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Big Data Knows Which Way the Wind Blows
Jon Martindale  
2/28/2014   17 comments
Weather analytics services claim to predict long-term weather patterns, but only a few leverage decades of historical data and real-time feeds.
Getting Omnichannel Engagement on Demand
Michael Steinhart  
2/27/2014   17 comments
You don't need dedicated call center reps or software to deliver full customer engagement across phone, email, and social channels.
 Getting Smart on Digital Attribution
Digital Audio  
2/27/2014   165 comments
David Schmitt, a marketing analytics executive, understands the importance of data-driven insight into the marketing spend. As such, he's currently overseeing implementation of a digital attribution program at a global hospitality company. Tune in for his lessons learned.
5 Aggressive Plays in Sports Analytics
Beth Schultz  
2/27/2014   56 comments
A new International Institute of Analytics research report, sponsored by SAS, details leading-edge player and team performance analytics -- and more.
Big Data Drives Need for Datacenter Speed
Michael Steinhart  
2/26/2014   21 comments
The increasing demand for distributed resources, instant failover, and on-demand scaling is drawing datacenter interconnect technology into sharp focus.
Batter Up: The Model Shows a Fastball Is Coming
Beth Schultz  
2/26/2014   38 comments
Booz Allen Hamilton is venturing into sports analytics with models that predict things like pitcher behavior.
And the Winner Is: Big Data Oscar Picks
Jeff Bertolucci  
2/26/2014   14 comments
This year's Best Picture will be 12 Years A Slave, according to Academy Award prognosticators at Farsite. Will big data get it right?
SAS Tops New Gartner Magic Quadrant
Michael Steinhart  
2/25/2014   6 comments
Analytics technology has evolved beyond BI to the point where it warrants its own Gartner Magic Quadrant assessment.
SAS for Demand Signal Analytics
Leo Sadovy  
2/25/2014   Post a comment
Aggregating real-time data from manufacturers, distributors, and retail systems delivers unprecedented insight into supply chain dynamics.
Deloitte Debates Data Trends
Michael Steinhart  
2/24/2014   38 comments
In an interesting departure from straightforward predictions, a new report from Deloitte addresses eight big-data developments that may -- or may not -- cause market disruption in the coming years.
5 Keys to Success for B2Me Marketing
Beth Schultz  
2/24/2014   21 comments
Juniper Networks CMO Brad Brooks tells tech marketers not to get lost in the big-data weeds.
Twitter Analytics Puts Cards on the Table
Ariella Brown  
2/24/2014   58 comments
Sometimes it's not enough to make something available for free, you also have to show how it works. Analytics deliver the why on top of the what, as we see in the case of Twitter.
Need to Solve a Big Data Marketing Problem? Visualize It
John Balla  
2/24/2014   4 comments
Visual tools enable marketers to leverage data holistically and drive greater customer engagement.
Loyalty Cards Are So Yesterday
Beth Schultz  
2/21/2014   30 comments
Successful companies must look beyond traditional loyalty card programs to gain insight across social, local, and mobile customer channels.
Uncle Sam No Friend of Privacy
Michael Steinhart  
2/21/2014   24 comments
More than half of our poll voters said the US government may crack down on marketers, but it lets the NSA trample on privacy rights routinely.
 Hadoop: How to Pick the Right Use Case
Digital Audio  
2/21/2014   77 comments
A primary reason organizations struggle to achieve value from big data is lack of a compelling business use case.
Healthcare Heat Maps Meet Cold Reception
Michael Steinhart  
2/20/2014   24 comments
Volunteers are going door to door in low-income areas, using analytics to pinpoint households most likely to need affordable health insurance.
A2 Academy: Big-Data Analytics & the Enterprise Evolution
Beth Schultz  
2/20/2014   2 comments
Our latest A2 Academy online learning program runs for seven consecutive Wednesdays from March 5 through April 16. Don't miss out!
Analytics Fuel Transit Duel in Austin
Lyndon Henry  
2/20/2014   13 comments
Grassroots groups and municipal officials are clashing over a proposed urban rail line in Austin, Texas, with both sides wielding data visualizations to bolster their positions.
'Prism on Steroids' in Sochi
Michael Steinhart  
2/19/2014   10 comments
The volatility of the Sochi region and numerous terror threats have Bolshoi Brat -- big brother -- monitoring all communications in and out of the Olympic village.
Watson Is Going to Take My Mind!
Beth Schultz  
2/19/2014   28 comments
As computers learn to do radical filtering and deliver tailored answers, you have to wonder what will become of today's analytics professionals.
Choosing a Big-Data Analytics Platform
Michael Steinhart  
2/19/2014   3 comments
All Analytics editors Beth Schultz and Michael Steinhart conduct a Google+ Hangout on Air chat with Doug Henschen, executive editor of InformationWeek, about his recent roundup of the top 16 big-data analytics platforms.
Sports Analytics at Work & Play
Michael Steinhart  
2/18/2014   39 comments
The eighth annual MIT Sloan Sports Conference will bring giants from the sports, analytics, and media industries together for two days of insight and advice.
Cloud or Cloud Computing? Big Data or Just Data?
Michael S. Gendron  
2/18/2014   15 comments
Do people understand terms like cloud and big data, or are they just nodding along with the conversation? And does this confusion affect business intelligence efforts?
A2 Radio: How to Pick the Right Hadoop Use Case
Beth Schultz  
2/18/2014   Post a comment
Ankur Gupta, a big data director at Sears and head of sales, marketing, and operations for MetaScale, will join us Friday, Feb. 21, at 11:00 p.m. ET for tips on picking a starting point for Hadoop.
