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posted in December 2016
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Why Recommendation Engines Still Aren't Accurate
Lisa Morgan  
12/28/2016   46 comments
Ever noticed that some recommendations from consumer websites tend to be a bit off base? Lisa Morgan takes a look at why those engines get confused.
In Search Of: Unicorns, Big Foot, and Data Privacy
Bryan Beverly  
12/20/2016   48 comments
Monster hunters may have spent years hunting for Big Foot, and unicorns may be popular ideas in fairy tales. But like data privacy, they don't really exist. Data protection is what we have instead.
The Amorphous CDO Role Takes Shape
James M. Connolly  
12/16/2016   28 comments
After being largely undefined for a few years the role of Chief Data Officer may finally be taking shape, as illustrated in a survey of federal agencies.
Most Analytics Opportunities Untapped, McKinsey
Jessica Davis  
12/13/2016   1 comment
McKinsey Global Institute has updated its research on data analytics and the opportunity it presents in a new report released this month.
Market Intelligence: Turn Information into Insights
Jim Schakenbach  
12/12/2016   Post a comment
Think beyond business intelligence; market intelligence helps you to understand your competitors, customers, and overall market trends.
Customer Analytics: Think Outside the Black Box
Suneel Grover  
12/11/2016   3 comments
Suneel Grover takes a look at how SAS Customer Intelligence 360 addresses issues such as predictive personalization, segmentation, real-time analytics, and machine learning.
Analytics Gets Big IT Investment in 2017
Jessica Davis  
12/9/2016   4 comments
The 37th annual SIM IT Trends Study found that analytics continues to be an important strategic investment for organizations.
Free Milk and Cookies, for a Price
James M. Connolly  
12/8/2016   4 comments
The new A2 cartoons highlights the big data privacy question that nothing comes for free.
 Retail Analytics: See Where Style Meets Statistics
Digital Audio  
12/6/2016   53 comments
The retail sector is learning that great products with consumer appeal aren't enough for success. They need great data strategies as well.
Prediction, Explanation and the November Surprise
Fabian Pascal  
12/5/2016   7 comments
Those delving into data science have to learn the important difference between prediction and explanation, as we discovered in post-election discussions and finger-pointing.