
11/17/2016   31 comments
Analytics are taking on a lead role in all phases of the healthcare system. Those personal fitness devices? Their value is in what they say about us, not the data itself.
Emotional Analytics is Next. Are You Ready?
Lisa Morgan  
10/26/2016   31 comments
Applications and devices that sense human emotions are hitting the tech market, focused on what customers and other users are feeling, and how the device or a person should respond.
Misunderstood? Try Data Storytelling
Lisa Morgan  
9/29/2016   19 comments
Visualization or storytelling for delivering data results to business users? Well, maybe you need to let both methods work together to do the job.
The Trouble with Data About Data
Lisa Morgan  
9/21/2016   22 comments
It's time to accept the fact that so much of the data we see is biased, whether intentionally or not. so what can you do about it?
What You Should Know About Machine-Aided Analytics
Lisa Morgan  
8/29/2016   25 comments
It's a new world out there when it comes to analytics, and the old if/then model is no longer a sure thing.
Common Biases That Skew Analytics
Lisa Morgan  
8/17/2016   20 comments
Part of any analysis has to be a sanity check to understand where the data may reflect any number of different types of bias.
Why the Elephants in the Room Quash Analytics
Lisa Morgan  
8/2/2016   19 comments
A PwC survey highlights the confusion and resistance that surround analytics initiatives in the executive offices.
How Real is Real Time?
Lisa Morgan  
7/18/2016   15 comments
The key to implementing real-time analytics is understanding what "real-time" means for your organization and your application.
Is the State of Analytics REALLY That Bad?
Lisa Morgan  
6/28/2016   31 comments
A CompTIA survey shows how organizations would like to expand their analytics initiative, but there are some areas where they might want to simply do analytics better in the right spots.
You're Doing Analytics, But Do You Have an Analytical Mind?
Lisa Morgan  
6/7/2016   15 comments
The fact that someone is working with analytics doesn't necessarily mean they have an analytical mind. Do you have such a mind?