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posted in October 2013
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Marketing in the Revolutionary Mix
Michael Steinhart  
10/31/2013   13 comments
The majority of our audience says the marketing department is either leading or sharing in their company's data strategy revolution.
5 Ways Big Data Can Creep Up on You
Beth Schultz  
10/31/2013   11 comments
The big data monster is insatiable, and it's your data it's after.
Advancing the Art of Business Decision Making
AllAnalytics Academy  
10/30/2013   248 comments
With the abundance of data and the demand for real-time insights, enterprises need decision management systems that support rapid response to changing conditions, continuous business process improvement, and predictive analysis.
Go Team: Data Science Team, That Is
Beth Schultz  
10/30/2013   4 comments
The value of data science isn't about any one individual. It's about multiple personalities bringing their expertise to bear.
Let's Teach Our Kids to Code
Beth Schultz  
10/29/2013   62 comments
Help get the word out on Computer Science Education Week's The Hour of Code opportunity -- and do our future proud.
A2 Academy: Advancing the Art of Decision Making
James Taylor  
10/29/2013   12 comments
Join me for my 2:00 p.m. ET lecture tomorrow, Oct. 30, on how to build and benefit from an analytic decision management system.
Big Data Jobs: Inquiring Minds Wanted
Beth Schultz  
10/28/2013   19 comments
Call yourself a business analyst or a data scientist, but either way, get curious.
To Buy or Not to Buy: Where's the Analytics?
Martijn Schut  
10/28/2013   17 comments
Recommender systems may not be all they're cracked up to be.
Pricing Hotel Rooms in a Social World
Kelly A. McGuire  
10/25/2013   6 comments
Hotel managers must understand how consumers use ratings, reviews, and price when choosing someplace to stay.
Tips From the Big Data Talent War Trenches
Beth Schultz  
10/25/2013   29 comments
Three enterprise executives share how they've come by some of the talent required to run big data initiatives.
Analytical Startups Form New Business Wave
Michael Steinhart  
10/24/2013   9 comments
Entrepreneurs who find clever applications for analytics will launch a new generation of business, according to one expert.
Book Lover, Sports Fan... Brand Evangelist
John Balla  
10/24/2013   Post a comment
Creating brand evangelists takes customer intelligence.
It's a Big Data Jungle Out There
Beth Schultz  
10/24/2013   15 comments
As you navigate your way into unchartered territory, data visualization can help see you safely to the other side.
Connecting the People Dots
Matthew Brodsky  
10/24/2013   14 comments
Entrepreneur Neal Goldman knows how to capitalize with analytics-related startups despite not knowing a whole lot about big data.
Boosting the Customer Experience With Big-Data
AllAnalytics Academy  
10/23/2013   152 comments
If you're not mining and analyzing your customer data then using the insight learned to improve the customer experience, then you're missing a prime opportunity afforded by your big-data.
SAS Teams With SAP for In-Memory Boost
Beth Schultz  
10/23/2013   8 comments
The company also updates its data management software with data stewardship functions, a new role-based interface, and Hadoop integration.
Congressional Tweets Tell a Disturbing Story
Joe Stanganelli  
10/23/2013   20 comments
An NYU professor uses linguistic analysis of Congressional tweets to help discern the degree to which legislators deviate from or adhere to their constituents' preferences.
Disney Finds Magic in Customers' Words
Michael Steinhart  
10/21/2013   11 comments
Ed Gaffin, marketing analytics director for the Walt Disney Company, took the keynote stage at Analytics 2013 to share why mining customer conversations and listening for sentiment is so important.
Utility Sees Power in Advanced Analytics
Beth Schultz  
10/21/2013   6 comments
From basic performance metrics to predictive modeling for outages and more, Northeast Utilities sees a future in which analytics plays a critical role.
Take 2: More on Data-Driven CMOs
John Balla  
10/21/2013   2 comments
Here's more great advice from CMOs who are leading data-driven marketing initiatives.
A2 Academy: Boosting the Customer Experience
Lee Bogner  
10/21/2013   3 comments
Join us on Wednesday, Oct. 23, at 2:00 p.m. ET, and learn how to use big-data to boost the customer experience.
How CMOs Are Leading Data-Driven Marketing
John Balla  
10/18/2013   2 comments
Marketing executives from American Red Cross, Aramark Sports & Entertainment, Oppenheimer Funds, and MediaMath share their lessons learned.
Big-Data ‹ber Alles
Fabian Pascal  
10/18/2013   43 comments
Is the "big-data revolution" the result of a cultural shift -- or is it really about one organization imitating the next?
Heading to Analytics 2013
Michael Steinhart  
10/17/2013   77 comments
Michael Steinhart's off to Orlando, Fla., to cover the SAS Analytics 2013 and Premier Business Leadership Series conferences.
