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posted in February 2012
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Get Your High-Performance Analytics Info at This 'One-Stop Shop'
Beth Schultz  
2/29/2012   5 comments
A new SAS microsite serves up a bevy of HPA resources, from e-books to a Webinar.
Privacy Bargain & Big Data Security
Mark Troester  
2/24/2012   13 comments
Privacy is not an issue with big data.
Research Shows SMBs Adding BI, Moving to Cloud
Shawn Hessinger  
2/23/2012   22 comments
SMBs want business intelligence, too.
What to Do About the Big Data Skills Shortfall
Shawn Hessinger  
2/16/2012   15 comments
We discuss the shortfalls in big data and how they might be filled.
When to Jump Ship Over Advanced Analytics & Big Data
Thomas Redman  
2/16/2012   10 comments
If you can't get the business to embrace advanced analytics and big data, you might consider moving on.
Find Your Big Data Use Case Now
Beth Schultz  
2/15/2012   8 comments
Fern Halper, a Hurwitz analyst, shares three great use cases for big data.
Big Data Is Here & There's No Looking Back
Beth Schultz  
2/14/2012   13 comments
New York Times piece explores the "age of big data," with all its hope and all its worries.
Fused Search & Analytics Approach Creates Powerful Big Data Option
Beth Schultz  
2/13/2012   3 comments
A Library of Congress project shows workability of a next-generation approach to managing the big data morass.
#GartnerChat on Big Data
Mark Troester  
2/13/2012   3 comments
Here are the results of a Twitter chat on big data and related topics. Feel free to follow the discussion.
Get Aggressive: IT Marching Orders for Advanced Analytics & Big Data
Thomas Redman  
2/8/2012   13 comments
Here are seven reasons to shun the wait-and-see attitude on advanced analytics and big data projects.
Big Data Demands Privacy Debate
Shawn Hessinger  
2/7/2012   9 comments
It's time to decide on the balance between data privacy and use of data for social and business innovation.
How to Decide What You Want Out of Your Big-Data Analytics Platform
Gil Press  
2/7/2012   9 comments
An Enterprise Strategy Group report provides advice on how to decide which big-data analytics platform is right for your organization.
Beware Phantom Big Data Projects
Julie Lockner  
2/1/2012   14 comments
Big data requires nontraditional IT approaches -- remember that in your analytics considerations.