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Basketball Analytics: Dunking for Data
Michael Steinhart  
4/30/2014   24 comments
ESPN's Dean Oliver talks about the state of basketball analytics in today's NBA and college teams.
5 Steps to Analytics Architecture
Mary E. Shacklett  
4/30/2014   26 comments
Keep these important considerations in mind when planning the infrastructure that will support your company's analytics efforts.
Big Data Checks In
Michael Steinhart  
4/30/2014   5 comments
Roger Ares, vice president of analytics at Hyatt Corp., discusses the ways big data impacts CRM, marketing, and revenue management.
Scientists Find GPS for DNA
Michael Steinhart  
4/29/2014   45 comments
A new analytics project can pinpoint your ancestral country of origin, using a sample of your DNA.
Hadoop Jobs: How One Exec Vets Talent
Kevin Casey  
4/29/2014   10 comments
Think Big Analytics CEO Ron Bodkin reveals what he looks for in candidates for Hadoop and other big data-related positions.
Startup Offers Big-Data Freelancers On Demand
Michael Steinhart  
4/28/2014   18 comments
A new freelance marketplace site claims to deliver top-notch analytics talent on a per-project basis.
Missing Data, Databases & Analytics
Fabian Pascal  
4/28/2014   49 comments
NULL values in SQL databases may mean that the data is missing, or it may mean that the data is inapplicable. Not knowing the difference can derail your analytics operations.
Context Helps Internally & Externally
John Balla  
4/28/2014   1 comment
For seeing the context of big data, few things are more powerful than Visual Analytics.
Meeting the Challenge of Multichannel Integration
Michael Steinhart  
4/25/2014   35 comments
Multichannel customer contact is critical for today's businesses, but an integrated view for service agents and sales reps is still a ways off.
Survey Shows Millennials Demand Social Banking
Michael Steinhart  
4/24/2014   38 comments
A global survey of retail banking customers shows that positive experiences are down for the first time in three years, with the 18-34 demographic leading the dissatisfaction trend.
3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Flexing Big-Data Muscle
Scott Schlesinger  
4/24/2014   6 comments
Avoiding these three pitfalls will help organizations meet with success, whether that's measured in increased operational efficiency, improved profitability, or newfound competitive advantage.
IT & Analytics: Stepping Up to the Challenge
Beth Schultz  
4/23/2014   9 comments
IT will face a hard slog as it works to be a force in big-data analytics.
Healthcare Data Needs a Booster
Beth Schultz  
4/23/2014   Post a comment
Tackling healthcare data management challenges isn't for the weak of heart.
Google Targets Connected Homes
Daniel D. Gutierrez  
4/23/2014   14 comments
Google's acquisition of Nest Labs puts it in a position to gather even more data via connected home appliances.
Microsoft Bing Enters Prediction Business
Michael Endler  
4/22/2014   43 comments
Microsoft claims Bing can predict the future, but it is starting out with soft questions like who will win The Voice.
Knowing How to Hire a Data Scientist
Beth Schultz  
4/22/2014   2 comments
Don't look for unicorns.
A2 on the Road
Beth Schultz  
4/22/2014   Post a comment
What we found at last month's SAS Global Forum 2014.
New Tech Redefines Workwear
Michael Steinhart  
4/22/2014   23 comments
Mobile and wearable technologies will come together in innovative ways and affect many industries over the next decade.
T-Mobile Hears Data's Call
Beth Schultz  
4/22/2014   Post a comment
Internal customer data provides an analytics starting point.
Analytic Myths: True or False?
Beth Schultz  
4/21/2014   Post a comment
Analytics experts give us their perspective on four common myths about IT and analytics.
5 Tips for Getting a Data Science Job
Beth Schultz  
4/21/2014   12 comments
Quants recruiting specialist Linda Burtch shares advice for how data scientists can enhance their career opportunities.
Feds Slowly Phasing In Big Data for Security
Michael Steinhart  
4/21/2014   13 comments
In a recent report culled from interviews with 18 federal cyber-security and big-data experts, a picture that's equal parts uncertain and hopeful emerges.
Data Scientists: Who You Are & What You Earn
Beth Schultz  
4/18/2014   32 comments
Quants recruiter Burtch Works finds data scientists earn from $80,000 to more than $230,000, depending on years of experience and other factors.
This Call May Be Analyzed
Michael Steinhart  
4/17/2014   25 comments
Conversation analytics looks for specific phrases in customer-service calls and ranks the caller and the agent on numerous metrics.
Taking Visualizations on a Hero's Journey
Beth Schultz  
4/17/2014   15 comments
Data consultant Hyoun Park describes the use of a narrative framework for creating interactive visualizations of business value.
Analytics Enhance Community Health Reporting
Alison Diana  
4/17/2014   5 comments
Partnership between Premier and University of North Carolina Charlotte improves nonprofit hospitals' community health needs assessment process.
Getting Interactive With Your Data Visualizations
AllAnalytics Academy  
4/16/2014   151 comments
In this session, get tips and tricks for creating dynamic and interactive data visualizations.
How Analytics Could Stanch Heartbleed
Beth Schultz  
4/16/2014   6 comments
Critical in stopping a bug like Heartbleed is the ability to analyze underlying data and discover behavioral discrepancies.
An Old Analytics Lesson for a New Generation
Bryan Beverly  
4/16/2014   22 comments
Young analysts need to learn that the corporate world isn't a meritocracy that awards clever models.
Twitter Posts Betray Illness
Thomas Claburn  
4/15/2014   15 comments
Tweets reveal whether you have influenza, according to Penn State researchers.
