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posted in March 2013
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Dealing With Data Obsessions
Noreen Seebacher  
3/29/2013   18 comments
The pointless way I watched my partially amputated finger is analogous to the way I now watch my smartphone.
More Isn't Always Better
Noreen Seebacher  
3/29/2013   2 comments
More doesn't mean better, despite what you see in those AT&T TV ads with the cute kids.
The Case for Big-Data Analytics
AllAnalytics Academy  
3/28/2013   272 comments
This big-data analytics wave requires you to think deeply about the potential and consider the inevitable surprises that lie in wait.
Seeing Is Believing: Just Watch This Heat Map
Beth Schultz  
3/28/2013   23 comments
Avalon Consulting used the recent papal activity to show the power of processing and visualizing big-data.
IIA: Analytics 3.0, the Era of Impact, Is Here
Beth Schultz  
3/27/2013   5 comments
Designated by the International Institute for Analytics, Analytics 3.0 is about speed, agility, and business impact.
Navy Uses Cellphone App to Fight... 'For Good'
Mark Pitts  
3/27/2013   19 comments
With an Android app, cellphone data, and analytics, the Navy hopes to better understand, monitor, and react during a crisis like severe flooding, earthquakes, and disease outbreaks.
Visualize Yourself With Us... in New York City
Noreen Seebacher  
3/26/2013   4 comments
SAS, the sponsor of this site, is taking the power of its business analytics on the road.
 Got Big-Data? Get Visual
Digital Audio  
3/25/2013   368 comments
Big-data analytics calls for dynamic delivery of results in an interactive, visual format.
Listen Up & Set Your Big-Data Worries Aside
Beth Schultz  
3/25/2013   3 comments
SAS executives are hitting the road to share their big-data insights and demonstrate why high-performance analytics and visual analytics are of big-time importance in reaping value from data.
Governing Data in a Big-Data World
Emmett Cox  
3/25/2013   22 comments
Take care that blending different data together doesn't put your organization at regulatory risk.
Show Me the Value
Beth Schultz  
3/22/2013   2 comments
Come to a SAS Executive Briefing on visual analytics.
See & Learn at SAS Roadshow
Beth Schultz  
3/22/2013   2 comments
Learn about the power of visual analytics and high-performance analytics at a SAS Executive Briefing.
A2 Next Week: Our Own March Madness
Beth Schultz  
3/22/2013   3 comments
We've got a triple whammy of events planned for you next week.
Visual Analytics, NYC Style
Noreen Seebacher  
3/22/2013   2 comments
Join us at a SAS Executive Briefing this Wednesday, March 27, at The Pierre in midtown Manhattan.
 Too Big to Ignore: The Business Case for Big-Data
Digital Audio  
3/21/2013   420 comments
Make no mistake, big-data is a big deal for your organization.
#BigData100: Tweet Your Fave Big-Data Influencer
Beth Schultz  
3/21/2013   10 comments
Vote for who you think tweets the best about big-data.
Anytime, Anywhere Analytics
AllAnalytics Academy  
3/20/2013   259 comments
We’re a mobile society, and that means corporate decision makers need up-to-date analytics insights delivered to them when and where they're needed.
Franchisees Need Big-Data Boost
Frank J. Ohlhorst  
3/20/2013   10 comments
Big-data and the associated analytics are quickly becoming the currency of future markets, yet a significant business segment – the franchisees of big businesses – need to get in on the action.
Point: Data Visualization Calls for Specialization
Point / Counterpoint  
3/19/2013   28 comments
Companies seeking to extract maximum value from data and statistics need a specialized data visualization expert.
A2 Two-fer: Analytics on the Go & Big-Data Business Case
Beth Schultz  
3/18/2013   1 comment
Get a double dose of online learning this week with an Academy session on anytime, anywhere analytics and a digital audio program on the big-data business case.
Big-Data: Is It About 'What' or 'Why'?
