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Super Bowl & Sochi: Let the (Data) Games Begin
Beth Schultz  
1/31/2014   24 comments
Give a sports nut some data, watch the crunching begin, and, in a sign of the times, see the visualizations appear.
7 Steps to Protecting Customer Privacy
Michael Steinhart  
1/31/2014   1 comment
Gaurav Pant, SVP of Research and Principal Analyst at EKN Research, shares the results of a comprehensive survey on big data in retail, and lays out seven steps for ensuring customer privacy.
Hadoop & the Cloud: Competition Heats Up
Frank J. Ohlhorst  
1/31/2014   3 comments
As the wave of Hadoop deployments swells over enterprises large and small, many are beginning to wonder whether there is a better way.
Payment Protocols: A Contactless Conundrum
Michael Steinhart  
1/30/2014   6 comments
Our readers aren't sure which wireless protocol will win out at retail points of sale, but Bluetooth has a slight lead over NFC.
Data Management Key to Banking Analytics
Michael Steinhart  
1/29/2014   32 comments
As they recover from years of crisis mode, banks are discovering that they're behind in customer-focused, profit-optimized services.
Integrating Customer Insight Across Retail Channels
Michael Steinhart  
1/29/2014   13 comments
Lori Bieda, executive lead for customer intelligence at SAS Americas, discusses the latest trends in retail analytics and omnichannel marketing.
Government Officials & Data Privacy: Who's Who
Michael Steinhart  
1/28/2014   14 comments
The Marketing Research Association calls out these politicians as particularly important in the fight to protect consumer data from misuse.
Altiscale Ups Hadoop Game With Cloud Service
Beth Schultz  
1/28/2014   3 comments
Startup Altiscale offers purpose-built Hadoop cloud service, bringing Yahoo-style big data to all.
National Retail Federation Show Highlights
Michael Steinhart  
1/27/2014   7 comments
All Analytics Executive Editor Michael Steinhart looks back at this year's massive retail conference and notes three important trends.
White House Postures on Big Data
Michael Steinhart  
1/27/2014   45 comments
The president has appointed his counselor, John Podesta, to lead a study of big data technologies with the goal of identifying privacy issues and suggesting policies.
4 Cloud Models for BI
Michael S. Gendron  
1/27/2014   15 comments
The cloud is an overhyped term that may mean a number of things. Which is most effective for business intelligence?
Getting Personal With Big Data
Beth Schultz  
1/24/2014   28 comments
Personalized big data will take us into all sorts of new areas in our home and work lives, we learned in an A2 Radio episode with consultant Hyoun Park.
5 Steps to Data-Driven Marketing
Michael Steinhart  
1/23/2014   7 comments
A seasoned CMO lays out a plan for aligning marketing analytics with IT and business units to achieve company-wide success.
Kicking Up Customer Loyalty at Major League Soccer
John Balla  
1/23/2014   15 comments
The premier US/Canada soccer league uses predictive analytics to increase fan engagement and boost revenue.
Hospitals Using Analytics to Maximize ROI
Michael Steinhart  
1/22/2014   13 comments
A new report shows that healthcare organizations will purchase data warehouse software in increasing numbers over the next five years.
NFL Tackles Fan Experience With WiFi Analytics
Beth Schultz  
1/22/2014   34 comments
The NFL will use WiFi analytics software to study in-stadium usage patterns and trends with an eye toward improving the game-day experience for football fans.
Survey Shows Strong Demand for Omnichannel
Michael Steinhart  
1/21/2014   18 comments
A new report highlights the importance of data consistency and personalized experiences for today's retail shoppers.
Are You Smarter Than Your Sweatshirt?
Leo Sadovy  
1/21/2014   1 comment
Watch for product-as-a-service platform, the new trend in manufacturing that ties together the product lifecycle with innovation.
Data Drives $500M Bet on 'Pay for Success'
Wendy Willbanks Wiesner  
1/21/2014   35 comments
Pay for Success, a comprehensive approach to identifying, funding, and evaluating government programs, has arrived in the US.
 The Brave New World of Personalized Big Data
Digital Audio  
1/21/2014   112 comments
The personalization of big data will change how we approach our lives -- from the way we learn to how we obtain healthcare, interact with the outside world, and even watch sports.
Infographic: Pressure to Personalize Retail
Michael Steinhart  
1/20/2014   17 comments
A host of survey findings illustrate the factors that are driving retailers to invest in big data analytics and personalized marketing.
A2 Radio: Brave New World of Personalized Big Data
Beth Schultz  
1/17/2014   21 comments
Join us on Tuesday, Jan. 21, at 2:00 p.m. ET, for a conversation with consultant Hyoun Park on the personalization of big data and what it means for us as consumers and employees.