How the Orlando Magic Uses Big-Data to Win Fans
Anne-Lindsay Beall  
10/16/2013   2 comments
CEO Alex Martins is all about the data.
New Kid on the Block
Michael Steinhart  
10/16/2013   28 comments
Let's take a moment to welcome me, Michael Steinhart, to the All Analytics team.
Reaping Value Through Visual Analytics
AllAnalytics Academy  
10/16/2013   227 comments
Visual analytics has what it takes for culling through and delivering insight from big-data.
Monsanto Harvests Big-Data Startup
Ariella Brown  
10/16/2013   13 comments
For nearly a billion dollars, the agricultural giant picks up The Climate Corp., a startup that has brought innovative big-data analytics to the field.
Split Decision on Social Analytics for Jurors
Michael Steinhart  
10/15/2013   27 comments
Our Quick Poll shows that a slim majority of All Analytics readers don't mind if their social data is used in the jury selection process.
Viva the Data Revolution!
Beth Schultz  
10/15/2013   5 comments
Marketers gathered for DMA2013 heard the cry for responsible and innovative data-driven marketing.
A2 Academy: Get Visual, Add Value
Hyoun Park  
10/15/2013   9 comments
Join me Wednesday, Oct. 16, at 2 PM ET for an online learning lecture that'll better prepare you for the visual world of analytics in which we are now living.
Universities Need a Data Science Rethink
Beth Schultz  
10/14/2013   22 comments
Jennifer Lewis Priestley, a thought leader in analytics education, will lead a panel discussion at SAS Analytics 2013 on why universities need to rethink traditional teaching strategies.
Analyzing Big-Data Takes Statistics Galore
Randy Bartlett  
10/11/2013   11 comments
Big-data represents a paradigm shift in approach and methodology, yet not in statistical thinking or statistical assumptions.
MetLife Achieves Customer Focus With Big-Data
Michael Steinhart  
10/10/2013   14 comments
Large enterprises will benefit from consolidating their customer data stores and leveraging social networking.
Big Data & Your Customer Smarts
AllAnalytics Academy  
10/9/2013   285 comments
Keeping a step ahead of customers requires a deep understanding of their wants, needs, and desires, even before they know these themselves.
Maximizing Big-Data Takes a Solid BI Plan
Michael S. Gendron  
10/9/2013   6 comments
The BI plan must be a strategic initiative that aligns with the organizationís objectives and supports the appropriate allocation of resources.
Get the Modeler... Before the Model Gets Us
Beth Schultz  
10/8/2013   20 comments
As the big-data analytics stakes increase, will we see TV-like crime dramas unfolding in real life?
 Making Medicine Smarter
Digital Audio  
10/7/2013   311 comments
Health analytics will help get us to ideals such as physician accountability, optimized treatment plans and preventive care, and lower costs, but only if the approach to analytics evolves as well.
A2 Academy: Big-Data & Your Customer Smarts
Daniel D. Gutierrez  
10/7/2013   11 comments
Big-data, with its enabling technology, predictive analytics through use of machine learning, has become the Holy Grail of customer smarts. Learn more in this A2 Academy class.
Data Dump: The Who, What & When of Big-Data
Beth Schultz  
10/4/2013   11 comments
Big-data is everywhere. Go explore.
Getting Juice From Health Analytics
Jason Burke  
10/3/2013   13 comments
The question "Is the juice worth the squeeze?" gets at the heart of the executive mindset on investing in health analytics.
A2 on Tap: Health Analytics & Customer Smarts
Beth Schultz  
10/3/2013   5 comments
Next week, we'll bring you an A2 Radio broadcast on transforming healthcare, and an A2 Academy session on big-data and your customer smarts.
Big-Data Analytics: From Theory to Best-Practice
AllAnalytics Academy  
10/2/2013   358 comments
Today's businesses require real-time analytics, insight in a flash, and the ability to make sound decisions based on the big-data they amass.
Big-Data Draws Attention at Interop New York
Noreen Seebacher  
10/2/2013   21 comments
Even at a trade fair better known for seminars on information technology, big-data was too significant to ignore.
Into the Deep(water) With Data Visualization
Beth Schultz  
10/2/2013   16 comments
Shell Upstream Americas eyes interactive, real-time data visualizations as a potential next step on its analytics journey.
A2 Academy Today: Taking Big-Data Analytics From Theory to Best-Practice
Olivia Parr-Rud  
10/2/2013   11 comments
To be proactive in our business, to sense what is happening and respond quickly, we must make big-data work for us.
Shell Cautions Patience on Analytics Adoption
Beth Schultz  
10/1/2013   3 comments
Deployment of sophisticated predictive analytics requires shepherding an organization along through change management.