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How Innovation is Changing the Analytics Landscape
Jen Underwood  
12/19/2017   8 comments
The collision of emerging technologies and new enterprise strategies is bringing dramatic change to the world of analytics.
How to Break into an Analytics Career
Jen Underwood  
11/30/2017   14 comments
Are you ready to take the leap into an analytics career? Here are some keys to getting started.
Artificial Intelligence Today: Time to Act
Jen Underwood  
10/6/2017   4 comments
How are you measuring up to other organizations in terms of your plans for artificial intelligence? Here's a closer look at what others are doing and what you need to know.
We're Entering a New Era of Augmented Analytics
Jen Underwood  
8/15/2017   5 comments
Augmented analytics can bring automation and new degrees of insight into an analytics initiative. Here's how.
What Analytics Pros Need to Know about GDPR
Jen Underwood  
8/2/2017   4 comments
It doesn't matter if your corporate headquarters is in the European Union or not. Chances are that the EU's GDPR rules will impact your data operations.
Tips for Estimating Cloud BI Implementation Costs
Jen Underwood  
7/11/2017   1 comment
There can be some nasty budget surprises in what seems like a simple, low-priced, SaaS business intelligence offering designed for non-technical users.
AI Plus Natural Language Tech Bring Analytics to the Masses
Jen Underwood  
6/2/2017   14 comments
When artificial intelligence is paired with natural language processing and generation, analytics becomes accessible to much of the human race.