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posted in October 2016
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Why Mobile E-Commerce Requires Analytics & IoT
Scott Ferguson  
10/31/2016   4 comments
The amount of data generated by mobile e-commerce is posing new challenges for developers and IT departments. But analytics, IoT, and other tools can help make sense of all that data, according a report from Frost & Sullivan.
Data Privacy: It's Your Job
James M. Connolly  
10/28/2016   9 comments
It's easy to think that responsibility for data privacy is someone else's job. Really, it's everyone's job, as listeners will learn in the upcoming All Analytics Academy.
Analytics Pros, Speak Up Now & Get Paid
James M. Connolly  
10/21/2016   12 comments
Check out the Gartner list of technology trends for 2017 and see just how important you and your data analytics pros have become. Then go ask the boss for a raise.
 We Can Build Smarter Cities
Digital Audio  
10/20/2016   31 comments
With the emergence of IoT concepts, cities see opportunities to make their delivery of citizen services and use of resources more intelligent.
Learn What Smart Cities Mean to You
James M. Connolly  
10/18/2016   15 comments
Smart cities and their potential benefits are on the agenda when CompTIA's Tim Herbert joins All Analytics Radio on Thursday, Oct. 20, at 2 pm ET.
Data Privacy: A Corporate High-Wire Act
James M. Connolly  
10/17/2016   56 comments
Data privacy is all about balance, on one hand helping your organization innovate while, on the other, protecting the privacy of customers and employees. That will be a key message of presenters in the upcoming All Analytics Academy: Data Privacy for You, For All.
Eek! There’s a Human in Your Data
Tricia Aanderud  
10/14/2016   42 comments
When presenting data it's easy to stay focused on the number. But remember that there are real people with real concerns and emotions behind those numbers.
Data's Little Surprises Make You Wonder
James M. Connolly  
10/12/2016   5 comments
The results of our recent Quick Polls confirm that often the only sure thing with data is that you will be surprised.
Project Pitfalls
Quick Poll  
10/12/2016   3 comments
Big Data for Credit Scoring: Opportunities and Challenges
Bart Baesens  
10/11/2016   7 comments
Big data presents an opportunity to improve credit scoring, but it also presents some challenges.
A2 Radio: Deliver More Effective Visualizations
James M. Connolly  
10/10/2016   2 comments
All Analytics Radio features an interview with visualization expert and author Scott Berinato as we discuss best practices in effective visualization.
A2 Academy: Privacy in the Spotlight
James M. Connolly  
10/7/2016   4 comments
Our new All Analytics Academy program, airing in the first two weeks of November, will provide you with best practices and other advice for protecting the privacy of your customers, your company, and your employees.
AI: Doomed to Buzzword Status
James M. Connolly  
10/5/2016   24 comments
For all the good that artificial intelligence and machine learning promise the concepts are sure to get swamped by our love affair with buzzwords.
A New Look for Weather Reports
James M. Connolly  
10/4/2016   19 comments
The Dark Sky weather visualization site isn't nearly as ominous as it sounds, unless you are a TV meteorologist.
Looming Challenge: More Than Agile Management
Pierre DeBois  
10/3/2016   6 comments
Is an emphasis on encouraging managers to understanding technology masking a need to understand a management framework that mesh digital and real-world concerns?