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posted in December 2013
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5 Resolutions for the Analytically Inclined
Beth Schultz  
12/31/2013   22 comments
Most of us could stand to be a little better and do a little more -- and what a better time to think about how to make that happen than with the dawn of a new year?
Playing at Game Theory in a Big Data Context
Martijn Schut  
12/30/2013   7 comments
When put to use for big data, game theory can provide a clear objective of providing business insights, exploring what-if scenarios, and predicting behaviors and outcomes.
Cameras, Cops & Crowd Computing
Michael Steinhart  
12/30/2013   63 comments
Crowd analytics software aims to prevent stampedes and trampling incidents by predicting anomalies and alerting authorities to potential problems in real-time.
Here's to Good Health(care)
Beth Schultz  
12/26/2013   20 comments
Healthcare providers willing to be innovative and use predictive modeling can help make a difference.
Data Science Meets Information Management
Lalitha Chikkatur  
12/26/2013   17 comments
Data science stands out as a classic example of how innovative thinking and culture can make a useful blend of traditional and emerging technologies.
Running Out the Clock on 2013
Michael Steinhart  
12/24/2013   26 comments
Half of our audience is looking forward to a holiday break from analytics projects. The other half is already on vacation.
360-Degree Slam Dunk
Michael Steinhart  
12/24/2013   3 comments
Analytics helps the Orlando Magic score higher ticket revenues and improved customer experiences.
Census Map Visualizes Income, Education & More
Michael Steinhart  
12/23/2013   17 comments
Interactive maps from the Census Bureau let users drill down from state level to street level, exploring household income, age, education, and employment stats.
That Creepy Stalker Guy in Your Computer
Tom Sattler  
12/23/2013   43 comments
What we tolerate online that we wouldn't in person.
Analytic Hospitality Execs: What Happened to 2013?
Kelly A. McGuire  
12/19/2013   4 comments
This year has been a whirlwind, with many exciting and positive changes brought on with analytics.
Deadline Looms for Federal E-Records Overhaul
Michael Steinhart  
12/17/2013   11 comments
Government agencies are expected to modernize their record management systems, but guidance and funds are scarce.
3 Traits That Make for a Good Data Scientist
Beth Schultz  
12/17/2013   18 comments
You need technical skills, and then some.
 Analytics Talent: Getting Ready for 2014 & Beyond
Digital Audio  
12/17/2013   346 comments
Jennifer Lewis Priestley, a statistics professor, is a vocal advocate of changing traditional data-oriented teaching methods, and often shares her thoughts about bringing academia and the public sector together to ensure universities are preparing the analytics talent necessary in a big data world.
Increase Marketing Response Rates With SAS
John Balla  
12/17/2013   2 comments
Smart companies use their own products to drive business and prove their value.
Gartner: 4 Big-Data Predictions
Michael Steinhart  
12/16/2013   29 comments
Industry analysts see big things ahead as business intelligence tools are made accessible to end users, but confusion around big data will hamper growth.
Value Creation Is Key to Marketing's Future
John Balla  
12/16/2013   3 comments
Data stewardship is critically important for companies that want to leverage big data while protecting customer privacy.
A2 Twofer: Analytics Talent & Big Data Analytics
Beth Schultz  
12/16/2013   8 comments
Join our special A2 programming on Tuesday and Wednesday and get a step ahead on two looming 2014 challenges: nurturing analytics talent and implementing big data analytics.
Nice Paycheck: Big Data Work Pays for H-1Bs
Beth Schultz  
12/13/2013   16 comments
Salary studies show junior-level big data analytics professionals with H-1B visas earn, on average, $4,500 more than their US counterparts.
Cybercrime: Dark Side of the Digital World
Waynette Tubbs  
12/12/2013   3 comments
A new report highlights the risks and pain points that banks face when dealing with cyberthreats.
Amazon Prime Air Will Fly on Big Data's Wings
Beth Schultz  
12/12/2013   41 comments
We share one expert's perspective on how Amazon could make its drone-based package delivery fly.