Wendy Willbanks Wiesner  
3/18/2013   18 comments
The sheer volume of available data in today's world just might mean less need for concern about its perfection.
Is There Data in Your Wallet?
Noreen Seebacher  
3/15/2013   17 comments
Some people say data is the new currency. Do you spend it wisely?
Powering Predictions With Social Media Data
Beth Schultz  
3/14/2013   6 comments
Frank Cotignola, consumer insight expert with food brand giant Mondelez International, says social media data is a critical big-data component.
All Analytics Readers Demand Data Discretion
Noreen Seebacher  
3/14/2013   12 comments
About 80 percent of the readers who responded to our recent Quick Poll think sharing too much data is dangerous.
Social Media & the Analytics Opportunity
AllAnalytics Academy  
3/13/2013   183 comments
Today's customer intelligence strategies must take into account the tricky business of analyzing social conversations and measuring social engagement.
Strategies for Preventing a Data Breach
Noreen Seebacher  
3/13/2013   11 comments
Data breaches are like lightning strikes: You know they’re going to happen… you just don’t know where.
A2 Two-Fer: Social Media, Analytical Innovation
Beth Schultz  
3/11/2013   3 comments
Social media analytics and analytical innovation are on the All Analytic agenda for this week.
eBay Revs Up Efficiency Measurements
Beth Schultz  
3/8/2013   8 comments
The online powerhouse has developed a methodology for measuring the effectiveness of its technical infrastructure from a digital services perspective.
Gannett Paper Exposes Gun Owners, Hides Hacks
Noreen Seebacher  
3/8/2013   24 comments
A Gannett newspaper in suburban New York hasn't bothered to tell readers about multiple hacker attacks.
Shootout at the Big-Data Corral
Lyndon Henry  
3/8/2013   10 comments
Big thinkers go head to head over the question of big-data and the value of analyzing it.
Twisting My Neck to Text
Noreen Seebacher  
3/7/2013   42 comments
Text neck is defined as overuse syndrome involving the head, neck, and shoulders. You probably have it.
Get Visual: Changing the Delivery Model With Real-Time Visualizations
AllAnalytics Academy  
3/6/2013   190 comments
Today's complex data and analytics results are best delivered in visual format.
Residential Brokerages Fail to Tap Big-Data
Noreen Seebacher  
3/6/2013   6 comments
A new study suggests residential real estate firms have a long way to go when it comes to using data and analytics.
It’s About Big-Data, Hairy Data
Anna Brown  
3/5/2013   4 comments
Big-data is more than big -- it's hairy, according to Magnus Lindkvist, keynote speaker at The Premier Business Leadership Series 2013 in Amsterdam.
Altering Reality & Losing Ourselves
Beth Schultz  
3/5/2013   11 comments
Why we might find out too much of a good thing can, indeed, be bad for analytics.
A2 Readers Say: Politicians, Get a Grip
Noreen Seebacher  
3/5/2013   6 comments
All Analytics readers say politicians should stop complaining about social media.
A2 This Week: More Learning in 2 Programs
Beth Schultz  
3/4/2013   3 comments
Join us Wednesday for an online learning class on data visualization and on Thursday for a digital audio show on human capital analytics.
Transparency, Data & Too Much News
Noreen Seebacher  
3/4/2013   19 comments
There are risks in publicizing every conceivable type of data -- or publishing anything just because we can.
Big-Data Will Have Us Singing a New Tune
Venkat Viswanathan  
3/4/2013   28 comments
Big-data will play an enormous role in turning the music business around.
Cartoon: Analytics in a Cloud
3/4/2013   7 comments
Get Your Pin: Get Visual!
Beth Schultz  
3/1/2013   6 comments
The All Analytics pin-of-the-month club is going strong. Won't you join?
Making Sense of Scents
Noreen Seebacher  
3/1/2013   35 comments
The scent of cinnamon makes me think of my late mom. And now it also makes me think of big-data.