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posted in April 2012
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Mining for Terrorists (or Tourists?!)
Marshall Sponder  
4/27/2012   38 comments
Homeland Security has social media monitoring on the mind, but how wise is that, really?
Analytics Superheroes Revealed
Beth Schultz  
4/24/2012   18 comments
SAS and Teradata, together having formed the League of Analytic Superheroes, showcase first members at SAS Global Forum announcement.
What You Need to Do About Your Personal Data
Gil Press  
4/24/2012   30 comments
Your data's destiny should be in your control. What's your vision for it?
Enterprise Architects Must Be Big-Data Advocates
Beth Schultz  
4/20/2012   7 comments
Gartner outlines big-data's impacts and how enterprise architects can help assure business benefits.
Quick Poll Results: Yes, Analytics Is Game-Changer
Shawn Hessinger  
4/17/2012   12 comments
Analytics is altering the way your organization operates, as our recent Quick Poll shows and a recent SAS Webinar explains.
En Route to Big-Data Analytics
Beth Schultz  
4/13/2012   5 comments
Automotive information provider TrueCar plots a big-data course involving MapReduce and Hadoop, in-memory analytics, data visualization, and machine-learning applications.
Tying Social Media Monitoring Into Big-Data Plan
Shawn Hessinger  
4/13/2012   12 comments
Gaining a better picture of unstructured data from social Web commentary makes up part of the big-data discussion. The analytics strategy consultant Seth Grimes is sure to elaborate on this during today's e-chat.
Five Reasons to Use Text Analytics
Fern Halper  
4/13/2012   18 comments
Text analytics software is going mainstream, and here are a handful of reasons why.
Friday E-Chat: Seth Grimes to Help Make Sense of Big-Data
Shawn Hessinger  
4/12/2012   10 comments
Join us for a discussion on how to get the most from your big-data stockpiles at 2:00 p.m. ET tomorrow, April 13.
Analytics Reveal What Women Want
Ariella Brown  
4/6/2012   29 comments
Guess what? Men want essentially the same things.
Data Quality for Hadoop
Mark Troester  
4/5/2012   2 comments
Architecture design can make or break your big data efforts.
Big Data Quality: Think Outside the Box
Mark Troester  
4/2/2012   2 comments
Here are some tips for managing your big data.
Big Data Quality Don't Tell Me, Another Buzzword!
Mark Troester  
4/2/2012   2 comments
Good data management is about more than just a trendy phrase.