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posted in March 2012
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Slideshow: Obama Backs Big Data Big Time
Beth Schultz  
3/30/2012   18 comments
In a multiagency announcement, the Obama administration commits to bettering the nation's research undertakings by investing $200 million-plus in big data initiatives.
Hang the Balloons: Itís Big Data's Grand Opening
Sandra Gittlen  
3/27/2012   17 comments
Like the excitement surrounding a restaurant opening, interest in big data may fade over time -- or not.
SAS Visual Analytics Provides Wow Factor
Beth Schultz  
3/23/2012   31 comments
Power through big data, deliver data visualizations near instantaneously, and get your results on a mobile device, all with this tool.
ClearStory Data Introduces Analytics for Everyone
Shawn Hessinger  
3/21/2012   11 comments
A startup offers a unique do-it-yourself approach to big data analytics.
Where Big Data, the Cloud, & Corn Collide
Beth Schultz  
3/20/2012   19 comments
The Climate Corp. has built an innovative business by analyzing weather conditions and providing insurance for growers.
Fueling Data Revolution Requires Sparks From Top
Thomas Redman  
3/20/2012   11 comments
No matter the data project, it'll only go so far without top leaders behind the initiative.
Doing Up Big Data as a (Self) Service
Gil Press  
3/16/2012   13 comments
For this author, the idea of self-service big data emerges out of the recent Strata 12 conference.
The Value of Social Data Today
Shawn Hessinger  
3/14/2012   22 comments
Social media tells you only so much.
Why Big Data Will Take Some Time
Thomas H. Davenport  
3/13/2012   9 comments
Getting big data to work requires smart people with impressive backgrounds -- and there aren't enough of those to go around right now.
Scale Up With HPC for Best Analytics Support
Point / Counterpoint  
3/9/2012   9 comments
Scaling out in the cloud is increasingly touted as a good option for analytics processing, but in this Point/Counterpoint piece one IT writer argues the strengths of an internal high-performance computing infrastructure.
Under the Hadoop Hood
Mark Troester  
3/7/2012   3 comments
Here's a peek at the technology bringing the power of SAS analytics to Hadoop.
SAS Makes Big Play for Hadoop
Mark Troester  
3/6/2012   Post a comment
It's official: SAS support for Hadoop is officially available.
Big Data: What We Can Wrap Our Heads Around
Thomas Redman  
3/2/2012   6 comments
The big data definition should reflect the overall intellectual and business capabilities of an organization and not merely the status of its support infrastructure.
Trying to Put Big Data in Perspective
Shawn Hessinger  
3/2/2012   8 comments
Social discussions revolve around the true nature of the big data challenge.