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EU Court to Google: Forget It
Michael Steinhart  
5/30/2014   60 comments
The controversial Right to be Forgotten proposal is now law in the European Union. What does this mean for Google and other search engines?
Why Pre-Release Online Buzz Is Worth Mining
Beth Schultz  
5/30/2014   13 comments
The farther ahead of a product's release companies start collecting and analyzing online buzz about it, the better they'll be at forecasting -- and influencing -- its sales performance, two researchers said.
Big Data, Normalization & Analytics
Fabian Pascal  
5/30/2014   10 comments
Database dependencies can cause false associations and introduce inaccuracy into big data analytics.
Doctors: Time to Unleash Medical Big Data
Michael Steinhart  
5/29/2014   26 comments
The Journal of the American Medical Association reports this week that medical data has tremendous potential, but healthcare organizations are not exploiting it sufficiently.
Google Turns Big Data Loose on Energy Management
James M. Connolly  
5/29/2014   6 comments
Neural networks and machine learning to drive energy efficiency may be in the future for datacenter managers.
Responsible Use of Big Data: Evaluating New Data Sources
Kelly A. McGuire  
5/29/2014   Post a comment
Don't always assume more data is always better -- prove it!
Healthcare Data: Headed for a Fall?
Michael Steinhart  
5/28/2014   23 comments
Stricter HIPAA rules and increasing enrollment in Healthcare Insurance Exchanges are going to put medical data breaches in the spotlight this year.
FTC Pushes Congress to Act on Data Brokers
Beth Schultz  
5/28/2014   19 comments
The FTC has issued the results of its study of data brokers and their secretive practices, passing a list of legislative recommendations to Congress.
A Soft Sell for Sensors
Ariella Brown  
5/27/2014   33 comments
Thin, inconspicuous sensors represent the next generation of wearable monitors.
Big Data for Cyber & Financial Security
Michael Steinhart  
5/27/2014   11 comments
The majority of our audience believes big-data analytics will help curb the spate of large-scale data breaches among online services and retailers.
A2 Twofer: Exploring the Big-Data Job Market & the 'Analytics Mandate'
Beth Schultz  
5/26/2014   3 comments
Join us and our special guests for Wednesday's video chat on the big-data job market and Thursday's webinar on the "analytics mandate."
What the IoT Needs: More Laws
David Wagner  
5/26/2014   22 comments
Some of the right regulation can actually speed things along.
Optimizing Global Networks With Cloud Analytics
Mary E. Shacklett  
5/23/2014   17 comments
WAN analytics can enable faster, more productive network connections without heavy installation and configuration workloads.
Analytics Sparks Solar Innovation
Michael Steinhart  
5/22/2014   27 comments
Algorithms that crunch weather data can help solar energy providers streamline their operations and maintenance processes.
IoT: Your Thermostat Is Calling
Curtis Franklin Jr.  
5/22/2014   23 comments
"Smart" things are set to revolutionize consumers and the corporations that serve them. Are you ready for the revolution in your datacenter?
 Inside the Law: What You Need to Know About Big Data & Online Service Offerings
Digital Audio  
5/22/2014   154 comments
Gary Greenstein, special counsel and managing attorney with Technology Practice Group, regularly helps companies sort through the small print in their vendor agreements to make sure they're compliant with data usage rights and privacy concerns. Tune in for his insider's lessons.
What's Worth Analyzing in Your Email?
Beth Schultz  
5/22/2014   35 comments
Cloud-based email management company Mimecast has all sorts of ideas about how to tap into and deliver business insight from email archives.
IDC: IT Spending Slows for 2014
Michael Steinhart  
5/21/2014   14 comments
Global unrest and a slowdown in mobile device sales cause the research firm to lower its forecasts for IT spending growth.
Look to Risk Modeling for Best Analytics Practices
Beth Schultz  
5/21/2014   8 comments
The lessons learned in risk management modeling are transferable to marketing analytics and fraud protection, says data consultant and author Bart Baesens.
Can Big Data Save the World?
Olivia Parr-Rud  
5/21/2014   3 comments
Complexity threatens to overwhelm human civilization, but insight and innovation driven by big data analytics may hold the key to our salvation.
5 Habits of Highly Successful Analytics Teams
Michael Steinhart  
5/20/2014   11 comments
The latest MIT Sloan Management Review/SAS survey shows that analytics are fast becoming part of the standard business toolset, and smart companies are adapting their cultures to utilize it fully.
4 Keys to Management Productivity
Leo Sadovy  
5/20/2014   4 comments
Here are four themes that ought to serve as top priorities for organizations that wish to improve management productivity.
A2 Book Review: Analytics in a Big Data World
Beth Schultz  
5/20/2014   10 comments
Bart Baesens, an internationally known data consultant and professor, blends a state-of-the-art scientific approach with a clear practitioner focus in his book for business people who need to understand analytical modeling and its challenges.
Survey: BI & Data Salaries Flat in 2014
Michael Steinhart  
5/19/2014   20 comments
Business intelligence and analytics salaries have not moved significantly in two years, according to comprehensive research from InformationWeek.