Building a Business Case for Text Analytics
Meta S. Brown  
2/14/2014   14 comments
Expert advice on finding the right combination of benefits and savings that will convince management to fund your text analytics investment.
Customer Love It's All About the Connection
John Balla  
2/14/2014   14 comments
This Valentine's Day, ask yourself: How many of your customers would make heart-shapes about your brand?
RNC Launches Analytics Lab for Voter Data
Michael Steinhart  
2/13/2014   31 comments
Hoping to outgun the Democrats in 2016, the Republican National Committee has opened a data analytics incubator and dubbed it Para Bellum Labs.
In-Memory Statistics for Hadoop Ups SAS Game
Beth Schultz  
2/13/2014   5 comments
In-Memory Statistics for Hadoop moves analytical processing away from the "blocking and tackling" of old to iterative processing of hundreds, if not thousands, of models.
Keeping a Close Eye on Shoppers
Michael Steinhart  
2/13/2014   16 comments
The retail store of the future will track customers and products via Bluetooth, NFC, and RFID in order to optimize shopping experiences and operational efficiency.
Big Data, Multichannel Drive CRM Investment
Michael Steinhart  
2/12/2014   9 comments
A new Gartner report indicates that customer relationship management software investments are expected to continue strongly as companies strive to deliver enhanced customer experiences.
A2 Video Chat: Getting Started With Big-Data Analytics Platforms
Beth Schultz  
2/12/2014   12 comments
Join us Thursday, Feb. 13, at 2:00 p.m. ET in a Google+ Hangout with InformationWeek executive editor Doug Henschen, discussing his recently published list of the top 16 big-data analytics platforms.
Winter Olympic Inspiration for Marketers
John Balla  
2/12/2014   Post a comment
A snowboarder's improvisation leads to gold for the USA. What can marketers learn from this story?
700K Super Bowl Fans Engaged With Ads
Maryam Donnelly  
2/12/2014   19 comments
Engagement analytics technology took the lead at this year's Super Bowl.
Pushing Back at Big Brother
Michael Steinhart  
2/11/2014   20 comments
Privacy advocates and activists have named today "The Day We Fight Back" against government surveillance and data gathering.
Real-Time Demand Drives Forecasting
Michael Steinhart  
2/11/2014   1 comment
Charles Chase, chief industry consultant for the manufacturing and supply chain global practice at SAS, explains why companies can no longer rely on shipment data to understand and predict product demand.
A2 Book Club: 10 Books for Data Devotees
Michael Steinhart  
2/10/2014   7 comments
Cuddle up with any or all of these analytics-related volumes for an enlightening and educational read.
Big-Data Hype Is So 2013
Sandra Gittlen  
2/10/2014   22 comments
The uncertainty around big data is fading as concrete definitions, use cases, and success stories come to the fore.
Hiring a Portfolio of Modern Marketing Assets
John Balla  
2/10/2014   1 comment
Proficiency in analytics and grounding in tradition are both critical for the next generation of marketing professionals.
Learning to Ask Big Questions of Your Big Data
Beth Schultz  
2/7/2014   28 comments
Getting the business to a point where it's ready to ask questions of its big data takes some work.
Credibility Analysis: True or False?
Daniel D. Gutierrez  
2/7/2014   20 comments
New research uses machine learning algorithms to determine whether Twitter posts are more or less credible.
Next-Gen Retail: Electronic Labels & Bluetooth Beacons
Michael Steinhart  
2/7/2014   Post a comment
Andrew Dark, CEO of Displaydata, explains the dynamics of electronic shelf-edge labels and how they integrate with retail backend management solutions.
Out of the Breach & Into Improved Data Security
Beth Schultz  
2/6/2014   23 comments
Chip-enabled smart cards and big data analytics grow in importance for protecting against data breaches and privacy intrusions.
Infographic: Hadoop & Big-Data Jobs in India
Michael Steinhart  
2/6/2014   6 comments
Salary and job market data reveals growing demand for Hadoop and analytics professionals in India.
Taking One for the Team
Michael Steinhart  
2/5/2014   12 comments
A prominent data scientist suggests that group incentives are far more effective than individual rewards and punishments.
Hail to the Chief Data Officer
Michael Steinhart  
2/4/2014   4 comments
As big data management becomes a paramount concern for enterprises in every industry, a new class of executives is emerging.
Analytics for Integrating the Value Disciplines
Leo Sadovy  
2/4/2014   20 comments
The retailer of the future will find itself split among three specialties: low-cost production, innovation, and customer intimacy.
Retail Trends: Big Data Optimizes Sales & Operations
Michael Steinhart  
2/4/2014   5 comments
SAS Institute's Lori Schafer shares insights on big-data for retail supply chain optimization and in-store customer tracking.
3 Big Data Solutions for 2014
Anne-Lindsay Beall  
2/3/2014   3 comments
Take a peek inside the latest issue of sascom magazine for three big data solutions for 2014.
Analytics ROI Flares Quickly for Grill Maker
Michael Steinhart  
2/3/2014   21 comments
Oregon-based Traeger Grills adopted customer analytics just a few weeks ago, and is already reaping numerous benefits.
In-Car Tracking: We Know Where You've Been
Ariella Brown  
2/3/2014   60 comments
Carmakers and navigation services are collecting location data on drivers whether they know it or not.