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posted in November 2013
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Consolidating Enterprise Data
Michael Steinhart  
11/29/2013   2 comments
Cloudera announces its Enterprise Data Hub, which enables companies to consolidate all their disparate datasets, structured and unstructured, for unified analytics.
Giving Analytics the College Try
Michael Steinhart  
11/27/2013   64 comments
Experts identify six areas where big data analytics can help improve administrative and academic performance for colleges and their students.
Big Data's Global Reach
Michael Steinhart  
11/27/2013   3 comments
Strata/Hadoop World 2013 attendees share their impressions of the technical sessions, along with their Hadoop stories.
Let the Power Shopping & Data Crunching Begin
Tom Sattler  
11/27/2013   32 comments
Retail analytics are never more important than during the holiday season, starting on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Motivated to Shop – Or Not
Beth Schultz  
11/26/2013   35 comments
Based on online shopping research, I just don't have the motivation to be a true-to-the-core Cyber Monday shopper.
To Your Good Health
Michael Steinhart  
11/25/2013   19 comments
Healthcare is the top-ranked "social good" that will benefit from big data analytics soonest, according to our readers.
Getting Real With Hadoop
Michael Steinhart  
11/25/2013   3 comments
SAS VP of Big Data Paul Kent shares his insights into Hadoop adoption and the future of big data applications.
DMA Highlights Importance of Chief Data Officers
John Balla  
11/25/2013   4 comments
CDOs are critical for helping companies leverage their marketing data effectively and safely.
Integrate Multiple Data Sources
Michael Steinhart  
11/22/2013   1 comment
Shaun Connolly, vice president of corporate strategy at Hortonworks, explains how companies can incorporate Hadoop into their data analytics streams.
IT, Education Execs Agree on Skills Gap
Michael Steinhart  
11/21/2013   23 comments
A panel of four education and IT leaders assert that the talent shortage in IT and analytics is real, and it's worrisome.
 Doing Data Science for Social Good
Digital Audio  
11/21/2013   330 comments
Data science should be as much about high-value social impact as it is about turning a profit.
McDonald's Stays Hot With Predictive Analytics
Beth Schultz  
11/21/2013   22 comments
McDonald's gives restaurant owners the chance to ask "what-if?" with simulation modeling.
Structuring the World With 'Unstructured Data'?
Fabian Pascal  
11/21/2013   24 comments
Call me a skeptic, but I don't buy the hype of systems aimed at managing and extracting information from so-called "unstructured data."
Fashion Trending in China, Big Data Style
Michael Steinhart  
11/20/2013   23 comments
A data set comprising several million photos of China's wealthiest consumers reveals insights into fashion trends and luxury spending.
A2 Radio: Doing Data Science for Social Good
Beth Schultz  
11/20/2013   1 comment
Tune in Thursday, November 21, at 2:00 p.m. ET as we talk with Rayid Ghani, data scientist extraordinaire, about how to use data and analytics for high-impact social good.
Tracking Transactions for Customer Profiles
Michael Steinhart  
11/20/2013   Post a comment
Club Premier Aeromexico combines data from dozens of merchant sources to optimize the customer experience for its frequent flyers.
Crowdsourced Analytics Helps in Typhoon Recovery
Michael Steinhart  
11/19/2013   11 comments
A new crowdsourcing effort helps parse satellite images to aid rescue efforts in the Philippines.
'Map the Nation' Gives Local Look at Global Links
Beth Schultz  
11/19/2013   14 comments
With a million data points, 3,000 counties, and 50 states on one map, this interactive tool lets you answer the question, "How global is your community?"
Visualizing Cop Stops in NYC
Michael Steinhart  
11/18/2013   34 comments
A fascinating map of New York City -- overlaid with data from stop-and-frisk reports and gun-recovery operations -- provides fodder for critics and visualization enthusiasts alike.
Which Customers Have the Most Clout?
John Balla  
11/18/2013   3 comments
T-Mobile's customer link analytics solution helps it target the most influential customers and use them to recruit new subscribers.
Staying Current with Conferences
Michael Steinhart  
11/18/2013   3 comments
Attendees at the SAS Premier Business Leadership Series in Orlando explain why they made the effort to participate.
Think Inside the Box: Constrain Your Analytics!
Martijn Schut  
11/18/2013   23 comments
Here's a little experiment that'll help you get thinking about the best way to approach your data analytics projects.
8 Tips for Becoming Better Predictive Modelers
Beth Schultz  
11/15/2013   23 comments
Gathered for the Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit in Chicago, data analytics experts at leading companies shared these bits of wisdom for analytics practitioners.