Analytics Get Real in 2014
Michael Steinhart  
1/17/2014   24 comments
Experts say it's "now or never" for enterprise analytics, and our audience poll seems to bear that out.
Building Retail Trust as Data Evolves
Michael Steinhart  
1/16/2014   21 comments
A panel of experts discusses the challenges facing retailers in today's rapidly shifting technology landscape.
Text & the City: Municipalities Discover Text Analytics
Meta S. Brown  
1/16/2014   19 comments
Cities and towns around the world are discovering a wealth of data hidden in their documents and call records.
11 Ways to Be Better at Predictive Analytics
Beth Schultz  
1/16/2014   16 comments
As organizations move predictive modeling outside of marketing, TDWI has some ideas on how they should proceed.
Dressing Room Mirrors in the Cloud
Michael Steinhart  
1/15/2014   26 comments
New smart mirror technology marries retail, analytics, cloud, and mobile in a way that enhances shopping experiences.
Waste Not Want Not: Why You Need a Data Plan
Emmett Cox  
1/14/2014   10 comments
It's tempting to collect all sorts of data, but doing so without a plan in place for its use can be foolish.
4 Cool Retail Products for the Modern Shopper
Beth Schultz  
1/14/2014   39 comments
Modern shopping is about the customer experience, not the product, and these products can help retailers optimize the change.
Pushing the Edge at the Retail Shelf
Michael Steinhart  
1/13/2014   13 comments
Shelf-edge labels are the next frontier for networked, "smart" devices in retail's arsenal.
Wearing Your Big Data at Work
Maryam Donnelly  
1/10/2014   30 comments
Companies are using wearable technology to track employee behavior and movement all day. Is it smart business, or Orwellian dystopia?
Cornell Hotel School Faculty on 2014 Trends
Kelly A. McGuire  
1/10/2014   1 comment
Teachers at the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research provide a glimpse into their 2014 projects and predictions.
Retailers Aren't Predictive Enough
Beth Schultz  
1/10/2014   29 comments
A new report from Retail Systems Research suggests retailers aren't looking at predictive analytics with as much urgency as they should be.
Fake Right, Go Left With Geotag Control
Michael Steinhart  
1/9/2014   17 comments
A new, patent-pending algorithm wants to put geolocation control back in users' hands.
Put Big Data Playtime to Bed
Beth Schultz  
1/9/2014   6 comments
It's time to get real about big data and your business problems, says Sarah Gates, vice president of research at the International Institute for Analytics.
3 Approaches to Justifying Analytics Results
Bryan Beverly  
1/9/2014   29 comments
It's easy to fall prey to causal loops and sloppy logic in the quest to prove and communicate your conclusions.
Running With Retailers
Michael Steinhart  
1/8/2014   8 comments
The National Retail Federation's annual conference and expo kicks off in New York this weekend.
Who Watches the Watchmen?
Michael Steinhart  
1/7/2014   25 comments
Location analytics is a boon for retailers, but the potential for abuse is high. A new industry consortium aims to protect privacy with a new code of conduct.
Styling Retail in Tech Titan Fashion
Beth Schultz  
1/7/2014   8 comments
Three high-level themes ought to permeate retail strategies in 2014 and beyond -- if retailers want to keep up with the tech titans.
Analytics for Banking Regulation Compliance
Michael Steinhart  
1/7/2014   1 comment
Capgemini Senior Manager Rex Pruitt explains how analytics help financial institutions forecast loan risk and meet federal reporting requirements.
Setting a Price for Location Data
Michael Steinhart  
1/6/2014   12 comments
Bluetooth-driven marketing is showing its value in increasing customer engagement and gathering behavioral data.
Cellphone Tracking: Protection vs. Privacy
Ariella Brown  
1/6/2014   42 comments
Police and Federal agencies may use tracking technologies to locate mobile devices, but not without cause.
Mine Your Way to Better Marketing
Beth Schultz  
1/3/2014   5 comments
This New Jersey Institute of Technology infographic summarizes the increasingly important role that predictive analytics and decision support systems will play for market researchers.
Gridiron Computing: Analytics vs. Humans
Michael Steinhart  
1/2/2014   38 comments
Can sports analytics help NFL teams sell out their home games and avoid TV blackouts, or are the variables just too unpredictable?
2013 Marketing Roundup in 5 Hot Topics
John Balla  
1/2/2014   7 comments
Here's a look at the topics that captured our attention last year.
2013 -- A Year in Review
Kelly A. McGuire  
1/2/2014   2 comments
Last year's Hospitality Executive blogs trace trends in data management, pricing strategy, social media, and more.