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500K Big-Data Jobs for the Taking
Michael Steinhart  
3/31/2014   23 comments
According to job site icrunchdata, the number of postings for big-data positions surpassed 500,000 last week.
Analytics = Manipulation of Data Structure
Fabian Pascal  
3/31/2014   21 comments
The term "unstructured data" is deceptive and misleading. Every analytics operation hinges on some form of data structure.
A2 This Week: A Big-Data Twofer
Beth Schultz  
3/31/2014   2 comments
Our Wednesday A2 Academy lecture will explore big data and the new marketing mandate, while a Friday radio show will look at the myths and opportunities of big data at work.
A2 Poll: Emotion Analytics Integral & Entertaining
Michael Steinhart  
3/28/2014   24 comments
Only a small portion of our audience finds emotion detection to be an infringement on privacy. Most think it's fun and that it will end up playing a strong role in marketing.
Automate Analytics, but Don't Forget Your Basics
Beth Schultz  
3/28/2014   24 comments
Automated tools make analytics more consumable, but that shouldn't mean foregoing the basics.
The Future of Shopping
Leo Sadovy  
3/28/2014   5 comments
The Internet has changed the entire shopping experience, birthing multichannel marketing and the omnichannel consumer.
Federal Health Orgs Behind on Big-Data Moves
Michael Steinhart  
3/27/2014   28 comments
A new report shows that government agencies devoted to healthcare see tremendous value and importance in big data, but the vast majority are not ready to leverage it fully.
People Skills Realize the Innovative Power of Technology
John Balla  
3/27/2014   1 comment
Marketing and IT have the opportunity to change the enterprise together. Yes, the stakes are high and so is the potential payoff.
What's Changing IT Is Also Changing Marketing
John Balla  
3/27/2014   2 comments
There’s never been a better time for IT to speak the language of marketing and vice-versa.
Cultural Shift Ensures Analytics Success
Michael Steinhart  
3/26/2014   9 comments
Traditional corporate mores have to change in order to foster environments where data professionals thrive.
Flying Home Lands Customer Experience Lesson
Beth Schultz  
3/26/2014   48 comments
Thank goodness airline gate agents can look at the data and override automated decision management systems.
Predictive Analytics Techniques: What to Use for Your Big Data
AllAnalytics Academy  
3/26/2014   170 comments
Learn about a variety of predictive analytics techniques, from decision trees to neural networks.
Big Data & the States
David Fletcher  
3/26/2014   3 comments
States are upping their investments and success in big data.
A2 Academy: Predictive Analytics Techniques
Beth Schultz  
3/26/2014   4 comments
Fern Halper, an advanced analytics expert at TDWI, will provide an overview of predictive modeling techniques in this afternoon's All Analytics Academy session.
Why SAS Customers Get It Right for Marketing
John Balla  
3/25/2014   1 comment
Knowing a product's hugely successful track record can help assuage concerns and smooth the path to adoption.
How to Put the Customer at the Center of Your Strategy
John Balla  
3/25/2014   1 comment
It's no coincidence that leading organizations all use SAS for marketing excellence, and many industry experts will be presenting their insights at SAS Global Forum Executive Conference this week.
Closing the Achievement Gap With Big Data
Michael Steinhart  
3/25/2014   13 comments
The California State University system is putting interactive analytics dashboards in front of school brass to help target investments and boost graduation rates.
Analysts Validate SAS Leadership in Marketing
John Balla  
3/24/2014   Post a comment
From Forrester to Gartner and beyond, the IT market research community agrees that SAS software leads the competition in terms of features and capabilities.
SAS Pitches Modernization Story
Beth Schultz  
3/24/2014   3 comments
Top SAS executives kick off the SAS Global Forum user and executive conferences with a theme of modernization.
Wearable Tech: Implications for Healthcare & Insurance
Jon Martindale  
3/24/2014   32 comments
The vast amounts of real-time health data coming from wearable monitors may revolutionize medicine, if concerns about privacy and interoperability can be addressed.
Fashionable Analysis Finds the Perfect Shoe
Beth Schultz  
3/21/2014   15 comments
British company Cortexica has applied advanced machine learning and image-recognition technology to the art of finding the perfect pair of shoes.
