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posted in November 2011
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Take Our Quick Poll: Most-Used Modeling
Beth Schultz  
11/28/2011   21 comments
Are your models more exploratory or predictive in nature? Let us know.
Poll Results: Toss-Up on Hadoop in the Enterprise
Beth Schultz  
11/22/2011   4 comments
Some say "yes," others say "no," and more than a third of respondents aren't sure what to make of Hadoop's enterprise-readiness.
Take Our Quick Poll: Hadoop in the Enterprise
Beth Schultz  
11/17/2011   9 comments
Help us determine Hadoop's readiness for general enterprise use in this quick poll.
Poll: Many Analytics Platforms Slated for Upgrades
Shawn Hessinger  
11/15/2011   13 comments
Half of the respondents in our recent poll said their companies will likely switch analytics platforms within the next year.
Text Mining Is on the Rise
Shawn Hessinger  
11/14/2011   18 comments
In a recent survey, most data miners say they are either beginning to focus on text mining or will be in the near future.
LocalResponse Mines Big Data for Customers
Shawn Hessinger  
11/11/2011   9 comments
A data mining company focuses on delivering a new kind of targeted advertising based on social content.
How Big Data Could Fuel a Managerial Revolution
Gil Press  
11/10/2011   14 comments
Why big data might just toss out management practices in place for ages.
Take Our Quick Poll: Platform Problems
Shawn Hessinger  
11/4/2011   4 comments
Is your analytics software doing its job and providing your company or organization with the data you need?
Exploration vs. Experimentation: Analytics & Big Data
Shawn Hessinger  
11/1/2011   10 comments
We see analytics trends in the era of big data.