Patterns, Breaks & the Limits of Predictability
Michael Steinhart  
4/15/2014   4 comments
Can we learn the most from a pattern of repeated behaviors or from behaviors exhibited in nonroutine situations? Intellectuals square off over a new book.
App Analytics Raises Privacy Concerns
Michael Steinhart  
4/14/2014   15 comments
A piece of double-agent software serves usage stats to app developers while collecting device and mobile activity data for ad sales.
A2 This Week: Getting Interactive With Your Data Visualizations
Beth Schultz  
4/14/2014   6 comments
In this session, get tips and tricks for creating dynamic and interactive data visualizations.
Marketing Challenge: Balancing Analog & Digital
Emmett Cox  
4/14/2014   14 comments
As the Baby Boom generation gives way to digital natives, marketers and regulators are working to find the optimal mix.
Analytics Speed Up Response Times for EMS
Ariella Brown  
4/11/2014   42 comments
Jersey City Medical Center EMS uses a predictive analytics and visualization tool to shave precious minutes from its response times, and the system helps route ambulances around traffic problems.
Analytics Roadblocks: Tech Isn't the Problem
Michael Steinhart  
4/11/2014   21 comments
When asked whether technology is the biggest obstacle to analytics adoption, more than 80% of our readers responded with a resounding "no."
Big Data: A Misguided Critique
Kim Davis  
4/11/2014   11 comments
Big data may have drawbacks, but recent criticisms range from irrelevant to dumb.
Seeing Opportunity in the Internet of Things
John Balla  
4/10/2014   5 comments
The metrics served up by instrumented appliances can help customers save money and improve efficiency.
Shaky Ground for Connected Home Buildup
Michael Steinhart  
4/9/2014   31 comments
Connected home equipment and centralized management are starting to hit the mainstream, with double-digit growth predicted for the next four years.
The Role of Text Analytics in Customer Intelligence
AllAnalytics Academy  
4/9/2014   188 comments
Finding meaning in all these big-data snippets is the role of text analytics. Learn how to get started in this session.
TV Analytics Controls the Horizontal & the Vertical
Jon Martindale  
4/9/2014   9 comments
Netflix and a host of other firms are cashing in on analytics to match viewers with content.
Bluetooth Wants Its Bite of Big Data
Jeff Bertolucci  
4/9/2014   1 comment
Bluetooth's low-energy implementation makes the ubiquitous wireless technology ideal for the Internet of Things' data-swapping ways, says Bluetooth backer.
Control Towers: Just Another Business Process
Leo Sadovy  
4/8/2014   Post a comment
"Control towers" may be the buzzwords du jour, but the paradigm may introduce more complexity instead of less.
Proximity Marketing Begs for Better Infrastructure
Michael Steinhart  
4/8/2014   10 comments
Retailers are experimenting with proximity, or location-based, marketing, but many have to get their digital infrastructures in order before taking full advantage of the new platforms.
Good Data Makes Good Neighbors
Michael Steinhart  
4/7/2014   35 comments
A new site offers neighborhood profile data -- submitted by residents -- to help prospective home buyers and renters in their searches.
A2 This Week: Listen In on Text Analytics
Beth Schultz  
4/7/2014   3 comments
This Wednesday's A2 Academy features a lecture on using text analytics for customer intelligence by marketing professor and author Goutam Chakraborty.
Amtrak Improves Passenger Experience With Big Data
Lyndon Henry  
4/7/2014   29 comments
From real-time tracking to enhanced digital signage, Amtrak is working to keep its rail services competitive and up-to-date.
 Big Data at Work: Beyond the Fad
Digital Audio  
4/4/2014   120 comments
Thought-leader Tom Davenport explains why you and your company need to recognize big data's importance.
Targeting Customers From the Bottom Up
Beth Schultz  
4/4/2014   11 comments
A group of data scientists figures out how to apply a Bayesian framework to the tough job of multi-channel promotional campaign management.
So Marketing, Do You Do Hadoop?
John Balla  
4/4/2014   2 comments
Hadoop is a viable option for meeting big data challenges, and marketers need to learn it -- or at least get familiar with the basics -- in their efforts to drive next-generation engagement.
A2 Book Review: Big Data at Work
Robert Plant  
4/4/2014   4 comments
Tom Davenport's latest analytics book is a great read for executives looking to dispel the myths and uncover the opportunities around big data.
Taking Bayesian Networks Into the Business
Beth Schultz  
4/3/2014   5 comments
Bayesian techniques have typically been considered a researcher's tool, but businesses can benefit from them, too.
iBeacon Micro-Location Tech Spreading Fast
Michael Steinhart  
4/2/2014   14 comments
Apple's iBeacon technology is taking root at major retailers, sports stadiums, and even schools.
Pfizer Connects Dots for Targeted Treatment
Doug Henschen  
4/2/2014   7 comments
Big-data analytics help pharmaceutical giant Pfizer create medications customized for specific subsets of the patient population.
Big Data & the New Marketing Mandate
AllAnalytics Academy  
4/2/2014   249 comments
Learn how big-data analytics comes into play for the new marketing mandate, call it omnichannel or SoLoMo.
Data-Driven Clinics Raise Bar for Patient Care
Maryam Donnelly  
4/2/2014   8 comments
Walk-in clinics are cropping up in drugstores around the country. One chain is using electronic health data to deliver comprehensive care.
Wharton Event to Spotlight Customer Analytics
Beth Schultz  
4/1/2014   Post a comment
The Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative is bringing together speakers from organizations like the Cleveland Indians, Pfizer, and MGM to share real-world stories of customer analytics success.