Mash Up Your Own Internet of Things
Michael Steinhart  
3/20/2014   11 comments
It's still a few years from ubiquity, but cheap hardware and open-source APIs are making the Internet of Things easier to set up and monetize than ever before.
Big Data Drives the Smart Car
Jeff Bertolucci  
3/20/2014   17 comments
The data-driven car is coming -- whether you like it or not.
 Customer Satisfaction: Gleaning Insight From Email Interactions
Digital Audio  
3/20/2014   108 comments
Business process experts share a method of monitoring and predicting customer satisfaction by analyzing the social network structure of email interactions between service providers and their clients.
We'll Be Your Eyes & Ears
Beth Schultz  
3/20/2014   Post a comment
We'll be on the scene at SAS Global Forum events in Washington, D.C., March 23 to March 25, glad to share what we learn with our community members.
Ditch Email, Analyze Work, Boost Performance
Michael Steinhart  
3/19/2014   23 comments
A new book posits that meetings and email kill productivity by interrupting employees who are "in the zone." Applying big-data analytics to their work styles can boost morale and performance.
Hadoop Security: A Jungle of Options
The Dashboard  
3/19/2014   4 comments
Hadoop's native code base has gaping holes where encryption and dynamic access control should be. Until Apache updates the platform, it's up to individual organizations to fill the gaps with third-party services or open-source add-ons.
Mastering Big-Data Management
AllAnalytics Academy  
3/19/2014   150 comments
Getting to the desired state where all data is trusted can be challenging, on both technical and organizational fronts. Attend this session for the know-how you need for master big-data management.
Paytronix Proves SMBs Can Do Big Data Analysis
Doug Henschen  
3/18/2014   5 comments
Running a Cloudera Hadoop cluster on Amazon Web Services, Paytronix gains insight into customer behavior it couldn't tease out of a database.
Internet of Things: Working Out the Kinks
Michael Steinhart  
3/18/2014   35 comments
In this third installment of our conversation with Endeavour Partners Chairman Michael Davies, we discuss the challenges facing widespread adoption of the Internet of Things.
A2 Twofer: Master Data Management & Measuring Customer Satisfaction
Beth Schultz  
3/17/2014   5 comments
All Analytics has two learning opportunities on tap for this week: an A2 Academy lecture on mastering big-data management and an A2 radio show on how to glean customer satisfaction insight from email interactions.
Outsourced Analytics Gaining Ground
Michael Steinhart  
3/17/2014   11 comments
More than half of our audience is comfortable trusting data analytics to outside providers.
Reading & Being Read by E-Books
Ariella Brown  
3/17/2014   40 comments
E-readers track how long you spend on each book and on each page, sending that information back to subscription services, so they can tailor recommendations. Will authors benefit from seeing it, too?
3 Ways Big Data Can Help Fix Internet Security
Beth Schultz  
3/14/2014   8 comments
In a conversation with All Analytics, OpenDNS CTO Dan Hubbard shared how he thinks big data and data science can help security experts address three big weaknesses in today's Internet security solutions.
We All Live in the Internet of Things
Michael Steinhart  
3/13/2014   15 comments
Between smartphones, wearables, and instrumented vehicles, the Internet of Things is already taking hold.
Chief Digital Officer: Needed or Not?
Beth Schultz  
3/13/2014   13 comments
The chief digital officer title is on the rise, but one CIO says it's unnecessary if other C-suite relationships are in working order.
8 Implications for the Always-On, Always-Connected World
Michael Steinhart  
3/12/2014   25 comments
Endeavour Partners chairman Michael Davies chats with All Analytics about the trends that will change enterprise IT dramatically in the coming years.
Hadoop & Big Data: Crafting the Enterprise Strategy
AllAnalytics Academy  
3/12/2014   156 comments
Hadoop best serves to complement traditional enterprise data infrastructure and processes. Attend this session for a look at how Hadoop and big data come together in an overarching enterprise strategy.
Two BI Roles Divided by a Common Tool
Tricia Aanderud  
3/12/2014   8 comments
IT administrators and business analysts often use the same tools but speak different languages. Dashboards can bring the two factions together and deliver business value, to boot.