The Not-So-Material World
Michael Steinhart  
12/12/2013   23 comments
A significant portion of our audience didn't buy the Black Friday hype and stayed home instead of shopping this past Thanksgiving weekend.
Survey: Strong Push for Visual Analytics
Michael Steinhart  
12/11/2013   23 comments
A new report shows that companies using business intelligence and analytics tools want them to be easier to use, and they want more visualization options.
Big Data Brings New Perspective for Marketers
John Balla  
12/11/2013   4 comments
Big data enables marketers to move beyond demographic samples and focus on actual responses and customers.
Navigating the Hadoop Universe
The Dashboard  
12/11/2013   16 comments
Some say Hadoop is the next big thing; others say it's nothing more than a great, big, glorified bucket. We clear the air.
9 Analytics Predictions for 2014
Beth Schultz  
12/10/2013   9 comments
The International Institute for Analytics lays out nine ways we'll see analytics grow in the coming year.
Slashing Record Clutter With Text Analytics
Michael Steinhart  
12/10/2013   11 comments
Preserving documents, emails, and personnel records is smart for businesses and critical for government entities. Advanced text mining technologies make the process easier and smoother by automating routine classification tasks.
A2 Radio: How to Make a Profit From Text-Mining
Beth Schultz  
12/9/2013   6 comments
Join business analytics consultant Meta S. Brown for an A2 Radio conversation on how to make text analytics pay.
Encryption for Hadoop & Big Data
Michael Steinhart  
12/9/2013   5 comments
Big data often contains sensitive or protected classes of information, and security is overlooked just as often.
Yes, That Is a Beacon in Your Pocket
Michael Steinhart  
12/6/2013   30 comments
If you're carrying a smartphone, there are dozens of entities that want to track your movements in exchange for serving you coupons and helpful information. Apple is the latest to join the fray with its iBeacon Bluetooth-based feature.
 2014 Big-Data Salary Outlook
Digital Audio  
12/5/2013   406 comments
You've all heard about the impending shortage of analytical talent and the increasing demand for big-data professionals in particular. Now find out about your big-data earning power.
Hadoop's Place in the Analytics Ecosystem
Michael Steinhart  
12/5/2013   1 comment
Combining Hadoop with high-performance infrastructure equipment creates a platform that can leverage numerous analytics technologies.
The Data-Driven Factory & Economy of the Future
Leo Sadovy  
12/5/2013   6 comments
The latest 3D printing and simulation technologies will upend traditional manufacturing models.
Check Into the Big Data Suite
Michael Steinhart  
12/4/2013   5 comments
For travel sites, predicting customer preferences is no longer a luxury.
X-Ray Vision With Competitive Analytics
Michael Steinhart  
12/3/2013   12 comments
A new service reverse-engineers online ad campaigns to help customers figure out what works, how much it costs, and how to compete more effectively.
The Impact of Negative Reviews on Purchase Decisions
John Balla  
12/3/2013   5 comments
Studies show that negative reviews can torpedo sales efforts more than any other factor.
A2 Radio: 2014 Big Data Salary Outlook
Beth Schultz  
12/3/2013   6 comments
Linda Burtch, managing director of Burtch Works Executive Recruiting, joins us Thursday, Dec. 5, at 2:00 p.m. ET, for a peek at what the new year can mean for big data paychecks.
Baby Wearables: Big Data in Small Packages
Michael Steinhart  
12/2/2013   36 comments
Move over, grownup health trackers. It's time for parents to outfit their newborns with wearable heart rate, breathing, and sleep monitors.
Visual Statistics in Action
Michael Steinhart  
12/2/2013   1 comment
A powerful, in-memory modeler brings unprecedented versatility and flexibility to SAS visual analytics.
Q&A: Jen Dunham on Cybersecurity
Waynette Tubbs  
12/2/2013   1 comment
SAS expert Jen Dunham addresses four common IT security concerns in a series of concise videos.