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posted in November 2012
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Making a Career out of Data Science – or Not
Bryan Beverly  
11/30/2012   18 comments
Before you commit to the long-term career path of becoming a data scientist, make sure you understand the job market dynamics.
Facing Down Danger & Other Big-Data Challenges
Mark Pitts  
11/29/2012   14 comments
Predictive success shouldn't be the singularity it so often is.
Chipping Away at the Privacy Wall
Noreen Seebacher  
11/28/2012   10 comments
The Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights is another attempt to address concerns raised by big-data.
Wal-Mart Dreams Up Insight Innovation
Beth Schultz  
11/26/2012   10 comments
A social genome platform, completed with annotated, tagged data, will help business managers glean insight without data science expertise.
Pass the Turkey & Your Credit Card, Please
Noreen Seebacher  
11/26/2012   21 comments
The amount of data that was captured, tracked, analyzed, and shared as the shopping season kicked into high gear is amazing.
Give Thanks for Big-Data
Noreen Seebacher  
11/21/2012   14 comments
Thanksgiving is for families -- but take the opportunity to say thanks for big-data, too.
Apple's Map Data Is Big, but Not So Sweet
Pierre DeBois  
11/21/2012   7 comments
The Apple Maps failure reveals how a data overload can distort business strategy.
Embracing Big-Data Can Add Years to a CMO's Tenure
Anne-Lindsay Beall  
11/20/2012   2 comments
CMOs who adopt an integrated marketing management strategy with big-data can make a substantial impact.
5 Big-Data Insights From Matt Turck
Noreen Seebacher  
11/19/2012   13 comments
Matt Turck knows big-data, and here are the top five things he thinks you should know about it.
Analyzing Cellphone Data for the Greater Good
Ariella Brown  
11/19/2012   16 comments
Researchers mapped cellphone data from nearly 15 million Kenyans to help understand how malaria spreads across Africa.
The Daunting Task of Defining Big-Data
Noreen Seebacher  
11/15/2012   19 comments
While big-data is arguably the buzzword of the year, defining it continues to be a source of endless consternation.
Hollywood Stars Catch On to Social Data Promise
Beth Schultz  
11/12/2012   12 comments
Social media metrics are the new leverage in contract negotiations.
Spare Me Tales of Your Massive Data Cluster
Meta S. Brown  
11/12/2012   4 comments
What really counts is your big business problem and how you're using big-data to solve it.
Big-Data Solutions for Small Budgets
Noreen Seebacher  
11/9/2012   10 comments
Think of it as big-data lite: lower-cost solutions for small businesses.
Shop Till You Drop... or the Optimized Deals Dry Up
Beth Schultz  
11/8/2012   19 comments
As holiday shoppers get savvier, retailers turn to analytics to help get the most of out the season.
E-Chat Today: Big-Data Investments
Noreen Seebacher  
11/8/2012   2 comments
Robert DeFrancesco, the founder and managing editor of Tech-Stock Prospector, will be joining us today at 2:00 p.m. ET for an interactive e-chat on big-data investments.
Sandy Blows Away Big-Data Resistance
Noreen Seebacher  
11/7/2012   8 comments
Superstorm Sandy capitalized on social media and transformed traditional news reports to after-the-fact snapshots.
NBA Could Win Big With Advanced Analytics
Point / Counterpoint  
11/7/2012   4 comments
Some love the idea and others hate it, but advanced analytics will guide court decisions for evermore.
Analytics No Easy Layup for the NBA
Point / Counterpoint  
11/7/2012   13 comments
Basketball analytics naysayers point to the questionable, and presumably data-driven, decision making going on at the Houston Rockets.
Banks & Analytics: A Hiring Catch-22
Beth Schultz  
11/6/2012   13 comments
Banks need to become more analytically advanced, which means hiring more talent. Yet, competing for skills is tough.
Pick Your Favorite Data-ism
Beth Schultz  
11/5/2012   16 comments
Vote for which data expression you like best, and join our pin-of-the-month club.
Keeping Fiction Out of Big-Data Phenomenon
Richard Boire  
11/5/2012   7 comments
Just because the nature of data is changing doesn't mean analytical best-practices need to change, too.
Analytics Redefines the Meaning of Publishing
Matthew Brodsky  
11/2/2012   17 comments
Analytics is changing and broadening definitions in the publishing field.
Buy or Sell? Sentiment Can Guide the Decision
Beth Schultz  
11/1/2012   14 comments
Sentiment scoring in the trading and investment sector is still a novelty, but growing in use.
Sounds of a Social Media Storm
Noreen Seebacher  
11/1/2012   21 comments
Social media took center stage during Superstorm Sandy, even if some of its victims were silenced.
Out With the Focus Group, in With Social Media
Maryam Donnelly  
11/1/2012   6 comments
As companies find success getting consumer feedback from social media, the focus group fades further into the past.