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posted in February 2013
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Get Visual With Your Analytics, but Take Care
Beth Schultz  
2/28/2013   7 comments
Before embracing data visualization tools, make sure they're mature enough for your needs and take full advantage of high-end processing, experts advise.
Using Big-Data to Solve a Big-Data Problem
Noreen Seebacher  
2/28/2013   7 comments
Big-data is creating big opportunities for enterprise hackers... and big-data solutions may help thwart them.
Powering Predictive Analytics With Big-Data
AllAnalytics Academy  
2/27/2013   243 comments
With predictive analytics and big-data, the potential for ever-more intelligent and dynamic decision making explodes.
Visual Analytics: Prettying Up Big-Data
Beth Schultz  
2/27/2013   14 comments
Big-data and data visualization need to be inextricably intertwined as we look for better ways to deliver insight to the business.
Squeezing Value From Data
Information Graphic  
2/27/2013   4 comments
Businesses that master big-data analytics are emerging as industry leaders armed with deep insights and making faster, better decisions.
Visualizing the News
Sandra Gittlen  
2/27/2013   8 comments
With the right visual analytics tools, news organizations can gain a comprehensive view of audience interest.
Trend Report: Text Analytics in 2013
The Dashboard  
2/26/2013   12 comments
Last year was a good year for text analytics adopters and solution providers alike, and 2013 promises to be the same.
A2 Academy: Predictive Analytics Deep Dive
Beth Schultz  
2/26/2013   11 comments
In the third of our seven-class session, business analytics expert Meta Brown will tell us how to apply predictive analytics in a big-data environment.
The Risks of Super Fast Social Media
Noreen Seebacher  
2/26/2013   14 comments
Maybe we shouldn't expect leaders to make decisions based on Twitter feeds.
Big-Data Gives Boost to Genomics Research
Mark Pitts  
2/26/2013   16 comments
Analysis of -omics data -- genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, etc. -- can take tremendous computing power and data storage. Big-data can provide the fuel.
Lessons From NYC Social Media Week
Noreen Seebacher  
2/21/2013   23 comments
You can't please everyone all of the time, but you can use social media to your advantage.
Building the Big-Data Analytics Architecture
AllAnalytics Academy  
2/20/2013   247 comments
Incorporating big-data into your analytical processes means accommodating new data types and new thinking about your data architecture.
On Tap: Big-Data Class & Search E-Chat
Beth Schultz  
2/19/2013   15 comments
Join us for an online learning class on big-data analytics architecture and an e-chat on improving the user search experience and search-based data analytics.
Too Much Data for Job Seekers to Hide
Noreen Seebacher  
2/19/2013   40 comments
Access to information may be good for prospective employers. But it's challenging for job hunters.
That Robot Is Derailing My Train
Lyndon Henry  
2/19/2013   20 comments
Robotic cars ride into our imaginations -- and on to our streets -- fueled in part by big-data analytics.
Fun With Numbers
Beth Schultz  
2/18/2013   10 comments
Data is your life, but you can't always be so serious about it.
The Data Dump: Feeling It on Wall Street
Beth Schultz  
2/15/2013   2 comments
This week's look at data news from around the universe.
Here's Why We Need Analytics for Security
Beth Schultz  
2/15/2013   13 comments
A distributed denial-of-service attack took out AllAnalytics.com, its sister sites, internal servers, the datacenter hosting our sites, and others that share resources with it.
Spreading the News on Social Media
Noreen Seebacher  
2/14/2013   25 comments
Companies like Adidas are harnessing the power of social media to get the word out about new products -- fast.
Got a Data Question? Just Ask the Community
Noreen Seebacher  
2/13/2013   6 comments
Anyone can start an All Analytics readerboard to ask a question or spark a conversation.
Note to Utilities: Improve Analytics, Reduce Outages
Joe Gimenez  
2/13/2013   6 comments
With the amount and type of hurricane data available, utilities would be well advised to power up big-data analytics and figure out how to better predict and respond to outages.
Big-Data & the Value Proposition
AllAnalytics Academy  
2/13/2013   236 comments
The business world is abuzz about big-data, but figuring out what big-data is and means for your enterprise isn't always easy.
Big-Data & Security Converge With Analytics
Beth Schultz  
2/12/2013   5 comments
Industry watchers understand the need to apply big-data analytics to enterprise security, but how that shakes out from an architecture perspective is in question.
The Visual Art Behind Data Science
Noreen Seebacher  
2/12/2013   14 comments
As demand for data visualization grows, so does the need for consistent quality.
Of Big-Data, Bono & a Better World
Mark Pitts  
2/12/2013   9 comments
Rocker Bono fuels his social crusades with data and technology.
A2 Two-fer: Big-Data & Human Capital Analytics
Beth Schultz  
2/11/2013   5 comments
This week, All Analytics brings you an online learning class on the big-data value proposition, and a digital audio show on human capital analytics.
It Can't Be Junk Mail If It's Personalized
Noreen Seebacher  
2/11/2013   23 comments
Technology enables a business to craft direct mail personalized for each recipient.
The Data Dump: Math Made Easy... & Easier
Beth Schultz  
2/8/2013   20 comments
We present random snippets from the data world.
Go Ahead: Dig in My Data
Noreen Seebacher  
2/6/2013   17 comments
If we don't read the terms of service, can we blame companies for invading our privacy?
Someone Is Always Watching
Noreen Seebacher  
2/5/2013   32 comments
Most people who took a recent All Analytics quick poll indicated they have at least some fear of big-data.
Bright Colors, Cool Graphics, Better Health
Noreen Seebacher  
2/4/2013   21 comments
Healthcare is just one of many sectors exploring options for visualizing relatively complex data.
 Big-Data: The New Analytics Reality
Digital Audio  
2/1/2013   326 comments
Business analytics thought-leader Tom Davenport shares his insights on the ways big-data is changing our world.
What's the Deal With DNA Data Storage?
Noreen Seebacher  
2/1/2013   24 comments
The concept of storing data in the form of DNA is intriguing. I just wish I could wrap my head around it.