Embracing Analytics in the Enterprise
Michael Steinhart  
11/15/2013   Post a comment
Will Hakes, CEO and co-founder of Link Analytics, talks about ways that large enterprises can leverage analytics technologies to save money and improve efficiency.
Where to Find the BI Sweet Spot
Michael S. Gendron  
11/15/2013   5 comments
The intersection of mobile, social, and big data makes good things happen for business intelligence.
Uncle Sam Announces 34 New Data Projects
Michael Steinhart  
11/14/2013   8 comments
As part of its Big Data Research and Development Initiative, the White House announced support this week for dozens of collaborative big data projects around the country.
Ancestry Does DNA & Data Science
Beth Schultz  
11/14/2013   22 comments
Using machine-learning algorithms and DNA genotyping, Ancestry is getting better at finding distant relations and interconnections among family trees.
5 Data Specialists You Meet in Heaven
Michael Steinhart  
11/13/2013   20 comments
Blue Hill Research suggests that companies should look for five different sub-specialties when building a big data analytics team.
Telling Stories From the Data of Our Ancestors
Beth Schultz  
11/13/2013   29 comments
Ancestry.com uses an algorithm to turn "cold data" into colorful, contextual stories of people.
Thinking on NSA Excess & Enterprise Implications
Joe Stanganelli  
11/13/2013   17 comments
Enterprises engaged in big data analytics ought to think about negative consequences, à la what the NSA is experiencing given its data extravaganza.
Streaming Content Dominates Web Traffic
Michael Steinhart  
11/11/2013   20 comments
A new study shows that YouTube and Netflix comprise more than 50 percent of downstream traffic in the US, while peer-to-peer file transfers dipped below 10 percent.
The 10-Minute Project Pitch
Michael Steinhart  
11/11/2013   4 comments
Experts from Dell outline best-practices for bridging the gap between analysts and business execs.
Interns Help Mind the Talent Gap
Michael Steinhart  
11/8/2013   21 comments
The Irish Revenue service utilizes graduate-level interns to help incubate new ideas and test potential methodologies in its analytics department.
4 Quick Tips for Data Visualization Newbies
Beth Schultz  
11/8/2013   10 comments
Tricia Aanderud shared four tips for getting started with data visualization in her A2 Academy presentation.
Data Migration in an Unstructured World
Michael Steinhart  
11/7/2013   Post a comment
Best-practices for data migration to the cloud are taking hold across the enterprise IT world, but how do they account for big data environments?
Hey! I Know Her
Beth Schultz  
11/7/2013   23 comments
Unwary Google users may soon find their faces in the company's ads.
Visualizing Your Big-Data: What to Use, When & Why
AllAnalytics Academy  
11/6/2013   332 comments
Whether you've got a few variables to compare or billions of rows of data to explore, seeing the data in visual format can make all the difference in the insights you glean.
Dive Into a 'Data Lake' & See the Ripple Effect
Beth Schultz  
11/6/2013   12 comments
Booz Allen sees a centralized data repository as a core principal enabling effective use of big data analytics.
Avoiding Big Data Pitfalls
Michael Steinhart  
11/6/2013   1 comment
Booz Allen Principal Peter Guerra shares advice for getting started in big data analytics.
Hadoop in the Cloud
Michael Steinhart  
11/5/2013   5 comments
Rackspace exec Sean Anderson explains why cloud-based Hadoop implementations are a good bet for companies interested in leveraging big data.
Survey: Elusive ROI for Analytics
Michael Steinhart  
11/5/2013   11 comments
A recent study shows that enterprises are adopting analytics broadly but not maximizing its potential.
A2 Academy: What, When & Why of Visual Data
Tricia Aanderud  
11/5/2013   8 comments
Join me for an A2 Academy lecture Wednesday, November 6, at 2:00 p.m. ET, and learn the difference between effective and ineffective data visualizations.
Changing Culture: Top Down & Bottom Up
Michael Steinhart  
11/4/2013   14 comments
Big data demands fast, flexible operations. Corporate culture, however, moves exceedingly slow.
 The Visual Organization: Getting There From Here
Digital Audio  
11/4/2013   283 comments
Many organizations find themselves stymied in their attempts to deliver on the promise of data visualization -- a troublesome reality that doesn't have to be.
Shedding Light on Hadoop for Marketing
John Balla  
11/4/2013   8 comments
Data analysts and storage geeks are excited about Hadoop, but what do marketers need to know?
Crunching Big Data Feeds to Improve Security
Michael Steinhart  
11/1/2013   8 comments
Correlating external security threat data with internal logs and SIEM solutions is fast becoming a job for big data infrastructure.
A2 Radio: The Visual Organization
Beth Schultz  
11/1/2013   5 comments
Author Phil Simon joins us Monday for an A2 Radio interview on his upcoming book, The Visual Organization.