A2 Radio: What You Need to Know About Big Data & Online Service Offerings
Beth Schultz  
5/19/2014   6 comments
Tech lawyer Gary Greenstein joins us Thursday, May 22, for a discussion on data privacy and online services.
Big Data Powers Smarter Cities
Daniel D. Gutierrez  
5/16/2014   24 comments
Municipal agencies and tech companies are partnering to improve services and energy efficiency via analytics.
A2 Video: Crunching the Big Data Job Market
Michael Steinhart  
5/16/2014   12 comments
The proliferation of big data, analytics, and database jobs is great news for data professionals, assuming they can navigate the often overlapping requirements and poorly defined roles.
Exploit Chaos to Compete Effectively
John Balla  
5/16/2014   1 comment
A noted theorist maintains that the 'farmer' mentality can hold businesses back from innovation and success.
Panera Baking Data-Driven Delicacies
Sandra Gittlen  
5/15/2014   16 comments
Combining loyalty program data with restaurant performance feeds, Panera Bread finds the optimal mix of menu items and in-store display ads.
Health Analytics Affects Every Industry
John Balla  
5/15/2014   Post a comment
As payers and patients, people in all industries have a stake in how the healthcare ecosystem evolves in the face of change.
Health Analytics to Give Patients Their Voice
Beth Schultz  
5/15/2014   14 comments
Health analytics thought leaders describe a future that treats patients as consumers and collaborators.
Analytics Delivering Quick ROI in Healthcare
Michael Steinhart  
5/14/2014   5 comments
Advanced analytics are still in the proof-of-concept and pilot stages at most healthcare organizations, but these initial forays are yielding significant benefits.
Advice From a Health IT 'Data Ferret'
Beth Schultz  
5/14/2014   20 comments
Health IT thought leader Farzad Mostashari shares his volume-to-value message with attendees of the SAS Health Analytics Executive Conference.
Visual Statistics Models Instantly in Memory
Michael Steinhart  
5/13/2014   10 comments
SAS Visual Statistics leverages the latest in-memory processing technology to deliver faster, more accurate, more productive analytics.
Big Data Fans: Don't Boil the Ocean
Jeff Bertolucci  
5/13/2014   2 comments
Planning a big data strategy? Don't be overly ambitious and always know the problems you're trying to solve.
DATA Act Opens Federal Spending to Analytics
Michael Steinhart  
5/12/2014   9 comments
A new law passed last week instructs all government agencies to open their books in a consistent and machine-readable format.
Pay for Success at Rikers Island
Wendy Willbanks Wiesner  
5/12/2014   49 comments
Can a social impact bond generate the data needed to turn a notoriously inefficient and problematic facility around?
How Ziggo’s Marketing Puzzle Pieces Fit Together
John Balla  
5/9/2014   1 comment
Dutch media giant Ziggo formed as the merger of three leading cable TV, Internet, and telephony services providers. The way it integrated disparate databases, data management systems, and customer information sources provide valuable lessons.
Marketing Language 101 for Young Analysts
Bryan Beverly  
5/9/2014   22 comments
Learning how to communicate effectively with managers and customers is at least as important as learning the ins and outs of analytical modeling.
Analytics Leads Software Market Growth
Michael Steinhart  
5/8/2014   4 comments
Two analyst reports point to steady growth in global software sales, with analytics outpacing other categories and poised for large-scale adoption.
Join the A2 Social Club
Michael Steinhart  
5/7/2014   28 comments
All Analytics members can share our content and expand our conversations across many outlets and venues.
Data Virtualization: An Idea Worth Your Time
Beth Schultz  
5/6/2014   4 comments
Data virtualization, an emerging technology, can ease integration challenges and help build a data-driven business.
'We Value Creativity' & Other Lies
Michael Steinhart  
5/6/2014   25 comments
Most organizations pay lip service to creativity and innovative thinking while maintaining the status quo, according to our latest reader poll.
Get Free, Expert Help for Data Visualization
Michael Steinhart  
5/5/2014   18 comments
A new Wordpress site -- launched as a community service -- enables analysts to post visualizations in progress and solicit feedback from a community of experts.
White House Big Data Report: 5 Privacy Takeaways
Jeff Bertolucci  
5/5/2014   10 comments
Big data raises serious privacy concerns that need to be addressed sooner rather than later, report says.
Big Data: Are 3 Vs Sufficient?
Meta S. Brown  
5/5/2014   11 comments
Pundits and analysts feel the need to expand the original designation of volume, velocity, and variety.
Here's How SAS Holds Sway Over R
Beth Schultz  
5/2/2014   18 comments
Executive recruiting firm Burtch Works digs into recent flash survey results showing SAS preference over R.
Model Deployment: Bridging the Analytics/IT Divide
Michael Steinhart  
5/1/2014   10 comments
The need for real-time customer support and responsive business practices is driving financial service firms to improve their analytics model deployment processes.
6 Ways to Improve Customer Experience
John Balla  
5/1/2014   2 comments
As consumers have greater access to goods, services, and information than ever before, it's never been more critical to differentiate. Harvard Business Review identifies six important lessons for customer experience management.