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posted in November 2014
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A2 Academy: Great Presentations Build a Culture of Analytics
James M. Connolly  
11/28/2014   5 comments
When you want to advocate for business managers to use data-driven decision making, is there a better approach than using great visualizations and other easily understood data presentations?
Lawyers & Their Uneasy View of Big Data
James M. Connolly  
11/26/2014   36 comments
There are signs that corporate lawyers are wondering just what they are supposed to do about big data initiatives.
4 Essentials for Startups Doing Big Data
Jeff Bertolucci  
11/25/2014   10 comments
Data-driven insights aren't just for behemoth enterprises. Here's what startups in the innovation economy need to know before embarking on a big-data strategy.
Let's Hang Out & Talk Data, IT & 2015
James M. Connolly  
11/24/2014   12 comments
Join the All Analytics team on Tuesday as the editors and community members share some thoughts on what 2015 has in store for analytics, IT, and the enterprise.
States Find ROI in Fighting Fraud With Big Data
James M. Connolly  
11/21/2014   36 comments
Examples in several states show how big data analytics can put a dent in fraudulent schemes such as fake tax returns and unemployment claims.
Turkeys, Ghosts of Management Past & Analytics
James M. Connolly  
11/20/2014   19 comments
That roasted turkey on your Thanksgiving table might represent a corporate myth that analytics can dispell.
The Analytics Skills Gap: Data-Driven Journalists
The Dashboard  
11/20/2014   1 comment
Pulitzer Prize winner and database journalism professor Steve Doig discusses the opportunities and challenges in bringing analytics to the newsroom.
Tech Leaders Call For Surveillance Reform
Thomas Claburn  
11/18/2014   17 comments
AOL, Apple, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter, and Yahoo ask the US Senate to limit mass surveillance.
Big Data Analytics Is a Big Opportunity for Hotels, Part 2
Kelly A. McGuire  
11/17/2014   1 comment
Today's advanced analytics need to be fast, and they need to be accessible. This means more changes to the technology infrastructure to support these new processes.
A2 Academy: Presenting Data to Decision Makers
James M. Connolly  
11/17/2014   2 comments
The new All Analytics Academy -- Presenting Data to Decision Makers -- kicks off the week of December 1. Learn about the technologies and techniques that can help the analytics team tell the story that the data presents.
Are Patent Trolls Finally on the Decline?
Robert Allison  
11/17/2014   6 comments
Graphs show that the number of cases filed by patent trolls not only has stopped growing but actually is in decline.
Choose the Right Dashboard for the Right Story
Pierre DeBois  
11/14/2014   10 comments
Customer behavior is becoming more sophisticated online. To identify and respond to the behavior, new coding and advanced spreadsheet automation can help.
The IoT's Impact Looms Large & Near
James M. Connolly  
11/14/2014   37 comments
Despite the scale of the consumer-focused Internet of Things, the business side of the IoT might present the greatest challenge in terms of implementation and analytics.
Respect the Intelligence & Legacy of BI
James M. Connolly  
11/12/2014   5 comments
Maybe we've become too casual in writing off the accomplishments and the inroads of BI.
Agile Analytics: A New Approach to Doing Business
Martijn Schut  
11/12/2014   2 comments
You've heard about agile application development. Well, you can apply the same principles to an analytics project.
Big-Data Analytics Is a Big Opportunity for Hotels
Kelly A. McGuire  
11/10/2014   2 comments
Big-data analytics can help hotel managers shore up the complicated balance between the guest experience and revenue and profit responsibilities.
Data Quality, the Flipside & the Burning Water Ski
James M. Connolly  
11/10/2014   14 comments
If data quality means getting names and addresses right, the flipside is highlighted by bureaucracy and waste.
Analytics and 'About Last Night'
James M. Connolly  
11/6/2014   30 comments
Analytics in HR software can provide benefits such as better recruitment and management, but there is the spectre of intruding on employee privacy.
Hadoop Will Become Mandatory
Doug Henschen  
11/6/2014   6 comments
Forrester says economics will make Hadoop a requirement for companies as the consulting firm predicts new roles, new software sources, and an end to skills shortage for 2015.
A Glimpse Into PBLS: Thoughts From Jim Goodnight
James M. Connolly  
11/6/2014   2 comments
In a wide-ranging interview, SAS founder and CEO Jim Goodnight told attendees at the Premier Business Leadership Series conference how the company survived the recession and where there are new opportunities for business analytics.
Are You Honing Your Craft or Just Hammering Nails?
James M. Connolly  
11/3/2014   7 comments
During last week's A2 Radio Show, Booz Allen Hamilton experts explained why data science is, in reality, a trade craft where you learn from the experienced story tellers and from your own mistakes.
Who Sold My Data?
Tom Sattler  
11/3/2014   7 comments
Consider just how many of your daily actions provide a company with data about you that can be sold on the open market.