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posted in May 2012
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What to Make of Facebook's 'Big-Data' Meltdown
Michael Rappa  
5/31/2012   72 comments
Despite having more data than most companies can even imagine, Facebook's customer insight is still apparently lacking.
Watson Is Going to Take My Job!
Tricia Aanderud  
5/25/2012   86 comments
Some might think an intelligent, automated learning machine can fill the data scientist skills gap, but not me.
Internet Powerhouses Under Fire for Refusing to Disclose Data
Beth Schultz  
5/25/2012   50 comments
Researchers at big Internet companies, including Facebook and Google, are bucking tradition by refusing to release underlying data, citing competitive and privacy concerns.
Got Milk? Then You've Got the Product of Analytics
Ariella Brown  
5/23/2012   39 comments
Analytics may be new to many verticals, but not the dairy industry.
Making Your Marketing Matter
Beth Schultz  
5/22/2012   19 comments
In a new article, McKinsey experts guide marketers on how to use judgment along with the data.
HP Gets Your Sentiment
Beth Schultz  
5/18/2012   7 comments
Prasanna Dhore, HP's vice president of global customer intelligence, explains how the company uses sentiment analysis and strives for "as we speak" knowledge.
Keeping Your Cool With Big-Data Analytics
Beth Schultz  
5/18/2012   10 comments
Big-data is still data, and big-data analytics still analytics.
Taming the Big-Data Tidal Wave: E-Chat Tomorrow!
Beth Schultz  
5/16/2012   4 comments
Join us for a conversation with author Bill Franks tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. ET, and earn the chance to win a free copy of his big-data book.
Mobile Analytics Concerns Make Mountain Out of Molehill
Shawn Hessinger  
5/15/2012   7 comments
Some observers believe data sensitivity remains a major barrier.
Taming the Big-Data Wave
Beth Schultz  
5/14/2012   4 comments
In this Q&A, the author Bill Franks takes us on a tour of his new book, Taming the Big Data Tidal Wave.
Green Button Sparks Instant Link to Energy Data
Beth Schultz  
5/14/2012   21 comments
Prodded by the federal government, 21 electricity providers have committed to providing one-click access to energy use data.
IDC Moves Beyond Big-Data Definitions
Gil Press  
5/14/2012   7 comments
Analysts lay out market opportunities and criteria for successful deployments.
Data Scientists Do Good for Charitable Groups
Beth Schultz  
5/11/2012   18 comments
DataKind, on a mission to put data to use in the service of humanity, teams with three Chicago organizations for a weekend modeling fest.
Sears Sees Future in Data Management Service
Pierre DeBois  
5/11/2012   20 comments
Sears has created MetaScale, a data-management provider, to merge Hadoop and retail expertise.
Get Your Analytics Act Together Now!
Beth Schultz  
5/10/2012   3 comments
In this Q&A, the futurist Thornton May says the C-suite had best get going with high-performance analytics and big-data stewardship.
Text Mining Next Up for High-Performance Analytics
Beth Schultz  
5/8/2012   6 comments
SAS, this site's sponsor, grows its high-performance portfolio as futurist Thornton May forecasts 2012 as a big year for the technology.
Google Offers Big-Data Analytics Service
Shawn Hessinger  
5/4/2012   9 comments
The search company is helping companies cope with the big-data phenomenon.
MIT Thought Leader Ponders Big-Data & More
Beth Schultz  
5/2/2012   5 comments
Andrew McAfee to talk on four technology trends, including big-data, shaping the business world to come.
GE, Sears Crank Up Big-Data Analytics Ventures
Beth Schultz  
5/1/2012   11 comments
Big-data expertise offers new business opportunities for corporate stalwarts across verticals.