Global Firms Way Behind in HR Analytics
Michael Steinhart  
3/11/2014   8 comments
The Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends 2014 Report surveyed more than 2,500 business and HR leaders in 94 countries around the world, and the vast majority are not using analytics for talent recruitment or retention.
Red Robin Plates Up Big-Data Insight
Beth Schultz  
3/11/2014   15 comments
Red Robin's CIO and senior vice president of business transformation understands the value of big-data analytics -- and he didn't hesitate to go outside his company to get what he needed.
Agile Strategy, Agile Operations
Leo Sadovy  
3/11/2014   Post a comment
In the future economy, agility is the only measure of competitive strength, and data integration is the key to creating an agile, flexible business entity.
Facial Analytics: What Are You Smiling at?
Michael Steinhart  
3/10/2014   27 comments
Facial recognition and expression analysis have broad applications in fields like market research and education.
A2 Academy: Crafting a Hadoop Strategy
Beth Schultz  
3/10/2014   3 comments
Rose-Hulman associate professor Sriram Mohan will lead his second of two All Analytics Academy classes this Wednesday, March 12, with a focus on how to deploy Hadoop in the enterprise.
Building the Internet of Things
Lalitha Chikkatur  
3/10/2014   29 comments
Sensor and camera feeds will open new opportunities for social good and innovative business models.
7 Tips for Maximizing Data Visualization's Value
Beth Schultz  
3/7/2014   Post a comment
A data visualization thought leader shares best-practices to apply to any data visualization deployment.
 Killer Analytics: A Look at Missing Metrics & Dire Consequences
Digital Audio  
3/7/2014   155 comments
In this A2 Radio episode, management consultant Mark Graham Brown will discuss how organizations can get a handle on some highly influential but typically unmeasured business components.
7 Tips for Deploying Visualization
Beth Schultz  
3/7/2014   Post a comment
We chat with Analise Polsky, a data visualization thought leader on the SAS Best Practices team, about what you need to know before you deploy data visualization.
Unlocking the Ivory Tower With Big Data
Matthew Brodsky  
3/6/2014   14 comments
Big-data analytics ought to be driving university fundraising efforts, but in most cases, it's not. High-profile almuni may be the key to encouraging adoption.
March Madness Inspires Kaggle Competition
Beth Schultz  
3/6/2014   5 comments
Intel picks the 2014 NCAA basketball tournament to test the prowess of data science teams -- are you up to predicting what teams get placed where?
Infrastructure Evolving to Embrace Big Data
Michael Steinhart  
3/5/2014   4 comments
It's time for enterprise IT to take a page from the tech titan playbook and build out "web-scale" architecture.
Getting to Know Hadoop
AllAnalytics Academy  
3/5/2014   280 comments
Before you can determine whether Hadoop has a role to play in your big-data environment, you must understand what it is, how it works, and how all the pieces come together. Get the lowdown in this back-to-the-basics session.
5 Civil Rights Principles for the Era of Big Data
Beth Schultz  
3/5/2014   20 comments
A broad coalition of civil rights watchers has proposed a set of principles aimed at protecting individuals from the vagaries of big-data analytics.
In-Memory Analytics Goes Postal
Michael Steinhart  
3/4/2014   16 comments
The US Postal Service stores a 16TB database in memory for rapid scanning of a half-billion pieces of mail each day.
Sentiment Analysis on the Cutting Edge
Michael Steinhart  
3/3/2014   62 comments
This week's Sentiment Analysis Symposium will bring some of the foremost thought leaders to New York for talks on what's next in the field.
Hadoop Jobs: 6 Recruiter Tips
Kevin Casey  
3/3/2014   4 comments
Tech recruiter shares insights and advice for IT pros with Hadoop skills looking to land a new gig.
A2 This Week: 3 Learning Opportunities on Tap
Beth Schultz  
3/3/2014   Post a comment
In a triple whammy of online learning academy, video chat, and radio, we're bringing the All Analytics community expert programming on a trio of topics -- Hadoop, data visualization, and killer analytics.
Integrity Screening or, 'I'm Usually Honest'
Bryan Beverly  
3/3/2014   20 comments
Unless you build in questions that measure a respondent's relative honesty, your survey results may be highly suspect.